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After-School Lessons


Is high school supposed to be this boring? I'm in my last year of it, just floating through courses until I can try my hands at college. I'm not some extremely popular girl, I'm just... me. Janice, eighteen years old, about 5'7", 160 pounds, enough red hair to make the sunset jealous... people call me "busty", but a C-cup isn't extraordinary compared to what other girls here have.

I don't have one of those prep bodies, and I sure as hell don't have one of their heads. The last class I didn't get an 'A' in was when I followed my best friend into a website making class. What's it matter if it's a web site or web page? I'll stick with cooking.

That's going to be my major; I'm especially hoping to perfect my skills with pastries. Remember the parties where everyone brought something? I earned the nickname "Cupcake" by my friends because I'd bring those to every single one I was in, a few I wasn't in, and sometimes for no reason. That's how much I enjoy cooking.

Why does that class have to be boring, too? Four years of Culinary Arts and I'd only touched the oven a few times. I could barely even talk to my friends in there because of their lack of comprehension on setting a table to be elegant...

"Janice, wake up!"

What? Oh, yeah. I was supposed to be learning the sacred art of folding a napkin to make like a fan in a wine glass. "Sorry, ma'am, but I already got it, and I'm sleepy."

My teacher stood up and shook her head, sighing in exasperation. Ms. Rowe (the students tend to call her by her first name anyway, Tia) was a good teacher, and probably the most interactive with the students. But she didn't ever work on my desire to cook. "I know you have; I see your glass, and probably the best fan fold I'll see in this class. But please, stay after class. I really need to talk to you."

Jeff smirked and whispered out, "Busted." He chuckled as I blindly pushed my hand into his face to shut him up. I knew there wouldn't be trouble, Tia never liked punishments.

I turned to Jeff and said as he made his own fan, "I wonder what she wants to talk about."

He smiled and slid the napkin gently into the glass. "Duh, maybe your sleeping disorder?"

That gave me a good chuckle. He was sarcastic, but never really meant harm by it, so I always found the humor in what he said. But the class wound up trying about four different napkin folds before we were allowed to leave... Well, the rest were. I sighed and waited until everybody left to get up and move to Tia's desk.

She looked up at my face and frowned a bit. "Please don't look bored, Janice... This isn't a disciplinary talk. This is an offer, and not one of those 'pay attention or I'll punish you' deals."

Okay, this was unexpected. I tilted my head curiously. "Okay... What's the offer?"

Tia folded her hands and brought them up to her chin. "You love baking. I see that, I know that. I also know you're probably the most gifted here in these arts... I would give more days to just sit and cook, but I neither have the budget nor the time. I'm sorry that you have to sit and fold cloth napkins, but..."

I blinked a few times before she let out a breath. "But...? What could be so hard to say?"

"It's hard to say this without sounding like I'm breaking a rule, but I'd like to offer you a chance to come to my home and practice baking with me during your free time. I know you want to head to college for it, and you're not getting much from this class, so I want to give you experience at my home." She started blushing incredibly... Was she hiding something?

"It... sounds okay enough, but why are you blushing?" I knew Tia wouldn't go and do something rule-breaking, but was something the matter?

"My house can just be very hectic is all... When will you be able to come?"

I crossed my arms and considered... I was scheduled to work every week day, usually, didn't work weekends... As long as the lessons didn't last for a whole day at a time, any weekend day would work. "Saturdays and Sundays are okay, I guess." Today was Monday, which meant a lot of time to wait.

Tia smiled and stood up. "Okay. I promise not to let you down... To be honest, I prefer cooking to setting the table, too. I'm glad I finally get to teach a student."

I smiled and shook her hand. "Alright, thanks! I'll see you Saturday."

I shook off the doubt of the visit and stepped out. Jeff was leaning casually against the wall... He'd missed his bus for me? We started walking and, once out of earshot, he smiled. "Private lessons... just promise me you'll play it safe."

I waved my hand at the air as if trying to brush away a fly. "No worries. I've been Tia's student for four years. And she knows I'm more than willing to bust someone for starting trouble or breaking the law... How are you getting home?"

Jeff smiled and scratched the back of his head. "No clue. I wanted to make sure you weren't getting into anything bad, so... I missed my ride."

He was blushing already, and only did so more as I wrapped an arm sideways around him and yanked him tight into me. "You're too sweet, kid. I'll give you a ride home, you know that... if you trust me to keep you safe."

The trip turned out well, and the week leading up to the visit was full of anticipation. Did she mean well, or did she want something from me that she couldn't come out and say? What was hectic about her home...? Was her kind, almost innocent act just really an act?

One thing was for certain. In the week's days, Tia seemed to get more and more exhausted. She'd slept well, you couldn't see any sighs of sleep deprivation, but it was like she was rushed to get a million things done in a short time. Call me a blonde, but I just assumed she was rushing to get everything ready.

Friday afternoon I decided to confront her on her fatigue. "Tia, why are you so tired? What's wrong?"

She shook her head and smiled. I'd seen her long enough to know it was genuine. "I just have to get the house clean, and ready, get everything organized and make sure all the ingredients are around, all while keeping my husband happy."

"Is he... normally cranky or something?"

"No, he's actually quite caring. It just took a while to convince him to give up a bit of 'together time' in the week to help teach you." She didn't fidget, she didn't sweat... Hell, she didn't blink rapidly, that's her tiniest giveaway. She was being honest. I smiled in relief. "Okay. See you tomorrow, at about ten?"

She nodded and smiled. "I can't wait; it's been forever since I've baked with someone else." She seemed like a little kid again, and she was already young to begin with... probably about thirty. It made me smile, too, to see the enthusiasm. "See you!"

"Bye!" I gave a tiny little wave and walked out. I couldn't help but feel just as happy. I was finally going to be able to bake, with a teacher, and have fun doing it. Oh, god, I was so excited!

Saturday morning, I woke up well over an hour before I had to go. My clothes were already pre-picked, my apron was washed, and a shower never felt so good. I knew I had about a six minute drive to her home, so I spent my spare thirty minutes drying and braiding my hair... Hey, what else was there? Bake a cake?

I finally got my hair smoothly twisted and tickling the backs of my knees. I clipped it tightly in place with a large red ribbon, enjoying the cute look as I got my clothes on and ready to go. My family knew the plan, so all that was left was to go out and meet Tia. The ride was pleasant enough, and the neighborhood she was in was quite nice. The house didn't really stand out, it just wasn't huge. Two cars, so she either had a child who went out or a husband who worked.

Oh well. I was just happy to be here. I practically bounced over to the door and knocked on it. It didn't take two seconds before Tia opened it, hair messy but the rest of her practically shining. "Janice! I'm so glad you're here!" She took my hand from the knob and started bouncing it up and down in a shake. "I'm so sorry, I lost track of time, or I'd have been done sooner. Please, come in!"

The door finally came open all the way to reveal a fairly neat living room. A pillow or two wasn't perfect but the please was very nice. I looked around, taking in the new home as quick as possible. A door closed off somewhere to my left. I gave Tia an inquisitive look. "Someone not happy that I'm here?"

She smiled and did the same waving motion with her hand I gave Jeff. "My husband's just not interested in girl talk. Come on, the kitchen's straight ahead."

I smiled and kept looking around. At the base of the couch, I saw a pair of rabbit ears lying on the floor. "Aw!" I took the head dress and put it on, bobbing left and right with the adornment. Tia blushed at the sight, and her body jerked as if to take it off me. "What's wrong?"

She started blushing incredibly. "Nothing, just... I forgot those were there."

I smiled. "Uh-huh, sure. You know you love cute costumes, I've had four Halloween parties with you." I giggled a bit and followed her into the kitchen, watching her glance at her husband's room as she passed. "What's his name?"

"Samuel. He's a good man, and devoted. He really likes his closeness... Come on. We have about two months before you graduate, and I have a lot of tricks to teach you." The plan was to stay until two in the afternoon. The first hour wasn't like any other lesson. Tia knew what she was doing and talking about, and just from how quickly she got across what was being baked to what was involved, any cautions and special tricks. The entire time, she worked through measurements and ingredients, with me trying my hardest to match how much of anything she used, memorize how much, and listen.

It was a very fun session. We were making cupcake batter the entire time, and I could only hope I was doing it right. While her batch was baking, she was telling me about the wait for pre-made mixes compared to home mixes, and how checking early could ruin the cupcakes if they were exposed. There was about ten minutes of silence... well, not really. I heard what sound like a woman crying out. I couldn't tell if it was pain or fear, but it was from the next room—Samuel's room.

The thought escaped my mind as she pulled out some very well made cupcakes, all a perfect gold. I couldn't help but stare in admiration; the only time I'd tried that ended in failure. My own batch went in and we decorated her own cupcakes, making small talk and enjoying the fun as I tried to remember how much of what I used and how long they'd take to bake properly. Mine turned out... well, not ruined, but firm. It was still an extraordinary improvement from my first effort.

Tia was proud of me for such an accomplishment... Mine weren't perfect, but they were the best she'd seen of any student. She took my hands and smiled, looking at me like a daughter that did something really great. "Janice, you really are great at this, I just know you'll do well!"

I smiled and started to say "Thank you", but a very long, orgasmic moan issued from the next room. Samuel was... watching porn? "Um..."

Tia blushed incredibly and looked away. "Don't mind, he's just messing around. It's been fun... I'll... see you tomorrow? Same time?"

I could understand her embarrassment and smiled, nodding once. "Okay. See you, Tia... and thank you for this." I gave her a hug good-bye and started to leave, but stopped when she pulled the bunny-ears right of my head. "Sorry about that!" I turned and waved good-bye, laughing at myself for forgetting they were there.

The routine of visits continued for three weeks with no troubles. I learned most things on the first day, and only once, for cakes with layers not the same size, took longer to get the hang of it. Samuel kept to himself, mostly, and no more days were interrupted by another pornographic cry from his room. The one thing odd was that there was a pet's tray in the dining room, but no animals around the yard.

Fourth week of eight, Saturday... I was supposed to go over to really put what I'd learn to the test, baking Saturday and Sunday in advance for a class party Monday. I thought I'd surprise Tia by arriving ten minutes early with something I'd made at home. When I came in, something different met my eyes.

Tia was asleep on the couch, curled up. A corset was half removed from her body and she had cat ears clipped into her hair. The way she was facing me, I could see make-up of a nose and thin whiskers, and... her face had never looked so calm and happy. Her blankets only half covered below the waist, and she was red between the legs. Not bloody, but... sore. I could only guess what Samuel had done.

It finally answered some of why she was seemingly so rushed and tired that one week... A husband who played with her like this must be stressful to keep up with. I wanted to make sure she was okay, so I took a step toward her and covered her back up with the blanket. She curled up tighter and smiled more, moaning out almost silently, "Mmuel..." Was she thinking of Samuel?

I didn't hear the door click shut behind me. But I did hear a very quiet man speaking, "Please don't disturb her. She deserves the rest." I turned around, trying to be quiet, and saw him. He was a whole head taller than me, and build slender but solid. He had short blonde hair that flared up naturally, and his eyes were a very soft tone of green. To my relief, he had on a robe. "She lost track of time and I heard you approaching... I'd prefer it if she could rest. Come with me, please?"

He walked past me to the kitchen. He could have done anything, everything, with me, and I wouldn't be able to stop him. Why was he being kind? It gave me my reason to trust him as I followed him. He took two cups from the cabinet and a gallon jug of tea from the fridge, pouring each half full before leading me further back and around to a dining room. He set one cup down and walked to the other end, sinking into a cushioned seat as I sat at the empty cup. "Samuel, what is this? Why's she a cat-girl?"

A small smile played across his lips and he looked down, almost guilty. "I didn't want you to see it at first, but... Well, your question is first. I'm a Dom. Not as a profession, but just at home. Do you know what a Master, Mistress, or Dom is?"

I swallowed, hard. I had only heard. "They're the kinds of people that control, dominate, and hurt others for sexual pleasure on both ends."

He shook his head a bit. "Close, yet so far away. That's only at the most extreme. A Dom is a dominant role, the one in power and control. However, in our case, I dominate how we show the love, not force her unwillingly. This means that I have to know what she loves, what she doesn't like, and her limits. I don't abuse her for pleasure, that would be a sin to our marriage and completely against my morals. However, I do control her when she isn't bound to school or her friends.

"It's not as bad as it sounds. She's my Sub, my pet, but she can leave the role any time. I don't hold her to it so tightly that I would abandon her wanting to be my equal. We both want these positions and love being in them. She loves knowing I can give her what she wants and she won't regret it because I'm the one commanding her. I assure her it's okay, she enjoys herself, and the only regret is when we start treading towards, or over, the danger line. I never, ever push her past it."

I may have been able to know when Tia was honest, but... Samuel was new. I couldn't tell if it was a well-rehearsed act or honesty. My gut told me honesty, and the house was actually the proof. Everything fit, and Tia was still probably dreaming of being in Samuel's arms. "That's why she has all these animal costumes, and... Wait, that food bowl, she eats out of it?" I couldn't help that my voice rose.

Samuel immediately stopped sipping his tea to hold a finger to his lips. "She's asleep, remember? Please, do not shout. She doesn't eat pet food, I promise. It's part of the 'pet' idea. Collars, leashes, costumes, animal sounds, the works. The only way to truly understand would be to watch it in action, but surely you've seen how affectionate humans may be to cats or dogs. It's no different, except I mix affectionate actions with human and animal ways. Kiss the girl while petting the kitty, if it helps."

I sighed and swallowed down half of my tea in one long go. It helped calm me down... Tia probably made it. "Why are you telling me this? Why did you lock the door and bring me here?"

He smiled again, sheepishly this time. "It's one thing to see my wife happy with me in love. It's another thing to see her so proud of a student that she doesn't want to let go. Once you started coming over, everything here got better. Everything. Talking, the food, sex, the role playing, how happy she was when working; everything became better."

I looked down at my reflection in the tea... I both saw it in my own eye and felt it in my gut. I was happy that she held so much pride in me. "That's great... She's really sweet, and deserves a lot, I'm so glad I could make her happy." A lot of teachers had admired my work, but this feeling was new. Warmth, tingles, and shivers ran through my body.

Samuel leaned forward. "She really enjoys what you bake. You don't know in what way. But your impact on her life is great. She wants to return the favor, and I talked with her about it. Would you be interested in talking with her about it?"

I looked up and tilted my head a bit. "Um..." He'd not given me a reason to not trust him, and I still knew he wouldn't let me get hurt. But I couldn't stop feeling doubtful. "Sure."

He smiled widely and left the cup on the table as he stepped back through the kitchen. "Then please, come." He walked briskly through the kitchen to the living room, smiling at Tia as he knelt down to eye level with her. "Tia, honey, wake up..." He reached over and pet through her hair gently, snug between where her cat ears were.

She moaned a bit in protest of waking up, but it soon became comfortable as an eye peeked open to see Samuel. "Master!" It was all that came out of her mouth before she flung herself at him and knocked him to the floor, kissing him with all the love and tongue she could offer as her hands and knuckles kneaded at her chest.

He couldn't help but kiss back, and I smiled, immediately seeing what kind of love these two had together. It made me a bit jealous to see so much love and fun mixed, really. But he finally grabbed her behind her neck, where the collar was hidden in her hair. She sat up and stared at him as he fixed the corset... I couldn't see much; her hair was in the way. "Stand up, my sweet." They rose at the same time and Samuel smiled at Tia. "Remember when you said you wanted to return the favor to Janice for making you so happy?

She nodded enthusiastically, and I could hear a quiet, rolling sound from her mouth. She was faking a purr (and doing a damn good job at it) to signal happiness. "Turn around, my pet..."

The turn was slow. Tia knew what was coming. Her face was already beet red, highlighting the painted facial features. My eyes were open and staring, too... I'd never seen Tia outside her uniform. Her breasts were shoving at the corset, trying to rip the strings straight off. She had an incredibly prominent hourglass, which I had to have missed because of how loose her shirts were. She was... god, amazing.

Samuel put his lips to Tia's ear. "She's here now... Why don't you tell your little friend that nice fantasy? I'd love it if you would."

Tia stepped once toward me, and I finally heard the ring of the bell on her collar. It snapped me to earth as she got within a foot of me. "Please don't be scared, Janice..." She couldn't look me in the face. "I... I told him everything, I want you to be rewarded in some way for what you've done for us." She put her hands to her face. "I want to please you and be your kitten, too! I..."

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