tagLoving WivesAfter The School Run

After The School Run


This is a shorter story than what I usually write and it wasn't initially intended for this site, but written in order to satisfy my husband's curiosity about what goes on when the men are at work and the kids are in school...


Alan pulled up outside his house and was surprised to see three people carriers that he didn't recognise parked outside. He figured that it must be friends of Maria's, his wife. Now that all three of their kids were in school she'd started getting involved in some local charities and other activities that the local housewives participated in during the day. Alan earned a very good salary as an engineer and he travelled a lot so it suited them that Maria was able to be at home and take care of the kids. He had a vague recollection that Maria had mentioned her book group at breakfast so that must be why all those cars were here.

He snuck through the door, not wanting to get roped in by some chatty women who couldn't stop talking about their children. He only needed to change his shirt before his meeting this afternoon since he spilled coffee on the one he put on this morning when he had to brake suddenly when the car in front of him at the traffic lights stalled.

All his fears about women's book groups seemed to be confirmed as he walked up the stairs to the master bedroom. There was a lot of giggling going on, but as he put his tie back on he heard a sound he recognised very well. It sounded very much like his darling Maria when he fucked her. Alan had seen "When Harry Met Sally" and he knew that women could fake satisfaction in bed, but surely not his lovely Maria. She was his sex kitten. She couldn't get enough of his cock, wherever he decided to stick it.

His curiosity got the better of him. He went back downstairs and walked through the dining room to the arch that separated it from the living room. He slowly put his head around the wall and did a double take. He thought he'd died and woken up in a lesbian porn movie. Right in front of him two women, one of whom was his best friend's wife, were naked and eating each other's pussies in a wonderful 69. Next to them, a red head with the biggest tits he'd ever seen, was fucking his wife doggie style, with a strap-on.

His hand went straight down to his crotch and his hardening cock. He stroked it for a little while, enjoying the sight before him, until the red head who was fucking Maria looked up and saw him.

"Maria," she said and pinched her nipples. "I think we've been busted."

Maria looked into his eyes and saw the lust. She smiled at him and beckoned the redhead to continue.

"Get undressed, honey," she panted at Alan. "Let me suck your cock while Gina fucks me."

Alan was not one to have to be told twice. His clothes were quickly discarded in a heap on the floor and he walked up to his wife, holding his thick six inches in his hand. All the women in the room watched him intently as he kneeled in front of Maria. She quickly sucked his cock into her hungry mouth and started sucking him, all the way to her throat, the way he loved it.

The women who'd been 69-ing came up to him and one lay down and started sucking his balls, her lips occasionally meeting Maria's. The other one straddled over Maria's head and leaned forward to kiss the redhead, opening her pussy to Alan's tongue. He figured it would be rude not to, so he ran his tongue across her slit. He then slid his tongue inside her wet cunt and started tongue fucking her at the same speed that Maria was sucking his cock.

Alan was horny as hell. He'd always fantasised about inviting another woman to join him and Maria in bed, but he'd never dared ask, out of respect for his wife. Now he was here with four horny women and it was fantastic. He locked his lips around the clit of the pussy in his face and started sucking it and flicking his tongue across it. The woman was grinding her pussy against his stubble and he figured he must be doing something right. He kept moaning as Maria's wizard mouth and the wonderful tongue that was working his balls together brought him to new heights of pleasure.

All of a sudden the woman he was licking squealed with delight and he received a gush of pussy cum on his face. Next in line was Maria, who finally came around the fake dick that was filling her cunt. Her scream was muffled by Alan's cock and he soon had to release his load. He shot his cum straight into his wife's mouth and as soon as he withdrew, the woman who'd been sucking his balls started kissing Maria, and together they feasted on his cum.

Maria soon pressed her beautiful D-cup breasts against him and kissed him.

"I wasn't expecting you home," she said between kisses.

"I can tell," he replied and fingered the massive tits of the redhead who'd wrapped her arms around Maria. "I thought today was your book group."

"This is my book group," Maria replied and handed the red head's strap-on to the two other women to suck her juices off. "Every week we read an erotic lesbian book and then we decide on which scene to re-enact. You kind of spoiled it by joining us, but I'm sure the girls will love your cock as much as I do."

"We're not done?" Alan's cock was springing back to life.

"We only just started," Maria giggled with the other women. "Now Alan, why don't you lie on the floor. Gina here will ride your cock, I'll ride your mouth, and Rita can use the strap-on on Suzy."

Alan lay down and watched as the red head straddled his shaft. She was dripping wet and knew how to work her pussy muscles around his cock. He sighed deeply as she started riding him and was just about to reach up and cup her bouncing tits when Maria straddled across his face and he was faced with the juicy pussy that he loved to eat so much.

Next to him, Suzy got into doggie position to be fucked by Rita and Alan nearly died when he felt Suzy starting to lick Gina's clit. Ever so often she licked Gina's juices off his shaft and the feeling of this happening while he ate his wife's cunt was so incredibly erotic he thought he might cum straight away.

Fortunately he had more staying power than that and as Gina and Maria kissed and played with each other's tits he tongue fucked Maria's cunt. Gina was riding him much faster now. Her pussy walls kept squeezing him hard and Suzy's tongue just added that little bit extra. Soon he moved his mouth to Maria's clit and started teasing it. It was swollen and hard in his mouth as he sucked then tickled and then sucked it again.

Maria was rolling her hips across his face, grinding her pussy against his mouth. He knew what this meant. He wrapped his arms around her thighs to keep her still and he picked up the pace. He was sucking her clit hard now, teasing it with his tongue and ever so often he moved his tongue back to her wet hole, only to return to her clit. Her legs started shuddering and he let go of her clit to be rewarded with a massive gush of cum from her cunt as she screamed out in ecstasy.

Alan had been so focused on making Maria cum that he hadn't noticed just how hard Gina had been riding his cock. As Maria came and the two women locked in an embrace, tits against tits and tongues devouring each other's mouths Gina orgasmed all around his hard shaft and it was a wondrous feeling as her pussy walls squeezed him hard and tried to milk him.

Maria and Gina soon stepped off him and Maria got on her hands and knees for Alan to fuck her from behind. Rita lay on the floor in front of her so that Maria could eat her cunt and Gina started fucking Suzy with the strap-on while Suzy kissed Rita and they played with each other's tits. The whole scene was laid out before him as he fucked his wife. He loved his wife's cunt. His cock knew every inch of it and she was wet and tight around his shaft.

Maria had one hand in Rita's cunt as she ate and finger fucked her. Her other hand stretched back to her own cunt and she played with her clit as Alan fucked her. He had his hands on her hips to keep her squirming body still while he impaled her on his hard shaft, over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder.

The air was thick with pussy smell and he breathed it in deeply. The female moans and squeals were a symphony to his ears and it seemed his fucking Maria sent shockwaves down the fuck line. He grinded himself deep inside his wife's cunt. Her juices were continuously squeezed out of her pussy and running down his balls and her legs. Each thrust resulted in a wet slam inside her.

He picked up the pace even more. Maria was finger fucking Rita hard by now, her mouth locked on the other woman's clit. Then Rita squealed and her body shook as she finally gave in to the orgasm administered by Maria and as Maria lifted her head off the other woman's pussy, Alan pulled her up against him by her tits and he kissed her, licking Rita's pussy off her face.

That proved the final straw for Maria. She couldn't hold back any longer and she screamed with delight as her pussy finally came around her husband's cock. Alan knew that he couldn't hold it back any longer. With a loud moan he finally let go, letting his wife's cunt milk him dry. The other women stopped what they were doing and admired their joint orgasm and got into position.

Gina placed her face between Maria's legs and as Alan slowly withdrew she caught the mixed cum that flowed out of Maria's cunt. She proceeded to cleaning Maria's cunt with her tongue before getting up and sharing her harvest in a deep kiss with Maria. Suzy and Rita started licking Alan's limping cock, careful to get all the pussy juices off it.

He soon had to excuse himself and kiss his wife goodbye before showering quickly and going back to work, exhausted but invigorated. The last thing he saw before leaving was his wife fucking Rita with the strap-on and Gina and Suzy feasting on each other's pussies. They looked like they'd be going all day and he was jealous that he couldn't stay there, but someone had to keep these housewives in the life to which they had become accustomed and if this was what they got up to every day, he didn't want to take it away from them. He just mentally rearranged his calendar so that he could stop by more often.

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