tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfter Gym Class Ch. 03

After Gym Class Ch. 03


Previously: In part 1, Candy had learned of Sara's "special secret" as they showered after working out. Later in part 2, they had gone to Candy's house, where playtime continued in Candy's bedroom.


Sara jumped out of bed, and stood at the side of it, looking down at me. I lay back, still enjoying the afterglow. With my fingers, I absently rubbed circles of her silky cum where it had landed on my breasts and belly, enjoying the feel of it on my skin. I glanced up at her, and we both smiled. She was so beautiful standing there, her breasts upturned, nipples still somewhat hard. Her blonde hair was messy now, but still framed her pretty face perfectly. We still hadn't done our hair after the shower, so we both looked a bit worse for the wear. I took in her beauty as my eyes lowered over her body. Sara's cock was soft, small and cute.

She saw me looking at it and quickly tucked it between her legs, exposing only her sparse blonde pubic hair. She definitely looked all woman to me. We both giggled. She bent down to pick up her panties off the floor, and stepped into them, tucking her shaft between her legs and into the boy-cut pink panties.

"Hey, don't bother getting dressed," I said. "Let's just grab a drink and hit the Jacuzzi."

"Oh yeah! That sounds perfect," she replied.

Sara put her hand out to me and pulled me up to a sitting position on the bed. I put my legs over the edge and stood up and we faced each other. Sara was a good bit taller than me, and her eyes devoured my body, working up from my feet to my eyes. I loved the way she looked at me, and could feel my nipples hardening from goose bumps she gave me. Her full lips broke into a smile.

"Looks like you could use a cleanup," she said.

With that, she bent down, her head at my breasts, her tongue sliding across my 36C left breast where her cum had landed from her powerful orgasm. She licked under my breast and all around my nipple, making it hard again. She tongued it playfully as she licked it clean. Then, kneeling in front of me, she did the same to my belly, where her second spurt had landed.

I closed my eyes and let her clean me. It felt so good to have her soft tongue on me, and I could feel my excitement rising again. Sara was moaning as she licked my body, and that sound just added to my arousal. She obviously was enjoying the taste of her own cum as well.

Suddenly, she stopped. My eyes had been closed, but now I opened them to see what was happening. She had turned and was walking to the door, looking back at me.

"Come on, I'm thirsty!" she smiled, as she turned the corner and headed downstairs.

I was a bit put off, but couldn't help but smile. "Tease!" I yelled, and followed her down.

We grabbed some cold pizza from the fridge, and I opened some Mike's Hard Lemonades from my parents' plentiful stock. It went down really well. I was still naked, and Sara was clad only in her panties. I couldn't help myself, glancing at her crotch, still in disbelief of this beautiful creature with the best of both worlds. I didn't understand how she did it, but there was no hint of any bulge there whatsoever. Anyone would swear that she is just a pretty blonde girl. I smiled to myself, knowing there was so much more to her.

We drank the last of the bottles, and then I grabbed two more and headed to the Jacuzzi. We had to walk across the yard, which was private with a tall fence on one side and large pine trees on the other. To be safe, we wrapped towels around us as we strolled to the gazebo under which the Jacuzzi sat. I turned it on and felt the warm water bubble up. I quickly stripped off my towel and sat down in one of the corner seats. The jets felt wonderful on my body.

Sara took a long sip of her lemonade, and then let her towel drop as well. She turned around, her back to me, as she stepped out of her panties. Then she stepped into the water, turning around to stand in front of me. Her waist was at the same level as my head, and I reached out to caress her thigh, moving around to her hips. She moved closer to me and I saw her soft penis begin to harden slightly. I caressed her ass cheeks with both hands, pulling her even closer as I also leaned forward.

My face was at her crotch, and I leaned into her and kissed her belly. My tongue swirled around her belly button, and I kissed lower to her mound. Her cock was semi-erect now, and stood out straight. My left hand wrapped around the hardening shaft, and my right hand squeezed her ample ass cheek. I stroked her slowly, the head of her cock just inches from my lips. I loved how the head of her dick looked, so smooth and clean. The skin was so soft, yet her shaft was very hard, fully erect now.

The warm water bubbled all around us. Softly, I kissed the head of her cock. I let my lips open slightly, and brought it into my mouth, stopping as my tongue slipped under its head. My hand stroked the shaft slowly, enjoying the feeling of her head in my mouth. She moaned loudly as I reached under her with my other hand and squeezed her tight sack gently.

I glanced up at Sara, watching both of her hands caressing her ample breasts, squeezing them with her fingers, pinching her hard nipples. She was watching my mouth working on her hardness. I was thinking to myself that I was never really one that enjoyed giving a guy head. I often thought that a cock was sort of ugly, and although it felt wonderful in my pussy, it was only something I licked because I felt I had to. Part of the reason was that, with a guy, it was usually hairy and had that bitter taste. With Sara, that all changed. I truly savored every inch of her hairless cock, now as I pushed my head closer to her, taking more of her cock in my mouth. Slowly I took her all the way in, pausing so that my throat could adjust to her hardness.

I began to slide her in and out of my mouth faster, my saliva coating the hard shaft and making it slippery wet. I stroked it at the same time, so that she had the full feeling of both my lips and palm around her. She began to moan even louder, and I could taste her delicious pre-cum on my tongue already as she enjoyed my tongue and lips.

Her moans turned me on even more now, and as I stroked her with one hand, my other hand dropped between my legs to feel a different wetness than the Jacuzzi alone provided. I enjoyed rubbing myself as Sara continued to caress her own breasts.

"Well now! This is quite a twist, sis!" I heard a male voice close by.

Instantly, Sara withdrew herself and sat down quickly in the Jacuzzi tub, trying to cover herself. My brother Brian stood there, a big grin on his face.

"Shit! What are you doing here!" I yelled at him.

"I live here, remember?" was his response.

"I thought you were going to the cottage with Mom and Dad!" I was mortified. I glanced at Sara, who looked even more embarrassed than me.

"Well, I'm glad I didn't so I can meet your friend!" he said. "Aren't you going to introduce me?"

My brother did have a charm about him that the girls seemed to love. And I figured it wouldn't do much good to argue with him at this point. After all, we were caught red-handed already, so to speak. "Brian, this is Sara. Sara, my brother Brian."

"So nice to meet you Sara," Brian extended his hand.

Sara mumbled something, reaching out to shake my brother's hand. In doing so, her breast was exposed, which she didn't realize right away. I watched Brian's eyes hone in on it, however. They shook hands.

"I'm sorry I startled you," Brian turned on the charm. "I saw someone standing over here and I didn't think; I just walked up. I hope you forgive my intrusion."

Sara was recovering now, and managed a smile. "Well, like you said, you do live here," she stammered.

"Hey, would you guys mind if I joined you? I'm really sore from work today and could use some muscle relief." He was already pulling his shirt over his head. Brian was about six feet tall, very well built with dark hair and green eyes.

Sara looked at me. I didn't know what to say. I was still in shock at being caught.

"Um, well we were just leaving..." Sara began.

"Nonsense," Brian said. He was stepping out of his jeans. "I don't take much room."

With that, he dropped his underwear. I had seen my brother naked a few times. I had even seen him hard a few years earlier when I went into his room and caught him stroking it while looking at a Playboy magazine. He had been pissed, and had yelled at me to get out. I hadn't really thought much about it since then. But as I saw him now, I was amazed; his body was so well toned. His penis wasn't hard, but it did seem big. I glanced over at Sara, who also was staring. Brian stepped over the edge and sat down next to Sara. He leaned back into the jets and relaxed.

I was looking for a way for Sara and me to escape the tub, but couldn't think how she could get out without exposing everything. I felt so bad for her, she must have been so embarrassed and now Brian was being a jerk and not letting her regain some dignity.

"Do you want to go?" I mouthed to Sara.

She shook her head and smiled. "It's OK, she whispered."

"So Sara, how come I haven't seen you around Candy before?" Brian asked.

"She's a friend from school..." I volunteered.

"We met up today after gym class," Sara said. I wondered where she was going with this. She seemed more relaxed now. Her hands and dropped to her sides, and both of her perky breasts were now exposed, the water line about even with her nipples. Her knees were drawn up toward her, just poking out of the water. I had to admit she looked amazing sitting there. My mind went back to what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted, and I felt a smile cross my lips.

"Mmm these jets feel good," Brian moaned as he leaned back. "I'm glad you found out the rule of the Jacuzzi around here, Sara."

"Oh? What's the rule, Brian?" Sara asked.

"No swim suits allowed," Brian glanced over at Sara, smiling. His eyes focused on her breasts. He may have been trying to see even lower.

"Ha ha, yes, that's a good rule," Sara laughed. Maybe she was drunk. That would explain why she was being so friendly to him now.

Brian turned slightly to face her and put his hand on her knee. "I know. I'm glad you agree," he said. Sara didn't pull away. She just leaned back, looking at Brian out of the corner of her eyes, but not discouraging him at all.

There was an awkward pause, then he continued, "I've always wanted to meet a girl like you, Sara," he breathed. His hand slid down toward her thigh, disappearing under the water. Sara didn't flinch. "Why don't you go ahead and give Candy a kiss," he said. "I know I interrupted you girls."

Sara looked at me for a sign. I didn't move, not knowing what she wanted. She leaned toward me, kneeling in the Jacuzzi, and kissed me. I kissed her back. Her kisses were so good; I almost forgot where we were, and who else was around. My hands caressed her hair, pulling her closer to me as our mouths opened and tongues intertwined.

When I opened my eyes, Brian was kneeling beside us. Now I could see his rock hard cock sticking up out of the water. The head of it glistened with the Jacuzzi's bubbling around it. His hand was running down Sara's back, starting at her shoulders and running down to the small of her back, then sliding up again. Sara moaned again and leaned back into me for another deep kiss.

"Yessss, that's it Sara. Enjoy Candy's lips. You two are great kissers. It turns me on to watch you."

We both looked over at Brian, and Sara's eyes grew wider as she saw his hardness as well now. Brian slid up and out of the Jacuzzi, sitting on the side of it. His hand stroked his hardness. I couldn't believe how big he was, at least eight inches and thick. I was already turned on from Sara's kisses, but now I was getting turned on by my own brother's cock. What was wrong with me? But that thought was only fleeting, in fact, it surprised me that I didn't dwell on that aspect for very long. I just wanted to kiss her again.

Sara moved over slightly, still on her hands and knees in front of me. She shifted her body so Brian was directly behind her. Brian got the message quickly. As Sara kissed my neck, I watched him move his hands to her hips, grabbing them and caressing her ass. He moved his body closer, and I could see his cock resting against her ass crack. He slowly worked it back and forth between her cheeks, the head of his cock poking in the air behind her as he slid it forward, then back again. The water made her whole body glisten with wetness, and I'm sure it added to all of our excitement.

Carefully, Brian positioned himself between Sara's legs, holding his cock in one hand and began pressing into her. Sara stopped kissing me for a moment, a look of pain on her face. But only for a moment. She grunted, but then pushed her body back against Brian. Her pain quickly turned to pleasure as a smile appeared on her face. She again looked at me, and kissed me. Brian began to push against her, and each time he did, she pushed herself against me. He started fucking her more quickly, and her moans became louder.

Seeing Sara receive pleasure like this turned me on even more. I began to caress her breasts with my palms, tweaking her already-hard nipples. I then worked my hands down her body, over her flat stomach, and found her penis. She was semi-hard, but with my touch, became rock hard again. She continued to thrust back and forth, and my stationary hand around her shaft slid back and forth on her cock as she moved.

Brian's moans were increasing, and I knew he was about to cum. I increased the pressure of my stroke on Sara. Her moans were also louder. I wanted desperately to suck on Sara's cock while she was being fucked, but couldn't figure out how to do it underwater, so I just continued the stroking. It turned out that was what she needed.

Sara looked at me, her eyes glazed but hungry. In a throaty voice, she moaned "Oh Candy, yes, I'm going to cum!" Her body stiffened, and her cock began to unload its silky cum into my hand. It made things even more slippery, and I rubbed it over her hard cock as I continued to jerk her off. She was still rock hard.

Brian was now cumming as well, his hands squeezing Sara's ass and shooting his load into her. The look on his face was one of ecstasy as well. After a few more thrusts, he pulled out of Sara, and sat down in the bubbling water, exhausted. Sara also collapsed next to me, her head leaning against me, kissing my shoulder softly. I put my arms around her shoulders and pulled her closer to me, kissing the top of her blonde head.

Now is the time I should have been creeped out. My brother sat across from me, after just having ass-fucked my friend in front of me, while I had helped! The fact that my friend had a penis was a dilemma as well. Did that make by brother gay? Did it make me gay? I decided again that this wasn't the time for analysis, so I just enjoyed the feeling of Sara's body against me.

Maybe Brian had the same thoughts, as he stood up, grabbed his clothes and walked into the house without a word.

I looked at Sara, and she looked at me. Neither of us knew what to say. Then together, we started giggling. What else was there to do? We laughed so hard we were crying. All the while, we held each other. Everything was fine. There was nothing to do now but enjoy each other's company.

We both stopped laughing long enough to kiss again. I turned on my side, with her still sitting in the corner seat, back against the jets. I kissed her harder and began to caress her breasts. Our tongues mingled softly, and I withdrew mine and began to kiss her cheek, chin, then lower to her neck. She leaned back and enjoyed the attention. I slid my body over the top of hers, lower in the water. I kissed down from her neck to her breasts, taking one in my mouth. I licked and sucked her nipple, feeling the hardness with my tongue. I sucked the other one in the same way.

My breasts were above her lap, and I could feel her soft cock under them. I leaned even lower so that my ample cleavage caressed her dick. I could feel her getting semi hard, and I swayed my tits back and forth over it, enjoying the sensation, and she did as well.

I knew I had to have her again. I moved up, my legs on either side of her hips. It was a tight fit in the corner of the hot tub, but I was driven now. Her cock was between my legs, and I rubbed my shaved pussy over her growing cock, letting it press against my wet slit. The head of her cock found my opening, and she immediately slid right inside me. I was so wet from my own juices. She was deep inside me immediately, and I enjoyed the feeling for a moment, holding us both still.

I leaned toward her, by breasts at her face. She licked and sucked at my nipples, nibbling them. I loved the feel of her teeth scraping my hard nipple as she bit gently. I began to move my hips back and forth over hers, her cock filling me.

As much as I was enjoying her inside me, it was getting uncomfortable for my knees in that position. Sara could tell, so she lifted me off of her.

"Kneel over there," she said, pointing to the opposite side of the Jacuzzi.

Reluctantly, I moved off of her beautiful cock and did as she said. I moved to a spot where the jets were hitting my body directly, and I found the position where one of them was aimed perfectly at my clit. Sara moved behind me and immediately entered me from behind with her hardness. I had the jet on my clit, and her beautiful cock inside me. I began to rock back and forth, the thrusting water perfectly caressing my clit and her cock perfectly thrusting into me.

"Oh my god Sara, fuck me good. I love this," I moaned.

Her hands squeezed my hips tightly, her thrusts increasing in tempo and power. The jet felt so good on my clit, I knew I would cum quickly. I wanted to enjoy this feeling, so I tried to hold out. But it was to no avail.

"Fuck! I'm cumming all over your cock!" I screamed. My orgasm almost immediately took over my body. I convulsed in front of Sara as she held onto my hips. She was moaning more now, but she didn't let up a bit. She continued to thrust in and out of me as I felt a second orgasm overtake me again. That took me by surprise. I had never had "multiple orgasms." My friends all talked about them, but I had no idea what it was like. That all changed. My third one was on its way and I pushed back into Sara to feel it as well. It was not as strong as the other two, but just as satisfying.

Sara slowed down her thrusting, holding herself deep inside me. I didn't even know if she had cum inside me. I felt bad for a moment. But then there was no mistake, and I could feel her cock convulsing inside my sensitive pussy now. She was moaning herself, and I enjoyed the feeling of mutual satisfaction with my new friend.

I turned around and sat back down, the jets now on my back again. Sara did the same, across from me. Both of us looked exhausted but happy. We gazed into each other's eyes, smiling.

I think I was falling for Sara.


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