tagErotic CouplingsAfter School Adventures Ch. 04

After School Adventures Ch. 04




I was sitting on the couch, actually doing my homework for a change, since I fucked my way through the only class I was having trouble with. Or so I thought... I wasn't in English last semester, so I had assumed I'd be out of the woods as I passed history class. Ultimately, I did thanks to my affair with Mr. Hartford. But now I was back in the woods again... Luckily for me, there was a resident nerd at school who I knew would happily help anyone as long they pay. I needed all the help I could get, as, so far, all I had managed to do was sign my name. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, eagerly and saw Mars McDonald waiting on the doorstep.

"Are you Monica?" he asked, nervously.

"Yep," I said, holding out my hand, "And you must be Mars."

"Yes. You said you needed some help with your English homework?" he asked.

"Yeah, I know I speak it on a regular basis, but for whatever reason, I just can't follow this crap," I sighed, "Come on in and I'll show you."

"Alright." said Mars, stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

He kicked off his shoes and sat down on the opposite side of the couch. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips and two cans of soda. When I came out, I saw Mars watching something on his laptop.

"What's that there?" I asked, sitting down.

"You tell me." said Mars, suddenly sounding a little hostile.

I looked over and gasped when I saw what looked like a porno. But then I looked closer at the screen. My eyes grew wide as I realized that I was looking at footage of me and Mr. Hartford during one of our sexual meetings. "How did you do that?" I asked, trying to sound as though I wasn't familiar with the footage.

"Don't play dumb with me, Monica," said Mars, "You and I both know that's you and Mr. Hartford."

"Okay, fine," I said, blushing profusely, "What do you want?"

"Not too much," said Mars, "Just an alternative method of payment."

"Which means, what, exactly?" I said, irritated at the fact that Mars wasn't talking plainly to me.

"Fine then," said Mars, "I'll spell it out for you. I want you to fuck me, and keep your money."

"You sick pervert!" I said, standing up and slapping him across the face.

"Fine then, I'll just upload this to the internet," said Mars, moving his finger on the touch pad of his laptop.

"Oh my God... You're serious! Why would you do this to me?" I gasped, a small tear forming in the corner of my eye.

"I got suspended for accidentally showing this footage to the principal," said Mars, "She asked me to test out the school's new security cameras, and when I brought her the footage she thought it was porn."

"So?" I asked, "You're a genius! You're in nothing but advanced classes, and you're ahead in all of them."

"True, but it still goes on my permanent record," said Mars, "Which until this, had been flawless."

"So, what, you figure I owe you or something?" I asked.

"Precisely," said Mars, "Either you fuck me, or I'm not helping you."

"And of course you'll upload the footage to the internet..." I said, despairingly.

"Right, the choice is yours." said Mars, crossing his arms to show he was willing to wait.

I thought about it. I loved sex, and I was happy to do it to get my grades up, but now that I've caught up, I didn't want to have to fuck for anything else. Unless, it was absolutely necessary, and in this case it was, kind of... All I knew was that I definitely didn't want that video to get onto the internet. Luckily, Mars was giving a choice. Not a particularly good one, but there was still a choice. Either I get naked and have sex with him, or he uploads a video of me naked having sex for all to see. Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to make up my mind... I mean, what other option did I have?

"Alright, fine," I said, using my "sexy voice", "Let's do this."

"Good girl." said Mars, closing his laptop and standing up.

"Let me see what you have to offer." I said, still using my "sexy voice".

Mars pulled his pants down, revealing a large bulge in his Marvel underwear. I was shocked. A nerd with a huge dick! How often did that happen? I had to see it, the curiosity was killing me. I pulled his underwear off next and gave an excited moan as I saw his 8" cock. Kneeling down, I grabbed it with both my hands, since I couldn't fit the whole thing in just one hand.

"This is amazing!" I gasped.

I slowly started stroking his dick, before bringing it closer to my mouth. Once it was within range, I gently started to lick it. Mars squirmed instantly and I felt a shiver go through his body. I opened my mouth and gently slipped the tip of his huge cock in. Another shiver went through his body and he moaned with pleasure. I slowly moved his dick deeper into my mouth until I couldn't fit anymore in there. I left it in my mouth and licked all over, as though it was a huge lollipop.

"You've got some, uh... Great... Skills there..." moaned Mars, he seemed to be having trouble forming a simple sentence.

He might blow his load right in my mouth if I sucked well enough. If he came in my mouth, I might be off the hook for fucking him. As I thought about it, Mars reached his hands up and pushed my head in closer to him, shoving even more of his cock toward the back of the mouth.

"Atta girl, take as much of it as you can." said Mars.

"It's a little bigger than I'm used to." I said, gagging as I took it out of my mouth.

"Hey, no complaints here." said Mars.

I grabbed hold of his huge dick. Some of my spit dripped off it as I started to stroke it from top to bottom. I started going faster with every stroke until Mars suddenly reached down and pulled my shirt off. Unfortunately, I had taken my bra off earlier to take a shower. Now the surprises were out. So much for not having to fuck him...

"Th-Those a-a-are... Amazing!" stuttered Mars, grabbing them firmly in both hands.

"You really like them?" I said.

"God, yes." muttered Mars.

"Wanna fuck them?" I asked, licking my own nipples to torment him a little.

"How would that work?" muttered Mars, proving that he's never done that before.

"Like this." I said, grabbing his shirt and pulling him down to the floor.

I was now lying on my back, with him kneeling on the ground in front of me.

"So, now I just..." said Mars, adjusting himself so that his cock was right above my tits, "Slip it in between them?"He did. And I shuddered as his still wet dick rubbed against my nipples.

"It's making my nipples hard." I moaned.

Mars slowly started to thrust his cock in and out of my tits. I pushed them together to trap it there. With every thrust, my nipples got harder and harder until they were fully erect, just like Mars' dick.

"It's so soft in there." Mars shuddered.

"You know," I said, now so turned on that I didn't even care that I hadn't even wanted to fuck him at first, "I know of an even better place."

"Why don't you, uh, you know, show it to me?" asked Mars, slowly slipping his cock out of my tits. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, but before I could take them off myself, Mars reached up and yanked them down to ankles. I countered this move by pulling his shirt off over his head and pressing my bare chest up against his bare chest. "Wow, your nipples are hard. A-am I actually turning you on?" asked Mars, amazed.

"Like I never thought possible," I moaned, "Now stick your huge dick in me."

"Okay. If you say so." said Mars, sitting down on the couch and pulling me closer.

I hopped up on the couch and kneeled over Mars' dick. Then, bracing myself, I slowly started lowering myself down.

"Oh, I hope it fits. It's a really big cock." I muttered, as the tip of Mars' dick slipped into my pussy, I squealed excitedly. Inch by inch, it went deeper and deeper until I could feel his throbbing member on every wall of my pussy. "Holy fuck! It's so deep!" I gasped.

"Too deep?" asked Mars nervously.

He was about to take it out, but I stopped him hurriedly. "No, no, no, don't take it out!" I moaned, "It feels so good!"

Mars grabbed a firm hold of my waist and helped me lift myself up and down, bouncing on his huge cock. With every thrust, my whole body shuddered with pleasure and I squealed in ecstasy.

"I love your dick inside me!" I shrieked.

Mars' face was screwed up. It seemed like he was too busy trying not to blow his load right then and there to actually say anything. "Your... Pussy... It's... So... Tight!" he groaned.

I was about to cum to, Mars might not be as skilled as Mr. Hartford, but his cock was much bigger. So much bigger, that I was about to cum after only about five minutes.

"Oh, Mars!" I squealed, "Mars, I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum for me!" grunted Mars, "Cum all over my dick, baby!"

Almost as though Mars' words had triggered it, I bounced on his cock one last time before my whole body started trembling uncontrollably as I came. "Holy shit! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I shrieked.

"I can feel it!" said Mars, who obviously hadn't experienced a female orgasm either, "I can feel your pussy juice flowing all over my dick!"

Mars helped me lift myself up and off his cock and I collapsed on the couch next to him, my legs still trembling and the last bit of my pussy juice dribbling out onto my thighs.

"I came so hard." I sighed. Mars chuckled, still stroking his rock hard dick. "Now I have to return the favour," I said, "Slip it back into my tits."

"But then when I cum it'll get all over your face." said Mars, innocently.

"I know." I moaned.

"Oh! Well, alright then." said Mars.

He adjusted himself again so that he was kneeling over top of me, and then he slid his cock back in between my tits. Since he was still really close to cumming, as soon as he had his dick in position, he started thrusting as hard as he could and within a couple of seconds, he groaned and gritted his teeth. For a second it seemed like there wouldn't be any cum, but then suddenly and enormous glob shot out the tip of his cock, followed by another four. I just lay there, letting my face bath in Mars' huge load.

"Damn... That was great." said Mars.

It seemed like he was about to collapse too, but, knowing that our sex session was over he was careful not to touch me anymore. I understood why he was doing it. Because he thought that I had only been letting him touch me for the sake of having sex. But, oddly enough, something strange was going on in my head. All of a sudden I wanted nothing more than to cuddle with him. I was seeing Mars as more than just the asshole with a huge dick who had blackmailed me into fucking me. It was almost as though Mars' cock had magical powers and that they had changed my way of thinking.

"So, uh, do you have a girlfriend?" I asked, lapping up some cum from around my lips.

"I'm captain of the AV club and editor of the school paper," said Mars, "My girlfriend might as well be my hand."

"Well, then, would you like a girlfriend?" I asked.

"What? You're going to set me up on a blind date?" chuckled Mars, gathering up his clothes.

"No, actually I was thinking of setting you up with me." I said.

Mars' eyes grew wide. He looked at me long and hard before rushing off to the kitchen momentarily. When he came back, he had some paper towels and the same shocked look on his face.

"While you and I were having sex, I realized that I essentially just fucked my way to an "A" again," I said, accepting the paper towel from him, "I had promised myself that I would never do that again."

"And you wouldn't have until I blackmailed you." said Mars, obviously feeling guilty.

"No, I probably would have," I said, "But now that I think about it, I have someone right next to me who could easily help me get over this."

"You mean me?" asked Mars.

"Yes, you." I said, as I finished tidying up my face.

"So you want to fuck me so I'll help you with your homework?" said asked Mars, sounding very confused.

"Close, but no. I want you to help me so that I won't have to," I said, "If you can help me learn a better work ethic and tutor me, I won't have to fuck for my grades. I'll be able to earn them myself."

"So you want me to be your boyfriend in order to accomplish all of this?" asked Mars, catching on.

"Yeah, you see, that way, I can still have your amazing dick, and you can tutor me at the same time."

"So, everybody wins?" said Mars.

"Exactly! So, what do you say?" said Monica.

"What are you nuts? How could I possibly say no to that!" said Mars, "I get to have sex with a beautiful girl and call her my girlfriend, and all I've got to do is tutor her." exclaimed Mars happily, gathering up my clothes for me.

As I pulled them on, I tried to stifle a yawn, but I couldn't do it... I was exhausted. After a long day at school, cheerleading tryouts and then of course being pounded by Mars' huge cock.

"Well, you're tired, so, I'm gonna go start working on a lesson plan for us, and you should go to bed." said Mars.

"Okay..." I said, yawning again, "Thanks for everything."

"Anytime." said Mars. He gathered up the rest of his stuff, threw it all into his laptop bag and then headed for the door, giving me a nice smile as he closed it behind him.

"What the hell did you do to me?" I chuckled, wondering why my way of thinking had suddenly changed. Confusing as the whole night had been, I was too tired to deal with it right now. I headed for bed, knowing that I would sleep deeply that night...


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