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Twenty six years of a traditional marriage did not prepare me for my husband's request. David and I had married when I was only twenty and he had been twenty six. Tall, slim and dark haired, the young naval officer had no problem sweeping me off my feet and then keeping me on a short leash. He was possessive, sometimes too much. More than one party had I left, sad and disappointed because my husband couldn't tolerate all the attention that circled around me. At five feet tall, blonde haired and with light green eyes, men noticed me. They always had. Even in my mid-thirties, my still tight body, bubble butt and perky sixe B breasts brought the men and sometimes women to my side.

Despite the attention, I had been so good. Sometimes after a few drinks, I did flirt too much. Purposely standing close, bodies almost touching, I would look up and let other men see what was burning inside of me. Though I often taunted other men with my body, I always returned to my marital bed. If David was awake, I would ride his cock, silently imaging a formal gathering where I serviced his fellow officers. If he were sleeping, I would slip my fingers between my legs and release the energy pulsing through my body.

Fantasies of my traditional military man sharing me with others of his kind had swirled through my mind as my hands roamed my body for years. And now, after all these years, the love of my life and I were being truthful. I just couldn't decide what to do. My body was demanding I listen. But my heart was afraid. David meant everything to me. I was afraid of changing the rules.

There had been many unexpected changes. After 34 successful years in the military, my now retired hubby had begun to relax. At first I was delighted to see this, but now I wasn't sure. Adding porn to our marriage had recently spiced things up. We had found a new ecstasy in each other's arms as we explored each other, anew. It was unlike anything that either one of us had ever experienced before. Previously rejected ideas had been revisited and the ball was rolling.

Before David, I had explored my sexuality extensively. This was why I was concerned. There was no way to know how far that rolling ball was going to take us or where.

My military man had been trying to get in my ass for years. A few drunken nights, I had let him in there. There was a little pleasure at the time, but the pain was what had stood out the next morning. Sober, I would again reject his advances. This all had changed several years ago, when David had said the magic words. The "naughtiness" of what he wanted thrilled me and had started a fire burning between my legs.

Years previously, while on vacation, I had felt David's arms wrap around me. With a sigh I had leaned back into his broad chest. Inhaling, I experienced my favorite scent. His musk mixed with the earthy cologne I always gave him at Christmas surrounded me. For as long as I could remember, I had called this combined scent home. David was my safe spot in a hard world.

Biting my neck, his fingers began to roam. Soon two strong, masculine hands began kneading my ass cheeks. My body relaxed instantly under his ministrations. In a low and throaty voice, he began to tell me how beautiful my ass was. Words so eloquent and sincere that I began to feel lifted and somehow empowered. His desire to explore, lick and love on my back entrance thrilled me. I don't know why, but his professed adoration left me wet and wanting to bend over.

Holding my small but curvy hips firmly, he began to slide down my body. Trembling, I waited to feel what he did next. Lifting the back of my blue sundress, he began to lightly kiss my thighs. My legs slightly parted as I groaned. Leaning over the kitchen sink, I nervously imagined his mouth's next move. Knowing where he was headed made me dizzy and feel like a very nasty woman. I couldn't wait and wiggled.

Immediately, he had parted my cheeks and paused. Fully exposed to his gaze, I felt so vulnerable. This drove the flames consuming my body crazy. Then, he inhaled me. I was horrified and exhilarated at all at the same time. Why would he want to kiss me there? To taste me there? To smell me there? Even though there were no answers coming, my body throbbed with undeniable desire. Seconds felt like hours, while he continued to stare at and praise the beauty between my legs. His words were the best lube, I had ever felt.

A yelp of surprise left me as his tongue made contact. Small circles around my opening sent waves of pleasure through my every cell. My mind recoiled from the responses his tongue began to draw from me. None of this made sense. Why did something so unnatural feel better than anything I had experienced before? Confused, I felt my hips push back.

Moans that sounded foreign to me ripped from my throat as his tongue penetrated my tightest opening. Plunging into my ass rapidly, his tongue explored deeper. My hands began twisting my pink engorged nipples as I trembled. The exploding sensations were unexpected and I felt myself lost to him. Without any reservation, I called out for him to fuck me in the ass.

The smell of my own sex embraced me as I listened to a woman I didn't know yell words I didn't normally say. With only one last lick, my husband reluctantly removed his mouth and stood. His muscular arms embraced me. His desire vibrated off of him and made me want to submit even more. The depths of my submission to his desires wouldn't be felt till later.

Unzipping his shorts, David allowed his hard eight inches to spring forward. Already leaking precum and twitching with demanding need, he placed his smooth cock at my little puckered opening. Nerves shot through me. Relaxing as much as possible, I urged him to take me.

With a small thrust, he entered me. That first pop made me scream and he stopped. Soon tingling replaced the pain and I told him, "Ok." Inch-by-inch, he slowly laid claim to my ass. The trembling of his body told me how much self-control he was exercising. It only made me more determined to accept whatever he put out. My desire to please him overwhelmed any fear left and I pushed back.

A low growl left my man's mouth as he bottomed out in my bowels. He didn't move. Instead, he waited for my cue. He didn't have long to wait. My body instinctively loosened around him and welcomed his invasion. Within moments, I was ready. With a trembling voice, I again said, "Ok."

Approval received, my hubby proceeded to move. Slowly and with intense care he began to thrust in and out of my newly offered opening. Words began to enter the air as David started to speak. Using words so nasty that I should have been offended, he continued to extol the virtues contained within in me. Calling me his Ass Slut didn't offend. In fact, it made me crazier.

All control was lost as one of his hands twisted in my hair and the other continued its grip on my hip. Thoughtfulness was driven from my husband's mind, as raw need took over. With increased force he continued to assault my tender flesh. I loved it! Nothing had ever felt this hot. I didn't want it to end.

With a loud growl, David tensed and I felt rope after rope of hot seed explode inside me and I loved that too. I felt like a slut. Much to my surprise, my submission to my officer and a gentleman made me feel complete. So did his cock in my ass. Completely dominated and pinned, it was the moment everything changed. He was in charge. Biology had won.

Years of unbridled passion followed our new discovery and had left us happier and more in love than ever before. It also had changed the dynamics of our relationship outside the bedroom. David now exerted his force over me in daily affairs. Per his request, I was now dressing slutty and leading on other men. So excited by my bad behavior and with the recent introduction of porn into our lives, he had broached a whole new subject. He wanted to share me.

For weeks now, the pressure had been relentless. Daily texts urging me to think of what two men could do, came in at all hours of the day. So did pictures of women surrounded by rigid cocks. He was scaring me and exciting me. These new rules in our home also served to keep me aroused. I obediently spent every day wearing revealing clothes and seeking out male attention. I was never disappointed with the responses. My sexuality grew as my ego was continually stroked.

Another rule he had imposed on me, was no masturbation. I don't know why I minded him. My body would ache for release. The need so deep, I had trouble performing basic tasks. Each day, David would come home to a woman dressed for fucking. My pussy wet and dripping, I would greet him with open mouth and spread legs. I had truly become his own personal slut.

In three days, two old friends would join us for the weekend. Both of them were on official travel, so there would be no wives joining us. I would be the only woman present and David had requested I be the "hostess with the mostest." The tone he used let me know, he had plans.

During one anal assault and while screaming out during an orgasm, I had told him my fantasies. I dreamed about servicing him and his fellow officers. That I had dreamed for years about being his special fuck toy that he brought out at parties. All the details had poured from my mouth as my first anal orgasm ripped through me. Afterwards, I smiled. Embarrassed at my own wanton behavior, I worried he would be angry.

I had nothing to worry about. He was not the least bit angry. He was more excited and turned on than I could remember. What I had meant to be dirty talk, now became his sole fixation. My resistance to his new demands was failing and now we had two very handsome men coming for dinner. Still kidding myself about what I would ultimately do, I scheduled a pedicure and a Brazilian wax. If my husband wanted to put me out there, I was going to be ready.

One day before their arrival, I hurried around our newly bought home in North Austin. Wanting everything to be perfect, I hurried around cleaning and straightening. Side dishes and desserts had already been made and a prime rib was waiting in the fridge. Being the "perfect" military wife had been my mission for decades and I knew how to entertain. I also knew my hubby was counting on my need to please others. It wasn't fair but it kept my nipples tight and my pussy wet.

While cleaning the master bath, I stopped and looked into the full length mirror that hung from my closet. Before me I saw a mature woman. No longer young but far from expired, I maintained myself as best I could. Regular yoga kept my body tight and a strict diet kept it trim but curvy. My belly remained softer than I wished, but I was a mother of two.

Looking in the mirror, I began to think about the two men that were visiting. Both Navy captains like my husband, I had known them since my twenties. We had all been together in the beginning. Both men had always let me know they thought I was hot, but their respect for my husband had kept both men on a leash. Now, it was David removing the leash.

Sinking to the floor, I leaned against the pale blue wall next to our glass shower. Closing my eyes, I thought of Jon. Stocky built, almost black haired and with a playful smile, this man kept me on alert. Frequently at official gatherings I would abruptly turn and catch him staring at my ass. With a smile and a nod of acknowledgement, he would move away. Jon had appeared in many of my fantasies. It wasn't his masculine looks that made me quiver around him. It was how he looked at me.

Breaking the rules, my fingers slipped into my white lace thong as I now thought of Andy. Tall, even taller than my six foot husband, this man exuded sexuality. Every female from four to one hundred in his presence stood taller and giggled. He chatted and complimented every female in his path. Wherever he went, women felt more beautiful. The special attention he gave me was exhilarating. Broad, muscular and with serious hazel eyes, it was easy to imagine fucking him.

Sighing, I closed my eyes and allowed my fingers to go further. Inserting two fingers in my wet and aching pussy, I arched my hips up and whimpered. Images of military cocks filled my head. Fingering myself, my scent surround me. Knowing I would be punished for my infraction excited me even more.

Placing my thumb on my clit, I began to rub. My mouth opened unconsciously, while I imagined first Jon's cock sliding into my mouth followed by Andy's. Rubbing harder and in a circular motion, I felt my body tensing. I was too horny to make it last. Pinching one of my erect nipples and rubbing furiously, the fuck frenzy continued in my head. Arching my hips, my cries echoed in an empty house. Wave after wave of cum ran from me to the images of Jon and Andy passing me back and forth. Trembling, I reached for my phone. With shaky and unsure hands, I texted my husband, "Yes."

Sore from being fucked all night, I awoke at 5:00 a.m. David's excitement over my acceptance of his demands had kept him in my ass, mouth, and pussy for hours. Cum dripped down my thighs as I hurried to the master bath. After the water heated, I jumped into the shower and began to lather my body. Shivers assaulted me as my hands soaped my breasts. My nipples were raw from the chewing and sucking they had received the previous night. Despite the pain, I tugged lightly on them. Immediately, I felt coiling throughout my body. The coming dinner party both unsettled and enflamed me.

Soaping my newly waxed pussy, I ran my fingers over the small dark landing spot that was left behind. My fingers then moved to the small gold hoop attached to my outer labia. A gift to my hubby the previous month, I just loved it. Not only pretty, it tickled and tingled when David sucked it into his mouth. My fingers continued on. Placing a finger in my ass, I swirled soap around. I wanted this part of me, edible.

Stepping from the shower, I slipped into an aqua kimono style robe. David had given it to me, when we had been stationed in Japan. The smoothness of the silk felt erotic next to my sensitive skin. My phone buzzed, they were headed this way. All three men would be standing in my home, staring at me by noon. The idea of so much desire directed toward me made my knees feel weak. I knew this was going to happen but I still felt fear.

Heading to my ultra-modern kitchen in hues of blue and gray, I went over the list of things that still needed doing. The guest rooms were ready. The table was set. All the dishes that could be done, were. All that needed doing was done. Except for preparing myself. My husband had been very clear in his instructions. And like the slut he desired, I obeyed.

These men knew me as a wife and a mother. Sexy, yes, but always appropriate. My not so gentlemanly officer wanted my pussy out there. His exact words. A black micro mini, black five-inch heels and no panties guaranteed he would get his wish. A clingy black knit tank and too much jewelry finished my look.

Following his instructions to a T, I applied my make-up heavily. Dark liner circled my bright green eyes and my lips were whore red. Glitter dusted on my collarbones and legs, I returned to the kitchen to wait. Each movement spent getting ready had felt like foreplay and my body longed to be touched. With nothing left to do, I sipped my bubbly water and imagined three men man-handling me.

The sound of wheels on our driveway shook me from my daydreams. Nervous and with nowhere to run, I froze and listened. David's promises of unknown delights tittilated and I felt frozen in time. Not able to admit how much I wanted this, I longed for escape.

Men's voices came to me as I heard the front door open. With nothing else to do, I walked towards the inevitable. Their faces froze as they watched me approach. I didn't resemble the woman they knew. Shocked at my appearance, both men seemed to struggle with the implications. Andy broke the silence first and pulled me into a bear hug. His hold seemed tighter than I remembered. Immediately, Jon pulled me from his grasp. Lifting me up, he announced his happiness to see me. The look in his eyes and the bulge in his pants indicated that he suspected that things were not the same.

My husband's eyes caught mine as the guys continued hugging me way too long. Delight at the situation shone in his blue eyes as he leered at me. His face wore a look of hunger unlike any I had seen there before. With a big grin he told me to get the other men a beer and showed them to the two guest rooms upstairs.

Painfully aware of my slutty looks, I prepared an antipasti and grabbed three cold mugs from the freezer. Satisfied that their trays looked as appetizing as possible, I tugged my skirt down. It immediately returned to its original position. Barely covering my naked pussy it hugged my ass. There was no way to look like anything other than what David was turning me into-a willing fuck toy that did what it was told.

Glancing out the kitchen window, I saw three handsome officers in khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Even out of uniform they formed an obviously tight group. They had covered each other's back in the worst of situations and had returned bonded for life. Their laughter carried to me as I headed out back to our covered patio. I wondered if it was me that made them laugh.

Quieter than they had ever seen me, I placed the refreshments in the center of our wrought iron table. Despite the cool breeze and the men's casual demeanor, energy bristled in the air. The men confused, continued to take in my newly exposed curves. Their eyes felt like fingers strumming my body. Anticipation and arousal began to drip down my thighs, I knew it was not only the lush tropical flowers they were smelling.

Leaving them no doubt about what had changed, they sat transfixed watching my husband grab my ass and squeeze it. A yelp erupted from me at his rough treatment. The woman that generally kept people in their places stood before them, eyes downcast. My husband continued to caress my checks and pointed out to them how yoga kept my ass curved. Heat crept into my face as my nipples tightened further and my lips opened. I stood obediently next to my Love.

Both men with big grins on their face stared even more intensely at my husband's hand that was now jiggling my ass for their inspection. With a slap on my butt, my husband dismissed me. I hurried to his humidor and grabbed three Cuban cigars that he had brought back after his last deployment. My heart pounded as I returned to their lair. I felt like an African antelope, watched by hungry lions before the attack.

As I exited the house, they all grinned at me with knowing looks. No longer were these my peers. They had been promoted to bosses. I felt my desire to serve settle on me like a wet blanket. All awareness of anything but these men left my head. Following instructions, I approached Jon, seated to David's left and offered him a cigar and a cutter. Taking the cigar, my old friend looked at me, as if we had never met and gently cupped my breast. His dark brown eyes met my serious green ones with no recognition. Kneading my breast, he looked at my David. With delight in his eyes, my hubby nodded.

With permission granted, Jon took both of my breasts and squeezed my nipples hard. A whimper escaped me. I hope it concealed how excited I truly was. This was my hubby's idea and I still felt unsure. Still playing with my breasts, Jon continued talking with the two men. Standing between him and my hubby, I felt cornered, alive and over my head. Contrasting emotions assailed me as my body responded to this use.

Hubby's hand joined Jon's on my body. He began stroking the curve of my ass and asked,

"What do you think?"

"I think I've died and gone to heaven ... I could play with these titties all day... look at her nipples, she loving this." Jon added with a chuckle. My embarrassment deepened as they continued to treat me as a favored toy. So did my excitement.

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