tagLoving WivesAfter Five Sexless Years

After Five Sexless Years


It had been a dreadful marriage. At 35 he had an 121 year old son and a wife who really wanted nothing to do with him. They had once been close, maybe they had five good years, then five ordinary years then the last five, well, they were best forgotten.

Bob buried himself into his work, the sales manager for an engineering firm, and his main activity outside work was taking his son Jack to basketball training and his Saturday games.

Bob kept himself to himself in the basketball community, avoiding having to answer any questions about his wife and why they were never seen together. Liz did take Jack to an occasional game or to training if Bob was away, but basketball was really a father and son activity.

Jack was a reasonably good player and at the trails, was picked to play for the district team meaning he would be playing away games at venues up to 80 miles away. Bob took him to the weekly training sessions where he hoped to remain unnoticed but the team manager had other ideas, making a point of introducing the parents to each other to promote car pooling for away games.

Jack quickly became friends with Sean whose parents, Jason and Trish, Bob hadn't previously met. Jack asked Bob if they could go with Sean to the first away game so reluctantly Bob talked with Jason about the idea. It seemed that Trish went to all the games too, and they started to take it in turns to drive to away fixtures.

It didn't take long for Trish to ask about Liz; Jack spoke about her but Trish wondered why Liz wasn't around. She suggested that Liz go with them for the next game, giving Bob a night off. It turned out to be a poor decision on her behalf, the journey up and back was a disaster. Trish vowed she would never go to a game with Liz again.

At the next training session, Trish asked Bob about her, insisting she got the truth. Bob levelled with her and told Trish the story. That night, disappointed for her new friend, Trish shared the story with Jason. "Do you think he might be interested?" she asked.

"What, to join us to fulfil your fantasy?"

"Yeah, he's a good looking guy, quite athletic and I'm damn sure he's as horny as hell. Five years without sex, he'd explode wouldn't he?"

Jason laughed, then questioned Liz; "How do we actually ask someone to join us in bed? Have you worked that one out?"

"I have wondered about that, not exactly an everyday question is it? I'll think about it. Now, do you want to fuck me, I'm really wet..."

Soon her pussy was filled with Jason's cum, she happily drifted off to sleep wondering how they would ask Bob to join them.

The following morning Trish explained her solution to Jason. "It's really simple Jase, just tell Bob that we have a fantasy about having another guy in bed with us and we'd like it to be him. He will either say Yes or No; my bet is he'll say yes, most guys would, wouldn't they? I mean, give a healthy guy the opportunity to fuck another guy's wife without recourse, who would refuse?"

The next two games were away fixtures so the plan was to ask Bob this week, then find a way to have Liz take both the boys to the following game, leaving them to play their own indoor ball game.

During the half-time break in that week's game, Jason took Bob for a coffee and popped the question. "Bob, you like Trish don't you?'

"Sure, why?"

"Do you think she's sexy?"

"Christ, why are you asking me this? Has she accused me of flirting, am I in trouble?"

"No! Far from it in fact. Trish has had a fantasy for ages about having another guy bed with us..."

Bob interrupted "And you want it to be me? You're asking me to have a threesome with you?"


"Blow me down with a feather mate, fuck, what a decision to have to make."


"When, how?"

"We tell Liz that we can't go to next week's game and that the boys would both like her to watch them play; she's only been to one game this season. I figure they will be away from about 5.30 until around 9, gives us plenty of time. You come to our place for a meal after she's gone, we have some fun, you go home in time for them coming back. Simple. Trish is very excited about this, it's her idea as much as mine."

Bob didn't want to seem too excited but it was a no-brainer. "Ok, let's do it."

That evening, Trish put the plan in place by asking Jack if he would like his mum to take him to next week's game. Jack bought the idea and asked Liz about it. She called Trish to check and the two of them made the arrangements. Bob started to get excited.

At 6 on Saturday afternoon he knocked on Jason's front door. He was decidedly nervous, wondering if this was a mistake? Trish answered the door, she was wearing a strappy red top and a short white skirt, her hair down and nice makeup. "Hi Bob, hope you're looking forward to this? Dinner's ready. Come and eat."

She sat at the end of the dining table, Bob to her left, Jason to her right. Her left hand kept finding Bob's leg, moving slowly higher and higher towards his groin. She was laughing, full of fun and sexual energy. She took Bob's hand and slid it up her left leg, inside her skirt but not quite to the top. She was clearly enjoying herself.

"Bet I know what's going on in your head right now Bob" joked Jason. "What colour panties is she wearing, is her pussy shaved, does she like to suck cock, can she suck, what does she taste like?"

Liz laughed, "What are the answers Bob? How do you imagine me"

"Ok, white panties, shaved, yes, sweet."

Liz stood up momentarily and lifted her skirt just far enough to show the white panties. "First one was right, you'll find out the other answers soon enough!"

The meal was finished quickly, Trish excused herself and left Jason and Bob clearing the table. A couple of minutes later she reappeared, this time wearing a sheer black babydoll, suspenders, black stockings, her lacy black panties clearly visible. She made a beeline for Bob, put her arms around his shoulders, pushed herself against him and kissed him deeply. "Wanna have some fun? Follow me."

She took their hands and led them both to the bedroom where she sat on the end of the bed ordering them to stand in front of her. "Shoes and socks off guys." They did as they were told. Next she undid their belts and zips, simultaneously sticking her hands inside both guys pants. "Nice, two hard cocks for me to play with. Strip guys."

In seconds, both were naked in front of her. "Sit on the chair Jason, I'm going to have some fun with Bob. Do not touch yourself, I don't want to risk your erection."

Jason sat down, he seemed to get bigger and harder after listing to her instruction. "This is my night guys, I've got two hours to fuck myself silly and you'll both do as I tell you." As she spoke, she was fingering Bob's balls and then slowly started to lick his cock, eventually putting it in her mouth, deeper and deeper.

Bob was in heaven, after five years of porn videos and wanking, his cock was deep in a beautiful woman's mouth. It was fantastic, his eyes closed, his thoughts interrupted by her moving away and lying down.

"My turn baby, do you want this?" Her legs were spread and her fingers caressed the gusset of her very wet panties. She slid the gusset aside and showed her shaved pussy, one finger sliding inside her deep pink hole. Bob couldn't wait, in one stroke he pulled her panties off and threw them to Jason. He slid one, then two fingers inside her, his mouth attacking her clit as his fingers enjoyed the wetness.

"Yes, just there, your tongue is in exactly the right place Bob. Keep doin' that; Jason, get your butt over here and your cock in my mouth." Her fantasy was finally real, one guy's fingers in her pussy, his thumb feeling its way around her asshole, his tongue eating her clit and at the same time, another guy's dick firmly face fucking her. And she was about to get royally fucked.

She felt her body starting to convulse, taking Jason's dick from her mouth she commanded Bob to get his dick inside her as hard and deep as he could so she could cum with him inside her. "Jesus, fuck, yes, yes, fill me up Bob, I'm cuming. Come on, come on, harder, yes..."

His orgasm followed hers, the thrill of feeling his ejaculation inside her cunt was amazing, warm, wet, slippery; he pulled out and watched his semen slip out of her. "You want to fuck me Jason? Eat his cum first."

A very horny Jason, surprised at his gorgeous wife's instruction, went down on her pussy and slurped up the warm, salty liquid. "Get some in your mouth then kiss me and let me taste it, get into my mouth fuckface."

Jason needed no encouragement, his mouth full of Bob's sticky white stuff he kissed his wife and plunged his cock into her. "Faster Jason, I want you to cum with me, get it on baby." Her legs were as wide as they could go, Bob sucked her tits and watched Bob fuck his wife. The sweat was pouring off both of them, their breathing hard and fast as they came together.

"Your turn Bob, eat Jason's creampie then give it to me."

Bob was intoxicated by what was happening, right now she could have fucked his butt with a steel bar and he would have said yes.

He sucked as much cum out of her pussy as he could then let it dribble over her face and into her mouth, kissing her and licking it off as he did. "Ever had your butt fucked Bob?" she asked.

Now waiting for an answer she said, "Get the big dildo Jason, and some lube. I'm going to do his butt. On your back Bob, spread your legs for me." She smeared his butt with lube, then slowly probed his arse with her finger, one, then two, then he felt the plastic slide into him, slowly then deeper, then she switched it on.

She was standing at the end of the bed, his feet on her shoulders, his arse being probed and his dick stroked. He was away, excited, wanting more; he turned to see Jason erect again and reached out for his dick. Bob had never held another dick, doing so was unbelievably erotic, he pulled

Jason towards him and said "In my mouth Jason."

He sucked Jason's cock as deep into his mouth as he could, doing what he'd like done to him. His arse was throbbing, his dick about to explode again and he was deep throating another guy.

Trish suspected Bob wouldn't last much longer so she took control; she moved Bob up the bed and lay on top of him, asking Jason to lube her butt so Bob could fuck it. Bob slid inside her and Jason mounted her, she felt both dicks thrusting inside her, heaven on a stick! Furiously fingering her clit until she came, her convulsions setting the guys off and both deposited their loads inside her.

The guys pulled out and watched their collective juices pour from the red holes in her body.

"Fucking awesome guys, that was a mind-blowing fuck. Wanna do it again?" She laughed as they groaned, both knowing they were incapable of keeping up with her.

"You need to shower and go Bob, there isn't much time."

Bob showered, dressed and left, arriving home ten minutes before Liz.

Jason and Trish lay exhausted on the bed. "Wanna watch the video?" he asked.

"Did you record it? She asked, surprised.

"Yep" he replied with a grin.

"Put it on bad boy. I want to relive that."

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