tagLoving WivesAfter Our Halloween Treat

After Our Halloween Treat


After our Halloween encounter with Rob, we got together often and would have group sex with my wife in every position imaginable. Rob and I would take turns fucking and cumming in Janice's mouth and pussy. We didn't have sex every time Rob came over for a visit. Often we would just hang out together and watch football on TV or have a cook out or take a swim in our pool and just visit.....We all remained very good friends, but this is a story about another memorable time that sticks out in my mind when Rob and I double dicked my wife on one of his visits.

It was a crisp bright Saturday in the Spring, about five months after the first time Rob and I had teamed up and fucked Janice together. Janice and I were doing a little yard work outside when Rob pulled up in the driveway. He said he was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop by to say hi and visit for a little while. I had been watching Janice's shapely ass as she was bending over to pick up leaves and place them in a trash barrel and was feeling pretty frisky when Rob had pulled up. Janice had noticed my attention and was in a pretty horny mood herself. She had been swaying her ass back and forth for my enjoyment while we worked in the yard and Rob's arrival just seemed to raise the arousal in us both up a notch.

Janice and I stopped what we were doing and invited him in the house so we could shoot the breeze and take a well deserved beak from our yard work. Janice brought us all a beer and we sat in the rec room talking about how things were going with each of us. As we were visiting, I noticed Janice had this mischievous look on her face and as Rob was speaking, she slowly moved her hand down to her crotch and began to gently rub her pussy through her shorts. Rob noticed what she was doing too and smiled at both of us......Knowing where this was probably going.

"So, how's your love life going nowadays? Asked Janice. "Not to bad." Replied Rob. "I've gone out on a few dates with a couple of women, but if it weren't for you and Brad letting me join you every now and then, I'd be in the John with a Playboy and some tissue for satisfaction." He added jokingly with a smile. Janice smiled back at Rob and slid her fingers inside the leg of her shorts and inserted a finger in her slit teasingly. "So, you enjoy our little get togethers Rob?" She teased. Rob and I both knew what she was up to and he slid closer to her on the couch and said, "Oh yeah, it's a real turn on to join Brad and have sex with you!" Janice wasn't done with her teasing just yet and asked, "Which do you like better, fucking me and cumming in my pussy while I suck Brad off or cumming in my mouth while Brad fucks me?" By now, both Rob and I had huge bulges in our pants and Rob slyly replied, "I'm not sure........They both feel so good. Maybe we should try it again right now and I'll see if I can make up my mind."

Janice removed her finger from her pussy and very sexily placed it in her mouth...........Tasting herself, and wrapping her moist lips around it as if it were a cock that she had in her mouth and was sucking. After licking her own juices from her finger, she removed it from her mouth and asked, "Well, are you guys gonna fuck me now so we can find out?" Wordlessly Rob pulled up the halter top she was wearing and began to suck on one of her tits. Not wanting to be left out, I got up from my recliner and knelt down next to them at the couch and took her other tit into my mouth. Janice placed her hands behind each of our heads, pressing our faces against her tits while we both sucked on them. My cock was so hard, it ached from the constrictions of my shorts, so I got up and pulled them off, then knelt back down at the couch were Rob had already removed Janice's top completely now and continued to do a number on her luscious tits.

I reached for her belt and took off her shorts and panties to reveal her soft, inviting pussy and went down on her while Rob alternated between sucking her tits and kissing her deeply on the mouth. I had my eyes closed as I was eating my wife's pussy when I heard Rob say to Janice, "Your mouth is so soft and feels so good........I can't wait to put my cock in it!" I didn't hear any response from Janice and continued to enjoy eating her pussy while she rotated her hips, rubbing her crotch into my face. It was pretty quite in the room. All I could hear was Janice's soft moans of pleasure as she enjoyed the attention Rob and I were giving to her body. All of a sudden, I heard a lustful sigh and an "mmmmmmmm" escape from my wife's lips. I opened my eyes as I licked at her snatch and looked up to see that Rob had taken his clothes off and had his cock in my wife's mouth. She was sliding her mouth up and down the length of his shaft as he stood motionless on the couch offering her his fully erect dick.

I can't explain it..........We had done this several times by now, but the sight of another guy's cock sliding in and out of my wife's mouth just drives me crazy with desire. I continued to eat Janice out while watching her suck on Rob's cock. After a few minutes of this double oral encounter, Janice pulled Rob's cock from her mouth and said, "Let's take this inside the house so can we have some more privacy and I can fuck you both........Rob, we have to find out the answer to what I had asked you about earlier..........Let's see if you like cumming in my mouth or my pussy better." Rob and I both nodded our heads in agreement and followed Janice into the front room of our house.

As we entered the front room, neither I, nor Rob could wait to get our cocks in my wife. "How are we going to answer your question Janice?" Asked Rob. "I guess you guys are going to have to let me suck and fuck you both twice to see what you think." Replied Janice. "You think you guys are up to a fuck and a blow job.....Back to back.... in one session?" She added. I grabbed her by the hips and gently forced her to the floor on all fours as I got behind her and said., "There's only one way to find out," I placed the head of my cock at her entrance...."Now, suck his cock while I fuck you!" I commanded.

We weren't very gentle with her that day. There are times when Janice likes to be seduced, caressed and gently made love to.....But at other times she likes to be manhandled and get her brains fucked out of her. She's not into pain or anything, but this was one of those times where she wanted sex to be rough and wanted us to use her.......And we did!!!

As I placed my hand on the small of her back, I rammed my cock all the way up into her pussy in one single thrust. She was so wet from us playing with her back in the rec room that my cock slid into her with almost no resistance at all. Meanwhile, Rob had knelt down in front of her, grabbed her by the chin and pushed his dick past her lips and into her hungry mouth, placing his other hand behind her head and pushing her face into his crotch. We roughly fucked her pussy and face for a good 5 minutes, shouting instructions to her as she rocked back and forth between both of our dicks. "That's it, suck my cock baby," Rob encouraged . "Yes, suck him off babe! Make him cum in your mouth!" I added. The dirty talk must have had an effect as Janice began to really get in to it now. She was pounding her ass back against me as I continued to fuck her from behind, doggie style.....She wrapped her hand around the base of Rob's cock as she sucked it....Literally jacking him off in her mouth as I was fucking her.

Then Rob suggested we switch positions. Your mouth feels great Janice, now I want to compare it to your sweet box!" He said. I was very close to shooting my load in her when he made his suggestion, but the thought of watching him fuck her while she sucked me off was also a big turn on, so I pulled out from her pussy and we switched positions. We were by the couch, and when we switched, we wound up in a position with Rob kneeling behind her, facing away from the couch and towards the coffee table. I sat on the table and forced my wife's mouth down around my cock as Rob spread her legs and slid his cock into her now well fucked hole. He grabbed her by the hips and was pummeling her pussy from behind while she bounced her face up and down the length of my shaft. The sight of her getting pounded so hard by Rob and the sensations she was giving me with her mouth were too much and I blasted a huge load of cum deep down her throat. I was so excited at the time, I grabbed her by the hair, pushing my dick as far into her mouth as I could without gagging her and shouted, "Eat my dick, Babe! I'm cumming!!! Suck my balls dry."

She definitely was in a mood to be dominated that day as she moaned with pleasure while I continued to give her dirty commands to suck me dry and spewed steams of hot cum into her mouth. I had a bigger than average load that day and shot at least five good streams of cum in her mouth before running out of steam and enjoying her suck the last few dribbles of cum from my now spent cock. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and was now reduced to just watching Rob fuck my wife from behind.

It was still a turn on just to watch her getting fucked by my friend, but I wanted to get a better view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. As if reading my mind, Rob placed his hand on her belly in order to hold her against him so his cock wouldn't slide out of her snatch and picked her up and sat on the couch with Janice sitting on his cock facing me. I watched intensely as his cock slid in and out of her and a thought crossed my mind. Janice had always fantasized about being eaten out while getting fucked at the same time. In this position, I could easily eat her snatch while Rob fucked her.

I got up and pulled the coffee table out of the way and knelt down in front of them still focusing on Rob's dick sliding in and out of my wife's pussy. I was totally fascinated by the sight. Rob had now pulled Janice back against his body......Her back pressed partially against his chest as he held her at somewhat of an angle so he could take a tit in his mouth and wrapped an arm around her belly, pumping his cock in and out of her faster and faster. I knew she was close to cumming and decided to give her the ultimate pleasure she had dreamed about.

Now, I am totally straight, and am not interested in, nor have I ever tried any sexual encounter with another guy. But, I knew, from playing around with Janice and a couple of toys in the past, that she would like to be licked right at the front of her entrance were Rob's cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. It would be necessary for some incidental contact with his cock as I licked her there. The thought didn't turn me on or off as I was concentrating on Janice's pleasure at the time. Her legs were now spread wide open.......Each one being placed on the outside of Rob's. I bent down and started sucking on her clit. Her reaction was well worth the effort. The first time my tongue made contact with her pussy she immediately moaned in excitement and grabbed me by the back of the head.....Pressing my face into her pussy and against Rob's cock.

Rob was close to cumming too and the added stimulation of my tongue on both her pussy and his cock brought them over the edge in seconds. Rob drove his cock all the way inside her so only his balls were visible outside of her pussy lips and exclaimed, "Oh god!! I'm cumming! I'm gonna fill your pussy with cum!" I could actually feel his cock spasm inside my wife's snatch as I continued to lick her. When the first splash of Rob's cum squirted into her hole, Janice announced that she was cumming too. The guttural screams coming from my wife were a total turn on for me and I licked at her pussy harder to give her the most pleasure possible.

As I said, I am totally straight. I have licked my cum out of Janice's pussy before after having fucked her. The thought of tasting another guy's cum wasn't appealing to me nor did it bother me either. Rob had shot such a huge load of cum in my wife's pussy that some of it was seeping out of her hole as she was cumming and still bouncing up and down on his cock. Janice was in such ecstasy that she held my face to her snatch as Rob continued to blast her hole full of his sperm. She shouted in sheer delight, "Fuck me.....Fuck me harder! Fuck me, suck me.....Fuck me, suck me.....OH......UH....I'm cumming!!!"

Janice must have had the longest and hardest climax of her life. Her whole body trembled and shook as she came. After what seemed like hours, but was actually less than a minute. She tumbled off of Rob's cock and laid on the couch.....Exhausted. She rolled over on her side and said, "That was the absolute best fuck I've ever had!" A huge grin on her face. "Well, we're not done yet!" Exclaimed Rob. "You challenged us to see if we could do a back to back suck and fuck and see which I liked better." He added.

With that being said, Rob got up, sat down at the end of the couch where Janice's face was and told her to suck his cock now. I agreed and said, " He's right dear, time to see if we're up to it. Rob stuck his cock back in my wife's mouth and once again pressed her face into his crotch. Janice was determined to pull this off and successfully suck and fuck us both in one session, so she aggressively sucked on Rob's cock......Tasting both her own juices and the cum that remained on his dick after having fucked her so thoroughly. I was now totally erect again after being so nasty and eating her snatch while she was enjoying my friend fucking her at the same time.

Janice was laying on her belly on the couch while Rob fed her more of his cock. I slipped behind her and slid my cock back inside of her pussy. I was right! Rob must have came a ton inside of her as her pussy was very slippery and loose. I never have had "sloppy seconds" before and although it still felt good, I was looking for something tighter. On impulse, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and playfully started to rub it against her asshole. Janice and I have butt fucked a few times in the past, but she was usually a little tipsy and allowed me to fuck her in the ass for my pleasure not necessarily hers. I was totally surprised when I pressed the head of my cock in her ass that she moaned with pleasure and didn't protest.

Janice knew she would have to work hard on Rob's dick to make him cum again since he had just shot a huge load in her snatch. So, as I plunged my cock deeper into her ass.....It was she who began giving instructions and doing the dirty talk. "Oh yes, fuck my ass Brad. I want to feel you cum inside me." She shouted at me. Looking up at Rob she said, "Your cock tastes so good baby, I want to taste your cum. Cum in my mouth.....Please......Cum in my mouth."

I fucked her ass while she sucked on Rob's now fully erect cock for a good 10 minutes before I felt my balls start to tighten and the cum work it's way up my shaft. I grabbed her hips and shoved my dick all the way inside her, just as Rob had done before and shot my second load of sperm deep in her bowels. I just laid there with my cock in her ass as she finished Rob off. It was only a minute or two after I filled her ass with cum that Rob announced that he was going to cum too. Janice let out another "mmmmmmmmmm" as she savored the taste of Rob's spunk when he came in her mouth.

I pulled out of her ass and Rob pulled out of her mouth. Janice got up, her legs were a little shaky at first. "Let's go back in the rec room and have a beer." Janice suggested. We all went back in the rec room.....Still totally naked. I grabbed a beer for each of us and we sat down.....Janice and Rob on the couch and me in the recliner. We talked about what we had just done. It was almost like a debriefing.....Each of us telling the others what it felt like and what we liked the most. We were all "fucked out" and got dressed. Rob had to get going and Janice and I still had some more yard work to do before the end of the day. "So," Asked Janice. "which did you like better Rob, cumming in my mouth or my pussy?" Rob turned as he headed out the door, squeezed her ass and said, "I think cumming in your box was best, but I wouldn't mind trying that cute little ass of yours next time. "That belongs to Brad," She said. "He's the only one who's ever fucked me in the ass." She added. "Maybe we can try a double penetration next time!" I chimed in." Janice smiled up at both of us and ended the conversation with another mischievous grin on her face and said, "We'll see!"

Rob took off and Janice and I decided to just drink beer the rest of the day......The yard work would wait. The next time we got together with Rob, we double dicked her.....Me in her ass and him in her pussy, but that's another story I'll share with you next time!!!

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Silly cuck and whore story.

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