tagBDSMAfter Hours Massage Ch. 02

After Hours Massage Ch. 02


I woke up a bit groggy and tried to figure out where I was. I could tell I was lying on top of someone as my head was moving every time they breathed. I lay there for a minute as the evening slowly came back to me. I was lying in bed with Toni, the store manager where I worked. I'd come over to her house that night to give her a massage, which had led to an incredibly sensual evening.

I got up slowly trying not to wake her up, but wasn't that successful at being noiseless. Regardless of my clumsiness she was deep into her sleep and didn't wake up at me getting up and moving around the room. I sat at the edge of the bed and tried to decide if I should just pack up and go home, or use the rest of the items I'd brought with me in my duffle. Amazingly I wasn't sore from all the activity earlier in the night and the couple hours sleep I'd just received seemed to enough to keep me going.

After a few minutes deliberation I decided to throw caution to the wind and use the rest of the items I brought. I just hoped Toni wasn't physically sore or worn out from our earlier activities, but I'd just play things by ear see how things went. I looked down at Toni sprawled out on the bed, she was laying on her back, legs spread from where I'd been laying between them.

Grinning I went to my duffle and pulled out some silk rope. I was lucky the she was already near the center of the bed. Being careful not to jostle her to much I looped the rope around one of her ankles and tied a loose slipknot. Tight enough to keep her from slipping her foot through it but not enough to cut off circulation or for her to even notice it is there until she moves. I tossed the end of the rope under the bed and walked to the other side to tie up her other ankle. Now both her legs were tied to the other, she could move one leg, but doing so would pull the other leg the opposite direction.

Before moving to her arms I lifted her head up a bit and slipped a sleep mask over her eyes, a cheap but effective blindfold. I had a single pair of fur lined leather cuffs that I slipped over each of her wrists. As I lifted her arms over her head and tied the cuffs up to the rope I'd tied to the headboard I felt Toni start to stir.

Not wanting her to panic at waking up and being unable to move or see, I leaned down and kissed her gently, she responded slowly at first, but warmed up as she woke up from her slumber. She tried to move her hands down and I could see that even though she was half awake, she was going to start panicking if I didn't do something soon.

I whispered softly to her "Toni, it's me...Robert. You can't move because I've tied your hands and feet to the bed, you also have an eye mask over your eyes which is why you can't see anything." She relaxed a bit, which helped me bring my heart rate down. I'd begun to wonder if I'd really screwed up by trying this. But so far so good, I continued whispering to her, "I promised you a night to remember and I plan on making good on that promise. If at any time you want me to stop just say "birthday". If you do, I'll stop whatever I'm doing, untie you and pack up my stuff. Do you understand?"

She took a second before responding, either because she was still waking up or just thinking things over. "Yes, I understand...just don't hurt me."

I couldn't tell if she was just playing along or if she was really worried. I kissed her lips softly before responding, "I don't want to hurt you in any way...I just want to take you to the next level of pleasure. You won't be able to see what I'm doing, and since you can't move you won't be tempted to try and do anything to me. I want you completely focused on what I'm doing to you. I want you to forget the rest of the world exists, your mind and body completely focused on the sensations you will feel. I want your body to urn for my next touch, for you to give over to your most basic desires and instincts. Do you want to continue, or should we stop now? If you want to continue do you remember your codeword to stop things?"

While I was talking I could hear her breathing getting faster, I moved the palm of my hand slowly around the swell of her breast, not touching her, but so close that I knew she could feel the heat from my hand. I slowly circled her mounds, just teasing her a bit till I finished talking. When I was done I removed my hand and waited for her response.

"Yes I remember the codeword, and yes I want you to continue."

I smiled and went to turn put another CD in the stereo. The songs on this one had a bit of a faster pace to keep her awake, and the music itself would help mask any sounds I made while moving around the room. I didn't want her to know where I was in the room, but still wanted to easily be able to hear any changes in her breathing, or other sounds she might make.

I put on a fur glove I'd pulled from my duffle and ran my hand down the length of her leg, not touching her, but letting the fur tickle her skin, then slipping the second glove on my other hand. I started ran the soft fur down her arms, under her neck, down her sides, then across her stomach, before sliding down the outside of her thighs and calves. I started talking to her while softly petting her with the fur. I described what she looked like to me, how erotic each part of her body was as I caressed it.

I've been told I have a very good voice and was using it to my advantage now. Keeping my tone soft and sensual, I knew I could turn he on without even touching her, but in the back of my mind I was hoping to connect to her on a subconscious level where she would associate my voice with being turned on. It might only be a pipe dream, but if it worked the possibilities were endless.

Trying to keep my mind focused on what I was doing, I ran the fur over every part of her body except her breasts and between her legs. Her nipples had hardened and were poking up like thimbles from her soft mounds. I placed my mouth over the top of one and lightly exhaled; causing small shivers to run through her body. She surprised me by arching her back to raise her nipple to my mouth, and I wasn't quite quick enough to back away, my lips pressed against her breast as nipple collided with my tongue.

I sat back up and barely caught the pout that ran across her face. I ran the backside of the fur gloves across her nipples, her chest expanding as she took a deep breath. I stood up and took off the gloves, wanting to feel her skin directly. I traced the tips of my fingers up the insides of her legs, between her thighs and around the edges of her mons. I loved the softness of her skin, the smoothness as my fingers ran up her stomach, then traced around the swell of her breasts, dipping down her shoulders to trace up her hairline, under her ears and across her forehead.

I sat down next to her and ran the back of my hand across her cheek. Toni's face is what had originally attracted me to her. From the angle of her jaw line, to the shape of her lips, there was nothing overly spectacular about any particular part, but when taken all together...it was incredible! I traced her face with my fingertips, around the curve of her ears, down her jaw and across her moist lips. When my finger made its way back over her lips she parted them slightly and ran her tongue around my finger. Sucking softly she teased my finger with her mouth and tongue. I had to pull away before her teasing got to me, I was already standing at attention and didn't need any more incentive to take her right then and throw away my plans to tease her.

I whispered to her that I was going to leave for a second to get my camera, then got up and walked to the kitchen. I filled my glass with ice water and went back into the room. She was talking out loud to the room (not realizing I'd left) pleading with me not to take any pictures, worrying about what would happen if anyone found them, etc. I told her no one would ever see them but me, and that before I left she could go through and delete them all if she chose. What did she think of the idea of hundreds of men and women getting off while looking at a picture of her. If her face and anything identifiable were blurred, we could post a few pictures of us online and see what kinds of reviews we got.

I didn't even have my camera with me, but considering the fact that she hadn't used the codeword to make me stop, I wished I did have my camera! While debating with her about the non-existent camera I popped one of the ice cubes into my mouth and started kissing her stomach. I slipped the tip of the ice cube through my lips and heard her gasp as I traced a pattern up between her breasts. Circling around the base of her breasts, I watched her nipples get even harder (if that were possible) at the chill from the ice. I moved lower with the intention of tracing the ice around the edges of her pussy, but as I got closer the heat from her skin started melting the ice cube faster than I'd expected. I managed to trace down one side of her pubic hair before the ice faded away.

I got up to retrieve some lotion from my duffle while I pondered, out loud, if I should get another ice cube or use hot candle wax next. While I talked about how nice it would be to have a wax impression of her hard nipples I opened the lotion and back down on the bed near her. I dipped my finger into the lotion called "Nipple Nibbler" and ran my finger around her nipples, coating her areola with lotion. The lotion wouldn't be much colder than the ice, but when I finished coating her nipples I leaned over to blow on them...which caused Toni to gasp as the lotion heated up. I couldn't resist the sight of her nipples so close to my mouth and wrapped my lips around one, sucking softly.

She started to squirm on the bed as I sucked on her one nipple, lightly twisting the other with my fingers. Slowly squeezing her nipple between my lips, I ran the tip of my tongue over the engorged tip. Her breath was coming in short gasps when I switched to her other nipple. I loved how big her nipples were! Just the feel of that hardened flesh between my lips, and the sighs and moans that she made when I was doing it were driving me crazy!

I rubbed the palm of my hands in circles over her nipples, with just enough pressure to keep the tip of her nipples my palm. While doing this I was just staring at her, tied up and almost panting with desire. I started describing for her what I was seeing, and how much it was affecting me, how much I wanted her, and what I wanted to do with her.

While I was talking I let my hands roam her body, while moving all around her. Up and down her arms, legs, down her sides, between her breasts, everywhere except her breasts or pussy. Her hand were squirming under the restraints, testing to see if she could get out, her scent had once again filled the room, and she was so aroused I could see her juices glistening on her lips. Walking to my duffle once again I told her I was getting a vibrating massager out, and that I was going to massage her with it. I knew how close to orgasm she already was, so told her that she'd better be good and not cum till I told her to or I'd have to whip or spank her for disobeying. I could imagine her eyes widening at that, but she simply said "God, I don't know if I can stop myself...I'm soooooo close" followed by a short pause then "...you wouldn't really whip me would you?"

My response was to lay the massager onto her stomach, and slowly move it around in circles. I hadn't turned it on yet, wanting to build her anticipation a bit more before surprising her with that. When I moved it up between her mounds, I turned it on, the noise made by the vibrations almost loud enough to drowned out the music. Running it over her nipples, and down the side of her breast, down her side (causing her to squirm away, as it tickled a bit), down her hip all the way to her foot. Watching her chest rise and fall with her ragged breathing, I slowly moved it up the inner side of her leg, up her inner thigh till it was pressing against the side of her lips, pressing them open slightly so I could see her juices pooled up inside.

"Remember, don't cum until I tell you to...or you'll be punished. Oh, and I'm not going to tell you to cum until I am inside you, as I want to feel your entire body clamp down on me when you finally get the orgasm you've been holding back on."

I slid the massager over, covering one lip then the other, and then pressed down lightly so it would press against her clit. Her entire body stiffened as she moaned "Oh GOD...." Her hands clenched into fists wrapped around the rope holding them. I let up just as I felt her starting to lose control, and started to slide the massager down the inside of her other leg. Her entire body was almost quivering at this point, her hips moving up and down, out of her control. Her body knew what it wanted, and she was quickly losing the battle of control over it.

Up he outside of her leg, and up the side of her body the massager slowly slid, till it reached the side of her breast, and moved up to circle her mounds, first one, then the other, circling up till it was vibrating against her nipple, then around to the other nipple.

I told her I could tell she was going to cum soon, and that I was looking forward to bending her over and spanking her nice round bottom. I moved the massager between her breasts and started slowly moving it down her stomach, toward her glistening pussy lips while telling her that I wondered if she enjoyed being spanked, if she'd even get off a second time I warmed her ass with my hand. Or maybe she'd rather feel the sting of leather or silk against her fair skin, being lightly whipped for her disobedience, as I knew she would give in soon. Just as the massager reached the top of her mons, I told her that I knew she was going to cum, but just didn't know if it would be because she couldn't control herself anymore, of because she WANTED to be punished, then slipped the massager down through her wet lips, across her clit and slowly slid it inside her.

Her hips pushed up to press the massager harder against her, then trying to get it deeper inside her as her entire body convulsed, her mouth open wide, but no sound coming out, her arms and legs straining against the restraints, hard enough that I started to worry about her hurting her self. I watched her like that for over a minute, before she started to collapse, which slid the vibrator out to lay on the bed between her thighs. I turned it off as she continued to twitch, each time with less and less energy.

I laid on the bed next to her and just caressed her stomach with the tips of my fingers as the aftershocks of or orgasm slowly stopped, and she was able to catch her breath. "Wow!" was her only comment as her breathing returned to normal.

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked her, to which she responded "Please..."

"Water or more daiquiri?"

She licked her lips, "Water would be fine"

I grabbed our glasses and went to the kitchen to rinse them out and fill them with some ice water.

As I came back in the room I realized she was still tied up spread eagle on the bed, I'd forgotten to untie her before I left. I undid her hands as I told her I wanted her to keep her blindfold on. She rubbed her wrists where the rope had been as I handed her the glass of water. I sipped my water before untying her feet, rubbing her ankles myself where she had rubbed her skin against the rope.

At her request, I let her take off the blindfold so she could go to the bathroom. When she returned, her eyes went right to the leather whip and paddle I'd laid out on the bed. She looked at me, then back at the bed, as if to ask if I were really serious. Grinning I nodded and told her she had to pick, as I slipped the blindfold back over her eyes as I led her to the foot of her bed and pushed lightly on her back, making her bed over the edge.

"I told you if you were bad you'd be punished...and as part of your punishment, you have to pick. Do you want to be spanked, whipped or both?"

Worry seeping into her voice, she tried to plead with me, "Couldn't I just suck you off or something..."

Trying not to smile, or let any amusement enter my voice, I demanded "NO!" while slapping her ass with my hand, causing her to jump. "You were warned, and have been a very bad girl, and must be must be punished...but since you mentioned it, you can add sucking me off as the last part of your punishment. Now, just how good was your orgasm? Just how bad were you when you disobeyed me? Spanking, whipping or both?"

"Well when you put it that way, I guess...both? Just please...don't hurt me... please..."

Enjoying myself, I stepped up behind her and used my feet to spread her legs about 2" apart. I'd lost my erection a few minutes before, but looking at her like that quickly had me hard again. I leaned forward to get the whip, pushing my dick down so it would slide between her legs instead of up between her ass cheeks. I moved till I was pressing against her round ass, my dick sliding between her swollen pussy lips.

A surprised "Ohh..." came from her lips as she pressed back against me. That is, until I grabbed the whip, and slowly slid the leather up her shoulder and across her back, causing her to shiver a bit at the feeling. She was ready for it when I did it with the paddle, sliding it down her back, and rubbing it across her ass cheeks. I backed up and started lightly tapping the paddle against one ass check, then the other, not to hard, but slowly building in strength.

I stepped to the side and admired the way her breasts swayed each time she rocked forward with the paddle. I stopped and told her not to move, as I went to my duffle and rummaged around till I found the small chain I was looking for. I told her to stand up for a minute, and helped her since she was having difficulty keeping her legs apart and standing.

I told her how I'd been admiring her breasts swaying, how I'd been imagining what they'd be like if I'd been fucking her hard from behind instead of paddling her. Her nipples weren't quite hard yet, but were getting there. I kneeled on the bed in front of her and lowered my lips to her nipples to help them get stiffer. As I sucked on her nipples I heard her moan how much she liked it when I did that. If she liked that, then I didn't think she'd have any problem with what I was going to do next.

Taking my mouth off her nipple, I placed one of the cold clamps on the ends of the chain to her nipple, tightening it against her engorged flesh. She gasped as I released the clamp, letting it bite into her tender nipple. I quickly did the same to the other nipple, admiring how she looked with the chain hanging down between her nipples. I picked up the chain, and put it in her mouth, causing her nipples to be pulled up by the clamps. As I moved off the bed, I told her to bend over again, and that she had to keep tension in the chain till I was done with her spanking. She nodded, the movement causing the chain to rise, pulling her nipples with it.

Grabbing the paddle again, I rubbed her ass with it, and then started lightly spanking her with it, rubbing it against her rear every so often. As the pats turned into swats, I stepped to the side again to watch her profile, and was surprised to see her head was back farther than I'd thought, she was actually pulling on the chain with her mouth each time I swatted her rear.

Her ass was starting to turn red from the swats, and I wasn't comfortable with the idea of spanking her any harder, I stopped. Placing the paddle next to her on the bed, I thought I heard a sigh of regret when the told her I was done with the paddle and she could drop the chain.

Instead of the leather whip, I grabbed a piece of the silk rope I'd coiled up after I untied her. I stepped behind her and ran my hands up the inside of her legs, smiling when I realized her juices had been running down her leg for sometime, no wonder she'd downed her water so fast earlier, as wet as she'd been getting! I took my hands away as I reached her inner thighs, and stepped closer to her again, once again pushing my dick down so it would slide between her legs. I could feel her lips partially wrapped around me, and it took all of my control to keep my hips from thrusting. I could feel the heat from her ass cheeks as they pressed against my hips. I told her to reach back between her legs and coat my cock with her juices. She leaned forward on one arm, and I felt her fingers start to stroke my cock, pushing it against her pussy, rubbing her juices all over my shaft.

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