tagBDSMAfter the Movie

After the Movie


He could overlook her finding reasons to pop up at the grocery store, where he worked nights, restocking the shelves and unloading trucks. He could almost chuckle at the times he had caught her riding by his house, staring straight ahead as though she were unaware of him outside washing his car or mowing the lawn. But, the one thing Matt could absolutely not forgive Elizabeth for was when she plopped down in the seat next to him at the crowded movie theater, holding a huge box of popcorn and a large soda. Her crunching and slurping, though certainly not loud by any stretch of the imagination, were enough to keep his mind off the antics of Bill Murray and the gopher, and on the slender girl with the strawberry blonde hair sitting next to him. When she offered him some of her popcorn, holding the box out to him while keeping her eyes glued to the screen, he could have cheerfully choked her. She was acting like they were on a date, for God's sake. His first impulse was to scoot in his seat as far away from her as possible and pretend she wasn't there. But when she laughed at the candy bar floating in the pool and turned to him and smiled, as if to share the joke, something inside him shifted and he found himself leaning to her and whispering fiercely in her ear, "After this, you and I are going to have a talk."

Matt stepped over Elizabeth as the closing credits rolled, not even bothering to see if she was following him. He nodded goodbye to the friends he'd come with, refusing their invitations to head over to Pizza Hut after the show and check out the local talent. He knew, without looking, that Elizabeth hovered behind him, a green-eyed wraith with a halo of reddish gold hair. He headed to his car, opening the passenger door and then slamming it shut after she slid onto the seat. He drove toward the highway without speaking to her, not stopping until they were in the parking lot of a truck stop about ten miles out of town. He parked in a dark corner, away from the glare of the fluorescent lights and finally turned to her. His gaze darkened when he saw that she didn't even seem afraid of him or his mood. Instead, she simply smiled and said, "Did you like the movie?"

"What the hell are you doing?" He bit out each word, emphasizing the third with particular relish. "I thought I made it clear that I didn't want to see you again."

That was a lie, but, Matt wouldn't admit it to her. It wasn't so much that he didn't want to see her again, as that he didn't want the responsibility of seeing her again. Playing with a girl like Julie, who slept with pretty much anything with a cock between its legs, was one thing. She knew the score. But, Elizabeth was different. Matt was no dummy. He knew how to spell trouble. And , in this case, he sensed that trouble began with the letter "E".

"You're lying," she said. Matt sighed and ran his hand through his dark hair, making it stick up in front. He looked into her green cat eyes and thought, not for the first time, that behind them lay a witch or, at the least, a minor psychic.

"I'm not lying," he lied, running his hand through his hair again. "I have no interest in seeing you."

She leaned close, her lips still shiny with the grease from all the movie popcorn she'd consumed. When she dropped her hand on his upper thigh, the heat nearly singed him. "That day in the park. It was . . . . "

Matt closed his own eyes to block out the expression on her face. Jesus. One orgasm in the woods and the girl was acting like a sex-starved beast.

"I'm not playing with you again," he told her firmly. "You bring along way too many complications."

She pondered that silently, twisting away from him to stare across the parking lot at the eighteen-wheelers that lined the pavement. "Is it because I'm a virgin?" she finally asked.

"Yes," he answered bluntly. "Among other things."

"What other things?"

What other things? How could he explain that he put girls into two groups. Play partners, and nice girls. And, despite her behavior in the woods, he instinctively knew that Elizabeth was a Nice Girl. Capital letters. And he sure as hell wasn't going to be the one to lure her to the dark side. Let some other sorry son-of-a-bitch deal with the tears and recriminations when she realized that her virtue had been snatched away. Or the angry parents when she ran to them for forgiveness.

Elizabeth's hand tightened on his thigh. "What other things?" she repeated.

The twitch in his groin made him angry and he batted her hand away. He threw the car into drive and maneuvered out of the parking lot and back on the highway toward town. "I have my limits," he finally said.

She peered out of the window. For one guilty minute, he thought she might be crying. He clenched his fingers on the steering wheel, resisting the urge to put his hand out to her in comfort. When he stopped the car just down the street from the theater, he turned, ready to offer a brief apology, some reassurance that she was a wonderful girl who would find a nice guy. But, to his surprise, she was out of the car and heading down the street before he could even speak.

Heading down the street, he realized uncomfortably, in the opposite direction of the theater and her house. He swore, yanked the keys out of the ignition, and went after her. When she heard the footsteps behind her as she headed along the darkening street, she turned. He knew she saw him, knew exactly who was behind her, but she broke into a jog.

"Damn it," he muttered, loping after her. He was closing the gap when she started moving faster, turning down a residential street that ended in a dead end. He saw her pause, glance back over her shoulder, and edge into the trees at the end of the street. He could have sworn he saw a stubborn, defiant look on her face in the glow from the streetlight just before the trees blocked her from view. He ran faster and steeped into the wooded area, then paused, listening for any sound that would reveal her whereabouts.

"Elizabeth," he said. "I don't have time for this crap. Where the hell are you?"

"Go away," came a faint voice, somewhere on his left. "I offered it, you didn't want it. You can just piss off."

"Elizabeth, don't be stupid." He slid to his left.

"Bite me, you arrogant prick."

His hackles rose at her defiance, and he continued to move silently toward her voice. "Come here," he commanded. The tone in his voice would have brought even Julie to heel.

"You had your chance. You can't boss me around."

"You're acting like a baby." He lowered his voice so she would think he hadn't moved from the edge of the woods.

"Fuck you." She enunciated each word carefully, and she must have tossed her head in emphasis, because he suddenly caught a flash of silvery red in the faint moonlight that streamed through the trees. He held his breath and eased toward her. Yes! There she was, her back to him. She had reached the creek, and she must be trying to figure out how to get across. He was trying to figure out how to get to her without her hearing when she added, "You stupid asshole."

He moved quickly, slipping up behind her and clapping his hand over her mouth before she could react. He trapped her arms and hands tight at her sides with his left arm, and twisted her body so her legs were pinned between his. Then, he took a deep breath to clear his emotions before he spoke.

"Such terrible language for such a sweet girl," he murmured. "Been taking lessons from Julie?"

Elizabeth wiggled in his arms, her voice muffled by his hand. Matt pressed his lips against her ear. "No, I'm not letting you go. This is what you wanted, isn't it?"

She gave a grunt, which he decided to interpret as "Yes, Sir," even though the cadence was more reminiscent of "go to hell".

He kept his grip tight as he thought about his next move. If he lifted the hand covering her mouth, she might scream. He was pretty sure no one would hear, or care, but he didn't want his eardrums burst. And, if he took his left arm away long enough to bind her, he ran the risk of having his face scratched.

He finally lowered his right hand long enough to clamp his lips over hers. He twisted his fingers in her hair, pulling the silky strands taut against her scalp as his mouth devoured hers. His tongue slipped between her lips and explored the soft, warm, popcorn-salty recesses of her mouth. Her right hip pressed against his crotch and as his cock began to fill with blood, he rubbed against her, heightening his arousal. When he finally lifted his mouth, she was breathing heavily, but was otherwise silent. He kept his hand twisted in her hair and his eyes repeated his verbal warning. "Don't make a sound."

She opened her mouth to say something, but saw the look in his eyes and her mouth clapped shut. Her gaze raked over her, looking for some hint of fear that might have weakened his resolve to teach her a lesson. Instead, he took in the set of her lips, wondering if that was a trace of smugness there. He yanked hard on her hair again, and saw her wince.

"Good," he muttered. "I tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen. Now you're going to get exactly what you've been wanting."

Again, he examined her for signs of fear, but found none. His irritation grew. Was she stupid, or just foolishly brave?

'"We're going to the clearing." He told her. "You first."

"But I don't—"

He shoved her, catching her by twisting her arm behind her back. "I told you not to talk. Just keep your legs moving."

With that, he began pushing her through the woods. His left hand held her twisted arm against her back, and his right hand moved back over her mouth. As they walked, he kept one knee almost pressed between her thighs, lifting her and hurrying her along. He shoved her along, following the creek, until they came to the clearing that he and Julie and Elizabeth had played in a few weeks before.

"If you scream," he whispered into her ear, "you will be sorry you were ever born."

She nodded and he slowly removed his hand from her mouth, poised to slap it back over her lips if need be.

"First rule," he told her. "My sluts don't wear clothes when they're alone with me."

He twisted her left arm harder, so she wouldn't wiggle, and managed to yank her t-shirt off her right arm and over her head. He unsnapped her bra and pulled down the right strap. Then, he reversed his hold, pinning her right arm and stripped her shirt and bra away from her left side. The moonlight glowed on her pale breasts, making her areolas and nipples stand out darkly. The tips of her breasts were so hard and tight, it looked as if an invisible hand had squeezed them and pulled them away from her body. Matt felt his cock swell and he rubbed himself against her as his hand slipped up to knead her breasts. Her head dropped back against his chest and her lips parted on a silent sigh.

He released her right hand so he could use both of his own to massage her and play with her nipples. "Unzip your shorts and take them off," he muttered. "Panties, too."

She kicked off her sandals and worked open the button at the top of her denim shorts. Matt sucked and kissed her neck until the rasp of the zipper stopped and he felt her shorts fall from her. He groaned and slid his left hand across her firm belly and down into the soft curls that covered her mound. Her cunt was soaked with her arousal.

"Fuck," he whispered, his fingers sliding against her slippery nub. He felt her sag back against him, her legs parting to give him easier access to her clit. He continued to tease her nipples and clit until he felt her tense against him, signaling her imminent orgasm. Reluctantly, he withdrew his fingers.

"Rule number two," he whispered. "You don't cum until I say so. If I say so. And if you want to cum, you'll behave. Remember what happened to Julie."

Elizabeth nodded, no doubt recalling how the other girl had been left tied to a tree and moaning in frustration after her disrespectful lack of manners.

He held her slender body tight against his chest until he felt his erection begin to ease a bit. Then, she moved against him and he felt himself began to rise again. "Hold still!" he snapped.

She stopped squirming.

"Sorry," she whispered.

"Sorry . . . .?" he prompted.

"Sorry, Sir," she replied. And then, to reward her, even though it made him ache, he slid his middle finger back and forth against her until she was nearly sobbing for release.

"Not yet," he growled. "Not till you've been punished."

He stepped away, panting a little. "Rule number three. What I say goes. No pouting, no displays like the one this evening. When I say no, I mean no. Don't argue."

She turned and though he was surprised by a look of pain in her eyes, he knew immediately what she was thinking. Shaking his head, he managed to smile. "No, little one, we're not done for the night. I'm talking about later. There may be times you will have to wait. You have to learn to be patient and accept the word no."

"There'll be other times?"

He smiled at the need for reassurance. "Yes, my hungry little slut. There will be other times." Then, he sighed dramatically, "God knows, if I don't Master you, what you'll do to get your hunger satisfied."

He saw the corners of her mouth twitch. Then, his expression turned serious. "Now, come here and get on your knees."

She obeyed, wincing a little as her bare knees came into contact with the rocky earth. Matt looked down on her shining hair. "Apologize for making me chase you for four blocks," he ordered.

"I'm sorry, Sir."

He was pleased to see that she kept her head bowed. Submission almost seemed natural to her. He lifted his foot and pressed to the back of her neck, lowering her head until it rested on the dirt. "Hips up."

She complied, arching her ass into the air. He put a little more force against her neck.

"Spread your thighs."

Her upper legs parted and she wiggled to find a good position. He lifted his foot and walked around her, examining her from every angle. Her cunt gleaned wetly and he swallowed hard. He wanted to kneel behind her and bury himself balls deep in that tight cunt. But, not yet. Not tonight.

"Show me how hungry you are to cum, my slut."

She hesitated before tentatively pressing the fingers of her right hand between her thighs. She rubbed against her fingers, and after a few moments, he saw her hips begin to shift and squirm.

'"Good girl, " he whispered. He tore his eyes away from her and his gaze settled on a heavy log that sat at the side of the fire circle. "Stand up and follow me."

Matt seated himself on the log and pulled Elizabeth down so she lay across his lap. He caressed the firm, warm skin of her ass, watching with pleasure as her thighs parted under his hands, giving him another glimpse of her wet, swollen cunt. Occasionally, he dipped one finger into her opening, watching her buttocks tense and try to push her hungry cunt on to his finger. He teased her for a long time, rubbing and touching, until she rocked her hips against him, greedy for release. Then, without warning, he lifted his right hand and brought it firmly against her ass.

"Ah!" Elizabeth gasped and jerked against his hand. He didn't give her time to recover, but struck her again and again. Although the light was dim, he could see a shadow of pink stain her round ass. She whimpered.

"Tell me rule number three," he ordered as he continued to smack her.

"Please stop," she begged. "That hurts."

"Too bad," he replied, smacking her a little harder. "Rule number three.

Her flesh quivered beneath his hand and her voice quavered. "Don't make you chase me three blocks?"

The next swat was harder than the others. "Try again."

He thought he heard a sniffle. "Uh . permission to cum. No. Ow! Damnit. " Yes, definitely, a sniffle. " That was number two. Uh . . . . no means no."

Even though she was right, he smacked her ass again to underline his dominance. "Don't swear. It's common and unnecessary."

"Julie swears." Her voice was teary, but he caught the underlying tone of contention.

Smack! "Arguing, pet?"

A quiet moment, then a muffled, "No Sir."

Matt dropped his hand to the heated flesh of Elizabeth's ass and rubbed it. She had her head dropped down, and he could hear her gulping back tears of pain. "Your first full spanking," he whispered. "You did well, my pet."

He turned her in his laps, the heated flesh of her chastised bottom warm through the fabric of his jeans. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him, brushing away the tears on her cheeks with his lips. He kissed her eyelids, the tip of her nose, then finally settled his mouth over hers. "Soon," he murmured, "The pain will become pleasure, and the spanking will only leave you hungrier for my touch."

He began to toy with her nipples again, rubbing them between his thumb and forefinger and tugging at them until she cried out against his mouth. The soft sounds of pleasure coming from the back of her throat aroused him and he began to imagine all the wicked and wonderful perversions he could practice on her soft and willing body. He held her tightly on his lap as he slipped his hand between her legs and eased a finger in her. She jerked in pain against him, but he continued to kiss her and embrace her until she relaxed under him.

"Unzip me," he whispered against her mouth. As her small hand began to work at his fly, he stroked her clit with the pad of his thumb, while keeping his finger buried in her. Her thighs fell apart and her hands stilled. He stopped stroking.

"My zipper, pet." Her hands resumed their fumbling, and his thumb continued its slow, tortuous caress. Whenever he felt her slow, he stopped rubbing. When she finally freed his erect cock, they both breathed a sigh of relief.

He removed his hands from her long enough to tug his t-shirt over his head. He dropped it at his feet. "Kneel, pet," he ordered.

She dropped between his thighs. Her knees rested 0n his Star Wars T-shirt. He spread his legs a little and twined his fingers through her hair.

"Have you ever sucked a cock, little one?" he asked, a little surprised at the rough tone to his voice.

She shook her head "no". He gave a growl of satisfaction, pleased to be her first.

"Don't be afraid of it. Hold it firmly. Suck hard. Play with my balls." He barked out the commands, eager to feel her mouth against his flesh. Enough today to give her the basics. Time for refinement later.

She lowered her mouth to him and he felt her tongue flick against his swollen flesh. She ran it over the head of his cock, and he felt her pause, then dip it into the weeping eye, scooping up a drop of his pre-cum. He began to breathe a little harder.

Next, she took the head in her mouth entirely, and gave it a tentative suck. His moan seemed to embolden her and she sucked with more confidence, not resisting when he arched his hips and slid another two inches into her mouth.

"Grab it," he ordered. "Stroke it. Squeeze it."

He wrapped his hand over hers and her slender fingers grasped his shaft. As he showed her the movements that gave him the most pleasure, she continued to suck and play her tongue against the head and first few inches of his shaft. His fingers tightened over hers and he felt his balls constrict as his orgasm approached. A tingle ran up the length of his shaft and suddenly he was spurting into her mouth, hot ropy jets of cum that nearly choked her. She tried to pull away, but he pushed her further down on his cock, using her mouth as a receptacle for his cum until, drained, he released his hold.

She rocked back on her heels and regarded him warily while he tried to catch his breath. Finally, he was able to deepen his ragged breathing and fill his lungs with enough air to speak.

"It was supposed to do that," he reassured her.

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