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After School Surprise


My wife and I were a team, a sexually liberated, fun loving team! And that was true even when I wasn't doing anything more than playing voyeur. Watching while some guy's, or gal's tongue drove Jodi in to orgasmic ecstasy, or seeing some stud's hard cock fucking her while she screamed for more wasn't just a total turn-on, it was great fun too! But, catching one of her winks as she held some lucky guy deep-throated always left me whooping enthusiastic encouragement. She loved playing to an audience, whether it was for me, one of my buddies from college, someone we'd just met, or with a roomful of swingers spurring her on. But what never happened, at least not before the night I'm writing about, was Jodi bringing a woman home for us to share. And being actively bisexual, hooking us up with a willing young lady was high on her list of things to do!

We'd been married a couple of years, and Jodi was working part time for her parents and taking classes at a local Junior College. And it was in one of those classes where she met Roberta. Only a few years older than us, she was a redhead, attractive, curvaceous, and as utterly insatiable as my wife. Married, she had two kids, and clearly wasn't getting what she wanted from hubby. At the time I was between jobs; so for a couple of months, we hooked-up every Thursday afternoon. Those wild afternoons kept more than my spirits up! The sex was hot and nasty alright; but unfortunately, it never included Jodi. But that's Ok; because, it's not the story I'm going to tell.

Never mind that redhead; also at school, Jodi found herself a new fuck-buddy. And Mike, according to my sexually liberated young wife anyway, delivered big-time! He lived across the street from the College, in an old house that had been converted in to small apartments. Jodi spent quite a bit of time there, getting high, and of course getting her brains fucked-out. Good for her I figured, and besides I loved hearing all about her erotic exploits. Of course it wasn't all sex, and in that big house's common living room, she met Tammy. And Tammy is the young lady this tale revolves around.

I was still hearing all about Jodi's ongoing fuck fest with Mike; but then, I began hearing more and more about her new friend Tammy. At nineteen Tammy was four years younger than Jodi. And of course my mischievous wife was only too happy to tell me what a fox the curvy blonde with the dazzling smile and big blue eyes was. So sure I was curious! And keeping my fingers crossed, I just couldn't help asking, and that would be repeatedly, if they'd hooked-up yet. Nothing was happening, but Jodi wasn't about to give-up! And when Jodi told me that she thought she'd have a better chance of getting down with Tammy if it flowed out of a ménage à trois; well, I was up for that! So while Jodi preached patience, I told myself that good things come to those who wait...and tried to believe it!

On a rainy afternoon, Jodi called to tell me Mike had canceled their after school date, but that she'd been partying with Tammy. I didn't ask if she'd gotten lucky. If she had, she wouldn't have been calling! But, she was headed home; even better, Tammy would be following her. When she volunteered to pick-up dinner along the way, asking me what sounded good, I suggested a can of whipped cream. At least she giggled, before telling me, "OK then, Chinese it is!"

The ladies came storming in, whooping with laughter and looking thoroughly drenched. They'd stopped for Chinese, and a passing truck had swamped them under a towering Tsunami. So while they dried-off, cleaned-up, and changed, I was in our apartment's laundry room. Tammy's clothes were in the washer and dinner was on the table when Jodi led Tammy in to the kitchen. Tammy's shorter than Jodi, and the over-sized sweatshirt she had on was just long enough to leave me wondering what she was wearing under it. Jodi wore a mischievous grin, and a short, black silk robe. Well she'd left it loosely tied, and it was obvious the only thing under it, besides bare skin was an ass hugging black thong. I let loose with an appreciative wolf whistle; and then, feeling overdressed, I suggested cocktails.

The ladies were on their second round of jack and Coke, when I headed back to the laundry room. And of course, I was afraid that when I got back Tammy would slip right back in to her freshly dried clothes. But instead and when my toke holding wife jabbed a finger in the direction of the bedroom, and pushed a joint in to a shrugging Tammy's hand, I uncrossed my fingers. Then, with Tammy's clothes safely out of sight, I mixed another round of drinks, and then caught-up with that joint. By then, the only thing I wanted more than Tammy was not to blow it! So I chilled, followed Jodi's lead, and hoped for the best!

We talked, we drank, we listened to music, the girls giggled with ever increasing frequency, and the night wore-on. Well the giggling didn't stop even after Jodi began telling Tammy about me and Roberta. And while I blushed, and Tammy clapped excitedly, Jodi told her about the time she made it home in time to watch the final round of that afternoon's erotic romp. She explained to a wide-eyed Tammy that she'd sat on the edge of the bed, watching as I pounded out a fuck intended to leave Roberta's legs wobbling, and my dick limp. Well Roberta was bent over, holding-on to the edge of the bed, so Jodi just reached out and patted her ass. Well I'd heard her, "Do it darling," but it was too late! So she didn't get to watch me take Roberta's ass, something all three of us would have gotten a real kick out of. Instead, she had to settle for watching me pull out, and then decorate a "Bastard," squealing Roberta's ass with a hot load of cum.

Right on cue, tammy shrieked, "No way! Oh fuck, you two are totally unreal!"

Jodi, who had been sharing the sofa with Tammy, got up and walked around behind her, cooing a seductive, "Really...you think so?"

Tammy was peering back over her shoulder when Jodi reached down, took hold of the mystified looking girl's sweatshirt, paused to flash me a lecherous wink, and then yanked that sweatshirt up. It wasn't just a flash either! Nope, Jodi gave me a good long look at a very pretty set of creamy white, tantalizingly upturned, apple sized breasts, and a pair of duskily hued, delectably long, and stiffly erect nipples. Tammy turned to face me, thrust her chest out and giggled nervously. What she didn't do was move to pull that sweatshirt back down. But then she didn't need too; because, my impishly grinning wife did!

Thinking turn-about, when Jodi walked back past me, I reached out and grabbed her robe's tie. But a tug didn't pull it free; instead, the robe ended-up puddled at Jodi's feet. So, wearing nothing but a silky black thong, Jodi stood there, hands on her hips, grinning as her eyes bounced back and forth between mine and a once again wide-eyed Tammy's. And Tammy, well she only had eyes for Jodi, and who could blame her! I noticed, but figured Jodi and I were the only ones aware that a blushing tammy was licking her lips. Then, leaving her rove where it lay, and ignoring the playful swat I gave her retreating ass, Jodi flounced over, and giggling like a teenager, collapsed in to Tammy's arms.

Left out of their girlish giggle-fest, I figured it was a good time to head-off for a much needed piss.

When I walked back in to the living room Jodi had a surprise for me. And it wasn't just that she was still bare breasted, or that Tammy had slipped out of her sweatshirt. So while I tried hard not to gawk, she told me, "Tammy's going to be spending the night!" Then while a giggling Tammy buried her face in her hands, she added, "It's just an excuse, but she says she's too buzzed to drive...as if!"

Another round of cocktails were ordered, and promptly delivered. Then, I went back to enjoying the view as I continued to follow Jodi's lead. I was checking out more than Tammy's pretty tits, and liked that she didn't bother with any pretense of false modesty. On the contrary, and not just for my benefit either, but I would have sworn the flirt was deliberately shifting in to provocative poses,, and even maneuvering to show-off a bit of well expose camel-toe. But then, so was Jodi; who of course, loves to flaunt her stuff in front of any handy audience.

Busy with one fantasy or another, I almost missed it when Jodi ran a hand up Tammy's leg. It stopped high on Tammy's inner thigh, caressing fingertips stroking right up to the edge of her tiny black thong. She leaned in, brushed a kiss across tammy's lips and then whispered something in her ear. Suddenly looking expectant, Tammy nodded, and let Jodi pull her to her feet. Then, with an arm around her waist, Jodi led Tammy towards the bedroom. They stopped in the doorway, and I watched as they exchanged whispers. Then, apparently satisfied, Jodi nodded; wriggling her ass as she quickly pushed her thong down her legs, leaving it lying where it fell. Tammy shrugged; and then, looking back at me, grinned as she slowly teased her thong down. She stepped out of them One leg at a time, and suddenly I was staring at a pair of bare-assed vixens. Jodi grabbed both thongs, giving me a sly look as she hooked them over the doorknob. It was an old and familiar signal, intended to let me know that she was inside making somebody very happy. So I was one relieved guy when she called back, "Coming honey?"

I only thought about answering, not yet! Instead, I got busy, turning off the stereo and the lights, blowing out a slow breath as I reminded myself to take it slow, slow and easy! And when I walked in to the bedroom, I found it suspiciously quiet, and dark! So with my mind racing and my heart pounding, I quickly undressed. Then, after discovering that the ladies were actually under the covers, me, and my raging hard-on joined them. And right away I knew something was wrong! It wasn't just wishful thinking, I'd fully expected to find myself with Tammy strategically nestled between me and my supposed teammate. Instead, the warm curvy body snuggling against me belonged to my wife; which OK, isn't exactly a bad thing! Of course she caught my hesitation, and there was just a hint of snicker in her huskily whispered, "Patience darling!"

Frustrated, but willing to play along, I gave Jodi what was practically a chaste kiss, released the breast I'd been fondling, and rolled on to my back. Then, keeping my hands to myself, I waited, ears straining in the dark. And when Jodi scooted on to her side, with her back to me, feeling anything but patient, I lay there hoping to pick-up on a cue. Luckily, I didn't have long to wait!

For a while, other than the occasional rustle of bedding, I didn't hear anything. Then, out of the dark came the sharp gasp of a sucked-in breath. It was Tammy of course! I couldn't just lie there, no way! So, I rolled on to my side, which left a hot hard length of frustrated cock pressed right up against my wife's sexy and architecturally perfect ass. Well, obviously Jodi's tongue hadn't ripped that gasp out of Tammy. And I would have noticed if she'd had a thigh working between, what my imagination told me would have been Tammy's invitingly parted thighs. So, I figured somebody had a hand busy between those thighs, and it sure wasn't me, or mine!

Trying for nonchalance, I reached across Jodi, found Tammy lying on her back, and left my hand resting on the taunt span of velvety soft skin between her bellybutton and pubic mound. I resisted temptation, and let the feel of Tammy's rippling abdominal muscles add to what my ears were telling me. And the sound of rapid breathing told me the girl without so much as even a tiny landing-strip of pubes was about to go orgasmic. So I listened, and out of the dark came Tammy's breathy, "Aah...ooh, ooh...aah, aah...yes, yes!" And then, after a moment of silence, with a rapidly escalating intensity, surprising me, Tammy let loose with a rapid-fire, "aah, ooh...oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Tammy's body had gone rigid under my hand, her arching back, and her loud, long drawn-out and thoroughly guttural "Yes," announcing that she'd been caught by the climatic surge of an orgasm.

Lying there, I was betting that Tammy had been as surprised by the animated intensity of her orgasm as I was. And I figured Jodi's self-satisfied chuckle meant that she wasn't. So there I was patiently waiting for round two, when Jodi threw back the covers. But, when I started to roll out of bed, headed for a light switch, it wasn't Jodi's whispered, "No, wait," that stopped me. It was Tammy's breathily panted, but hopefully insistent, "Again?"

Settling on my side and at least grateful to be free of the covers, I gave Jodi's ass a sharp, but playful slap, and reached for Tammy. And ignoring my wife's snickers, I slowly ran a handful of caressing fingers up the softly fluttering skin of Tammy's inner thigh. Thinking that I was playing the game Jodi's way, I stopped when I could feel, not just Tammy's wetness, but the blazing heat radiating from between her thighs. So much for playing nice, with another taunting snicker, Jodi relocated my hand.

I endured another one of their whispered exchanges, before I felt Tammy roll on to her stomach. Except, my roaming fingers told me she was actually lying half on top of Tammy. She was straddling a thigh, so I knew, even without checking that she had one of hers slip-sliding over a pussy's hot slippery wetness. Then, unexpectedly, something smacked my head. A quick check told me it had been Tammy's hand. Blame it on my playful wife, who I discovered held Tammy's outstretched arms pinned down, leaving her giggling playmate spread-eagled. And if Tammy was giggling, then she wasn't being kissed. So while I tried vainly to ignore my throbbing erection, I was picturing Jodi's lips and tongue enthusiastically ravaging the hard pink tips of Tammy's pretty tits.

With Jodi happily multi-tasking, I took a chance and reached for her ass. Jodi's knee was still slowly see-sawing between her thrashing playmate's legs, when I abandoned her ass in favor of the neighboring pussy. It was right there after all, and utterly accessible! So, I did a one-handed exploration of the soft smooth contours of my wife's thoroughly molten pussy. But, thinking play nice, I played the teased. I only used a slowly circling thumb to rim her vagina's exposed and slippery opening, while a pair of fingers lightly tickled the protruding tip of a noticeably distended clit. But when Jodi waggled her ass, on its own accord, my thumb pushed in to her. And when she began rocking her hips, she was fucking my thumb. I was congratulating myself, when I heard Tammy's "Do that...yes, harder!"

I told myself, if Jodi isn't careful, Tammy is going to cum all over her knee. And when Tammy's growled pleas for more cut-off abruptly, I just knew Jodi's tongue was dancing in and out of her mouth. But, the knee had stopped moving, which unfortunately meant my poor thumb was stuck in an unmoving vagina! And to make matters worse, utterly ignoring me, the ladies were evidently locked in a passion fueled embrace, and of course, I still couldn't see anything! And I really wanted to be able to see, especially after hearing Jodi's mocking chuckle ask, "Again...really?"

There were softly whimpered moans, and the sounds of another superheated kiss, so I wasn't expecting to hear an answer. It didn't matter anyway; Jodi would have ignored anything resembling a no! Then, it was Jodi's throaty growl ordering; "Now darling, how about you just lay there! In fact, if you so much as even think about moving, I'll order Bob to spank that very pretty ass of yours!"

Spanking Tammy's ass was already on my top ten list of things to do. And I was busy contemplating that tantalizing fantasy, and almost missed it when Jodi abandoned Tammy's thigh. She was back on her side, and when I checked, she had her legs scissored around one of Tammy's. So I was thinking, perfection; theirs hot pussy exposed and utterly accessible! But, risking an illegal use of the hands call, I took my time making sure, and yes, Tammy was still lying there spread-eagled. And as badly as I wanted her, my wife had already called dibs on Tammy!

So, with my wandering hand safely back on Jodi's hip, I scooted back just enough to allow my cock to spring-out perpendicular. Then a gentle forward thrust sent its head skittering across her velvety soft labia, stopping when it bumped up against Tammy's thigh. And then, hearing one of those startled, sharp intakes of breath, I hesitated. Knowing Jodi, I was pretty sure I knew what had caused it. From the point of view of Jodi's fingers anyway, Tammy was still virginal. So, I figured she'd finally actually penetrated Tammy, no doubt with a pair of stiffened fingers. Like with Tammy earlier, one of Jodi's signature moves is to take a woman first, using a solitary fingertip to tickle loose a quickie clitoral orgasm. It didn't figure in to that night's fun and games, but with a guy, especially if I'm watching, that first orgasmic eruption of cum is going to wind-up splashing straight in to Jodi's throat. It works for me; and usually means I get to watch him going down on her. And that, besides hopefully driving her orgasmic, leaves the guy ready to bang her sex-crazed brains out. But just then, it was me getting ready to do the fucking. I just wasn't sure when!

"Bet I can make you scream," I heard Jodi challenge. And, I sure didn't need eyes to know what that meant!

If I was right, the spread-eagled girl issuing the sarcastic, "uh-huh," would soon have a pair of fingers churning away in her vagina, while a fast-moving thumb flicked back and forth over an aroused clit. And of course, before Jodi allowed Tammy to cum, the tease would have the girl screaming pleas. I didn't think Tammy would last long, and I knew if I did any serious fucking that neither would I. So I began gently popping the head of my cock in and out of the vagina it had been detouring around. I heard a growl; but then, it could have been Jodi's throaty purr. Well I didn't know; but either way, figured it wasn't solely due to the magic she was working between Tammy's legs. But then, there wasn't any beg in Jodi's impatiently snarled, "Fuck me, yeah, fuck me!" Green-lighted or not, after just a couple of hard jabbing thrusts, I went right back to twisting -in more of those slow, but fully penetrating ones.

Having just about made up my mind to abandon pussy and make a dash for the nearest lamp, I was startled by Tammy's piercing, "Oh fuck!"

Jodi snapped, "Hold still!" Well she wasn't talking to me, so I went right on jabbing in short hard thrusts. And managing to sound serious, Jodi added a mocking, "Really, you'd think no one had ever hunted-down your G-spot before!"

One word at a time, a nearly breathless Tammy panted-out, "Well...that...would...be...oh God...not...like...oh fuck...ooh, that!" And then over Jodi's snickering, I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers rapidly pistoning in and out of a G-spot induced flood of hot slipperiness.

Luckily, I can fuck and listen at the same time! Except I could have been deaf and still heard Tammy's screeched, "Oh God, oh God...more, more, yes, like that...oh God!" Only, somehow I didn't figure that animated rant constituted begging, and I was absolutely positive Jodi hadn't! Whatever, Tammy might have skipped begging; but, she was most definitely baying demands as Jodi sent her screaming through one orgasm after another. Well the silly girl had been bellowing, "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," when she quite obviously already was. And if I hadn't braked I would have been right behind her.

Tammy reached back, slapping my ass as she whooped, "Ride 'em cowboy!"

I slapped her ass, and told her, "Beg for it bitch!" And when I didn't hear back, I figured they were wrapped-up in another heated post orgasmic embrace. Well that's what I thought, until I detected another round of their conspiratorial whispering.

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