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After Hours Affair


I first met Scott when I was 26. As a business consultant for one of the nation's top firms I traveled a lot for business. A few years into my career I encountered an industry that I had a passion for and that brought me to Scott. He was a partner at my consulting firm and definitely looked the part. Well groomed, well spoken, and while not wildly attractive he had a certain quality that caught my eye. I have always had a bit of a thing for authority figures and as my boss's boss's boss he certainly qualified.

Nothing about our first encounters led me to believe that he even recognized me as a woman. To him I was just another member of his 30+ person project team. Admittedly, at the time I was the new girl, and had absolutely no place in his day to day activities, so why should he notice me. I was nobody important.

As I gained experience, I was given increasing levels of responsibility at work. I started to love the type of work that we were doing and in the process became a career driven, passionate, and focused woman. My sex life certainly paid the price for my dedication to work, and I made due with toys and my fantasies. While I can't say that Scott didn't show up in my fantasies now and again, I had come to see him as a colleague and a bit of a mentor. About 6 months into my project, Scott sold some other work and was rarely even at our client site. Out of sight, out of mind, and I stopped thinking of him much at all.

Sick of my dating slump, I made time to go out with a few men. They were nice enough, but all of them were lacking in some way. Where was the chemistry? Where was the passion? I wanted a man who filled my senses and made me unaware of anything but him when we were together. These men were barely worth the effort of shaving my legs and putting on a dress. I blamed my penchant for romance novels on my seemingly high expectations and, again, focused on work.

Then, just over a year after I had been staffed on the project, I got assigned a new role. I was working more directly with senior management and as a result I saw Scott more and more often. I couldn't deny that I was still attracted to the man, but I was certainly not stupid enough to give any indication of my feelings. He was my boss after all, and he had never given any inkling of returning my regard. It would be career suicide to try to make a move on him. Assuming of course I ever had the courage to make a move in the first place. All things considered, I determined it best to just shove all such thoughts to the back of my mind and try to forget about them.

Weeks flew by and as I settled into my new role I become more comfortable around Scott and other senior partners that made up our team. We would go to dinners and talk shop well into the evening at least once or twice a week and I found myself easily laughing and joking with all of the partners. Most were men, and they seemed to enjoy my presence. Some even started to pick on me, as an older sibling picks on a much doted upon younger sister. Our easy camaraderie emboldened me and often I pushed the limit in our conversations, interjecting borderline inappropriate comments with my natural wit.

One evening we were celebrating a particular success in the project and after dinner a group of us went to the hotel bar for a few drinks. Scott was there, but he quickly disappeared into the corner to talk to another manager so I struck up a conversation with some of my other teammates. I had just gotten my second vodka soda when I sensed a presence behind me. Scott had apparently finished up his conversation and decided to join our little group. I shifted to my right, allowing him room to join our circle. As he stepped into the empty space I caught a whiff of his cologne. He smelled like man and sex and my belly clenched in arousal. I was shocked at my immediate and strong reaction to his proximity but chalked it up to a long dry spell and pushed my inappropriate thoughts to the back of my mind. I was so focused on trying to ignore Scott's presence that I didn't even notice how close he was standing to me until the arm of his suit coat was brushing my forearm every time he raised his glass to take a drink.

Regardless of whether he had intended to enter my personal space, or was just moving out of way to allow people to squeeze through our group to order drinks at the bar, my senses went haywire and my body immediately reacted. My instincts screamed to move closer to him, to lean into him, to touch him, and basically to jump his bones. When I realized the direction of my thoughts I stopped cold. I could almost hear sirens echoing in my head, emergency bells clanging loudly. I cautioned myself not to react one way or the other. I didn't want to move away because I was enjoying the sensation of the soft cloth brushing against my skin. I would NOT let myself move closer because he was my boss and we were surrounded by coworkers and it would be a stupid thing to do.

I was feeling pretty buzzed from the wine at dinner and my first cocktail, so I was only sipping lightly on my second drink. The feelings assailing me made me feel lightheaded enough. I certainly didn't need to compound that by downing more liquor! Bit by bit the crowd thinned until there were only a few of us left. Scott, who had not directly addressed me all night, finally turned his attention to me. His eyes, which were a clear blue, focused on mine and I could barely think of something to say. Of course the topic I did latch on to was inane and stupid and I immediately gave myself a mental kick in the ass. Way to bore him to death, idiot! Still, he politely conversed with me for a few minutes and I lost track of what he was saying. Now that we were talking one on one I gave myself permission to look up into his face and all I could focus on was his wonderfully sexy mouth.

We were still standing close, probably too close to be workplace acceptable but I certainly was not going to complain. The conversation between the other coworkers in our group dwindled to a close and I glanced around to see that everyone but Scott and I had finished their drinks. Scott was the first to break away and went to take care of the bar tab. My body missed his heat immediately after he moved away and I mentally scolded myself for the thought. I tried to tell myself that he didn't mean anything by it, that it had just been an accident, but my traitorous body ignored logic in favor of burning hot lust. When Scott made his way back to our group to say farewell, his hand came up to brush the small of my back and the embers of my desire that I had managed to tamp down ignited into a conflagration of heat. I realized that I would have to get myself off at least once before I was going to be able to get any sleep.

Scott was the first to leave the bar, and my mind won the argument with my libido, so I stayed behind in the bar for a few moments. Getting into an elevator with the man given my state of arousal would not be a good idea. Confined to such a small space I didn't know if I would be able to control my reactions to him. So I stayed, finished my drink, and then headed for the elevator bank.

As I exited the bar, I was surprised to find that Scott was still in the hotel lobby. Apparently he had run into some acquaintances who had waylaid him on his way to his room. Smiling politely, I circled around the group and headed for the elevator, intent now on getting up to my room and naked in bed as soon as possible. I was so aroused that I imagined I could smell myself even through my clothes. My nipples were stiff points against my shirt. I fervently hoped that no one noticed. I was safe inside the car and the elevator doors started closing, so sensing relief was near I closed my eyes and leaned back against the elevator wall.

A soft ding, such an unexpected sound, dragged me from my mind which had already begun to spin fantasies. I was still in the lobby and the elevator doors had re-opened. Apparently Scott and his group had followed me to the elevator and had pushed the up button in time to interrupt my escape. I am not sure if there is such a thing as elevator etiquette, but I opted not to move to the rear of the car to make room for the new passengers. Instead I scooted over to front right of the car and let the group fill in behind and beside me. As they called out their floors, I gamely hit the appropriate buttons. Scott, who was directly behind me, was on the 21st floor and another man was on 17 which was already lit up since it was my floor as well. With so many bodies and their laptop bags, the elevator was full although not unpleasantly packed. I tried not to be aware of Scott who was standing directly behind me. I could feel him close to me but couldn't really tell how much space there was between us without physically turning around and looking to check. Unconsciously, I took a small step backward and felt his laptop bag brush the back of my leg. He was close. One more step and my back would meet his front. I shivered lightly at the thought and forced myself to stay put.

On the fourth floor we stopped and a very large man in the back made his way out, causing the rest of us to shift around to accommodate him as he exited. I felt Scott's chest brush my back, and he adjusted his computer bag so that it brushed against my legs once again. He was so close I could hear his breath in my ear. I focused on the sensations, soaking in all of the details that I could in those few minutes as the elevator made its way up. All too soon we were almost to my floor. We stopped on 16, and I realized with a start that there were only three of us left: Scott, myself, and the guy who was also on my floor. Scott was still standing close behind me, despite the now nearly empty elevator car. My heart pounded in my chest as I wondered for the first time if maybe, just maybe, he was as turned on as I was.

In the boldest move I think I have ever made, I shifted my hips backward seeking confirmation of his feelings the most obvious way I knew how. I had little time, only seconds as the elevator moved up one last floor. My ass brushed against him, but to my frustration I couldn't tell if he was hard or not and I didn't dare turn around to look at him. My face was flaming red, and I tried to casually shift away from him with a hope that he hadn't noticed my gauche attempt. As the doors opened on 17, my exit route was momentarily blocked as the other man in the elevator barreled out, nearly knocking me over in his haste. I felt Scott's light touch as his hand grasped my waist to steady me and, as I made to exit the car as well, I felt his grip tighten.

His fingers grasped my hip and held me in place, and he moved in so that my back was fully against his chest. My indrawn breath was loud in the confined space, and I halted my forward movement, content to remain in Scott's quasi embrace. It seemed to take ages for the doors to ease shut and the elevator to resume its upward path. Uncertain if I was imagining things, I remained completely still. Even as the elevator doors swing open, I made no move to exit the car. Again, Scott's hand pressed against my waist and this time urged me forward. His body half behind me, half at my side, he leaned down and finally spoke quietly in my ear.

"Come have one last drink with me."

Nodding my assent, I followed him as he strode confidently down the hallway to his room. My legs felt like jelly and I was shaking with nerves. Fantasizing about this is one thing, but in real life so much could go wrong. He was my BOSS. If I screwed this up he could fire me. I almost quailed and turned back, but it was too late. We were at his door. As if he could sense my hesitation, Scott reached out and stroked his hand from my shoulder down to my wrist. I was wearing a sleeveless dress so his finger met bare skin. The touch was electrifying and I knew that I wasn't going to walk away now.

With a quick glance down the hallway, which belied the clandestine nature of our actions, I let Scott guide me into his room. It was bigger than mine, but certainly not opulent. Other than an additional seating area, I didn't see much difference from my room. I definitely didn't see anything resembling a mini bar for that "drink" he mentioned. Summoning my courage I met his gaze and said as much.

He just smiled and said, "you didn't come here for a drink."

I met his gaze in silence for a few beats, before turning away again and moving to the wall of windows. I could see that in the daytime he would have a beautiful view of the river. Now, I could see nothing but the blackness of night and the twinkle of stars. "You are right," I finally said, "I didn't come here for a drink. I don't know why I came here."

"This," he said as he came up behind me and grasped my arm, turning me so that we were toe to toe. I had to look up to see his face. Again he ran his fingers down my arm, shoulder to wrist, but this time he didn't move away after. His had moved to my waist and pulled my hips against his. For the first time I could feel his hardness as it pulsed against me. Even through our clothes I could tell he was big. Scott ground against me and I watched as his eyes turned hazy with desire. "You came here for this."

"Yes." I half groaned it half sighed it. And then I didn't talk at all. His mouth, which I had admired from afar and constructed countless fantasies about came lower and lower, inching down at a torturously slow pace until finally his lips met mine. The kiss started out soft, testing, tasting until I flicked my tongue out to taste him. From there the kiss exploded with passion as our mouths and tongues dueled. I have always been a fan of kissing and have found that some men are better at it than others. Scott was amazing. He knew just when to stroke, just when to suck, just when to nip, and he tasted like heaven with an edge of of cigarette smoke and whiskey. His taste seriously turned me on.

As we kissed, my hands naturally gravitated to his shoulders and rested there but soon I became aware of a desire to touch him. His hands, never still, had been caressing me wherever he could reach. My waist, my ass, my face. Before I could even register it, he had my dress falling to the floor to pool at my feet. Clad only in a lacy black bra and matching thong (thank GOD I had worn my sexy underwear) I stood silently as Scott stepped away to take in the view. His breath rushed out in a strangled groan and I took that to mean that he liked what he saw. In quick, rough movements, Scott divested himself of his jacket, tie, and shirt. My mouth watered at the exposed skin and my hands itched to touch.

I reached out to suit thought to deed, but didn't get a chance to feel the smattering of hair on his chest, or follow the silky strip of hair down, down, down to what I most wanted to see. Scott spun me around, and bent me over the hotel desk. He braced my hands on the edge and I felt the heat radiating from his bare chest on my back as he pressed up against me. His hands left mine, and slowly stroked up my arms to my shoulders and down my back until he reached my hips. My bra and panties soon joined my dress on the floor.

I felt his breath on the back of my neck, tickling the sensitive skin there. Moments later I felt the wet heat of his mouth in the curve between my neck and my shoulder. Gentle hands tugged my hips backward until I had no choice but to move backwards with him. Hands still firmly on the desk, I was now bent over pretty far. His feet nudged my legs apart and he stepped between them. I'm not sure when he took his pants off, but I was shocked to feel the burning heat of his cock against my ass. He ground himself into me again, only this time there were no clothes between us. His cock was nestled between my bum cheeks and his balls rested against my wet heat. He stroked himself against me a few times, but I needed more.

I reached back to put his dick where I needed it most, and was treated to a sharp slap on my ass. It wasn't too hard, and I was surprised that I had actually liked it. Scott moved my hands back to their previous position at the edge of the desk.

"Keep them on the desk this time."

I had a few moments to decide if I was willing to follow orders, but before I had reached a conclusion I felt the broad head of his penis pushing against my pussy. Slowly he entered me from behind, forcing his way into my soft heat. I was seriously wet, but it had been a long time for me so I must have been extremely tight. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I felt his balls brush against my opening. He was all the way inside.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" His voice was gruff with passion. Unable to speak, I nodded in response.

He didn't say another word, just pulled himself nearly out of me and slammed back home. Scott's fingers gripped my hips as he pistoned in and out, back and forth. I could hear the slap slap slap as his hips met mine. My fingers tightened on the hard surface of the desk and I tried to rock my hips in concert with his. One of his hands moved down, and his fingers found my clit as he continued to rock into me. I was close to orgasm, so close. Almost there.

On the brink of my orgasm, he pulled out. I felt like screaming.

"I don't want you to come yet," he growled. "Suck me."

Willing to play his game, I sank to my knees and took his cock in my hand. He glistened with my wetness. I had never sucked a guy off after getting fucked before, so I wasn't certain I'd like it. Taking him into my mouth, I had my answer. It was delicious. I licked every inch of him before sucking him into my mouth. I started out slow, not wanting to end the game just yet. If I couldn't get off, I certainly wasn't going to let him come either. Blow jobs always turned me on, so I could feel my wetness between my thighs as I started sucking harder and faster. His breathing changed, and I knew he was close. He stopped me, thank god, and we moved toward the king sized bed.

Scott positioned me on my hands and knees, and he moved to take me from behind again. His cock slid easily into me and he didn't hold back. He pounded into me so deep it should have hurt. It did hurt, actually, but I was so turned on at this point that I was beyond feeling any pain. We strained together and were soon glistening with sweat. The bed springs creaked and the headboard banged against the wall with every stroke. Ever elusive, my orgasm was just beyond my reach. I wasn't going to get there before Scott finished. I could tell that he was so close. His thumb rubbed from my anus to where his cock was disappearing into me and back up. Slick with my wetness, his thumb teased my ass. He pressed down until it entered the tight ring. I wanted to protest, but it felt good. Amazing actually. Orgasm raced through me, making my pussy clench around his cock and my ass clench the intruding thumb. Completely spent, I nearly collapsed face first into the bed. Only Scott's hands on my hips held me open for him as he thrust the last few times before finding his own pleasure.

After cleaning up, Scott cuddled me into the curve of his body and pulled up the sheets. "In the morning, I'm going to take that pretty ass of yours." He breathed into my ear. Shocked, I wondered if I was going to let him. It wasn't something I'd ever considered before, but his thumb had felt so good. My last thoughts as I drifted to sleep were if his cock would feel as good as his thumb.

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