tagGroup SexAfter the Gymkhana

After the Gymkhana


It had been a wonderful afternoon. I had visited a gymkhana, met an incredibly horny girl and was introduced to her family circle in a rather unusual way. After all, its not every day you get to fuck someone, watch her father fuck the stable groom and then go down on her her mother in the back of a horsebox. And then, to finish off, I got to fuck the daughter and the groom in full view of her little sister and her equally horny friend. But hey, life can be soooooo good sometimes.

Anyway, I pulled up my trousers and watched Penelope and Zoey do likewise. Penelope was so like her older sister. Confident, beautiful and extremely horny. She had just wanked off behind my back and casually introduced herself and her friend when I turned around. I was sort of caught between embarrassment and surprise. Its not often that I am stuck for words but I managed to recover enough to smile and have a quick look at their pussies and naked thighs. Yes, the evening was going to be as good as the afternoon. My semi-flaccid cock twitched. I was looking forward to the next few hours.

Penelope and her friend were not to be denied. They definitely wanted to see more. Her older sister and the groom wiggled their bottoms and asked for a “quick clean up”. Andrea’s pussy was dripping with my cum whereas Nicola’s was just dripping. Wow, that girl sure gets wet !

Penelope didn’t hesitate. She got down on her knees behind Andrea and started to lick her inside leg. A stream of my cum was dribbling down her thigh. Andrea licked it clean. She stuck out her tongue and allowed her friend Zoey to share my cum in a long, lingering and noisey French kiss. Meanwhile, Nicola and Andrea began to kiss and hug in their afterglow. Zoey then began to lick Nicola. I just stood there revelling in the images. Both girls licked inner thighs, then ass … then parted the pussies with their tongues. Nicola and Andrea communicated their pleasure with short, sharp breaths and some low pitched moans. I felt myself getting hard again. I was so tempted to pull down Zoey’s jeans. And I also wanted to fuck Penelope’s wiggling little bottom. I stood between them. My hands reached down and stroked their bottoms. They wiggled their assent and spread their legs a little bit wider. I stroked and caressed their hard bottoms and thick-lipped pussies through their skin tight jeans. Yes, I was ready to fuck again. Yes, definitely. I just had to have both of them.

Meanwhile, Nicola came again. She turned her head around and watched Zoey expertly eat her out. I had a feeling that this was not the first time Zoey had tongued Nicola’s juicy pussy and I knew she’d do it again before this night was through. Penelope, meanwhile, was tonguing Andrea. I could see both their puckered assholes from my standing position and their wet slits just below. I wasn’t sure which I wanted most – to eat the two pussies on display or doggy fuck the two little nymphs that were licking them.

Nicola piped up “OK, I’m well and truly done, let’s get washed up and have some food”.

The girls dressed quickly. We made sure the horses were properly fed, watered and groomed and closed up the stables for the evening. We made our way towards the house.

Nicola’s Dad appeared. I froze momentarily. He had seen me fuck his eldest daughter while he was fucking the groom, but I was still a bit embarrassed. This was clearly an unusual way to meet someone’s Dad for the first time.

“Hi, John”, he exclaimed … “is everything locked up down in the yard ?”

“Err, yes” I blurted. He obviously didn’t have a problem with all of this. It made me relax. I breathed a sigh of relief. This was clearly a family with a difference.

Nicola showed me inside the house. We walked slowly through the house and stopped to kiss periodically. OK, we kissed every 2 or 3 metres. She could feel my throbbing erection through my pants. I brushed it against her every chance I got. She reciprocated by stopping in front of me and allowing me to bump into her taut bottom. She also stroked my cock through my trousers and lost no opportunity in telling what she had in mind for later. We looked into every room. Nicola told me who used the room and I wondered if I would ever get to HER room because I was by now extremely horny and needed to fuck.

“Go shower” she whispered “and I’ll be waiting in my room for you. I want you to dress me. And I want you to watch me dress. I want you to see what awaits you later on this evening”

“You are such a little tease” I replied “I have a horn here that I could tow a truck with and you tell me to go to the shower!”

She smiled. She then kissed me and told me that this was the spare room and that it had an en-suite bathroom. I peeled off my trousers and took out my throbbing cock. I held it in my hand and pointed it at her.

“Later” she said and slowly disappeared from view.

I stripped off and folded my clothes on the wooden valet. I walked into the bathroom and opened my overnight kit. No need to. The bathroom was well stocked with soaps, shower gels and deodorants. H’mm, I wondered … how many guests do these people have in a good month???

I turned on the water, stepped inside and pulled back the shower curtain. I closed my eyes and applied the shampoo. It was so soothing. I stood there and just soaked up the hot jets of water. I reached for the shower gel and began to soap down my body. I felt a hand reach between my legs and caress my balls. I knew Nicola couldn’t resist. I opened my legs and allowed the hand full access to my nether regions. It was so sensuous. I closed my closed my eyes and just wallowed in the moment. Then a second hand reached around my waist and slowly grasped my throbbing cock. I opened my eyes and turned around. It was Penelope and Zoey!

“Well hi, big boy” growled Penelope “I’ve wanted this from the moment I set eyes on it. Zoey and I want to shower with you. Is that OK?”

Well, what could I say? OK, I actually said nothing. I just moved to one side and made room for the two horny nymphettes. Both were naked. And both had nice firm tits. I caressed them both and applied some shower gel to their gently wriggling bodies. Penelope moved closer and kissed me. Our tongues intertwined and Zoey moved in behind me. She soaped my back and allowed her breasts to rub my back when she soaped my ass. She was so slim. I could feel her move closer. She was one of these very tactile young women and seemed to explore my every pore. Her hands gently massaged me while she soaped me to a fine lather. Meanwhile, Penelope was kissing me deeper and deeper. She was a very passionate kisser and I was getting so hard, my cock began to really throb. It almost hurt.

I fingered Penelope’s cunt as we kissed and she began to wriggle more urgently. Her breath became more ragged and it was obvious that she was going to fuck me right there and then. Zoey lay against my back and wrapped her arms around me. Slowly, her hands descended to my tummy and thighs. Her hands glided through the soapy lather. Closer and closer she got. Slowly, teasingly, she made her way towards my cock and balls. Penelope turned around slowly and pressed her ass back into me invitingly.

“Put me into her, Zoey” I snapped “I want to fuck your friend and I want to fuck her like a bitch in heat. Guide my cock into her, please. Do it now and I’ll have some left for you when I make her cum.”

Zoey needed no second invitation. She held my cock and, looking over my shoulder, guided it towards her best friend’s pussy. I slid in easily. I’m not sure if it was the soapy lather or the fact that she was dripping with excitement. Either way, I slid into Penelope all the way to my balls. She cooed with delight and started to move her ass backwards and forwards along my cock. Zoey stayed at my shoulder. She rubbed her pussy against my left buttock and peered over my left shoulder. Yes, they both wanted me but Zoey was letting her best friend get off first. I wondered how quickly I’d get her off. No need. She began to shiver and buck with excitement. I held on to her slippery waist and fucked her with long, deep strokes.

“I wanted to fuck you in the tackroom” she murmered “but you had just squirted into our groom. I wanted your cock right there and then. I need a cock like yours every day. I get so horny in this hot weather. And I just love to fuck a big, thick cock like yours”

“Go on” exclaimed Zoey “give it to her. Fuck her ‘til she can’t walk straight. She wants you to give it to her hard and fast. Go on, we both know how much she wants this.”

Penelope began to build up to her first cum. She clung on to the sides of the shower and I clung on to her waist. Her breathing suddenly quickened. Short, sharp intakes of breath preceded a series of high pitched squeals of delight. She collapsed into a heap in front of me. Completely spent, she looked up at Zoey and said “OK, you can finish him off”

Zoey needed no second invites either. She turned me around and grasped my cock. Yes, she was also incredibly horny. Without any formalities, she lifted her knee to my elbow and stretched. Her calf lay on my shoulder and she reached down to guide my cock into her. Once again, I slid easily into a well lubed cunt but my stance made it difficult to establish a rhythm and I could only stab her intermittently. She thought I was teasing her and moved back against the wall of the shower. She pulled my ass towards her with one hand and guided me in once again with the other. This time, I could maintain a slow fucking action. She placed her lips against mine and we tongued one another with open mouths. Penelope sat beneath us.

“I’ve got a great view from here” she said “I may have to fuck you again, John”

I ignored that comment. I was close. Too close. And I wanted to last. Water cascaded down my back and splashed off my head on to her face. She grunted her pleasure. Yes, she was also close. I relaxed and didn’t worry about cumming too soon. Zoey got there in spectacular fashion.

“Yes, yes … oh God … fuck me pleeeeeease … do me … oh yeah, really do me …. I want to cum, please make me cum. I wanna cum now, please. Oh, oh … oh fuck … this is so good … Penelope, can you see his big cock going in and out of me?”

“Yes, you little slut” replied Penelope “and I want some more, so don’t use him all up!”

I fucked Zoey with renewed vigour. She started to scream even more obscenities and soon got totally lost in her orgasm. She seemed to have small ones first, then she really got going and just went limp in my arms. I fucked her until she begged me to stop.

“Enough, enough” she whispered “I can’t take any more … do Penelope again. I want to watch.”

Penelope stood up and helped Zoey down to the floor. Zoey back off me and slid down the shower wall. She was such a sight. Wet, tossed hair across her face. Pouting lips and panting. Her breasts heaved and her breathing began to slow. She leaned her head back and opened her eyes. And smiled. Yes, that was one very happy little girl!

Penelope grabbed my cock and began to play with it once more. I massaged her breasts and tweaked her sensitive nipples. She definitely liked that and fingered herself as I used both my hands on her breasts. Stroking my cock with one hand and her pussy with the other, she was a sight to behold. Zoey, meanwhile, hissed instructions from below us.

“Go on P” she wailed “I wanna see you fuck him to a standstill”

Penelope needed no further invitation. Once more, she guided my cock towards her hot little snatch. And once again, I slid in easily. She wrapped both legs around my waist and draped her arms over my shoulders. I cupped her ass and began to fuck her. She was limp in my arms. Her pussy was completely relaxed and my cock seemed to be fucking air. Yes, she was that smooth inside. She began to cum. I have never had anyone cum so quickly before. She descended into a series of multiple orgasms and very quickly just came and came and came. I felt that familiar tightening feeling in my balls and I prepared to empty a load into her.

“Are you on the pill” I hastily asked … not pausing or stopping the fast fucking rhythm

“Yes” she replied “now give me a gallon of hot spunk. I want to feel your cum dripping out of me like Andrea did in the tackroom. When I saw that, I just had to have you. I loved the taste of your cum as it dribbled out of her ………….

That was it … the dirty little bitch pushed me over the edge. I got in as deep as I could go and just waited for the inevitable gush. I pumped and pumped into her. I was amazed at how much spunk I squirted into her. After all, this was the third time I had cum today so far.

Keeping her in that same position, I held her in my arms for a few minutes. When she had sufficiently recovered, we kissed slowly. Zoey was by now sitting below her ass. I could feel my cock begin to soften and shrink. Unable to stop it, I could feel it slip out of her.

“Oh” exclaimed Zoey “your cunt is really open, P … and I can see inside. Is it OK if I lick you out? I want to taste both of you.

Wow, this girl was insatiable. And kinky too.

We eventually uncoupled and all three of us re-applied the soap and shampoo, then rinsed off. I watched the girls dry themselves off with big fluffy bath towels. Their breasts swayed invitingly as they dried their hair. I love watching women shower and dry themselves. My cock stayed semi-erect. I wanted to eat them both but decided to get back to Nicola. I wondered what she had been up to.

Zoey showed me back to Nicola’s room but she was not there. I walked inside and into her en-suite bathroom. She was relaxing in a hot bath filled with bubbles. Only her head appeared above the suds. I asked if she needed any help with a leering smile.

“Well” she replied “you could rub my back”

I dropped my towel from around my waist and slid in behind her. She leaned forward and handed me her favourite perfumed soap. I lathered the soap in my hands and began to massage her back. She leaned back into me and I focussed on her shoulders and neck. She lay back some more and put her hands up on the sides of the bath. I took this to be an invitation to massage her breasts. Out of her sports bra, they seemed much bigger and fuller. They hung down slightly, nipples pointing upwards and erect. Her breasts seemed so hard and full. I massaged them gently and she rested her head on my chest. She reached down and began to masturbate slowly. She spread her legs and lifted her knees above the bubbles. It was so erotic. I hardened once more and my thoughts were only to fuck her again. She was sexy in the horsebox earlier and even more so in the tackroom but I hadn’t gotten her completely naked yet … not until now.

She came with a gentle shudder, sat up and said “OK, you can help me get dressed now”

What a little teaser, I thought. This is going to be quite an evening. I could hear her mother and father fucking in the next room. Her mother was a real howler. It sounded like someone was rubbing her down with a rasp. Thoughts of fucking her made me even harder. I thought back to earlier in the afternoon when I ate her pussy in the back of the horsebox. She tasted so good. I was so disappointed when she didn’t fuck me but I had a feeling I wouldn’t have long to wait for that once we got past dinner. Meanwhile, Nicola had slipped out of the bath and began to dry herself. I sat in the bath and watched. She applied moisturising creams and slowly, very slowly … allowed me to take in the full sight of her beauty. I think she was as horny as I was but the teaser was getting maximum fun out of leaving me with another hard-on. She slipped outside and I followed afer I dried myself for the second time in 30 minutes. My fingers were shrivelled and my lips a bit numb. I’m not sure whether this was due to the water or the recent exertions with Penelope and Zoey.

I knew that Nicola wanted me to watch her get dressed. She asked what underwear she ought to wear for dinner. Opening a drawer in her dresser, she pulled out a series of black silk stockings and suspender belts. I asked if she had any other colours and with that, she pulled out some red, some cream and some blue. My eyes nearly popped with the twin thoughts of her wearing that stuff and me getting them off of her !!!

She tried them all on for me. I sat on a chair beside the bed and she slowly pulled on stockings, walked around the room in them and slowly peeled them off again. She tried the elasticated ones that do not need suspenders or garter belts, then a series of suspenders. I just love suspender belts and we settle for red stockings and a matching suspender belt.

“Panties, or no panties?” she asked provocatively.

My cock was throbbing again. It poked up from beneath the towel I had wrapped around my waist.

“Perhaps its best not to wear any” she added “it will make it easier for you to finger me at dinner. Daddy hates it when I wriggle my panties down in between courses. He says its rude and puts him off his food because he knows there’s a naked pussy nearby and he can’t do anything about it”

Did I say that this girl knows how to tease? She had me so hard, I was worried about fainting from lack of blood going to my brain. My cock was throbbing. My heartbeat was up and I struggled to control my breathing. And she knew it.

“OK, no panties because I am going to finger you at dinner tonight … and at every opportunity between now and then” I snapped “now choose a dress and let me try to calm down”.

She laughed. The short sneering laugh of a woman in total command of her situation and she revelled in it. So did Penelope and Zoey, who were standing in the doorway. I removed my towel and waved my cock in their direction. Promising to fuck them ‘til they couldn’t walk, I knew they’d disappear quickly. This they did and as they did so, they lifted the back of their little party dresses and showed me their bare asses. Yes, it seems that none of these women actually owned a pair of panties!

Nicola at this stage opened her wardrobes and began to take out dresses. She laid them on her bed and held one at a time to her body. The dresses were all small party numbers and all showed off her ample charms to maximum effect. She put on a matching red cleavage bra and tried on the first dress. At this stage, I really didn’t care what she wore because all my thoughts were focussing on precisely when (and how soon) I could rip off her dress and fuck her senseless. She knew this but persisted with her little games. We eventually settled for a red woollen dress that clung to her body from mid-thigh to off-the-shoulder. She bent down to choose her shoes and gave me a glimpse of her pussy. It was wet and I could see it from where I sat. She was hot. And she was definitely in the mood for love. She tried on several pairs of shoes and lost no opportunity in flashing her moist slit and impressive cleavage. Meanwhile, my cock throbbed for attention. She finished getting dressed, leaned down in front of me, took out my cock and gave me one slow suck all the way down to my pubes. I shuddered. She stood up and told me to get dressed.

Dinner was in 10 minutes and I flung on my change of clothing. My cock was hard but I left it sideways in my pants so as to let the girls know that I wanted to fuck as soon as possible. I pulled on my underpants and watched my hand place my cock into the horizontal. I staggered up the hall and made my way into the dining room. Mummy and Daddy were there. So was Nicola, Penelope and Zoey.

“Hi John”, her father began “I never got to introduce myself earlier on. My name is Dave and this is my lovely wife, Veronica”

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