tagLoving WivesAfter I Caught Her Ch. 02

After I Caught Her Ch. 02


I sat transfixed by the most erotic sight I had ever seen. As her self-induced orgasm was subsiding Terri asked me to help her finish. I knew she wanted me to eat her pussy in the worst way. The lips of her pussy were still quivering with post orgasmic excitement as I began licking the wonderful juices from her thighs. Her body rose to meet my tongue as she gently pulled my head toward her quivering pussy. the wonderful smell of her wet pussy filled my nostrils, my cock straining against my pants as I began licking up and down her soaked slit.

At the same time her hands were pulling my face into her sloppy cunt, I was pulling myself into her sweet pussy and gripping her hips as she lay on the bed with her legs spread. Her hips moved to grind her hot cunt into my face as I frantically struggled to eat her pussy, which was still leaking cum from her previous orgasm. As my tongue went to work on her now softening clit and wet she released her grip on my head assured that my tongue would keep up its pleasure giving work on her still quivering pussy.

As she released the grip of her hands from my head, she begged me not to stop eating her. As she played with my hair with her left hand the other hand began rubbing her tit. She lowered her right hand down to slide her long index finger into her pussy, then rubbed some of the wetness on her left nipple and sucked on her wet finger momentarily (she told me that she had experimented with eating another girl's pussy when she was younger, but I had not seen her taste her own juices before). As I lapped her juices she began sucking on her own nipples and getting more aroused from the taste of her own juices on her nipples.

Terri asked me to stop licking her pussy just long enough to get her vibrator from her dresser drawer. As I went to the dresser drawer to get her vibrator she began sliding her finger up and down her wet slit and licking her finger off with a lascivious look of excitement in her beautiful brown eyes. Her voice was a bit shaky with excitement as I returned with the vibrator and she asked me to lick her clit while I fucked her with the vibrator. As I moved the vibrator up and down her slit with one hand the other hand was vigorously massaging my painfully hard cock. As I moved the vibrator up and down her entrance her engorged cunt opened involuntarily to accept the stiffness of the vibrator.

She was in the state of erotic excitement where she just needed to cum. Her hips rose up to meet each stroke of the hard plastic vibrator, as her breathing became more ragged. She moaned as my tongue did its talented dance on her stiff little clit. She was begging for release "please, please make me cum." "I want to cum on your face this time, I want you to lick my cunt, lick all the cum from my cunt...Oh God, this feels so good." She began moaning harder and begging me to stop so she could prolong her pleasure and cum even harder this time than while I was watching her finger herself. I could feel the cum building up in my balls as I stroked my cock. Licked her clit and vigorously fucked her cunt with the vibrator. By this time there was a wet spot under her hips where her excess pussy juice was leaking past my tongue.

My mind was a blur of horniness and excitement wondering where this fuck session was going. I wanted in the worst way to slam my cock into her wet cunt and deposit my hot cum up inside her vagina and feel my cum hit my cock as it bounced off her cunt walls. But, I wanted to make her cum as hard as I could. Terri begged me to keep her at the brink of orgasm...as her breath came in short excited gasps of intense pleasure. I pulled the vibrator out of her as she leaned up to tell me that she wanted to suck my cock while I ate her pussy.

We moved to a sixty-nine position. As I lay on the bed as her pussy hovered above my face. I placed my hands on her hips and pulled her pussy down to my mouth as she squealed with renewed excitement. Her mouth pumped up and down the length of my hard cock as a vigorously ate her sopping cunt. She said that her orgasm was coming back. She grunted again and said "oh God it's coming back even stronger..." she began sucking my cock harder and rubbing her pussy over my whole face.

My own orgasm was building with a fierce intensity as I felt the head of my cock swell and the cum gathering in my testicles. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer the way she was alternately sucking my cock and swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. My mind was so focused on my impending orgasm that I almost didn't notice the excess wetness running down my cheek. Terri began clenching her thighs on my face making sure I stayed on the spot she wanted me to lick. I could feel her stomach begin to tighten as the orgasm she had delayed began to build to an uncontrollable height.

As her body began to convulse in involuntary orgasmic spasms her mouth swallowed my cock entirely as she began sucking me harder. She removed her mouth long enough to say "are you ready for this?" and "I want you to cum in my mouth." Her body spasms began to intensify as her orgasm came to a peak. She slammed her pulsing cunt down on my face as her orgasm reached its peak and she exploded. As the hot sticky fluid flowed out of her pussy I lapped it up as fast as I could. It was at that point that I noticed that she had begun to lose control of her bladder during this intense orgasm.

Her mouth enveloped my cock as I came down her throat and her urine began flowing uncontrollably. She swallowed every drop of my cum and began trying to move her pussy away from my face so she wouldn't pee on me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her piss streaming pussy back down to my face. The taste of her cum mixed with her hot urine was a totally new delight. Terri tried to squirm her pissing pussy off my face, but I held her hips until she had finished peeing.

She rolled off me as she began apologizing for the pee accident. I just placed my hands on the sides of her head and began fervently kissing her. As we kissed I could taste her cum, pee and my own cum in her mouth. I told Terri that I had actually wanted to watch her pee and maybe play with her pussy while she was peeing, but that what had just happened was almost more than I could have hoped for.

It was at that point that we began discussing our fantasies with each other. There was one in particular that I was quite interested in making come true...she wanted tied up and wanted me to make her cum...she wanted me to play with her body and torture her by not letting her cum until I was ready for her to cum.


This story was written at the request of some of you. If you desire to hear more please feel free to let me know.

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