tagLoving WivesAfter The First Massage

After The First Massage


I write this from the point of view of the client, but still...I am a male massage therapist!

It is difficult, usually when I tell a story, it comes from truth, and knowledge. It just pours out of me into the text. I do bend facts a little, of course. But all of my tales are from what I know, and what I have done or seen.

This is different, I guess I have to say it is nothing more than a man's fantasy of what a lady's fantasy might be. There is a line here, that I cannot pass or ever know, I can only assume. I have been forced to write and rewrite, to get it somewhat close to what I think it should be.

So here it is, my idea of what Anita, the wonderful redheaded wife of my Doctor may have felt/experienced during the massage session I related in an earlier story, and what very likely happened as she returned home.


As she lay on the table resting, she felt a little guilty. Was that cheating? It was hard to even understand, she felt still the touch, and the burning from wanting him to just climb on the table and pound inside, she needed it so bad. But he had simply carefully tucked her body in the towel, so snug and warm, then pressed his lips to her forehead. It was almost like a shock, erotic, but like reaching for something and it wasn't there. She lay quietly, mind in a whirl, and then returned to normal and in control.

For some crazy reason, a date she had with a boy in High school slipped into her mind. He had parked and reached for her, she had resisted. He managed to get his hand inside her blouse, touched her breast! She had orgasmed just like that, holding with all her might to stop him! He had changed tactics, and reached up her dress. She was holding his arm, but he was stronger. He reached her panties, and she orgasmed again. Both of those were her very first time.

He had finally given up, she was almost disappointed. Now it had happened again. The same feelings, and she had allowed it this time!

Anita dressed quickly, stuffing her still damp underwear into her purse. She steeled herself to leave the room, Ted was standing there with a calm smile, "bedside manner", she thought. "You just had your fingers in my snatch and now you stand there looking normal!" But she averted her eyes, and handed him the envelope with the certificate. She had thought to slip a $50 bill inside. "Give me a call for the next session" he said, matter of factly, with the same relaxed smile. He held the door for her, she saw his expression. It was like he looked through her, and knew!

She started the car, and sat for a moment, listening to the purr of the engine. Finally she pushed a button on the dash radio. Some nice soft tunes all day long, then she dropped the machine into gear.

The 20 mile drive to the house she and John shared was uneventful, but as she neared home she felt the beginnings of wetness again. She hadn't bothered to put her white cotton panties back on, knowing they would be uncomfortable during the drive. She felt almost sinful!

Then the short drive up the curved asphalt to the house, hit the button, up went the garage door, all normal...

She shut off the engine and sat, collecting her thoughts. "How to tell John", she thought? Just pop in the door and say, "Wow that was FUN, he finger-fucked the hell out of me!"...She laughed, that would be so out of character...

Finally, with a deep breath, she went into the house. One glance at the message machine told her John was not home...

She punched the button, "sorry, late emergency, I will be home as soon as possible", the familiar voice said.

She was used to that, one of the unpleasant fringe benefits of being the wife of a Doctor, she only got the time left over...

With a sigh, she headed for the bathroom.

She stripped for the shower, and as she did, she glanced in the mirror. "He looked at me", she thought, the idea bringing a flush again to her body.

Looking closely at her breasts, the light skin covered with freckles, nipples high on the well matched breasts, she wondered if he had liked her. Almost without a thought, she brought her hands up to her breasts, trying to repeat the sensation. But try as she might, she could not! Then she reached for a soft brush, and let it slip across her nipples as she examined herself in the mirror.

Her nipples stood up nicely at the pleasant sensation, but still not the same.

Then she slipped her hands down to touch herself, and closed her eyes, imagining it was Ted. Nothing, she felt the warm beginnings, but not that instant and explosive reaction to the forbidden touch. She carefully lifted the skin above her pussy, and looked in the mirror at herself. "He looked right at me" she thought, feeling another flush of excitement. Running one finger over herself, she tried again to recreate the sensations. She felt the familiar warming, but try with all her might, it just would not be the same..

With a sigh, she stepped into the shower. She was just adjusting to the heat of the water, when the screen slid back, and John was there! He looked at her! The look in his eyes, so familiar caused a delight in her body as she reacted to it! There could never be enough of him, he was so fine for her. He was naked, his erection jutting out. She reached out and grasped him in sheer pleasure.

John stepped in and began to wash her with the coarse cloth they used in the shower. The sensation made her tingle all over, she just closed her eyes and reveled in it.

Finally he shut the shower off, and took a warm towel to dry her, paying great attention to her as he did. Her body responded, she touched and caressed him back. Both of them were silent, a familiar scenario, welcome and accepted easily..

He lifted her, and carried her to the bed. He touched and teased, she lay back in acceptance, as he enjoyed each caress of her body.

In short order, he entered her in a gentle manner, so familiar and pleasant. As he was slipping in and out, she managed to gasp, "Do you want to know how my massage went?"..

She felt him change, he became more rigid, larger it seems, growing inside her. "Yes" He said, the catch in his voice betraying the passion he suddenly felt.

"He touched me all over" She told him, "he made me come several times"...that with a gasp, almost blurted out.

"Did he?" John asked, "Did he see you, look at you? She felt him near orgasm, so hard, so strong this time. Now she knew, he was having a fantasy of her with the therapist. John was growing stronger and stronger, she felt the beginnings of a powerful eruption of her own, and she said, "Oh John, I let him fuck me, I couldn't stop," she lied, knowing he wanted to hear that!

At this her husband erupted, she felt him blast deep inside her, she couldn't stop now, and felt herself let go just behind him! John, ever attentive, continued bringing her along to her own orgasm, then another quieter one.....

Finally, they relaxed, still embedded in each other.

"Was he good?" John asked. "Are you all right with it?"

"Yes," she replied, thinking of the four certificates left in her purse. "Yes, it's all right if it's all right with you..."

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