tagErotic CouplingsAfter So Long Ch. 02

After So Long Ch. 02


After several minutes, their breathing returned to normal, but he remained inside her. They were looking into each other's eyes. Drew and Stephanie had not said a word in several minutes, but they kissed gently as they caught their breath. His penis was now fully soft inside her vagina and he could feel a drop of his cum make its way to the tip. He didn't know how there could possibly be anymore of his semen inside his dick, he blew so much of it into her, but he could feel it emerge from the tip. He squeezed his penis muscles and felt the drop fall off. He knew that it had joined the rest of his seed.

Inside Stephanie's fertile pussy.

Their breathing had calmed down, but the room was filled with the sounds of their gentle kisses. Her hands were caressing up and down his back slowly. Her feet had fallen to the sides of him on the couch. Giving her sexy lips one last kiss, Drew slowly pulled his soft member out of her. He lay on her side and she immediately swung a chubby leg over him, wrapping her arm around his chest as she snuggled up close to him on the couch. The movie continued to play in the background, but they had already missed most of it.

Drew ran his hands up and down Stephanie's soft body. The warm skin of her back was smooth and comforting. Each time his hand reached her beautifully plump bum he gave her naked cheek a squeeze before caressing his hand down to her leg and then back up again. She was kissing his cheek and he could hear her breath in his ear. He was conscious of her bare foot gently sliding up and down his leg. His heart was filled with love and he turned to her, meeting her lips with his own. Their lips smacked repeatedly before he gave her a hug and closed his eyes. He felt wonderful. They both did.

Stephanie's heart pounded with love for this man. She couldn't stop looking at him and kissing him.

"That was honestly the best sex I ever had." She said softly. He smiled and turned back to look at her. His soft penis responded to her words, growing to semi-hardness again already. She had such amazing brown eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her, sucking her upper lip into his mouth. He couldn't stop kissing her. Stephanie's lips were like a magnet and each kiss made him want to kiss her again. She opened her mouth and wiggled her tongue against his lips. He opened his mouth and her tongue eagerly shot inside. He rubbed his tongue against hers, bringing his hand back down to her big, beautiful bum. He squeezed the soft cheek as he ran his tongue along hers and into her mouth. Their breathing once again grew heavy as the two long-lost lovers kissed passionately on the wide couch.

Stephanie ran her fingernails down his chest and stomach. She was caught off guard when she felt his hard penis poke her hand. She sighed into his mouth, kissing him urgently as she wrapped her fingers around his rigid shaft. The tingling in her vagina surged with the thought of sliding him back inside her and she broke the kiss.

Drew watched her look at him, slowing kissing her way down his chest and stomach. He looked at her hand, watching it slowly stroke his stiff organ. She reached his cock and he watched her press her lips against the base, slowly kissing it. Stephanie smiled up at him and then kissed halfway up his manhood. She kissed the mushroom head and then her tongue darted out and slowly circled around it. She gave his head another gentle kiss. Then she opened her mouth and slowly slipped him inside.

"Ohhhh..." he moaned as warmth engulfed his member. He watched Stephanie's pretty face slowly make his cock disappear. Her sexy lips went all the way down to the base and she kept him in her mouth for a moment, looking up at him. She began to bob her head up and down, using long, smooth strokes.

'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' the sucking sounds were loud and clear as she eagerly gave him amazing head. He subtly humped his hips up into her face, losing himself in the sensation. "Mmmm..." she purred, sucking on his member even harder. She pulled him out of her mouth with a 'pop'.

"Do you like getting your dick sucked?" she said in a breathy voice.

"Yeah..." he breathed, unable to say anything more. She smiled, dimple showing and then stuffed his member back into her mouth.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned again. 'Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!' she slobbered on his thick, hard penis even faster. Her pussy was buzzing like crazy and she didn't know how much longer she could go without sliding him inside her. She continued gobbling Drew's cock as she swung a leg over his, straddling him. She pulled him out of her mouth with another loud 'pop'. She looked up at him, already crawling towards him.

"Are you ready for me to fuck you now?" Stephanie panted in her sensual voice.

"Yeah." Drew grunted, completely at her mercy.

"Are you sure?" she purred as got up to him and reached underneath her, grabbing his hardness and raising it in the air. She pressed it against the lips of her entrance and he was startled by the heat emanating from her. She rubbed her wet slit back and forth across the top of his penis, teasing him as she looked down at him.

"Are you sure?" Stephanie repeated. Her hot, wet lips continued rubbing overtop of him, back and forth, back and forth. He tried lifting up and piercing her, but she lifted up too, not letting him get away with it.

"Yes!" He breathed. She smiled, her dimple appearing. He felt pressure on his penis and then sudden warmth engulfed his head tightly. He looked down beneath her belly and saw the petals of her vagina gripping the top of his organ tightly.

"OH!" She cried. Drew winced and she noticed. "Tight, eh?" she smiled.

"Yeah." He nodded. She wiggled and forced another inch inside her snug tunnel, sighing. He reached around her and grabbed a fat ass cheek in each hand, squeezing them lustfully. The tips of his fingers were in the crack of her ass as he held her tight. Stephanie lifted up a little too high and his dick popped out of her, the cool air hitting where her nectar coated him. She quickly repositioned it and pressed down again, this time it slipped inside her easier and she forced herself halfway down his rod.

"Ohhhh..." Stephanie moaned, closing her eyes. She slid her pussy up his cock and the pushed down again, this time his entire penis slid inside her. "Ohhhh gawd yesss..."

She held herself down on him, keeping him inside her body as she lay down on top of him. Her lips found his and she kissed him softly, her mouth gently sucking his upper lip. She kissed him again, lips smacking. He was conscious of Stephanie's tight pussy wrapped around every inch of his cock and she was breathing heavily right into his mouth as she kissed him a third time, again sucking his lip for a moment. His hand caressed her smooth, big ass as he kissed her back, over and over. His heart was pounding and he opened his mouth. She did the same and at the same time they shot their tongues into each other's mouth.

The two lovers kissed passionately. He loved how Stephanie's tongue felt rubbing against his and going deep inside his mouth. He loved running his fingers up and down the crack of her big, beautiful ass, occasionally squeezing it. He was conscious of her big tits pressing against his chest as she continued to hold him deep inside her.

Finally, still kissing him, Stephanie began to slide her cunt up and down his thick, hard rod. He could feel her tight entrance gripping him as if reluctant to let him out. She went halfway up his penis before sinking her vagina back down on him.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned into his mouth. Her tongue moved slowly now, but went deeper as she began sliding her slick pussy up and down his manhood.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Stephanie moaned as she felt her lover pierce her needy hole again and again. He was so hard and thick! A surge of desire went through her as her body let her know in no uncertain terms that it needed more of this man's seed. Her heart pounded so hard that it hurt. She loved Drew more than anything, she realized. She broke the kiss.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, raising herself up as she rode him. He looked up at her. Stephanie's tits were bouncing up and down with the motion and her eyes were half-closed, mouth open as she moaned with pleasure. Once again he could see beneath her belly, watching his manhood disappear inside her over and over. Her pussy was so tight!

He sat up a little and grabbed a soft breast, bringing his lips up to her nipple. He licked over her erect nipple as she looked down at him, her cunt still massaging up and down his penis. Drew licked around her areola, teasing his tongue past her nipple again before finally sucking it into his mouth. He kissed all over her large tit, occasionally sucking her nipple. He felt her hand hold the back of his head as he kissed his way down her soft skin and into her cleavage. He kissed up the slope of her other breast, immediately sucking that nipple into his hungry mouth.

Drew began to sit up a little more and Stephanie squeezed one leg along the bed and around him. She then squeezed her other leg around him so that the two lovers were sitting facing each other, his cock buried inside her. He looked deep into her pretty brown eyes, just holding a part of his body inside hers. They were both breathing heavily and as one they leaned forward and gently kissed, lips smacking loudly.

"I love you, Drew." Stephanie whispered.

"I love you too." He replied. He squeezed her tight and she pressed her pussy down on him as hard as she could, making sure every inch of him was inside her. They brought their faces close together, a piece paper couldn't slip between their lips yet they didn't kiss, they just looked into each other's eyes.

He was breathing heavily, cherishing the sensation of Stephanie's hot, tight pussy gripping his entire cock. Her entrance was especially tight, squeezing his base like a vice. He softly kissed her full lips, still looking into her dark eyes as he ran his hands down her smooth back and over her big ass cheeks. He squeezed her soft, plump cheeks, sliding the tips of his fingers into her crack. He subtly humped upwards a little, starting to fuck her slowly. He was only able to slide out of her about an inch before pushing back inside her as a result of the seated position that they were in.

"Ohhhh..." Stephanie sighed, raising her eyebrows. She humped forward a little, keeping his wonderful cock mostly inside her body while helping him slide in and out of her just a little bit. She leaned forward and kissed him once, twice, three times. By the fourth kiss she pushed her long tongue into his mouth, holding her naked body against his. She felt his tongue rub along hers and enter her mouth and she sighed. Their kissing grew in passion and she loved how his hands squeezed her naked bum over and over. His thick, hot, hard tool was buried deep inside her fertile body.

The room was filled with the sounds of their kissing and their heavy breathing as they continued to slowly fuck using the smallest of strokes. The lips of Stephanie's tight pussy gripped the base of his penis before sliding barely an inch up his shaft and then back down again, keeping his cock nice and hot inside her. Drew broke the kiss and slowly kissed over her cheek to her ear. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth and the released it. He slowly ran his tongue around the curve of her ear, still subtly making love to her. She was breathing heavily in his ear as he started to kiss down her neck. He sucked her loose skin into his mouth, tasting her.

"Ohhh gawd Drew..." Stephanie whispered as he kissed her over her throat. He kissed down her tanned chest, taking one hand off her cheek and caressing around to the front of her beautiful, chubby body. As he ran his lips down the slope of her magnificent breast, his hand pushed it upwards. He ran his mouth over her dark areola, sucking her erect nipple into his mouth. He felt her hands run through his hair as he teased his tongue back and forth across her nipple.

"Ohhhh..." Stephanie sighed. "You feel so good inside me baby." She breathed. "I can't wait to feel you release in me again. I love you so much baby."

Drew released her nipple and kissed her hard, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth. They kissed passionately, but sloppily, tongues dancing against each other as he brought his hand back down to her ass and started to roll them over. Stephanie got onto her side and slowly rolled onto her back on the couch, managing to keep her lover's cock inside her aching pussy. She could feel his rigid penis slide almost all the way out of her sensitive vagina before plunging back inside her.

"MMMPH!" she grunted as bolts of pleasure shot up her body. His rock hard member slid inside her so deep! She pushed her tongue further into his mouth as he began to fuck her using long strokes. She was conscious of every inch of his wonderful organ sliding along the sensitive inner walls of her vagina and then banging off the bottom. She raised her chubby feet into the air a little, opening her legs wider. Her hands were clawing at his back as the tingling in her crotch grew in intensity.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!" Stephanie groaned into his mouth as he pistoned in and out of her needy pussy. She could feel an orgasm rising and she raised her feet even higher, increasing the sensation. She broke the kiss, wincing as the tingling increased even more.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" Stephanie's cries could be heard all the way upstairs, had anyone been there. Her feet were flailing helplessly behind Drew's thrusting ass as he plunged his cock into her again and again. "Ohhhh gawd – harder, baby, harder!"

He held himself up on his arms and began to fuck her even harder, just drilling his stiff penis into her needy hole again and again. Stephanie's beautiful face was wincing and turned to the side. Her huge, beautiful tits were rocking up and down violently with his steady thrusts. The slapping sounds of his groin hitting her crotch rang throughout the recroom. He looked down and could see her beautiful bald pussy with a clit ring absorbing a hard piece of his body over and over. Her tight cunt was squeezing his cock from all sides, sucking him back into her each time he withdrew.

"I'M GONNA CUM, BABY HARDER! HARDER BABY! UNH! UNH! UNH!" Stephanie's moans were incredibly loud and they caused Drew to fuck her with all his might, jackhammering his stiff penis in and out of her at a lightning pace. Her big ass was bouncing off the couch, helping her crotch meet each of his thrusts even faster - causing an insane pace to their lovemaking.

"OHHHHH...GAWD!" Stephanie screamed, cumming. Every muscle in her body tensed up and her toes curled tight as an orgasm washed over her. Drew mercilessly continued pounding her pussy with his hard cock at full speed as she came violently around him. Her heart felt like it would explode and she winced, turning her head from side to side as she struggled for control. She was gasping for breath, and still he was ramming his manhood deep inside her over and over. She could feel the inner walls of her tunnel convulsing – grabbing at his pistoning cock. She never felt this incredible before!

Drew lay back down on top of her, sliding his hands under her shoulders and holding her tight against his body. He could feel her naked breasts pressed against him as he continued fucking her hard. She was breathing in his ear and her heels were now bouncing off his ass as he jammed his dick into her tight, needy hole again and again. Stephanie was kissing his cheek, looking for his mouth. He turned and they were shoving their tongues eagerly into each other's mouth before their lips even met.

"MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH! MMMPH!" Stephanie was moaning into his mouth, her tongue nearly touching his throat. Her tight, hot pussy was pulling him into her and her chubby, sexy legs wrapped around him loosely, bouncing off his ass. He continued jabbing at her hot, tight cunt with his rigid pole, his balls starting to heat up. Their lips were smacking loudly as they kissed sloppily. He broke the kiss.

"I'm cumming hunny!" he gasped.

Stephanie's heart soared and her body sent a clear message to her brain that it wanted to feel his cum shoot in her. Her eyebrows raised her she looked up at him with her gorgeous dark eyes.

"Shoot you cum in me baby." Stephanie breathed in a sexy voice. "I want to feel you cum inside me."

She kissed his open mouth softly, sucking his upper lip. He felt her legs tighten around him a little. He held his cum, allowing it to build up as he thrust into her hungry pussy a few more times. She kissed him again, gasping for breath.

"Cum inside me baby." Stephanie purred. "I want to look in your eyes when you release in me."

Her beautiful eyes looked into his. The two lovers were gasping for breath. His balls were heating up. He could barely stand it, but was able to hang on for a few more thrusts, allowing it to build.

"Cum for me, baby." Stephanie begged. "I need it. I need to feel your hot cum inside me. I want to feel your dick throbbing in me."

Drew's cock was burning, as hard as it could possibly be, trying to hang onto his ejaculation just a few more seconds. He groaned, sliding his penis all the way inside Stephanie's vagina and holding it there, pressing himself against her. His manhood jerked violently and the thickest wad of cum exploded out the end and blasted off the back of Stephanie's fertile womb.

"Oh my gawd I felt that!" Stephanie's dark eyes were looking up at him. It was true, her pussy clearly felt his hard organ spasm and she knew his seed was blasting inside her. Her heart soared.

Drew's penis jerked again, and then again right after that, each one shot a rope of sticky, hot semen deep inside Stephanie's welcoming vagina. He ground himself against her, cock jerking over and over again, spraying his cum off the back of her hungry cunt. She was kissing him breathlessly all over his face as he came inside her. He felt his manhood jerk again with a little less power, but knew that the hot seed that blasted out of him was still very potent. His member continued to twitch and his semen poured out of him and into her as her lips started kissing at his mouth.

He collapsed on her warm body breathlessly, still unable to kiss back as his penis gave one last twitch inside her, shooting more sperm into her womb. Drew moaned, starting to kiss back as the last of his cum dripped out of his semi-hard penis and into Stephanie's needy, fertile pussy. The recroom was filled with the sounds of their panting and smacking lips.

"Ohhhhh...wow!" Stephanie breathed, smiling as she kissed him. She loved feeling him inside her, even though he was soft. "That was intense, eh?" she asked. He could only nod, kissing her full lips again.

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