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After the Party


just a shorty 'cos i was in the mood. hope you enjoy it. GA.


A GOOD DAY ended badly. Julie, her final lesson of the day done, left the school earlier than usual. Planning to spend an hour in the sun with a book she arrived home and let herself in. She climbed the stairs intending to change out of her sober work clothes and into her bikini. What she saw next turned her world upside down.

Samuel didn't hear his wife's tread on the stairs; he only turned from the window when he heard her voice.

"Julie! I—" he began as his face distorted with shock.

"What are you doing?" Julie asked aghast, but the sight of Samuel's erection in his fist told its own story. Pushing past her husband she looked out of the second storey window and saw the object of Samuel's desire - their divorced and undeniably gorgeous neighbour sunbathing nude in her garden.

The betrayal stung like a slap in the face.

Hours later, alone in bed, the same questions turned relentlessly in Julie's head. What have I done wrong? Why would he do it? She's thirty-eight ... Twelve years older than me. Twelve years! Why would he want her?

With the questions chattering in her head like spiteful demons, Julie eventually abandoned any hope of sleep and, true to her flame-haired temperament, decided to confront her husband.

As much as she feared what rot in their marriage talking to Samuel might reveal, with leaden dread heavy in her stomach Julie pulled on her dressing gown and walked from the marital bedroom. She moved across the silent landing and glanced at the door to her daughter's room. The knot of apprehension tightened in her guts - What if things were so bad that she and Sammy parted? What would she and Alethia do then? Julie thought of her mother too. Oh, God; she'll be full of 'I-told-you-so's,' and 'I-warned-you-about-"his-sort". Julie's mother had never reconciled her daughter marrying a black man. "All very fashionable, darling," Margaret Manning had pouted. "But, I mean ... Really?" Samuel's law degree and blossoming reputation as a barrister did nothing to sway her 1950's, aspiring to middle-class prejudices -- "It simply wouldn't do."

But Julie had married Samuel and been happy.

Until ...

Without knocking Julie entered the guest room to which Samuel had been banished.

"Don't you love me any more?" she said abruptly into the darkness.

Despite the time being close to three in the morning Samuel was awake; his reply immediate.

"I'm sorry, Julie. I ..." He sighed, he had no answers, only excuses. "I got home early ... I was feeling ... well ... y'know ... in the mood. When I got upstairs I saw her out of the window ..."

Julie heard her husband sigh a second time.

His voice, she thought, momentarily distracted from her quest. Samuel's voice had been the first thing that attracted her. She'd first heard him speak at a wedding; Samuel being best man, Julie a friend of the bride -- not close enough to be a bridesmaid though -- and she'd fallen in love with Samuel's rich baritone when he'd stood self-consciously and delivered an embarrassed yet hilarious speech. For Julie, her husband's voice reminded her of Turkish Delight wrapped in dark chocolate.

Despite her anguish, she felt a quickening of desire between her legs.

"You fancy her, don't you?" she asked, ignoring her mewling sex. "I can get my head around you fancying her, she's glamorous ... and she's got a great figure; she's got the look; blonde; pretty ... She's intelligent ... Yeah, I can understand all that, Sammy, but ... Do you still love me?"

"Absolutely," Samuel replied. "I just got a bit stupid today. I didn't think I was doing any harm. There she was ... I was in that mood ... Shit, I'm not saying I don't feel embarrassed, ashamed even, but it has nothing to do with me not loving you any more, babe. I promise you that. You and Alethia ..."

Julie took a pace towards her husband's voice. He sounded so sincere. He says he loves me, she thought. Four years of marriage and I love him as much now as ever ... I love my little family. Tears stung Julie's eyes when she thought of her daughter -- two-years old, a chatterbox with her father's soft, brown eyes and coffee-coloured skin.

"But you fancy her? ...You love me, but you'd like to ..." Julie sniffed up the tears. "You'd like to do it with her?"

Samuel sat up in bed. Despite the gloom Julie could make out the outline of his body. She recalled the texture of his skin under her fingers when they made love; how tight and springy the bunched muscles felt when her hands slid over his arms and chest ... Then she recalled the thick, black length of him in his fist that afternoon. Julie remembered the first time she'd seen his cock like that; iron hard and so intimidating in girth.

"But I love you, Julie," Samuel insisted. "This afternoon was like ... well, it was like watching porn. You're different. You're real; we're real."

The throbbing in her cunt boomed like a bass drum, the fear replaced by liquid desire. Julie wanted her husband to show how much he loved her; she was desperate to believe him but she kept pushing the question; she couldn't help it, it was like probing a newly-filled tooth with her tongue.

"Tell me, Sammy," Julie asked, her voice a croak. "Would you like to fuck her? I mean really fuck her.

It was instinct that told Samuel his wife's mind-set had shifted. There was no logic involved, he recognised some quality in the timbre of her voice -- perhaps he could smell her desire in the dark? Without thinking he growled a response.

"I'd fuck her, baby. I'd fuck the white bitch and make her suck my wet cock ... Just like I'm going to do to you now."

Samuel threw the covers off his naked body and moved to his wife.

"Do it to me, Sammy," Julie moaned as her husband's fingers found her slippery labia. She felt his teeth on her neck. "Fuck me like you'd fuck Mandy. Show me how bad you could be."

Samuel turned his wife and eased her onto the bed on all fours. Julie groaned and thrust her buttocks towards her husband's shadowy form. The groan turned to a moan of pleasure when she felt his knob press against her body.

For Samuel the incident was over; but in Julie's mind an idea began to ferment.


THE PLACE WAS A MESS. Empty beer cans, used glasses, and all the other grubby detritus of a room in post-party chaos covered nearly every available surface. Most of the tea-lights had died, but the few still clinging to life flickered warmly and made the room comfortably intimate.

Samuel, in his skeleton costume, face painted white, dropped empty beer cans into a bin bag.

"Here you go, Sammy," Julie said, appearing from the kitchen with a tray laden with steaming coffee cups in her hands. "You'll get that muck on the rim," she warned, pointing at her husband's made-up face. She turned to the scarlet-clad devil sitting on the sofa. "Here you are, Mandy," she added and offered the tray.

"Thanks," the blonde replied as she took her cup.

"Your legs look fantastic in those shorts, Mandy," Julie complimented. "Really smooth ... And the tan; did you top up on a sunbed or ...?"

Given that Amanda's costume consisted of a scrap of a cape, a red t-shirt, and booty shorts there was a considerable length of leg to stretch as the woman eased her limbs out in front of her. From the corner of her eye Julie caught her husband's appreciative expression through his disguise.

"I snuck on the sunbed," Amanda replied. "I didn't want to wear tights with this outfit, so ..."

"It really suits you," Julie said, turning to Samuel. "Don't you think Mandy's got great pins, Sammy?"

Remembering the incident during the summer, Samuel blinked. He looked at his wife and then at his neighbour's legs.

"Uh ..." he muttered, flustered, "I ..."

"Oh come on, Sammy," Julie teased. "You know you like Mandy's legs. There's no shame in admitting it. I don't think she's embarrassed ... Are you Mandy?"

"Oh ... Erm ... No, no I suppose not. I mean ..."

"Anyway, Sammy," Julie continued, it isn't as though—" The red-haired woman stopped mid-sentence and feigned reluctance. "No," she continued. "Sorry, I shouldn't have ... It must be the wine; I'm such a blabbermouth when I drink." She sipped her coffee demurely and avoided Mandy's questioning look. Ask me, she thought, go on Mandy, ask me ...

Samuel shifted in his seat, uncomfortable at being on the precipice of his wife's indiscretion. No, Julie, the voice in his head screamed. Wings of apprehension fluttered in his stomach and his balls tightened defensively. Don't ... Don't say anything ... Don't ....

Amanda, despite the volume of bacardi and coke she'd shifted, sensed she was being manipulated by her younger neighbour. She glanced at Samuel; his expression, even through the face-paint, told her he was aghast at the revelation bubbling on his wife's lips.

She turned her attention to Julie, intrigued as to why the woman had gone suddenly coy and who was now avoiding her eyes. What are you up to, Julie? Where's this going? OK, she decided, I'll play along.

"You can't do that!" Amanda exclaimed and placed her coffee on the table in front her. "I mean ... You just can't hint at something and then just ... stop."

"Well," Julie began, it's—"

"Julie ..." Samuel warned, his voice low and dangerous as a rattlesnake. "I don't think—"

"It's like this," Julie interrupted her husband. She sat next to Amanda on the settee and put the tray on the carpet near her feet.

"Shit, Julie," Samuel groaned when his wife leaned towards the blonde and cupped a hand around the woman's ear. "I ..." he began. "It ..." Giving up the fight, he slumped into a chair. He blew across the meniscus of the steaming coffee and sipped; his eyes never leaving Amanda's face.

"Oh my God!" Amanda cried. Her eyes widened with surprise. "Oh no ... no, no, no ... He ..."

Cringing with embarrassment, Samuel shook his head and closed his eyes when Amanda turned her face to look at him. Anger at his wife's recklessness burned in his chest; he clenched his free hand into a fist as tension worked the tiny muscles in his jaw.

Samuel slammed his cup down onto the small table in front of his chair. Spilled coffee mingled with the party mess.

"That was something I did that I'm ashamed of, Julie." He opened his eyes and glared at his wife. "It was something between us ... Something private, and I'm appalled and ashamed that you told her. Fucking hell, Julie, how could you do that to me? It's over. Done. Forgotten."

Spiteful indignation flashed in Julie's green eyes.

"You're not in court now, you arrogant prick. Something between us?" she spat. "I caught you spying on Mandy, with your big cock in your hand, and you talk about it being between us!" She turned her attention to the older woman. "He was so wrapped up wanking over you that he didn't even hear me come in. What would you have done, Mandy? What would you do if you'd been me?"

Before Amanda could reply Samuel interjected.

"—I thought we'd talked it through; I thought it was behind us. It was just something I did on the spur of the moment. I told you, I got home early and there she was, sunbathing, naked and—"

Big cock? Amanda thought, instantly picking up on Julie's description. How big? She eyed Samuel speculatively like an auctioneer in a cattle market. How much beef has that boy got? she wondered.

"I don't mind," she said quietly into the abrupt, angry silence. "Actually, and don't take this the wrong way, Julie," she continued, "but I'm flattered that your husband ... erm ... thinks I'm good enough ... I mean ... Well, he's young, good-looking ..." She paused and smirked before suggestively adding, "And he fills his jeans out pretty well ... Anyway, I don't mind." The woman shrugged, stood up, and placed her cup on the table next to Samuel's. "And on that note I think I'd better get out of here. Too much booze and high emotion can only lead to trouble. And I think you two need to do some more talking."

"Don't leave," Julie murmured. She reached for Amanda's hand and clasped it tightly. "I don't want you to go. In fact there's ... There's ..."

Amanda's heart thudded in her chest; she sensed where Julie was going. She knew what words were about to leave the young woman's lips.

If you say it, Julie, Amanda thought, then I'm not going to refuse. If you offer me your gorgeous husband's black cock ... Amanda glanced at Samuel. The man's face, under the paint, wore an expression of slack-jawed shock. He knows what's coming too. Oh God ... Am I going to get fucked?

"What I thought was—" Julie continued.

In a voice thick with desire, Amanda interrupted.

"—Me and him?" Her sex clenched with anticipation of the possibilities. "Me, him and ... and you too, Julie? A threesome?"

The word left Julie as a hiss.


Realising she'd better take a more proactive approach now she'd committed herself, Amanda turned to face Samuel. She placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head to on side.

"Well, Sammy?" she asked. "Get me another drink -- bacardi and coke. Get me a drink and I'll help your lovely wife undress." Amanda gently eased Julie from her seat. Shocked into complicity, Samuel went to the kitchen where the surviving booze had been moved. Amanda looked into the young woman's eyes. "You're sure about this?" she asked.

Julie gulped and nodded.

"I'm sure. I've thought about it a lot since ... Well, since I caught him. The sex we had that night ..." Amanda saw a blush creep up Julie's neck from the deep V of Julie's décolletage. Julie blinked quickly, swallowed heavily again, and continued. "The sex we had that night ... I told him to fuck me like he'd fuck you. It was amazing. And since then the idea's grown in my head. It's been driving me mad. The party, tonight, all of it ... It was just an excuse really ... To get you here. I didn't think you'd go for it, and I wouldn't have pushed if I'd not been drinking so much, but now ... It feels so strange, like it isn't really us at all."

"Just a one-off? Just tonight, never again, a few hours of sex and we never mention this again. Is that OK?"

Julie nodded in response to Amanda's words.

When Samuel returned from the kitchen with Amanda's drink he stood and stared. His wife, stripped of her graveyard-black gown, stood naked except for her shoes and gloves she wore to the elbow.

"Jesus," he muttered.

"Your wife's a beautiful girl. Isn't she, Sammy?" The man gulped and nodded. Amanda continued, "And what about me, will I do?" She turned slowly, treating Samuel to a slow pirouette as she flaunted her now bare backside and long legs. Having stripped out of the tiny red shorts and cape, she still wore the tight, red t-shirt. Following a full three-sixty, Amanda put her hands on her hips and posed again. With an appropriately devilish grin she smirked at Samuel's expression of perpetual surprise. "Now, I think it's time you showed me exactly what Julie caught you doing. I want to watch you wank. I think you owe me that."

"Yeah, Sammy," Julie joined in. "You owe Mandy one." She moved quickly to her husband's side. "Here he is, Mandy. What do you think?"

Amanda's eyes glinted in the candlelight when Julie whisked Samuel's costume leggings down his thighs. The sight of the man's flaccid but thick member caused Amanda's insides to twitch -- A trickle of lust slid from her body.

"Make it hard, Sammy," she whispered. "Show me how you did it. Come on, baby, let me see you do it." Amanda squirmed where she stood; she longed to touch her sex but denied herself that pleasure for a moment.

"Shall I get him started, Mandy?" Julie asked.

Without waiting for an answer, Julie lifted her husband's cock in the palm of her hand. The man looked at his wife and groaned. He curled an arm around Julie's shoulders and pulled her to him roughly. As the couple shared a deep, hard kiss, Samuel's erection grew rapidly. In seconds the redhead had a thick length of ebony penis in her fist. She caressed the thing slowly.

Jesus, Amanda thought. If I were married to that gorgeous bastard I'd be riding that thing all day and all night. She's sharing him with me? If I were her I'd not share him with anyone. Fuck, but he's gorgeous.

"Let him do it, Julie," the older woman suggested quietly. "You come here, to me; I think I want to kiss you."

"Julie ..." Samuel groaned when his wife, to his disbelief, did as Amanda ordered. He stroked his cock and stared at the two women. "Fuck ... Look at you two. I never saw ..." He groaned again, his fist moving quickly as his wife's tongue glistened in the soft, flickering light and touched the blonde's own outstretched tongue.

"Have you ever kissed a woman before?" Amanda asked.

Julie glanced at her husband and nodded.

"I had a bit of a thing with a girl in teaching college," she admitted. "We did a bit more than kissing ..."

"You should've told me," Samuel said in a hoarse voice. "Maybe we could've worked something out." He winked at his wife.

"You're getting used to this idea now, Sammy," Amanda said. "If you can crack jokes I'd say the shock has worn off."

"I'm getting warmed up," Samuel retorted. He jutted his chin towards the two women. "I think it's time you took that shirt off. Show me your tits. Not too big and nicely shaped if I recall correctly."

"I like Julie's breasts," Amanda smirked. "Lovely, heavy tits. I think I'll just suck your wife's nipples before I take my top off. You just carry on wanking, big boy. But don't get too excited, you've got some work to do before you come." She looked at Julie. "Can I kiss your breasts, Julie? Please?"

"Yes please!" Julie hefted her breasts in her palms; she offered the tight teats of her nipples to her neighbour. While Amanda kissed and sucked at her flesh, Julie stared at her husband across the room. "Is this good for you, Sammy? Did I surprise you? I didn't know if she'd do it, but I'm so glad she is. I'm so wet ... I'm so hot down there between my legs ...I want you to do her. I want to watch you fuck her."

Julie groaned when Amanda's fingers found her clitoris.

"She's sodden," Amanda said to Samuel. "Your wife's pissing juice ... And she tastes so fucking good." Amanda sucked her wet fingers. "Come here. Come here and put that thing into your wife's cunt. Fuck her first and let me suck her cum off your cock." Amanda eased Julie onto the settee before lifting the t-shirt over her head.

Julie looked up at the blonde and giggled.

"You've lost a horn." She pointed at Amanda's forehead. One of the small points Amanda wore as devil's horns had come loose.

"As long as your hubby doesn't lose his," Amanda replied and, ignoring the white smear of Samuel's make-up on Julie's face, leaned down to kiss the woman's mouth. "Get over here, Sammy," she barked when the kiss broke. "Fuck your lovely wife."

Samuel kicked the leggings away and lifted his costume shirt over his head.

"Good God, you're a voodoo prince," Amanda murmured when she saw Samuel's muscled chest and thick, well-defined arms.

The man grinned and walked to his supine wife.

Julie groaned as the girth of Samuel's erection rudely penetrated her.

"Fuck her," Amanda whispered and knelt in front of the couple. She ran her hands over Samuel's back and down to his taut, bunched, and thrusting buttocks. "Give it to her, Sammy. Do it to your lovely wife."

I hope he stretches me like he's stretching her, Amanda thought after manoeuvring herself to where she could see Samuel's cock distending the younger woman's sex. She's so tight around him. It looks like she's going to split ... She's all purple for fuck's sake! But listen to her moan. And how wet she is, the stuff's trickling down the crack in her arse ...That stain's never going to wash out.

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