tagBDSMAfter Party

After Party


The party was crowded and hot. I had taken off the leather jacket I had worn and strewn it on the guest room bed of the house with the rest. I was wearing a short black skirt with a red button down top. With every drink I had downed, it seemed another button had come loose. The sleeves were rolled up as I got warmer and my bra was peeking out, my breasts pushed up and almost exposed as I danced to the music. My feet were clad in black stilettos which had been killing my feet until the alcohol had kicked in and now I was feeling no pain.

The guy I was dancing with was appreciatively admiring my cleavage and kept trying to grab my ass as I deftly maneuvered away from him at each attempt. He was tall, blonde and good looking, obviously used to getting what he wanted, in his designer suit and Rolex. But I wasn't most girls, he did nothing for me. I just liked the attention and knowing he wanted to fuck me. It was a powerful aphrodisiac for me, probably because for so long in my life I had felt so powerless when it came to men. But that was before HE came along.

Just as if he was reading my thoughts, the tiny pink purse I had tucked under my arm started buzzing. My heart started ticking and I eased out of the dance area, watching the frown of the guy and just knowing his eyes were on my ass as I walked away. I opened my purse and pulled out my phone. Six new messages...ooops, I must have missed a few new.

"I'll be there in ten minutes...love you!" The first one said...thirty-three minutes ago!? I glanced around but I didn't see him, that, of course, did not mean he wasn't there.

"Parking now...are you having fun?" Twenty-two minutes ago.

"You must be! I'm coming in now." Twenty minutes ago. My heart rate quickened further as I kept looking around, trying to clear my buzzed head and searching the shadows for him.

"Wow! Why not just take your shirt off?" Seventeen minutes ago. Where the fuck was he?

"Why not let him touch your ass? He's begging for it and you look like a whore anyway!" Twelve minutes ago. Oh my god.

"Come out back if and when you get this. I need to cool off..." Three minutes ago. I hastily buttoned up my shirt and made my way to the back door. I tried to get my head straight and breathing in order. How had I missed his presence and all of his texts? I knew he was wondering the same thing. We were usually so connected but I guess the alcohol had gotten in the way.

I collected myself at the back door, looked out through the glass panes, but didn't see him. I timidly opened it and headed through it. The deck was crowded but not as crowded as inside and the cool breeze felt great on my hot, damp skin. Several people looked up as my heels clacked across the wood but none of them were him. At the edge of the deck I looked out into the dark lawn and saw the orange embers that were undoubtedly from the cigarette he only smoked when he was upset.

Not a good sign, but I steeled my courage and headed down the short staircase, to the grass. I carefully walked over to where he was to avoid my heels sinking in. He saw me approach but made no attempt to greet me. He looked furious, which in no way diminished his attractiveness, but did worry me. A lot.

He was wearing a white button down with blue pinstripes, black dress pants and matching black shoes. His dark brown hair was messy in a hot way and his eyes were ablaze. Even in the dim light from the deck that barely illuminated his face I could see how upset he was. And I could feel it in my bones. It was going to be a rough night.

"Hey..." I said, trying to break the freezing cold ice block around him. I knew better than to touch him yet.

He simply stared back at me, hazel eyes shining green in the light and making my knees weak in more way than one.

"I'm so sorry...I was dancing and had a few drinks and it was so loud I must've missed your texts..." I overstated the obvious, just wanting to make it all better. I hated when he froze me out, anything was better than that.

He did not respond, but grabbed his beer off the fence ledge and downed it, extinguishing his cigarette in the bottle when it was empty.

"Please talk to me!" I begged as he started to walk back towards the house. He stopped and turned around, looked me over and smirked. Fuck he made me so weak, I'd do anything he wanted and damned if he didn't know it.

"Only if you walk through the party with your tits exposed like the whore you wanted to be. Then I'll take you home since you're obviously in no condition to drive. We can "talk" then." His words were calmly stated with only a hint of the bitterness I knew was lurking beneath his stoic demeanor.

"Just take my shirt off?" I asked, knowing full well the answer.

"And your bra! Why are you suddenly shy? If you want to come home with me, give them both to me NOW." Although he did not raise his voice or change his tone, his words did not leave me an option. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and gave it to him. My bra was next and he smirked again at me when it was in his hands.

"Wait five minutes then head in and out the front door. I'll meet you at the car." He stalked off, leaving me topless in the backyard. The party goers on the deck were starting to stare. I brought my arms up to cover myself as best I could but my phone buzzed again.

"Arms down, Emily." It said and I knew he was watching, somehow. I dropped my arms and tucked my purse back and started to walk inside. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone, but I could feel eyes on me as I made my way through the back door.

"What happened to your shirt Em?" Cindy, the party host asked when I was in the kitchen.

"Oh, I spilled something on it, Bryce took it to the car for me, I'm heading to him now," I replied, ignoring the questioning look to my nonsensical answer and kept heading to the door. As humiliating as it was, I was getting turned on by everyone staring at my tits and I felt my nipples get hard as I got closer. I said my goodbyes as I walked and when I saw the guy I'd been dancing with ogling me I smiled at him and waved as I opened the door. God I really was a whore!

Once outside, I saw Bryce's car parked on the street. He was leaning on the passenger door, arms crossed, impatiently waiting for me. I was so tempted to run over to him and throw my arms around him and kiss him, but I didn't think he'd want that just yet. Instead I waited as he moved aside and opened the car door for me.

I sat stiffly inside as he closed the door, my buzz was wearing off and I was close to tears.

He got in on the drivers side and buckled his seatbelt. "Can I have my shirt please?" I asked when he was settled. I don't know why I couldn't resist pushing him just a little bit further.

"Why Emily? You like having your tits exposed, don't you?" He replied, reaching over grab and pinch them both, hard, one at a time. "I bet your pussy's wet, isn't it?" He growled, continuing to pinch and twist my nipples savagely.

I was gasping and moaning from the mix of pleasure and pain he was giving me. "Yes it is..." I managed to get out.

"You say yes SIR!" He said, letting go of my nipples to unbutton his pants. He set his cock free and I knew what he wanted. He pulled my head toward his lap and I opened my mouth just in time to meet his cock. "You better suck it properly or your punishment will be worse you fucking slut! You know what I like!" He ordered as he started the car.

I did and I tried my best to give it to him as he drove carefully. I knew he wasn't in the mood to be teased so I didn't waste any time coating his cock with my saliva. I easily slid him into my throat, only gagging a little. His free hand went from my hair to my nipples as I sucked on him, he'd push my head down further and laugh when I choked. Every time he grabbed my nipples, my pussy got wetter and I'd moan; then he'd stop and go back to forcing his cock down my throat.

It was a short ride to his house but I knew I had to make him cum before we got there. I kept sucking on him and letting him guide my head until I tasted the precum on my tongue. Then he let go of my head, focused his fingers on my nipples and, as I moaned with my lips locked tightly around his cock, he came, forcefully. I swallowed and kept my mouth in place until he pulled me off by my hair. "Good girl," he said, turning down his street and into his driveway.

When he was parked he stood and fixed his pants, readjusting his belt. He came over to my side and assisted me out of the car. I grabbed his strong arm and held tight, glad to finally be close to him but still concerned about what was yet to come. I doubted it would be me.

When we were inside he led me to his bedroom. His body was less tense but I could tell he was still upset with me. "Lean forward and put your palms on the bed, Emily," he demanded.

"Yes sir," I said meekly, moving into position quickly. I knew he was going to spank me. I wiggled my ass a bit in anticipation.

"Don't move again unless I tell you to!" He said, smacking my ass with his hand hard. I cried out loudly "It's going to hurt worse than that, I think I better gag you so I don't have to hear you scream," he said, walking away to his closet to grab the gag and other torture devices no doubt.

"No!" I said, I didn't want the gag tonight.

"What?!" He said, rushing over to slap my ass again. I cried out loudly, tears starting to run down my face.

"Oh, I'm sorry baby, but this is what you get for acting like a slut. And you know you love a good spanking!" He condescendingly told me as he strapped the gag around my head. "Open your mouth like the good little cock sucker that you are," he finished as I glared at him fiercely but did as he asked.

"Say cheese Emily!" He said, holding up his phone and taking a picture of my mascara and tear stained face with the red ball gag in place in my mouth. "I'll get your red ass later. Fuck baby, you look so hot like that!" He said, glancing down at the picture and smiling.

"Now you sit tight while I go get a snack!" He said, starting to leave the room. I cried out in protest and he turned around. "Oh right, thanks for the reminder!" He said, coming back towards me and ripping down my skirt, kicking my legs to get me to pick them up so he could remove it. He clicked another pic of my ass in the black thong I was wearing before stripping me of that as well.

He took several more pictures, enjoying torturing me before he reminded me not to move and left the room. I was left standing, naked, with my palms on his bed, ass up in the air, gagged and alone contemplating what the hell I got myself into. I loved being submissive, he loved controlling me and games like this happened semi-frequently. I knew the safe word and he knew my limits; as scared as I was, I was wet and excited too. I just hoped I hadn't pushed him too far.

The seconds turned into minutes as I waited for his return. I listened carefully for footsteps outside the door as my anticipation built. I tried to be still and not squirm but just when I adjusted myself ever-so-slightly, the door opened. Of course.

"I'm pretty sure I told you not to move, didn't I Emily?" He asked and I nodded my head quickly. "Well for that, I was going to use my hand but I think you deserve the paddle now!"

"Noooooooooooo! Please Bryce, not the paddle!" I screamed but it came out garbled and incoherent through my gag. I was crying again and begging him repeatedly. He was not moved.

"Shut up or I'll double it and I haven't decided how many yet, do you want to take that chance?" I stopped whining and lowered my head deferently. "That's better. Because you sucked my cock so well in the car I'll only give you 11 swats. BUT I'm taking your ass! Understand, Emily?"

"Yes sir," I mumbled, ready to get this over with. He grabbed his favorite paddle from the closet and came back behind me. He rubbed it on my ass softly before swinging back and bringing it down hard on the left side of my ass.

"Ahhhhhh! Fuck!" I cried out as he reared back and hit me twice more, harder each time. I cried out again and again but soon the pain was working its way around to pleasure and my pussy was soaking wet. He kept swatting my ass as I got hotter and hornier with each blow. When he was done I was a mix of relieved and disappointed. And wetter than I could ever remember.

He dropped the paddle threw it aside. "Put your knees up on the bed and spread your legs!" He ordered and I did, opening my ass and pussy up to him and he again snapped a series of pictures. "You are so wet, you're my little pain slut, aren't you Emily?" I nodded as he kneeled on the ground behind me and started fingering my wet slit.

"God I love how wet your pussy always is for me baby!" He said, his voice slipping from the angry dominant tone to the sexy loving one as he slowly drew his finger in and out of my wet pussy. He stopped and grabbed some lotion from the bedside table, I stayed still, unwilling to upset him but hungry for his touch.

He came back and squirted some lotion on my ass, then again kneeled behind me. He rubbed the lotion in sensually with both hands as he brought his tongue to lick my pussy, one long slow lap from my pussy to my clit after the other. His hands continued to rub my ass, the lotion soothing the irritated cheeks and his mouth taking me higher and higher.

I was moaning and resisting moving but when the fingers of one hand slipped into my ass crack I tensed up and moved forward slightly. He stopped moving his tongue and I braced myself for a slap but he instead moved his tongue to my rosebud and licked around it. His fingers slid into my pussy as he licked my ass and the sensation was incredible. I was so close to cumming but afraid of setting him off again so I squeezed my eyes shut and focused on how good it felt.

"Do you want to cum Emily?" He asked, pulling his head back, his voice smooth and heavy. I nodded eagerly, moaning loudly, as he resumed licking my ass and skillfully fingering my pussy.

"Okay, slut, cum for me so I can fuck your ass," he said, moving his fingers from my pussy to my clit and rubbing, his tongue returning to my ass, my whole body tensed up. I started cumming, hard, my body shaking and trembling and he moved his fingers from my clit, shoving them roughly into my pussy as it contracted in orgasm and hit my g spot perfectly, fucking them in and out as I rode out the multiple orgasms hitting one after the other. I was screaming around the gag, lost in the total pleasure he was giving my mind and body.

His tongue never stopped moving on my ass and I was bucking back against his face and hand. When I calmed down he stopped and stood up, removing his shirt and pants as I again waited for him to give me instructions. I was spent and wanted to relax but kept my ass up. "Scoot forward Emily, towards the middle of the bed," he said, lightly tapping my ass and I moved quickly.

He crawled on the bed and put his fingers in my pussy, got them wet from my juices and shoved two fingers in my ass. "Since you came so hard I'm not gonna use lube, I've been generous enough..." he said cruelly, and I turned my head to look back at him woefully, hoping to persuade him otherwise but no.

"Dont even try it Emily, turn back around and take it!" He admonished, rubbing his cock with his hand and placing it at my asshole. He slowly started sliding in my tight ass as I tried to relax but inadvertently tensed up. He slapped my ass hard and shoved his hard cock in faster. It hurt but I didn't fight and soon he was where he wanted to be. His breathing got deeper and he sounded so sexy as he fucked my ass that I fell into it.

"Oh fuck baby your ass is so tight! I love fucking it so much," he chanted, as he worked his dick in and out, coming towards me to grab my nipple. "Give me your ass slut, give it to me baby!" He demanded and I worked my ass back towards him repeatedly as he grunted and started squirting his hot cum into my ass, his finger tightening around my nipple as he let go, his body relaxing against mine when he was done.

We collapsed onto the bed, and he rubbed my hair, slipping the gag off and tossing it onto the floor. He rolled off of me and went to the bathroom to get a wash rag wet with warm water. He came back and lovingly started to wipe my ass clean. "You're such a good girl Emily, I love you so much..." he whispered, "that's why you drive me so crazy!" I smiled. I knew the feeling.

He finished and came up to lie next to me and we looked over at each other. "I love you too Bryce. I'm sorry I'm such a slut..."

"As long as you're MY slut, I wouldn't want it any other way!" He said, kissing me on the lips and putting his arms around me. I snuggled closer to him and breathed a sigh of relief.

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