tagNovels and NovellasAfter the Shock Ch. 04

After the Shock Ch. 04



One day I opened up my special e-mail account and there were two messages. One was from Tom Griffin's first wife. I opened up the e-mail.

"Thank You! I just loved your present. I would love to meet you, whoever you are.

Anxiously awaiting your reply. Mary."

The second e-mail was from wife number two. It was short and sweet. "I knew he was scum, but I didn't know he was that bad. Thanks for sharing.


I showed the two e-mails to Sabrina.

"So are you going to reply to Mary?"

"Yes Sabbie, I will meet up with her, but I don't think I will be needing a free pass for her. They've been divorced more than 5 years now."

"I noticed you said for her. Was there something else Ron?"

"I've been thinking about Jill and Maggie."

"The wives of the other two pool guys. Right?"

"Right. Their husbands were only with Maureen a few times. I'm not sure what I should do."

"I think you should meet with them Ron. If I were the wife, I would want to know."

"OK Sabbie, I was leaning towards meeting them as well."

"You can have a one day pass for each of them Ron. Just let me know what happens."

"Oh I will Sabbie. You are a wonderful woman. You know that right?"

Sabrina smiled up at me and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Why don't you show me how much you love me Ron?"

Yes. Life was still good.


I rang Jill and Robert's doorbell. Jill answered. She gave me a quick once over and invited me in. I didn't even get to start into my spiel before she leaned in and said,

"Do you want me?"

She pushed her breast up against me. Jill was 35. She was pretty, and she knew it. She really wasn't my type, but I nodded my head. She started frenching me immediately.

I kissed her back and grabbed onto her ass. She lowered her lips and undid my pants. She sucked me for bit and then got on all fours.

"C'mon mister. Fuck me hard."

I slammed into her for a few minutes and came into her pussy.

"That wasn't bad at all," She said.

She smiled at me and reached for my cock. She was all set to blow me again. I pulled away and started getting dressed.

"Ohhhh, C'mon mister. I can get you ready again."

"Sorry miss, I need to go."

"Ok then, come back any time."

Wow, that woman fucks anything that walks, and I thought Maureen was a slut.

I talked with Sabrina about her that evening.

"Sabbie honey, I didn't even get to say anything. She was propositioning me from the get go."

"So you fucked her did you?"

"Yes Sabbie, I fucked her, but I felt dirty afterwards. I went straight to the clinic and got checked out for STDs."

"Good thinking Ron."

"Yeah, so I figure there's no way that Robert is getting as much strange as she is. I felt no need to go into any details. Afterwards I didn't want to even tell her my name."

"So that leaves Maggie right?"

"Yes Sabbie, I've arranged to meet Tom's first wife Mary tomorrow and if that doesn't take too long, I will also see Maggie.

"OK Ron, let me know how it goes."


I showed up at Mary's and she smiled at me warmly and let me in.

"I recognize your body from the video sir. You are my hero."

"Hi Mary, I'm Ron. Pleased to meet you."

"Yeah, my ex has the dream gig huh? He gets to bang a new woman almost every job."

I studied Mary. She was a nice looking lady but you could tell she had been used pretty hard.

"Mary, If I was married to a woman like you, I wouldn't be banging anyone but you."

"Yeah Right," She replied.

"You don't believe me?"

"All men are scum, Ron."

"You just haven't met the right one yet, Mary. Good faithful men are out there. Trust me."

Mary gave me a good look.

"Do you have a woman Ron?"

"Yes Mary. I'm in love with a wonderful woman."

"So, you're telling me that you are faithful to her?"

"Yes Mary. If I have sex with anyone else, I discuss it with her first. No exceptions."

"So there have been others then?"

"Yes Mary, but like I say, my woman knew all about them ahead of time."

"I don't get it. Why would she let you fuck another woman?"

"Well Mary. It's complicated, but here's one example. She found out that her husband had been fucking the next door neighbor. She asked me to fuck the neighbor good once and then never again. So I did."

"Why? I don't get it."

"The neighbor lady is now very jealous of her. Trust me. If we see the neighbor lady in the back yard, we will go outside and have fun where she can see it. My woman loves to rub it in her face."

Mary smiled at me mischievously. "You must be pretty good, Huh Ron?"

"I'm not one to brag, but yes, so I have been told."

Mary decided to see if she could seduce me. It was pretty obvious. Her whole posture changed.

"Do you like the way I look Ron?"

"You are a very attractive woman Mary."

She moved closer to me and reached out to stroke me. I backed away.

"I meant what I said Mary. We are chatting and that's all we are going to do?"

She looked very surprised.

"Wow, I somehow figured you would still be up for something."

"Mary, It's not going to happen. Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?"

"Oh yeah, you sent the video to me, so you probably sent it to Holly and Jessica right?"

"Yes I did."

"Well, Holly is a sweetie. We get along fine, but Jessica is a mean bitch. I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to hurt you."


"Yes, Really. Tom is scum, but trust me. Jessica is worse than him."

"Thanks for the warning, Mary. I will try and make sure I have all my bases covered. I should go."

"OK Ron, good bye."

"And Mary, give men a chance. You can find the right one, if you look hard enough."

Mary gave me a calculating look and nodded her head. We shook hands and I left.


I looked at my watch. I figured I had just enough time to check in with Maggie.

I rang the doorbell and she answered.

"Hi Maggie, I'm Ron. You don't know me, but I would like to talk with you about your husband, Michael."

She looked me over. "What about him?"

"Maggie, it's very personal. Won't you invite me in?"

"I'm not in the habit of entertaining strangers," she said.

I glanced around. One of the neighbors was watching us. I pointed at her.

"Do you know her Maggie?"

"Yes, I know her. Why?"

"Come with me for a second."

She stared at me briefly and then followed. I walked up to the neighbor.

"Hi, my name is Ron. I'm going to visit with Maggie here."

The neighbor nodded doubtfully. I pulled out my driver's license and showed it to her, and then I showed it to Maggie.

"OK now?" I asked her.

Maggie nodded and headed back towards her place. I bowed quickly at the neighbor lady and followed Maggie.

"OK, so what is so important?"

"Maggie, there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to say it. I have it on good authority that Michael had sex with my wife at least twice."

"My Michael? You're sure?"

"Pretty darn sure."

"Go On."

"OK. My pool was installed seven years ago. I found out recently that my daughter who was 14 at the time was sexually assaulted by Tom Griffin."

Maggie gasped. "Go on."

"I took it upon myself to punish Tom."

Maggie nodded her head.

"I got him into a very talkative mood and he explained how he fucked my wife every day that they installed my pool. Most days he fucked her twice."

Maggie nodded again. "Your wife was willing, I take it?"

"Yes Maggie, I didn't realize it until just recently, but my wife is a slut. Tom says that all of the guys working for him fucked her at least twice. They even had a gang bang. The four pool installers and a neighbor took turns fucking her one afternoon."

"Wow, she really is a slut. Isn't she?"

"She really is."

"So you're telling me that Michael was part of the gang bang?"

"Tom said it was his regular guys so that means Michael."

Maggie looked pensive.

"Ron, Mike should be home in 15 minutes or so. Would you mind waiting for him?"

"No, I won't mind."

"Would you like a drink or something Ron?"

"Sure, I guess."

Maggie headed to the fridge and then yelled out, "We've got Coke, beer, orange juice, milk. What do you want?"

"Orange juice please, a small glass."

She handed me a glass of juice and sat back down.

Maggie was 28 years old. She was a little overweight and she really didn't seem to worry about her appearance as much as most women. She was a very intelligent young woman though, that much was clear.

"You don't seem upset Maggie."

"I'm just giving Michael the benefit of the doubt. This whole thing sounds pretty weird to me, but if it's really true, I will be upset. Trust me."

Michael walked in and stopped short when he saw me. His face blanched. I'm pretty sure that Michael knew exactly who I was and why I was there.

"Hi Michael, have you met this gentleman before?" Asked Maggie.

"Yes honey, we installed his pool a while ago. I can't remember the name though. Tom did most of the talking with him."

"What about the rest of his family? Do you remember them?"

Michael sized up his wife's mood and then went up to hug her. Maggie backed away.

"Do you remember them?"

"I think so honey. He had a daughter who was like 14 at the time. His son must have been 12 or so."

"What about his wife Michael?"

Michael swallowed and then said.

"His wife was a tall beautiful blonde woman honey."

"Do you remember her name Michael?"

"Yes, it was Maureen."

"Anything else you want to tell me about her Michael?"

"Oh Maggie. I love you. I love you so much."

"That's nice Michael, but we were speaking about Maureen."

"Oh Maggie, I swear to you, I have been 100% faithful to you except for with Maureen."

"So you had sex with Maureen did you?"

"Yes honey. She came on to me once. She really was beautiful. She was hard to resist. I had sex with her the one time, but then there was another incident."

"Go on."

"All of the guys were taking turns fucking her one afternoon. She was a total slut. Tony was in her ass. This neighbor guy was fucking her pussy and Tom was slamming into her mouth. I was just watching. I was stunned. The neighbor came in her pussy and then Bobby took over. Tony came in her ass and then Tom took over there. It was unbelievable. After Tom came in her ass he taunted me. 'Come on Mikey. Jump in, the water's warm.' I was rock hard and I was weak. I'm sorry. I joined in on the fun."

"I see. You're sure that was all? No other indiscretions?"

"I swear honey. That's it. I've never even come close to being with another woman. You have to trust me." He started bawling.

"I don't know Michael. I'm going to have to think about things."

Michael just kept on bawling. Maggie looked at me.

"It seems you were right Ron. Thank you very much for letting me know. I really appreciate it. Could you leave now please?"

"Of course Maggie."

She let me out. That woman was scary. I was damn glad she wasn't angry at me.


That night Sabrina and I discussed my two visits. We decided that I would get the detective to watch Tom & Jessica just to see if they were up to no good or not.

Then we discussed the visit with Maggie.

"So did you have sex with Maggie, Ron?"

"No Sabrina, she was very calm and controlled about everything. After Michael admitted to having sex with Maureen twice he swore up and down he was otherwise completely faithful. Maggie seemed upset under the surface but she controlled herself and asked me to leave."

"Do you think Michael was telling the truth?"

"I'm not sure honey. I wouldn't be surprised if he was telling the truth. He's a pretty geeky looking guy. He probably wouldn't get many opportunities anyways."

"What about Maggie? Is she attractive?"

"Not really, no Sabbie. She doesn't really seem to care about her appearance much though. She might be pretty if she put some effort into it."

"So I guess that covers everyone now, right Ron?"

"The only other one I have been thinking about is Armando, the guy Maureen fucked on our honeymoon."

"Oh yeah, but you said he was divorced from his wife."

"Yes, that's what Maureen said. She also said that She and Armando get together every year."

"Yes, I can see why you want to confront him."

"The problem is that he lives in Italy and if I travelled there he would have all of the advantages."

"So what are you going to do Ron?"

"I'm not sure Sabbie. Maybe I'll ask the detective for some advice. If I could find out when Armando was over here I might figure out something."

"Can I ask you a question Ron?"

"Sure, Sabbie"

"I know that you don't like Jim anymore, but I'm kind of surprised that you never fought or anything."

"Yeah, some days I am tempted to look him up and kick his ass, but what point would that serve? He must be pretty miserable now. If I were him I would be."

"He is miserable Ron. He calls me up every once in a while and it's obvious he's been crying his eyes out every time."

"How's that make you feel Sabbie?"

"I've got mixed feelings Ron, but I'm sort of ashamed to say that happiness seems to be the dominant one."

"Happiness that Jim is in pain?"

"Yes, Ron. Does that make me evil?" Sabrina looked truly concerned.

"No Sabbie, it makes you human."

Sabrina smiled and hugged me and kissed me.

"So Sabbie, if I ever did fight with him, would you be upset?"

"No Ron, I would just be hoping that you didn't get hurt."

"Do you want me to kick his ass, Sabbie?"

"Not really Ron, I'm good with things the way they are. I'm just trying to understand you better. So how is it different with Armando then?"

"Well Armando pisses me off more than Jim for some reason. Jim doesn't seem to have cheated with too many different people. I picture Armando as the player's player, leaving a trail of broken marriages and broken women. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows?"

"If he really is like that, then you should do something if you can."

"I'll see if I can get someone to watch him in Italy and give us a picture of what he's like, then we can decide."


One Saturday morning I walked through the family room. Colleen's mini-gym was still there. I took it apart and transported over to her place. I rang her doorbell.

"Hi Ron."

"Hi Collie, I brought your gym."

I handed the package to her and she set it down in the entrance way.

"Thanks Ron, come on in and let's have a chat."

"OK Collie."

She surprised me and rushed up for a hug. I allowed her to hug me but I didn't really return it at all. She leaned in for a kiss and I backed away.

"Sorry Collie, I don't want to give you the wrong idea. We are still done."

I took a look at Colleen. She had gained back pretty much all of the weight that she had lost.

"Oh Ron, I was such an idiot."

"I can't argue Collie. I understand it must have been frustrating to watch me be with 4 women while you could have only me. You should have just de-committed. Who knows what would have happened after that?"

"I know Ron. I kick myself every day. So what's up with you now?"

"Well Collie, Monica found a young man to stay faithful to. We haven't had sex in a long time. Sabbie also got frustrated like you did. She moved out on me for a bit. I couldn't stand it for long. I broke things off with Amber, and then committed fully to Sabrina. We are inseparable now."

"Oh, I'm happy for you guys Ron. You make a great couple."

"How about you Collie?"

"Oh, the guy that you saw me with had no patience for my tears. He dropped me right away. I've lost my mojo Ron. I haven't really been trying to do much of anything lately."

"That's a shame Collie. Even right now with your weight gained back, you are still a very attractive woman. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and meet somebody."

"Oh Ron, I'm fat. Nobody would want me."

"That's just not true Colleen. Give your head a shake and get out there."

"You're just trying to make yourself feel better Ron."

"I'm speaking truth Collie. I'll prove it to you."


"You go put on a leotard Collie. I will start setting up your gym. You can help me set it up when you are dressed. Then you work out. I will strip off my shorts and you can watch my cock get hard as you work out. You just have to promise you won't attack me. OK?"

Colleen's eyes widened and then she grinned and rushed off to get dressed.

She came out in a leotard that was too small for her. She almost might as well have been naked. We got her gym set up and then she grinned at me and started working out. She stared at me and motioned with her head. She wanted me to drop my pants. I complied. My limp dick was on display. She had a huge grin on her face and she worked out like a mad woman. As she started to sweat her pancake nipples became more and more prominent. I never touched my cock. It wasn't long before it was rock hard. Colleen smiled at me and licked her lips. I just stood there and stared at her as she kept working.

Finally she tired herself out and stopped. I started to get dressed.

"Oh Ron, I guess you weren't lying huh?" she asked with a shit eating grin.

"No Collie. You are still a sexy woman."

She rushed up and gave me a big hug.

"Thanks Ron, I will go out and find another man. I will start working out again too."

She pecked me on the cheek and I started to leave.

"You're a wonderful woman Collie. Just don't cheat on your next man OK?"

"I'll try and be better Ron. I never intended to cheat on you either. It just sort of happened."

"Take Care, Collie."

"Bye Ron."


I returned home and attacked Sabrina in the living room. She gave me a funny look but we enjoyed ourselves.

"Wow Ron, What brought that on?"

"I went to Colleen's and returned her mini-gym. It's been here for almost a month."


"And, Colleen has gained all of the weight back. She was feeling sorry for herself. I just convinced her that she was still a sexy woman. That's all."

Sabrina had a big grin on her face.

"How did you convince her Ron?"

"I watched her work out. I had no pants on. She watched me get hard."

Sabrina giggled merrily.

"Oh I see. Is she feeling better about herself now?"

"She was in much better spirits, yes. She also said she would work out again. As you know, she's much more attractive when she feels good about herself. Hopefully this will turn things around for her."

"That's sweet Ron. You still care about her even after she cheated on you. Don't you?"

"Sabbie honey, I will never have sex with Colleen again, but that doesn't mean I hate her. I care for her, yes. I want to see her happy. She was in a strange situation. I can see why she was frustrated. She just should have de-committed like you did. She shouldn't have cheated."

"It was a very strange situation Ron. I'm glad that phase of our relationship is over."

"Me too, Sabbie. I was always feeling guilty for spending too much time with one of you. I haven't felt guilty about anything in a long time. I like that."

"There is one thing I miss from that timeframe though Ron."

"There is?"

"Yes Ron. I actually enjoyed our bedroom threesomes. I wouldn't mind having a threesome with someone every once in a while. What do you think Ron?"

"Well Sabbie. I think we need to be careful. The wrong woman could screw us up big time. But sure, I enjoyed the threesomes as well. If we both agreed on the woman ahead of time it should be OK."

"Do you have any suggestions Ron?"

"I'll just list off the women I would be OK with. All Right? I'm not expecting you to like all of them.

"OK Ron."

"Well there is Amber of course. Rita would be fun. I'm guessing you would say no, but I would be OK with Melinda. I also like Annette. She would be fun as well. That's all I can think of Sabbie."

"You already said no to Colleen, but there's one other lady I expected you to mention Ron."

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