After the Ball


The clamps on Laine's nipples pinched harder with her lying on her stomach. She shuddered as the endorphin dose increased again and left her dizzy. She could hear Xanna behind her preparing something, but from her current position she couldn't see what it was and she knew better than to try and turn around and look.

Xanna picked up the smallish metal vibrator she had carefully selected. She started on a slow setting and ran it up and down along the inside of Laine's thighs. Laine's pussy tingled, twitching the still tender piercing on her hood. She leaked juices all over the toy. Xanna rubbed it closer to her wet and glistening lips, making sure the toy was slick. The tip of the vibrator touched her clitoris and her mind exploded in orgasm. Xanna thrust the toy inside her and Laine cried out as she clenched around the invading shaft.

Xanna's hand went up a little higher, back to Laine's nearly virgin asshole. It pulled away briefly and Laine heard a sound like a tube of toothpaste being emptied. In a moment the hand was back and Laine felt again the slimy sensation of lubricant on her second hole. A finger opened it back up. Xanna positioned the plug she had chosen at the entrance and slid it in. Laine bucked against plug, causing the vibrator to shift against her mound. She couldn't even gasp as the dual sensations began to surge through her body.

Xanna was at Laine's ear again. "That darkness you are floating in, I want you to completely surrender to it. I want you to sink as deep as you can as long as you can still hear my voice. I want you to let it fill you utterly. Don't fight it. Let go. Give in. It will feel so good to give in. You have my permission to cum; in fact I want you to cum as much and as hard as you can. Let the pleasure guide you down. Further and further, deeper and deeper. Let the darkness envelop you."

Xanna words were echoed in the darkness surrounding Laine. It would feel so good to just let go and give in to what it and Mistress and...yes what she really wanted. Another orgasm shook her to the core and she felt herself drift. "Yes dear. Yes. Just like that. Don't stop. Keep falling," Xanna cooed. There was nothing to fear. None of this was wrong. Laine's mind repeated Xanna's words over and over. They ingrained themselves into her core. Surrendering to the wonderful, seductive sensations would be perfection.

Then the harsh rhythm of leather meeting skin started to beat out a pulse that shifted and deepened the dark world around Laine. Her heart beat in time with the overwhelming waves of sensation. She almost choked as it began to drown her, but the darkness wasn't liquid and her mind soon understood that she could be engulfed and still breathe. Now all she wanted was to be pulled down into to it; to let it fill her and re-make her into someone worthy to dwell in the stillness and silence.

Xanna watched Laine falling further and further into submission and she couldn't remember the last time she had been so pleased. She hadn't expected anything when she was hired to work the Ball. Laine was one in a million and she blessed her luck at finding the girl. Laine's trust was a glorious gift. She eagerly anticipated a future of training, controlling and caring for her dear Laine.

Xanna leaned in and tightened Laine's clamps, bringing on another round of dizzying, ripping suffering that made Laine feel as if she were going to faint. Then the cooling numbness of her body's own natural painkillers took over once again and the cloudy haze in her mind grew heavier. She slipped further. Nothing else mattered in the world but pleasing her Mistress and glorying in the incredible sensations She brought. Laine's heart, mind and soul all merged into the adoration of the woman who had given her this gift of peace and desire. And service was the gift she willingly returned.


Laine was exhausted after her weekend and a long day of work but she knew if she didn't show up for "Margarita Mondays" at Esteban's her friends would ask questions she didn't have any idea how to answer. Laine drove the twelve miles to the next town to the only Mexican Restaurant in the county wishing she could go home and rest. She couldn't help but giggle at the thought that this was what her friends considered a crazy night out. It would be the same as any other Monday since they all turned twenty-one; three margaritas a piece (half the girls wouldn't finish the third) and the latest gossip about everyone they had ever known.

Laine slid into the crowded booth next to her best friend Cassie. Tamara passed the pitcher and Laine poured herself a generous amount of drink. Jenna was rapidly relating a story about one of their classmates. "Can you believe that she moved to New York City? Oh my God what is she going to do there?" Jenna breathlessly finished.

"Maybe she wants to be able to get a bagel at two in the morning?" Laine quipped. Her friends were caught off guard and stopped to look at her oddly. Laine was rarely the one to break in with a joke. She almost blushed in embarrassment, but Mistress Xanna's orders about not being ashamed of herself came to mind and she just grinned. Evelyn gave her a hard look then burst out laughing, "You're feeling your oats today Laine. You must have had a good weekend; none of us could get ahold of you yesterday. Sleeping off your big night at the ball with the freaks?"

Laine choked down her anger. She had figured her friends would never understand, especially not Evelyn. Evelyn had married her high school boyfriend the summer after graduation and never looked back. Laine paused a moment then thought of what she had been doing yesterday while Evelyn was trying to call and immediately instead of wanting to slap her she just smiled again.

"It was an...interesting experience," Laine replied coyly.

Tamara howled laughing and slightly slurred, "Well that is pretty vague. I don't know how you of all of us...ok other than Cassie...ended up going through with it. Talk about the wallflower at the orgy." Ugh, Tamara must have gotten there first and had a head start on the other girls, Laine thought. Tamara was already turning into the mean, spiteful drunk she dreaded dealing with every week. But Laine swallowed and kept her cool once again.

Evelyn jumped to Laine's defense and Laine remembered why in spite of her lack of understanding she and Evelyn had been friends since grade school. "Knock it off Tam. I'm sorry I was a bitch earlier Laine. We'll leave you alone about it. I'm betting you probably bailed after about twenty minutes, but I give you points for doing that much."

Cassie, who had been silent up until then, jumped in, "Besides Jenna weren't you just talking about Carol moving to New York? Do you know where?" Laine thanked everything for her best friend changing the subject; speculations about Carol's reasons for leaving their town were much more interesting to everyone than Laine's lack of details.

Laine asked for the pitcher and squirmed a tiny bit as her piercing tickled when she shifted her weight. She hoped no one had noticed, but everyone seemed focused on Evelyn's anecdote about a receptionist at her husband's office. Laine heaved a sigh of relief and barely contained another tease on her clit. Cassie gave her a concerned look and Laine sat up straight and smiled and attempted to ignore her body's growing responses. Laine smiled at the thought of how Xanna would laugh at her trying to keep her bottle in the middle of a restaurant.

Cassie gave Laine an even stranger look and Laine realized she had been staring into space thinking about her Mistress. She laughed out loud again and played it off, "Think I've had a little much to drink." Evelyn, Tamara and Jenna all laughed along with Laine. Cassie looked more concerned than ever.

"I think I should probably drive you home if you're that drunk. I can send Ben to pick up your car." Cassie suggested.

"Thanks hon," Laine replied. She was happy to not have to worry about driving. The girls finished up their drinks and promised to do it again next week. Laine paid her tab and followed Cassie out to her car. She sat down in the passenger seat, grateful to be free of the prying eyes of most of her friends and able to just rest.

Cassie started the car and headed for the highway. She remained silent for the first few miles and then said, "Look Laine, I know something is up. You're really squirmy tonight. If you don't want to tell me that's fine, but I wish you would. I won't tell the others, you know that. But you seem distracted. Did you meet someone? I know Evelyn never forgave you for breaking up with Joe years ago, but you don't have to hide it from me."

Laine sat up, startled after the quiet, but she had been expecting the question all night. "Well...I guess I did... in a way," she answered sheepishly.

Cassie turned off the highway and headed down Main St. "Did you meet him at that Ball?" she asked.

Laine took a deep breath, "I met...Her at the Ball."

Cassie gasped. "Oh shit! I never even never...I never had any idea you were gay."

"I'm not a lesbian. I guess I'm's more complicated than that."

Cassie parked and the two girls silently walked down the street and up a flight of stairs to Laine's tiny studio apartment above the drug store. Cassie sat on the couch and looked down at her hands. Laine sat down next to her friend.

"Oh damn Cass...if you can't even look at me now I guess I understand. That's probably the way most people will react if they know and I better get used to it. That's why I wanted to be discrete and just not say anything."

Cassie looked up into Laine's eyes with her large hazel ones, "I've known you since we were six, I'm not going to stop being your friend just because of this, but if you're gay and dating a woman people are bound to react..."

Laine chuckled just a bit. "No it's not like that...well I'm not going to say it didn't get physical, but I can't say we're 'dating' either."

"Laine! You hooked up and with a woman?" Cassie couldn't keep the dismay out of her voice.

Laine sighed. Cassie was so innocent she hadn't quite put it together but either way she seemed appalled. "In a manner. I met a Domina named Mistress Xanna. I know it's hard to believe but...she helped me learn some things about myself. The main one being that I am a submissive. I want to please and serve and feel and oh Cass she made me feel so good and peaceful...I've never felt that wonderful." A look of pure happiness went over Laine's features. She continued, her face changing to a mild frown, "I doubt you will understand, but I hope you won't hate me or think I'm a freak like Evelyn..."

Cassie saw the sheer joy Laine felt and knew whether she understood or not she would never want to see that taken away from her best friend. Her beautiful, wonderful friend who looked so turned on as she talked about submitting. She couldn't stop herself as she leaned in and kissed Laine.

Laine's eyes lit up in shock, but she didn't pull away until Cassie finished the embrace. "Cassie!" she cried out. Cassie looked away, her face bright red. Laine paused a moment and re-grouped then put her hand on Cassie's shoulder. "Cass, I never knew you felt this way..."

Cassie looked away again. "I've always thought you were the greatest person I've ever known and so gorgeous, but I never said anything. I love Ben and I always figured he was all I would need. Then a couple of years ago, after you broke up with that creep your Freshman year, Ben and I were talking one night and I admitted I wished I could love him and you. No shock he got pretty turned on by the idea, but we both figured you would never...and then when you said you had met a woman I was shocked but mostly I was jealous. I didn't know what to think."

"Oh Cass...if I had ever known...but Xanna taught me so much about myself I never suspected. And now I'm learning more about my best friend." Laine hugged Cassie close and pulled her in for a kiss of her own. "You don't need to be jealous hon. If you met Mistress Xanna you would understand. Like she told me-love comes in many different forms and being open and accepting is true happiness."

Cassie returned Laine's kiss with fervent passion. She moved a tentative hand along Laine's arm, reveling in the feel she had dreamed about but never thought to experience; her best friend quivering under her touch. She stroked Laine's breast through her top and was rewarded with a whimper. Laine mumbled her friend and now lover's name over and over as she rained kisses and licks on Cassie's neck and shoulders.

Cassie paused to pull Laine's top off and followed by unhooking her bra; exposing her bosom. "Mmmmm, I've seen these so many times over the years. I've dreamed of this moment, but I never thought it would happen." She touched the silken skin and delighted at Laine's inchoate sounds of lust. Cassie's fingers explored every inch of Laine's breasts before trailing down and discovering the delights of her smooth abs.

Cassie's hands dropped further down and removed Laine's slacks. She ran her hand along the bottom of Laine's panties and stopped when she felt something odd. She pushed aside the lace and revealed the silver hoop piercing on Laine's clitoral hood. Cassie gasped again in shock.

"What...what's that? You got pierced? On your clit?"

Laine blushed just a little. "Yes. Mistress had it done at the end of the Ball. It's her mark."

Cassie's eyes were as big as saucers. "What does it feel like?"

Laine smiled. "It feels really good. It hurt like hell when it was done and still hurts quite a bit now, but it's worth it for the near constant orgasms. It makes me feel sexy and horny and all those things I've always been scared of."

Cassie ran a finger over the hoop and watched Laine squirm and writhe. She teased at the piercing with her fingertip and Laine bucked harder. Laine reached out and pushed aside a lock of Cassie's dirty blonde hair and unbuttoned her blouse. Laine was surprised to see that underneath Cassie wasn't wearing a bra as her grapefruit breasts spilled out. Laine couldn't restrain herself another moment; she dived into Cassie's cleavage and began suckling. Cassie's moans bounced around the tiny apartment.

Cassie's hand played around Laine's needy pussy. When she finally worked up her nerve a finger entered and Laine shuddered and spasmed around the single digit. Cassie added a second finger and was amazed at how hard Laine was gripping. A third finger stretched her a bit and Laine was forced to cease her attentions to her friend's breast to cry out.

Laine rolled over and unzipped Cassie's skirt and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor and was even more surprised to see that her once-believed innocent friend Cassie wasn't wearing any underwear over her completely bald mound. Cassie blushed now and admitted, "I like the feeling of the air on my bare pussy and nipples. I guess that's what I do to feel sexy."

Laine threw away the very last vestige of restraint and buried her face between Cassie's legs. Her tongue tasted her best friend for the first time and she all but sobbed at the perfection of the moment. Cassie stretched out underneath her and they twined into a sixty-nine. Their muffled cries rang out through the room in celebration.

Laine wasn't sure how long it was before they collapsed exhausted. Cassie nuzzled Laine's neck and whispered, "I would like to thank your Mistress Xanna for giving us this."

Laine's eyes lit up. "You can. Why don't you come with me? I have a class...a training class...later this week. I will ask her permission, but from things she has said I don't think she will object."

Cassie thought for a moment. She remembered the happiness in Laine's eyes and her new confidence and openness. "I think I will," she said with a smile.

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