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After The Accident

byDG Hear©

As with many of my stories, this story could have gone in a number of different categories. I want to give a big 'Thank You' to my two editors who make my stories what they are, LadyCibelle and Techsan. Their encouragement, insight and editing prowess makes my story a much better read.

I've read hundreds and hundreds of stories about cheating spouses. I used to put it all into the fantasy category of my mind. I always thought that it was the man that mainly cheated on the wife but I don't believe it anymore. From my own experiences I believe that women have affairs as much as men do nowadays.

Men seem to want a piece of ass, to put it bluntly. The old wham-bam-thank-you-Ma'am type sex that the movies used to have in them. The men would go to a strip joint of some type, get horny, shell out a few bucks and then get laid and afterwards go home to the little housewife.

In today's society, the men seem to screw their secretary or any other female who is willing to spread her legs. They still go home to the little housewife afterwards.

Now, time to get some slack from the ladies. Before I go into this, I want it to be understood that all women are not like this. I honestly believe that there are a lot of monogamous, faithful wives out there who have no intention of ever cheating on their husbands.

I do believe the number of faithful wives is declining. I guess that's why I'm afraid of marriage. I don't want to fall in love and then have my heart torn out by a cheating wife.

I am now a forty-two year old man who has never been married and here is my story.

For the record, my name is Henry B. Hawkins. I live in Ohio but I travel the United States as a truck driver. I own my own rig and am independent and choose which companies I'll haul for. I became a truck driver when I turned twenty-nine but I'll get into that part of my life later.

I'll start this story with my life back in the old high school days. I was a jock and played almost every sport I could. I was in great physical shape and still am today. I lifted weights and did a lot of exercise to stay that way. I still have the six pack abs but, of course, because of age my body has had a lot of changes.

I'm not bragging here – well, maybe a little - but I was the stud jock. I dated a lot of girls and got lucky, both because of my physique and playing sports. I took my shirt off most every chance I got because I was proud of my body and I knew the girls liked to see me shirtless.

Even though I dated a lot of girls, like most guys, there was one special girl. Joanie was that girl. She was the first one that I ever had sex with. I've now been with well over a thousand women, maybe even thousands. I lost count many years ago.

I went to college on the west coast. The name of the college isn't important. I had a partial football scholarship. The school paid for all my study courses and books and some of my living expenses. Being so far away from home I found out I needed more money to survive after my first semester.

Some of the other jocks asked me if I could dance. I laughed wondering why. I had taken dancing lessons as a kid when I was about seven years old. I took them for about three years but felt funny being one of the only boys in the class so I quit. I wasn't about to tell these guys about that part of my life.

"Seriously, Henry, can you dance? Don't get me wrong here, but you have a fabulous physique," said Rob.

I looked at Rob and Bill standing next to him. They were both great physical specimens but I knew they liked the ladies as much as I did.

"I can dance some. I may not be the best dancer in the world but I can move my feet," I laughed. "What's this about, Rob?"

"I know you are looking to make a few bucks. Bill and I are bother dancers. We do different gigs and bring in some pretty heavy bread. Have you heard of the Chippendale's Male Review?"

"You guys are Chippendale's?"

"No, but we are part of a group of twenty guys who do the same thing. We dance in smaller clubs that can't afford the big guys. We also pick up a lot of small gigs, you know like, bridal showers, and birthday parties and other events. The amount of dancing we do depends on our schedules. Are you interested in a tryout?"

"What about the women? I take it you guys get a lot of dates?"

Bill laughed. "Henry, you'll get more pussy than you can ever imagine. After most gigs we have parties in our rooms and the women come up and we party. They pay us money while we're doing the gig and then when we go up to the room it's party time. You can have them alone or we all share the women. What do you say? Want to try out? One phone call is all it takes. Julie, our agent, takes care of everything."

Damn, I couldn't believe what I was hearing; pussy galore and money too. Rob made the call and I had an interview with Julie the following day. She was an older, good looking, woman in her forties. I found out later that she was divorced and had a daughter that was still in high school.

She was all business. She put on some music and told me to start dancing. I started out kind of shy and she told me to gyrate more and to move my ass. She wanted more pelvic thrusts; she said it brought in more money.

When I finished dancing she told me she liked what she saw and sat down and explained the rules. She had contracts and everything to make it legal. I was twenty at the time and it bothered her some. I had to sign a form stating that I would not drink alcoholic beverages due to my age. She gave me a couple of tapes to listen to and told me to practice dancing to them. They had a gig the following weekend. It was a pretty good size one and would be easier on me since she would have about ten guys in the review.

I was excited when the time came. I was nervous and had some stage fright. We all had some rather small costumes and we were to strip down to pretty much a g-string with kind of a cock-sac attached so our jewels wouldn't fall out. I was the only guy who wasn't twenty-one yet so I got razzed quite a bit because of it. We all had our bodies oiled down so we would glisten. Julie told me I would need to spend more time in a tanning bed. Tony and Troy both laughed about that. They were two of the black guys who came to dance at this gig.

I was the eighth guy up in the review. Julie wanted me to watch the other dancers so I would get an idea of what to do. I was introduced as the newest dancer when the time came. Of course they didn't call me Henry, for obvious reasons. A strip dancer named Henry just didn't fill the bill.

"Ladies, we have a very special treat for you tonight. Our newest and youngest dancer is making his debut tonight. Let's put those hands together and welcome the new guy on the review: Billy Bob, The Charmer."

Billy Bob, The Charmer - where did they get that name? I guess the DJ just made it up. I ran out on the stage and yelled, "Yahoo, ladies" and just started shaking my ass. Within a couple of minutes I was down to my g-string and pushing my pelvis at every woman out there. The money, mostly dollar bills and a few fives were put in a box on the stage in front of me. They didn't want any touching during our performance so this is the way they did it.

I couldn't believe how great it felt being the center of attention and all these women screaming for me. I shook my ass for all I was worth and did so many pelvic thrusts, I almost dislocated my back. As I left the stage the women were still screaming for me. Damn, I never felt so good, but the best part was yet to come.

In this particular bar/lounge there was an after party. There was a twenty dollar charge to attend the after party. Of course most women headed out but quite a few stayed for the party. The doors were locked. Once you left you couldn't get back in. The lounge had rooms upstairs for the entertainers to use. The patrons who were all women knew it was mingle with the dancers' time. Bill told me in advance a lot of what to expect. I really thought he was exaggerating about how wild it might get until they dimmed the lights and put some soft music on.

A woman came up to me and asked me to dance with her. She pushed her body as tight up against me as humanly possible. I got an instant hard-on. I asked her if she wanted to go upstairs and she told me she just wanted to sit at the table with me.

I looked around and all the guys were with different women. Some were there with two and three of them, dancing and rubbing themselves all over these females. The smell of sex was in the air. I took my gal over to a table, kind of in the back of the room and sat in a chair. I couldn't believe what happened next. Instead of sitting in a chair next to me, this gal got on her knees between my legs and pulled out my cock and started sucking on it. While she was sucking me off another woman came over and asked if she could taste it. Apparently these two women knew each other as they took turns sucking me off.

I remember saying, "Ladies, I'm about to come."

The first woman said, "I want it" and put the head of my cock in her mouth as I shot my load. It was more than she expected and it was coming out the side of her mouth.

Her friend said, "Let me suck the rest out of him" and that's exactly what she did. I was still having small spasms as the second woman sucked me dry.

The night went on and I did have sex with another woman later. I was in awe for my first time outing with all this sex going on all around me. I had never been in that type of situation: women coming up to me and asking for sex. I figured the booze, and I did see some weed being smoked, made a lot of the women horny. To my surprise, the majority of these women had on wedding rings. Even though I was only twenty, I had a hard time understanding why these women would do this. Go outside of their marriage and attend fuck parties. It was something I have never been able to understand.


I continued to play sports in college but I was usually on second string. I did give it my all, but my job - the dancing gigs - took a lot out of me. On my twenty-first birthday I called my parents and told them that I was dropping out of school. I know it bothered them but I explained to them that I liked the entertainment business and that I was making a great deal of money. When I told my dad how much money I was pulling in per night he could hardly comprehend it. I was making more in three hours of dancing then he made in a week.

They were disappointed that I wasn't getting a degree but said that they were behind me in whatever I chose to do. I contacted my promoter, Julie, and told her I was willing to work full time in the business.

I need to say a couple of things about Julie. She was almost like a mother to us dancers. To the best of my knowledge she had never had sex with any of the dancers and she never attended an after party. She handled our finances and was the agent for the business and was great at what she did. If we ever had a problem, she was always there for us.

I had now been in the business for about a year. After about the first three months, which was a kind of a break-in period, I was starting to excel in my performances. Now it was nothing for me to strip in front of these women. I can't explain the power that comes over a guy when women are screaming for him while he is on stage. The after parties were great. We didn't have them in every town, only the larger establishments.

In the smaller lounges we would pass out a card to a woman if she seemed interested in us. We would meet after the performances ended and go to our room or to a place of their choice. I couldn't get over how much these women wanted sex with us. It was like they were fucking their favorite movie star or something.

The private parties were something else again. We didn't make near the money that we did at the big gigs but they sure were fun. Usually there would be two of us guys. We got a couple of hundred dollars each to do a private party depending on the size of it. Of course they were much more personable and a lot of feely, touchy type stuff went on.

Bridal showers and birthday parties were a lot of fun. These women would get to drinking and want to have sex. I mean women of all ages. I have been with women eighteen to seventy-two. I have had sex with more brides before their wedding than I care to count.

I need to say something here. These guys that say all pussies are alike are full of shit. I've seen so many pussies in my life and they have been every color from light pink to an almost dark brown. My first black lady's pussy was the nicest shade of pink. I remember it because I was so surprised when I spread her lips before diving in with my tongue, but again, that's another story.

I was making anywhere from fifteen hundred to three thousand dollars a week. Back then that was a huge amount of money. I would send my parents five hundred dollars a week to help them out. I saved some money and of course spent the rest. Our troop of guys traveled from California to the Midwest. We stayed in some nice places and were treated like movie stars.

I guess looking back at all the fun times and all the women we were with we would be considered gigolos or even male prostitutes by a lot of people. It wasn't true. Honestly, we were just a bunch of guys that enjoyed dancing and sex. Our jobs or livelihood let us have all the nice things. We never forced any women to have sex with us. If anything, we were forced now and then to perform in the sexual department when we weren't, let's say, a hundred per cent due to a long night of dancing and sexual activity. Thank God we still had fingers and tongues. We wanted our customers or should I say patrons to be satisfied. We had a lot of return visitors when we went through a town or city.

I want to mention one time when I was near my hometown performing. It will help explain why I feel the way I do about marriage. I was twenty seven at the time and my younger sister found out about our dancing engagement and she and about seven of her friends drove to watch me and my buds perform. It bothered me a little since I knew these women and dancing in front of my sister wasn't something I was looking forward too. Beth told me they came in three cars. She and a couple of her friends promised their husbands that they would be home that night.

One of the girls that came with the group was my old girlfriend Joanie. She was married and had a child now. She was still as cute as a button. I'm not sure if I mentioned it but my sister Beth was married also. She had just had her second child.

Before you get any ideas, after the performance I went with my sister and a couple of her friends out to a late night dinner bar. My sister did not, I repeat, did not cheat on her husband. I was glad of that.

This was a somewhat smaller gig where the after party took place in our rooms for any gals that were invited. Of course I went out with my sister so I didn't invite anyone up to our room. I really thought about Joanie and our first time together. I stood on stage in front of her and shook my ass. She was blushing. I wanted her to see that I really was good at what I did. I don't know why, probably some kind of ego problem since she was my first real girl friend.

After I said goodbye to my sister and her friends I headed back to our motel room. I could hear from the hallway that the private party was still going on. I opened the door and there on the bed was Joanie being fucked royally by Tony, my black friend. She didn't even notice me when I walked in.

I was stunned to say the least. I know I have been with hundreds and hundreds of married women but this was the first time that it was someone that I knew personally. Tony had no idea who Joanie was. He looked over at me and smiled.

"Billy Bob, you want a ride? I'm almost finished here, just a few more seconds," he said as he shot a load into a condom. That was one thing we tried to do most every time. We had way too much sex to take chances of catching a disease or getting some gal pregnant.

Joanie looked over at me and my heart fell. I even saw a tear in her eyes. I had no reason to judge people. After all the women I have had sex with and so many of them married. It's just that Joanie was from my hometown and was my first. I had to wonder that if we would have ever gotten married would she have cheated on me like she was doing to her husband now.

I looked over at Tony. "No, Bro, I'm kind of tired right now. I think I'll go in one of the other rooms and get some rest. We have a long drive tomorrow."

"Suit yourself but she is one fine piece of ass. I'm the fourth one she took care of tonight," smiled Tony.

I left and went to another room. About a half hour later there was a knock on my door. I opened it and it was Joanie. "I'm sorry, Henry. I don't know why I did it. It was just something that happened. You're not going to tell my husband or your sister, are you?"

I didn't even invite her in. "Joanie, it was a shock to see you like that. I can't judge you; after all, I do that all the time. The big difference is that I'm not married. I'm not cheating on anyone. I just feel so disappointed in you. I often wondered that if we would have gotten married would you have cheated on me? Now I have my answer. No, I won't tell anyone about what you did. Your secret is safe with me."

I closed the door and went to bed. Funny how it has to happen to you to know how bad it feels. I knew I could never get married. There are a lot of good women out there who are faithful wives but I thought Joanie was one of them.

The following year my whole life changed. I was in an auto accident and broke my hip. I was in the hospital for over a month and I would have to have physical therapy God knows how long. My dancing days were over.

I walked into Julie's office using a cane. We sat down and had a nice talk. She offered me a job as a consultant and told me I could be a driver for the guys. I explained to her that it just wouldn't work out. I couldn't just sit there in a chair and watch all the guys dancing without being a part of it.

Julie had tears in her eyes. I knew she understood. She asked me if I had any plans and I told her I thought about being a truck driver. I was so used to traveling and seeing the country. She wished me the best and told me to keep in touch. I knew that her daughter was now married and moved back east. I never did get a chance to meet her. Julie told me she was thinking of getting out of the business herself to spend more time with her grandchildren.

I gave her a big hug and left her office. It was really a sad moment in my life. I said goodbye to all the guys and wished them the best. They were a pretty decent group of friends. I had to laugh when they told me that if I ever attended any of their gigs that I was invited to the after parties. I shook hands with all of them and headed back to Ohio.

Here I was a man of twenty nine, pretty much starting over with a bum hip. I did go to truck driving school and got my CDL license. I used what money I had saved and bought me a rig. I was only going to do over the road driving. It was my way of being totally independent and still see the world. Besides, it was a great paying job. It was lonely at times but I never had much trouble finding companionship.

I will tell you that, at this point of my life, I tried to stay away from married women. There were enough single and divorced women out there that I didn't want to possibly be the reason for breaking up any more marriages. That incident with seeing Joanie really made me think. I decided I was a better person than that and tried to live accordingly.

Throughout the following years I drove my truck across country and maybe spent a night or two in a particular city and enjoyed the sights as well as the company of a few of the ladies. Sex to me was important but since I had been around the block so many times, it wasn't the number one factor in my life anymore. I really wanted to find that one special woman but I was afraid.

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