tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAfter The Party Ch. 1

After The Party Ch. 1


GOD. I LOVED my new job as an agent. My client, Nicole Kidman, and I were sitting at the bar drinking after the World Premiere of her latest film.

"So what did you think of the movie?"

"That was your best role yet, hun." I have a thing about calling every lovely celebrity hun. None of them seem to mind.

"I really was that good." she interrogated, leaning over the bar, giving me a glance at the top of her breasts. They aren't as big as I wished, but I can't complain TOO much. After all, this is Nicole Kidman.

Trying desperately not to look at her mounds, but failing, I said, "HELL YEAH."

"Your sweet" she whispered. Her hands were rubbing her thighs. Damn tease.

I was trying hard to control my erection. But, I was failing at that, too.

The bartender also seemed to be sweating from the sexual tension of his own member.

"Tequilla." the Aussie barked.

The bartender plopped a shot of the beverage in front of the redhead. He also gave her the salt.

Nicole picked up the shaker and pour a drop of it on her arm. Bending over, the beauty slowly lapped it off.

I was watching this act with huge intense. She knew this would turn me on.

"AHHHHH." she exhaled, as she guzzled the alcohol down. As she put the glass back on the table, her legs crossed.

Why do you do this to me? I peeked at her crotch, not concealing my raging hard-on anymore. Underneath her black silk skirt she was wearing NOTHING!

"That's nice." she mocked in her best Sharon Stone impression.

"Are you trying to get us kicked out?"

"Relax." she soothed, wiping her thighs. "Damn alcohol."

"You didn't spill anything. Your just trying to get a rise out of me. It's working."

"I've got to go to the bathroom." the divored women announced.

"Charming." I muttered.

I watched the Austrailian actress as she glided her way to the back. She was wearing a lovely satin white blouse that was clearly see-through. No bra underneath. Modesty wasen't a factor for her.

As she disappered into the crowd, I looked around at the partygoers. Sitting adjacent to me were to lovely blondes that were sitting on each other's lap. The one on the bottom was hissing nasty talk at the other shoulder-length haired beauty. One looked to be Gwyneth Paltrow and the other could have been Uma Thurman. I was trying to read lips. This is what I interpreted:

"Grab my jugs, whore."

What I thought I read next shocked me.

"Fuck my ass, Gwyneth."

I looked at the lovers cunt's, and sure enough, Gwyneth had a huge black dildo up "Uma's" ass.

"You like that, Uma?"

"YESSS. I LOOVE IT. MAKE ME CUUM." As Uma's climax rocked her, the 2 noticed my staring. Then, Uma whispered something at Gwyneth. As I was about to walked over, they came to me.

"Hi, Bob." Uma said, and waved at me.

"Hi, Uma."

"Hi." the slim blonde said, and also waved.

"How ya doin' Gwyn?" That was my pet-name for her.

"Were's Nic? She get tired of your stench?" the "Pulp Fiction" star laughed.

"See had to use the ladies room."

"AHHHH. Taking a dump, huh. Go after her. I know you like scat."

I glanced at my watch. Nicole had been in their for 10 minutes. "I think I will. Stay here."

The 2 chimed, "But we wanna come too."

"OK." We all got up and walked to the restroom.

"OH. BOB."

She must be sick and is whining for me.


Looking around nervously, I opened up the door and walked in. The Aussie was siting on the toilet. I rapped on the stall. "You ok?"


Get a large bulge in my pants, I opened up the stall and admired the site. Nicole was sitting on the toilet, skirt lying on the floor, 1 hand fingering her sex, the other groping her jugs.

Looking me right in the face, she hissed, "Come here."

I put my hands on my t-shirt and whisked it to the floor.

She grabbed my shorts and boxers and flew them to the dirty aluminum.

I seductively walked to the Austrailian and guided my cock to her lips.

The tall women licked the head and washed the pre-cum from the tip in the same erotic fashion she licked the salt.

"SUCK IT" I barked, grabbing the back of her head and forcing the entire inch inside her wet mouth.




Her intensity was increasing with each assault of my hard-on.


I glanced over to her and she was furiously fingering herself.

So was Gwyneth. "CUM INSIDE HER THROAT."

With the sexual act before us, nobody cared when other's had to use the pot. They seemed to enjoy the show, since before the left, everyone jerked themselves.

"OH GOD. I'M CUUMMINNGG." we all chanted. "AHH." As each of our massive orgasms spilled over us, we each agreed to hail a taxi and continue this elsewhere.

To Be Continued...

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