tagIncest/TabooAfter School Hookup Ch. 03

After School Hookup Ch. 03


Alice learns that after school is the right time to play with her big brother...


At the end of the term I went home for a visit. There was going to be a family dinner but I had all kinds of other plans too - checking in with a couple of my high school teachers, spending a little time with Sally who was going to be home visiting at the same time, visiting a couple of friends who were still in high school. Shopping. But the first plan was to go and visit Evan at his new job. I was really curious about his school. Evan's degree and high grades hadn't hurt him any, but his cushy teaching job was due mostly to Dad's string pulling.

Mom told me Evan's school was "over on 68th and Birch," but I'd never even heard of a school called Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It certainly wasn't one of the public schools whose names we all grew up knowing. Mom assured me that Evan would love to see me and show off his classroom, if I made sure to go after class had let out.

I timed things a little too close, because when I got there all of the parking was full of parents waiting for their kids. I parked on the street a couple of blocks away and walked back through a very ritzy neighborhood of expensive houses. I stopped under a couple of trees catty-corner from the school.

I'd learned from Mom that Elizabeth Cady Stanton was a private school -- very expensive and snooty. Evan was very lucky to have a job there. The new brick building was designed to look old and classy, and it was obvious even to my untrained eye that they'd had a lot of money to spend on it. The lawn around the school was green and as big as a park. But what really surprised me was the sign over the door -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton High. I guess I had assumed that it was an elementary school, and I didn't quite appreciate the little tingly feeling pussy sent me when I realized that Evan would have high school girls in his classes. While I watched the front doors the bell rang and a minute or two later the students started to come out, looking for their parents' cars or starting to walk home.

They were girls. Every single one of them. High school girls wearing tall socks, shiny Mary Jane shoes and pink and gray plaid ties with matching gray plaid skirts.

I felt as if I'd been shoved back in time to when I'd discovered the plaid-skirted schoolgirls on Evan's computer. My legs went weak, and a delicious shiver emanated from between my legs, pussy perking up like a kitten who's heard the sound of a can of tuna being opened in the kitchen.

This was where I'd wanted to be all along. This was who I'd wanted to be. A high school girl in a plaid skirt.

I watched them go by as the school emptied out. Some of them were giggling, most of them were carrying books, their skirts undulating from the motion of taut little asses.

And my brother, who had always wanted to fuck a girl wearing a plaid skirt, was their teacher.

Don't get me wrong. I never suspected for even a moment that Evan had designs on those girls. It probably wouldn't have mattered to him even if they had thrown themselves at him. He had way too much integrity to even consider sleeping with one of his students. He'd take his responsibilities as their guardian very seriously. I knew Evan, and he just wouldn't do it.

But I also knew his secret, and it had to be a kind of torture for him to be so close to the girls of his fantasies and not be allowed to touch any of them. Damn it. This was all Dad's fault. He had gotten Evan the job, and Evan felt like he had to take it because it was such a prestigious private school, one that undoubtedly paid a lot more than he'd ever get in a public school. And now he was stuck smack dab between his desires and his need to make a living.

I felt so sorry for Evan. I also felt a little trembly inside and a little wet between my legs. I suppose that the idea had already crawled into my mind, but I hadn't noticed it yet.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton High emptied out, but I no longer wanted to go inside to see Evan. No matter how glib my big brother was, no matter how much he'd like to show off his school, I wasn't about to try to make polite conversation knowing that part of him was wondering what it would be like if only he could play under the skirt of the little hottie who'd been sitting in the front row of his class. I didn't know how he could stand it. I spent way too much time playing with myself and dreaming of sex and plaid skirts, and that was without the temptation of them sitting in front of me all day long.

I got in my car and went home.

Since I wasn't alone with Evan at the family dinner I managed to find stuff to talk about that didn't lead me to saying something inappropriate. Mom and Dad asked me a lot about school and I kept the conversation squarely on impersonal stuff like my psych class, the campus food and the football team.

After dinner we all hung out in the kitchen talking and eating Dad's homemade lemon ice cream with ginger, just like old times. I couldn't help but wonder about how Evan managed it. I mean, he looked all normal, like he hadn't spent the whole day staring at his fantasies come to life and wishing he could fuck them silly. But then, I supposed that I looked normal too.

I tried very hard not to stare at him leaning against the counter, laughing and spooning ice cream into his mouth. I was definitely feeling a little fluttery between my legs. He was a tall handsome man and I felt like I had a schoolgirl crush thing going even if he was my brother. Of course I wasn't all that innocent where Evan was concerned.

We shared a secret, even if he didn't know it. And as much consternation as it was causing me, it had to be even worse for him. Evan spent his working day like a kid with his nose pressed against the window of the candy store, and he would never, ever have a nickel to spend there. He had to be miserable. The revelation suddenly swept over me, causing my whole body to feel flushed and my knees to go weak. The only person who was in any position to keep him out of trouble was me, and it was my duty to help my big brother. The certainty stole over me, making me giddy and scared at the same time. I was going to do it. I was going to help Evan.

I was going to help me, too.

We still had our old rooms -- Evan hadn't found an apartment to move into since he graduated, and Mom and Dad would keep my room for me until I graduated too. I excused myself a little early so I could go to bed.

But when I got to my room I got online. I had a hunch that an upper-crust school like Elizabeth Cady Stanton High would have a really up-to-date website, and I wasn't disappointed.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton had been a suffragette, fighting for women's right to vote way back in time. This private school had been established in her honor back in 1954, and moved into their new building a few years ago. Reading between the lines on the web page I learned that it catered to rich spoiled girls whose parents would never allow them to attend a vulgar public school. Must be nice to have that kind of money. I navigated through most of the pages, and even read the little bio they had about Evan. "We are very excited to welcome such a gifted educator to our school."

After a while I managed to find the page I was looking for -- the uniform code. It said that "in order to keep our students' minds on their work and not on the vicissitudes of teenage fashion, a mandatory uniform will be worn at all times, with no exceptions." The page had pictures of all of the stuff you were required to wear -- a choice of a couple of different blouses, white knee high socks, black Mary Jane shoes with a strap across the bridge and of course the very classy looking gray plaid skirt with little pink stripes running through it. It also told me where to buy one.

I slipped off my clothes, crawled into bed and masturbated through three nervous but satisfying cums before I could go to sleep.

* * *

The next day I hung out with Sally for a while. She wanted to know all about the boys I'd met, but I didn't have anything to tell her. Yet. Sally had hooked up with this guy she'd met at a party, and the things she told me they did would have made me blush if I hadn't already seen my big brother screwing his girlfriend.

Later I went shopping. It was only six months ago that I'd graduated and I was still eighteen, so there was no reason that I couldn't pass for a high school student. Even so, I had an excuse about transferring into Elizabeth Cady Stanton High all ready just in case I was asked. But the old lady at the uniform supply store down on Lincoln Street didn't say anything about it. She just sold me everything I wanted and I left with a big shopping bag of schoolgirl clothes.

Before I went home I stopped at the mall for the sundry items I needed -- new shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream and the like. I had graduated from baby pink nail polish a long time ago and I wanted a new color to enhance my new clothes, so that was the first stop. On impulse I went in to the lingerie shop, and I was glad I had. In a bin marked 'tease!' they had a black satin thong that harmonized perfectly with my new skirt. And on the front, right over the crotch, was a little pink Hello Kitty, wearing pink bib overalls and being carried away by three bright balloons. I couldn't resist.

Although the thought crossed my mind as I was walking by the pre-teen boutique store I resisted the temptation to buy some fruity perfume. That was carrying things too far. I wasn't trying to come across like some kind of precocious twelve year old sex toy. The idea was to seduce him by being his fantasy girl -- a willing, pretty high school girl wearing a plaid skirt that he was free to play under. I was going to use the Casual that I'd gotten for my birthday.

Mom was at home, so I didn't have the pleasure of trying my new stuff on and preening in front of the mirror. I'd have to walk through the house to get to my car and I couldn't take the chance that I'd be seen. If Mom somehow caught me wearing an Elizabeth Cady Stanton High school uniform, there'd be questions I couldn't answer.

I showered, shaved my legs and pussy, brushed my hair and put on my makeup -- just a little, like I had worn on school picture day my senior year. My new clothes I tucked into my backpack, along with my bottle of Casual - I didn't want to walk through the house wafting a trail of seductive perfume either. I grabbed my pack and told Mom I was going to school to see someone. Naturally I didn't tell her which school or who I was going to see or what I was going to do when I got there. My habit of skirting the truth when talking to my parents was still in full force even if I had graduated to college.

The neighborhood was quiet when I pulled up a few blocks from the school. The girls wouldn't be let out for another fifteen minutes, which was just how I timed it because I needed to finish getting ready before the bell rang.

I tried to tuck away my nervousness about what I was doing. God, I'd be devastated if this didn't work. Devastated, embarrassed, ashamed, mortified, and a thousand other bad feelings. I mean, if I couldn't manage to pull this off then I was just plain hopeless. Even if the target was my brother. Target? I meant beneficiary. I resolved that if Evan rejected my not-exactly-altruistic offer I'd just have to shoot myself.

So I tried to concentrate on the task at hand. I slid over to the passenger side so the steering wheel wouldn't be in my way and peeled off my jeans and underwear. I pulled my new Hello Kitty panties out of my pack. I cursed myself for not thinking to put them on while I was in the safety of my own bathroom so my ass wouldn't be fully exposed. While I turned them right side out I looked around, but the quiet neighborhood apparently didn't care if there was a half-naked teenage girl sitting in a car on the street.

The cool vinyl of my car seat felt sinful against my bare bottom. Pussy was nervous too, because she quivered and leaked little cum droplets onto the vinyl. I hurriedly pulled my new panties on, but there wasn't much material to the darned thing and I still felt like I was naked.

The skirt had to come after my shirt, in order to be properly tucked in. I should have started from the top down, but I hadn't thought of it. Nerves, I guess.

After another glance up and down the street I scooched off my shirt and bra and slipped on my new ones. I bent down low while I reached behind me and fastened the bra, which made me feel like no one could see even if they could. I worked my way into the shirt, sat up, and shook my hair free while I buttoned up.

I got the skirt out, lifted my bottom and wrapped it around my waist and fastened it at the side. I felt a little safer then. A girl could sit in her car and do all kinds of things without attracting too much attention, as long as she wore a certain amount of clothing.

I changed my socks, pulling the uniform ones up to my knee, and then I slipped on my new black Mary Jane shoes, fastening the strap across the top of my foot with a little gold buckle. My new shoes had a very short heel and the toe was kind of rounded which lent them an innocent schoolgirl air. Most girls would die before wearing them (if they had a choice), but I felt right at home and I twisted my foot this way and that so I could see how cute they were.

The matching gray and pink tie was pre-tied, but in a loose knot which could be tightened. The lady at the store told me to just slip it over my head and then pull it tight. No problem, and I was able to use the makeup mirror on the sun visor to make sure it was straight.

Wile I was running a brush through my hair I saw a couple of girls dressed like I was walking by at the end of the street, and I deduced that school was over. It was show time. Quickly I wafted a tiny cloud of Casual into the air and let it settle on me.

I picked up my backpack, now stuffed with my other clothes, and got out of the car. I had to tug my skirt a little to get it to sit right, and then I was ready. I just wished I had a mirror to check myself out.

I started walking down the tree lined sidewalk towards the school. I tried to walk like a high school student. God, was it so long ago I couldn't remember? But it was hard. It was like I was a whole different girl than I'd been six months ago. My emotions were running all over the place -- anxious, scared, embarrassed, proud, horny. Mostly horny.

I'd been longing for this ever since I was a five year old. Before I even knew the reason why I'd been craving this moment. Sometimes without even knowing about it, and more recently with more hunger than I'd though possible. But I felt at home. Gloriously, luxuriously just where I'd always wanted to be. Sexy, secure, walking down the street to school and ready for some attention. I wiggled my bottom gently as I walked, feeling the cotton fibers of the skirt grazing my bare thighs in a maddening to and fro tease. I hoped there were some boys hiding in their houses watching my sexy ass as I walked by, and I remembered how I watched out my own window when I was little. Pussy was suitably squishy -- a little wet and ready but not anxious. It was heavenly as long as I kept my fears about what Evan might think all tucked away in a corner.

Girls in gray plaid skirts (girls who I suspected didn't know how lucky they were) were pouring out of the school when I got there. They didn't pay me any attention in spite of the fact that I was going upstream against the traffic.

I tried to keep my mind off of what I was planning, but of course that was impossible. You can't just tuck something this big away in a compartment that you won't notice, no matter what. I had thought that maybe I should just come clean to Evan and tell him that I'd wear a plaid skirt for him if he'd fuck me, but that seemed like a plan doomed to failure. I could just hear myself talking to him now. 'By the way, I know you like plaid skirts. Me, too! Wanna fuck?' Nope, that wasn't going to work at all. I needed something that would keep him a little off guard but still excite him if I was going to have any chance at all. My plan wasn't much, but it was as stacked in my favor as I could make it.

It was right after I got into the lobby that I found a huge hole in my plan -- I didn't know where Evan's classroom was. I couldn't just wander around. Elizabeth Cady Stanton High was big enough that he could easily slip out a different door without my finding him.

I was going to have to ask somebody, and preferably not a teacher. I'd have to fake my way past a student with the story I'd made up for the lady at the uniform store. I didn't want to look like I didn't belong in case a teacher wanted to question me, and I knew that it was always better to look like you had a destination in mind while walking around a school, so I turned left and started walking.

The differences between a public school and a private one were evident in the quiet halls which reeked of stern silence and decorum. My Mary Janes clacked on the wood floor.

There weren't many girls left to choose from. I guess private school girls disappear at the three o'clock bell on a Friday afternoon just like the public school girls do.

But there were still a couple left, and I walked up to this really pretty blond. She was facing away from me, taking books out of her locker. Her curves all gathered in at her tiny waist in its plaid skirt, and I hoped mine looked as pretty on me.

"Excuse me?" I said. "I'm new here, and they told me I should check in with Mr. Bradley. Do you know where his class is?"

"New, huh?" she said, turning her head to look at me. Rats. Her face was beautiful too. "You look great in that uniform," she said.

I simpered and blushed. "Really?"

She laughed. "No. That's just what we tell all the new girls. It's kind of a school joke."

"Oh," I said, trying not to sound disappointed.

She looked me over appraisingly. "But on you it's not so much of a joke. You really do look good. Most of the girls here can't stand these things. So, Mr. Bradley, huh? You're lucky. He's hot."

I was shocked. I'd never even thought that a high school girl would really notice my good looking big brother. I didn't know what to say, but she spared me by saying "Well, come on then," before she walked down the hall.

I followed her to a room that didn't look any different from any of the others. The girl opened the door and she poked her head in.

"Mr. Bradley? There's a new girl here who's supposed to check in with you." Her voice changed from when she was talking to me. Now it was softer, with a little twinkle and a touch of flirt. She really did have a little something going for Evan, the little suckup.

"Thanks, Whitney. Send her in."

"Is there anything I can do to help, Mr. Bradley?"

"No, thank you."

Whitney backed out of the doorway. She turned to me and mouthed, "See? Hot!" while she fanned her face with her hand. Without another word she left to walk down the hall.

Now that the moment had arrived I was scared silly. It's one thing to imagine yourself sitting on your brother's cock, it's quite another to be confronted with the reality. And my plaid skirt wasn't helping me like it was supposed to. This was all wrong, from the beginning. I'd come up with this whole idea and acted on it way too suddenly. What would Evan think of me? He'd be disappointed that his little sister was such a loser that she couldn't even find boy of her own to screw. He'd probably never talk to me again.

I was torn between walking into Evan's classroom and following Whitney's taut little butt right out of here. She was still walking away, her Mary Janes echoing quietly in the empty hall. I watched her ass swaying under her plaid skirt and I just knew my big brother wanted her. She was gorgeous, and if she wasn't ready to sleep with him yet she wasn't far from trying. She'd made it plain that she had the hots for him. How would Evan resist? And then he'd be really screwed.

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