tagRomanceAfter The Ballet

After The Ballet


The time on the desk clock made me grimace all over again. The ticket for the opening night of a new ballet was burning a hole in my pocket but the legal brief on the desk took precedence. It was a familiar dilemma.

I joined this small firm directly out of law school and in five years I have moved up to take a slot as a partner – something damn near unheard of in this city. Attorneys are a dime a dozen and business law attracts every red-blooded greedhead from every corner of the globe. I like the money as well to be sure, but I like the work and I get a big zing out of the chase, the fight and the payoff at the end – I like the blood. Neither the smartest nor the best pedigreed, my great pleasure in this work has brought this success. My clients pay me to rip the rose colored glasses off of people's faces and smash the lenses under my heels. I am paid to be a bastard at times, and I am honest enough to say I really enjoy it.

But I have paid a price. I turned 30 a few months ago; I am still single and without prospects. My outlets are the gym in the wee hours of the morning and the arts in the evening. My parents raised me with the arts and I am on the donor list for the ballet and the symphony. Even bastards can have good taste. On any given night while my partners are discovering elegantly prepared plates at the starred restaurant of the moment after work, I am chowing down on fried slop while some young pianist tries to convince me that his jazz riffs are toe tapping unforgettable. I don't seem to fit into either the legal world or the arts world entirely and my life inside and outside of work is kind of schizophrenic.

Finishing up my work I dumped it on the para-legal's desk for proof checking and dashed off the recital hall. I sat down just as intermission came to a close and watched dancers twirl around the stage. Having missed two-thirds of the performance I was clueless and my stomach's growls of hunger added to the disappointment. It must have been a great performance because I had to stand through two standing ovations. However, opening night does come with a late night party/buffet for donors and patrons, those with real money, and I made my way upstairs.

I piled my plate high with meat stuffed pastries that were surprisingly not greasy, money does buy certain advantages, and I sat at a small table away from the crowd of well-wishers and wanna-be's. The crusted lamb with fennel was taking all of my attention when a beautiful woman sat down at my right hand shaking me from my gourmet reverie. Her poise and her presence marked her as a member of the ballet company and her thin face was framed by long, brown hair.

"Hungry?" she asked with a smile.

"Starving," I managed to choke out without spraying crumbs of pastry.

"Me, too," she continued and we mowed through our plates in companionable silence.

A ballet dancer has a window of about ten to twelve years of excellent dancing before the body begins to succumb to the abuse on the joints. This woman certainly looked close to my age which meant that she was nearing the end of her dancing career on the main stage.

She asked me if I enjoyed the performance and I confessed that I had missed most of it. I came back and asked her why I did not recognize her from tonight's performance and she admitted that she had been placed in the back of the company. Her energy and her manner were captivating and we talked for some time as the party ebbed and flowed around us. The party seemed to lose its sparkle and Danni, short for Danielle, nudged my elbow and indicated the direction of the door with her head.

Out the door meant out and onward to her apartment. Inside her place she whipped my tie off of my neck and led me to the bedroom where we quickly disrobed. Danni jumped onto the bed and waiting on her knees padded the spot next to her. I crawled in, quite aware that I did not leap, and met her face to face. We began a slow sensual kiss, which began dry and moved onto a wet exchange of tongues and lips. I began to murmur just how good I felt when Danni stopped me and pulled away. She put her finger to my lips motioning me to be silent and then kissed me again.

Danni began to choreograph our sex with the attention of perfectionist. She ran her hands up and down my torso as we continued crouch on our knees. My hands followed suit and I marveled at the firmness of her muscles beneath her soft skin. I lift weights but the tautness of her frame left me feeling self-conscious. Danni moved on quickly and my thoughts fled as she began to seduce me further.

During a recent massage as at the gym, the masseuse isolated every muscle group and then parsed each muscle out and kneaded it. Danni reminded me of that masseuse as she found each and every muscle, but caressed it with gentle fingers of pleasure. I reciprocated and reveled in how every muscle I found stood and responded to my probing. All the tension fled my back and shoulders and settled into my cock which stood out with an unrelenting hardness.

Danni had me on my stomach, then I came up and laid her down just the same. We continued onto each other's legs and arms, our arousal filling the air. Unable to resist any longer, I reached between her legs and began to caress the lips of her pussy. Her excitement had already leaked and was coating my fingers and staining the white sheets. Danni rose with a quick peck to my lips and reached into her night table pulling out a condom and a tube of KY. She unfurled the rubber over my cock and coated the sheath with a huge gob of gel while my fingers continued to explore the folds of her pussy.

The silence in the room was surreal.

Danni pulled away and got on all fours and wiggled her butt in the air. I was behind her in a flash and lined up my cock with her pussy. I touched her lips and Danni reached behind and flicked my cock up. I repositioned myself at her pussy again and she grabbed hold of my pole and aimed it up again.

Her message sank in and I took both hands and pulled her butt cheeks apart until her rosebud was fully exposed. I stroked her entrance with my finger as I lined up my cock and slowly pushed through her resistance. My cockhead popped in and a sigh brought her head to the pillow. I worked my cock into her canal, carefully thrusting until she had taken all of me. I stopped and waited.

Danni propped herself up on her elbows and began undulating a wave that began at her shoulders and ended at her hips. My hips rocked to the slow rhythm of the wave and my cock gently moved back and forth in her ass. It was the most sensual feeling I ever encountered as we danced the act of fucking. Danni kept sending waves back to her hips and forth to her shoulders, deep and slow. Gradually she picked up speed and the waves came more shallow but quicker; my thrusts became longer and deeper.

I was rapidly loosing control and I wanted her to cum before I did. I reached under her hip and found her pussy. The juices were clinging and dripping along the edges of her lips and I reached in to find her clit. I began rubbing her nub in rapid circles and her hips began to rotate in the same circle as my finger. The muscles on her back and legs began to tighten and the defined lengths of corded flesh began to rise. I was barely holding on and was in danger of falling out of her ass when suddenly she convulsed once and froze. The air rushed out of her lungs as her orgasm ran through her body.

My cock felt a vise seize it and squeeze. Taking her hips in my hands again I pumped with naked urgency until my cock shot its own release in lunge of muscle I felt deep in my groin. Danni sagged onto her stomach I followed her down, my cock still firmly lodged up her ass. I lay on her and listened to her labored breathing, the only sound in the room.

She reached around and patted my hip twice. I rolled off of her and pulled the latex off of my softened cock. Danni took my other hand and led me to her bathroom, pointed to the trashcan and turned the shower on hot. The exhaustion crinkled the sides of my eyeballs and the air felt thick and musty around my body. Danni took me under the spray and began a soft gentle kiss. The water melted me into her and I forcefully molded her body into mine. I grabbed her earlobe with my lips an nibbled her jawline until I found her lips again.

Danni gave me a tired smile and reached around and turned off the water. We toweled off and fell back into bed and sleep.

The next morning I stared at her across the table as she hid her face behind a cup of steaming tea. This woman had me completely entranced, energized and excited. I wanted to shout "That was incredible last night" or "God, let's do that again" but I sensed that she was waiting for something else from me.

"I don't know you at all," I began, then paused, and she nodded in response.

"Would you like to know me," she countered and imitating her, I nodded back.

"Oh, an honest lawyer now?" she teased me.

"Do you own rose colored glasses?" I asked and when she shook her head I concluded, "good, then we will get along well together."

She looked slightly puzzled by my cryptic question and then settled upon a contented smile that I have come to anticipate and love.

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