tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfter School Tutoring

After School Tutoring


Katy Beaton was a graduate student from South Texas Women's College and she was in her final term so she was student teaching for the semester. To earn some extra credit she also used her teaching as community service by moving to the inner city and teaching to high risk minorities. Katy stood five foot six and had semi-long bleach blonde hair that fell past her shoulders. She was also a health nut so she was very toned only weighing 110 pounds.

Although Katy was studying to be a teacher her real passion was modeling. She had even won several teen beauty pageants, mostly because her DDD breasts had come in early. Katy was also a devout Christian so she was innocent, almost pathetically so, and completely trusting. Her and her fiancé were abstinent and they were both virgins. Everyone always liked Katy because she was so polite and it helped she was a knockout southern bombshell.

On Katy's first day she wore her hair up in a ponytail and chose a long sleeve thin white sweater, a long black skirt, and short black heels. All the kids stared as Katy walked through the halls. They had never seen a white girl like Katy before, and it made Katy uneasy a little but she was twenty-five and could handle it. When Katy walked in her class and stood at the front the room fell silent, and then the class of all boys started hooting and hollering at her. It wasn't until the principle walked in a few minutes later that the boys stopped. The principle told them to listen to Miss Beaton or else. When he left Katy introduced herself then learned the kid's names.

The kids behaved most of the day except for a few instances and she didn't assign any homework at the end of the day. After school a couple teachers and staff brought Katy into the teacher's lounge and had a small party to welcome her. They told her to be tough and to send the problem kids to the principle to punish them. Some of the ladies told her not to stay late and to always be careful at night because she was so cute. After the party everyone left and Katy was ready to leave to.

As Katy walked back into her class to grab her purse she was grabbed, gagged, and blind-folded. She could hear several boys arguing about who got to go first and she was confused. Evidently one boy won because the others got quiet and he pulled the blind-fold off. Three black boys that were all over six feet tall and almost twenty years old, because they failed so many times, stood in front of her with no shirts on. The largest one, who was the one speaking, said, "We don't got much sweet white ass like you round here. We are going to have some fun with you." Katy began to cry as she realized what these degenerate niggers were about to do to her.

Katy prayed while tears poured down her cheeks that someone would come to help her or that she could wake up from her nightmare. The boys checked the hall then locked the door and began getting undressed. Katy stopped crying when the boys got naked because she could only stare at the three hard monster black cocks now in front of her. The two boys farther away both had dicks at least ten inches long but the boy's in front must have been at least twelve inches, maybe more, and almost twice as thick as the other boys. The biggest guy, who was now standing with his huge shaft erect in front of Katy's face, asked, "Have you ever sucked a fat nigga cock before teach?" Katy shook her head no and the guys laughed. The leader spoke again, "We are going to break you in and show you how to be a slut teach."

The guy took the gag out of Katy's mouth and told her to be quiet, flashing a knife. The boy told her that she was going to take care of all three of them and wouldn't be hurt as long as she cooperated. The boy pushed her down into a chair then he made her start licking his shaft while the other two boys came over and got on either side of her.

Katy very lightly stuck her tongue out and began licking the huge black pole. After only a few seconds the boy grabbed her ponytail and slapped her across the face. He yanked her up by her hair then pushed her backwards onto the edge of her desk. The other two boys came over and ripped her skirt and sweater off revealing her white lace string thong and bra, that was barely holding in her huge tits. Katy tried to cover herself as she cried out, "Please stop, I have never done this before." The boys all stopped and looked at each other.

The one boy asked, "You a virgin teach?" When Katy nodded yes the boys cheered and high-fived then all came at her at once. The largest boy forced her to her knees and grabbed her ponytail. He stuck the tip of his dick in her mouth, much to Katy's surprise, and slowly kept pushing more in. Katy was wide-eyed in shock, the huge cock only barely fit between her lips, and could only think how nasty the dick in her mouth tasted and looked. The other two boys made her start jerking them off with her hands. The boy in her mouth was now humping her face making her gag a little as he poked the back of her throat, which made it more difficult for her to adjust to using her hands too.

Katy had only just been able to get in a good rhythm with her hands when she was suddenly yanked up by her hair again. She was picked up and laid down on her back on top of her desk. The guy using her mouth pulled her to the edge of the desk where her head was just hanging off the end. He said, "Teach you're going to learn how to deep throat now." The boy pushed his dick in her mouth a little at a time until he was up against her throat. Katy was already gagging, then the boy forced the rest of his cock down her throat. The other guys got her hands working again as the guy in her throat ripped her bra off. All the boys whistled when Katy's huge tits bounced openly.

The guy in Katy's mouth pulled out letting spit and precum drip down onto Katy's face as she gasped for air and cried softly. She didn't even see which guy said, "Look at them big white tities bro!" She felt the two guys she was jerking off groping one of her breasts each, really roughly, twisting her nipples and squeezing hard. After Katy had barely caught her breath her throat was once again full of cock but this time the boy began fucking her face with no mercy. Spit and tears streaked down Katy's face as she gagged loudly from the onslaught.

The guy in her mouth slammed down her throat and sped up even more, as he grabbed both her tits and squeezed, then blew a huge load of cum in her throat shouting out, "FUCKKKKKK YEAH this white bitch was born to suck black cock!" He held his throbbing cock all the way in her throat for a few extra seconds.

Katy laid there with her chest heaving for air but she had to swallow the huge cum deposit in her throat first. Once she had Katy was in utter shock until one of the other boys stepped in front of her and made her start sucking on his balls. After only a minute or so the new guy shoved his dick in her mouth and started working his way into her throat. Katy was at least a little more prepared for her forced deep throat the second time and it helped that the guy was a tiny bit smaller.

The new guy had just began humping her face when she felt something rubbing her clit. Katy tried to push the guy out of her throat to protest someone entering her vagina. Katy began kicking her feet and she was met with swift punishment. The guys pulled her off the desk and spun her around before shoving her back against the side of the desk. While one guy tied her feet together the big guy spoke saying, "You are just our whore now princess." Katy's face was shoved down on the desk leaving her ass sticking up in the air. One boy hand-cuffed her hands behind her back while the guy that was just in her mouth reentered and began face fucking her again from the other side of the desk holding her head up by her ponytail.

The two other guys were each spanking Katy repeatedly really hard making Katy scream and turning her ass bright red. It only took the boy in her mouth a minute or so to pull out and shoot four thick shots of cum on her face with thick strings of spit connecting his dick and her mouth. Katy gasped for air again but was horrified to feel the large first cock she took begin pushing in her vagina. Katy cried and begged him not to take her virginity but the big nigger shoved his cock in her. He moaned and pushed until he was all the way in her. Katy screamed in pain as the huge cock ripped open her virgin cunt until the third boy popped his dick in her mouth.

Katy was now being fucked by two black cocks at the same time but she couldn't even feel the one in her mouth, only the huge pole filling her cunt. The guy now pounding her from behind was also spanking her. All of a sudden Katy got extremely warm and began shuttering as she fiercely orgasmed moaning loudly. The guy in her mouth shot cum down her throat again and she swallowed it quickly. Now that her mouth was free Katy was moaning loudly as the guy behind her began speeding up pumping in her cunt over and over.

Katy realized now what the guy was about to do and she screamed out, "NO ... PLEASE ... not inside me I don't want a nigger baby." The guys all laughed and the boy fucking her exploded inside her pushing as deep in her as he could.

One of the other boys laid on the middle of the desk and another untied Katy's feet. She was lifted up and sat on her knees up on the desk on top of the guys laying. Her hands were still locked behind her so she was lifted up onto his dick and let go so she fell on it taking it all at once. All on her own Katy began bobbing up and down on his dick. She grinded her hips down on his dick and slammed down on it making herself orgasm again.

Katy was addicted to these huge cocks; they awoke dark desires and filthy needs in Katy. She couldn't believe what she had been missing out on and she couldn't believe she was enjoying these disgusting black cocks. The biggest guy that had cum in her pussy climbed up on the desk and stood up where his dick was by her face and told her to clean his dick off. He was soon fucking her mouth again while the other boy got up behind her. The new guy pushed the head of his dick in her ass hole and it burned. He kept forcing until it was all the way in her ass and Katy's ass hole was stretched to the point she thought it would rip but she absolutely loved the way it felt.

The guys all began fucking her; Katy was now being raped by all three dicks at once. The two guys fucking her cunt and ass were sawing in and out of her ripping orgasm after orgasm through Katy's body driving her deeper and deeper into depravity.

Katy cried out when her mouth was not full, "Fuck my tight white cunt! Fill me white ass with your black cock! FUCK ME!" The guy in her ass unhand-cuffed her and made her smash her tits together. All three guys came at once, the guy in her pussy and ass forced themselves all the way inside her before blowing their loads and the guy in her mouth shot it on her face and tits.

Katy was put back down on her back on the desk again and one guy climbed on top of her. He grabbed her tits, smashing them together, and began tit fucking her while the other guy shoved himself in her ass. While the two boys fucked her the leader spoke, "Every other day you are going to stay late for after school tutoring. Sometimes there might be more of our boys that need your help slut. You will start bringing more proper whore clothing to tutoring. We know where you live so you better not say anything or we will come do this in front of your fiancé."

The guy in Katy's ass shot his load deep in her ass hole and then the guy fucking her tits shot cum on her neck and tits. The boys put their clothes on and left, leaving Katy naked, covered and filled with cum, in shock. She just sat there for a while going over what had just happened in her head. She needed to rush home but she was already excited about tutoring in a couple days. She ran to the girl's locker room, took a quick shower, and fixed her make-up and clothes before heading home. On her drive home Katy passed several sex shops that she intended to stop by tomorrow so she could buy some clothing that would please her new masters.

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