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After Hours


Looking back, and not all that far back, the summer after I graduated high school should have been one of the best of my life. Why you may ask? I had a job most eighteen-year-old guys would have done just about anything to have. I worked in a lingerie store, one of a large chain that I will neglect to name. As I was saying, for most guys that would have been a dream job. For me it was simple torture. At that age I was a very idealistic young man, and as such I was "waiting for love." Love mind you, not marriage. Losing my virginity would have hardly been a challenge, but I still waited... As many young men do, I felt I was in love with my girlfriend of the time. To be fair, I now realize it was more of an infatuation than anything else, yet at the time she was the girl of my dreams. She was also a virgin, and quite intent on staying one. Despite my many attempts to change her mind, I failed. I'm certain it is now clear why working at a lingerie store would be incredibly difficult for a young man in the situation I faced...

This is the story of a Sunday at that store. What made my job all the more difficult was that the girlfriend I so loved had dumped me only two days before. Now, on with the story...

My feet actually dragged as I walked away from my car. Depression was no longer governing my actions, but exhaustion still weighed heavily on me. Sleep wouldn't come, only thoughts of her... I realized I was standing still in the parking lot, lost in my thoughts, and began to walk towards the entrance to the mall again. I felt a very confusing emotion, one of near indifference to everything. I wasn't quite numb, nor empty, but those two words are the only which come close to describing my mental state. As my hand rested on the mall's door, I briefly looked up to the sky. The dark, cloudy look of a storm seemed somehow comforting to me as I entered.

I walked towards the store in no particular hurry. I was the only one working today and was already early. My stomach held a vague feeling of hunger, and I suddenly realized I hadn't eaten almost anything in the last two days. Somehow eating didn't seem important. Thoughts of hunger had only surfaced momentarily, and disappeared quickly. I unlocked the store and went about the usual preparations with a slow, yet practiced, ease. At 10 AM I took a seat near the register and waited for the day to pass me by.

The day was the usual, anything ranging from teenage girls buying thongs (giggles, winks, and all) to elderly ladies buying things I'd rather not know they owned... I must admit, a smile graced my lips at a few points during the day. I was still sad, but to my surprise most of the sadness had left me already. The store closed at 8 PM on Sundays, so when the clock read 7:30 I was quite relieved. Shortly after this flash of relief, probably about 7:35, a young lady entered the store whom I'll never forget.

Her eyes drew me towards them first. They were a calming shade of brown, but what struck me most was this unnamable quality in them. A certain depth...something that gave you a sense of peace and serenity by gazing into them for a single moment. Her hair was dark brown, and about five inches past her shoulders. Her lips had a soft look to them, the kind which beg for the most gentle of kisses and offer the most passionate of responses. Her clothes were rather average, although they still offered a good idea to her figure. Her jeans were not quite tight, but still offered a good feel for her tempting little ass and long legs. Her t-shirt was a pale blue color, with a yin-yang symbol on it. It offered a fairly good idea to her tight tummy and rather full (but not huge) breasts. Her eyes met mine for a brief moment, and the cutest smile passed over her lips. Until that moment, I had thought the idea of love at first sight was merely a mistaken interpretation of lust at first sight...suddenly I saw how wrong I was.

The store was empty except for us, as most Sunday nights were always unbearably dull and slow. Rather than going about her shopping, she approached me with that cute, and ever-so-slightly playful, smile still gracing her lips.

"Hey, I'm Jenn...not to be nosy or anything, but you just look like something's bothering ya. Wanna talk about it?"

Something in those stunning eyes of hers, and her voice too, ensured me of her sincerity. She wasn't asking in passing, or out of politeness...she genuinely cared about a complete stranger...

"I've just been dealing with some stuff lately...and on top of it all my girlfriend dumped me a couple days ago. My name's Cryss, by the way."

"Ouch...no fun there. Well from what I can see, it was her loss."

She winked with the same cute, playfulness that she smiled. I ended up telling her the long, drawn out story of my ex, which she listened to with a caring smile. At the end I felt an even stronger attraction to her then when I saw her walk in the door. By the time I was done, it was 8:15...

"Damn...I wanted to take a look around"

With a laugh I said:

"Feel free...I can wait"

"Heh, maybe you can help me pick a few things."

I escorted her around slowly, while she examined various parts of the store...her first pick was very surprising, and honestly appealing too. It was a white, cotton bikini style panty, with little blue and pink flowers sprinkled throughout it. With a sexy look in her eyes, she turned to me:

"Got a matching bra for this?"

"Uh...yea, what size?"

"I'm a 34C..."

Smiling to myself the whole time, I dug up a matching bra in her size and handed her it. She held it up to herself in front of a full size mirror:

"I don't know...what do you think Cryss?"

"It looks good, but you could try it on to get a better idea."

Her eyes lit up a bit, and her smile took on a sexy tone which was very provocative. Of course she didn't know that trying on lingerie was a strict taboo, but I'd pay for it later... With an irresistible whisper, she said:

"Now close your eyes...no peeking."

I did...and can honestly say I didn't peek (an incredible feat of willpower, I assure you). Her voice spoke up again:

"Okay...what do you think?"

I opened my eyes and was treated to the site of her posing in the very innocent underwear she had picked out. I suppose I must have been staring, as she giggled slowly and said:

"I guess that means you approve... I love wearing things like this sometimes. I know it's a childish look, but I think that little bit of innocence is so sexy in its own way."

My eyes were still taking her in. Her legs were very long and shapely. Her breasts were beautiful, certainly filling the bra to its limits. She turned slowly around for me, and I noticed her ass was...well, perfect in my eyes. Seeing all this, I was already very aroused. I hoped she wouldn't notice...but whether she did or not she began to look around again, not bothering to remove her current choice. My eyes examined her delicate features still, no longer those of her body but those of her face. Despite all I had seen, her hair and eyes were the most alluring part of her. Her eyes had a depth to them that just kept drawing my full attention...and her hair made me wonder what it would feel like to run my fingers through it in a passionate kiss. Losing myself in her beauty, I had failed to notice she had picked out her next selection...

"Cryss...close your eyes so I can try this on."

Without thinking I obeyed, realizing only a moment after closing my eyes that I had no clue what she had chosen. It took a great deal of willpower once again, but I didn't peek...and her voice called for me to open them again.

"Okay...what do ya think?"

She was lying on the countertop in a very tempting pose. She had chosen a black lace thong with a matching bra...and looked irresistible. The bra had demi cups, offering me a better view of her breasts and cleavage than before. Heh...I must have looked pretty funny, with my mouth opening and closing as I searched for the words to describe how sexy she looked...

"Hehe...once again, I take it you approve?"

I nodded slowly, and she got off the counter and stepped towards me. I took one step towards her, slipped my arms slowly around her and pulled her close. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, and the warmth of her body promised me the moment was real. Leaning closer, I kissed her with the soft passion of a man overwhelmed by attraction and desire. I closed my eyes. Her arms slipped around my back and pulled me closer against her body. Her breasts were now pressing against my chest, making the moment all the more erotic. My fingers ran slowly through her hair...

The moment had a very surreal feel to it, and seemed to stretch on forever. As I pull away, I opened my eyes. Staring into her eyes for a moment, I knew I was falling in love with this girl I had just met... Her lips neared my ear, and nibbled on it gently. After a moment she whispered very quietly...

"One last thing I want to try on...you close your eyes, I want it to be a surprise..."

I obeyed quite willingly. Then again, at this point I would have obeyed just about any order she gave. I heard her rummaging around the store, and then her changing...it was torture, wondering what she might choose for her final show. Suddenly it was silent, after a brief moment I felt her breath on my cheek. She whispered with the same nearly silent voice:

"Keep those eyes closed now...not a peek."

She had me sit down briefly, and pulled off my shoes and socks. Next she had me stand up again. I felt her hand at the front of my pants... She unbuttoned and unzipped them slowly, obviously taking her time. She pulled them off and I stepped out of them quickly. Next, she began slowly unbuttoning my shirt. Once done, she slipped it off me quickly. I was now standing in only my boxers, her hands softly rubbing my chest. Finally she paused, and said:

"Okay, now you can open your eyes."

My eyes were greeted by...nothing. Her body was completely bare, and her eyes were locked on mine. I looked back into her eyes and barely whispered...

"Jenn...I think I'm falling for you."

"Let me assure you, the feeling is mutual."

My hands began to tenderly massage her breasts. Her nipples were so sensitive they immediately became erect at my touch. Looking into her eyes, which seemed to have an aura of utter bliss somewhere in them, I lowered my mouth to one and licked it as softly as possible. A soft, throaty moan left her lips, which made me want her all the more. I continued to softly lick one nipple while massaging her other breast for a minute or two, but my desire to cast away my virginity overtook me quickly. As my tongue left her nipple, she knew what I wanted and quickly removed my boxers. She sat on the countertop and spread her legs slowly, offering me an enticing view of her pussy. Only the smallest triangle of hair stood above it. I neared her slowly and whispered:

"Jenn...I'm a virgin..."

Her eyes glowed for an instant and her response held the sound of joy.

"So am I..."

I slid into her warmth slowly, and paused when I felt the resistance I expected. She whispered:

"Do it quickly...but please be gentle"

I did as she asked, pushing through and pausing a moment. Her whisper was quiet...

"I said be gentle...not stop"

Smiling slightly to myself, I began to pump in and out of her at a slow pace. She was soaked, making my work all the easier. She slipped her arms around my neck and I lifted her from the countertop. Her back was soon against the wall, and my pace had quickened to that of a man desperate to release. Her moans were coming quicker now, telling me how close she was. I moaned to her...

"Jenn, baby...I want to cum with you."

"I'm about to Cryss..."

I felt her pussy began to tighten and lost myself to a tremendous orgasm. After a moment of recovery, I laid her down gently on the countertop. Her eyes met mine and we kissed a soft, gentle kiss. As our lips separated, I glanced at the clock. 10:28... Her eyes must have seen it too.

"Looks like we're here for the night, Cryss."

I turned back to her and looked into her beautiful eyes with a smile:


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