After the Shoot


"WHEW! What a day," said Claudia.

"Tell, me about it."

"You know what I do after a LONG, HOT, shoot, Angie?"

"What's that.

The lovely blonde seductively walked over to her and put her arms around her waist. "I fuck."

"Ohh, I like that," the redhead smiled.

The supermodel slid her hand down to the tall women ass and kissed her. It wasn't just a soft peck on the lips, but a LONG, HARD passionate kiss.

Claudia moved her hands to Angie's breasts. She pooped her wet tongue into her mouth. Her hands slowly caressed each breast and then massaged her stomach, finally stooping on her cunt. Finally their embrace ended. "I want to see your pussy." The beauty grabbed the lovely supermodel's straps of her red dress and swooped it off her shoulder's and whipped it from her luscious body. She was BEAUTIFUL! Slender build, and fairly slim waist. Her boobs were better than average and her ass was GREAT! "MY GOD, Ang, your STUNNING!" She lightly went over every inch of her breasts and rested on her shaved pussy.

"YES! Finger me."

Just as she was saying it, Claudia pushed 2 fingers into her bush.

Angie grabbed the blondes wrist and helped her as she pounded her sex. "OH, FINGER-FUCK ME, NASTY WHORE! MAKE ME CUM! YEES!" The redhead was humping her finger with tremendous fashion. FUCK, YEAH! DIRTY BITCH!"

"You like that it when I finger your pussy?"

"YES! I LOOVVE IT!!" I'M CUUMINNGGG!" Angie Everhart's juices sprayed all over Claudia's finger and dripped down her hand. "AHHH!"

The young supermodel inched her finger from the beauties pussy, VERY slowly. "Eat your wet slime, bitch," hissed the model. The blonde shoved both finger's in her mouth and forced Angie to suck on her own sticky cum. The tall babe sucked her finger's until she was perfectly clean. "Know, it's my turn."

The model/actress guided her fingers to the supermodel's wet box and violently pushed them in.

"OH, FUCK! YEAH, FINGER MY NASTY FUCKING PUSSY, DIRTY WHORE!" The beautiful women humped her cunt against each hard thrust. YEESS! I WANT IT! MAKE ME CUMM!" Her hair was getting tussled with her shaking. "GOD! "I'M CUUMMMINNGGG!" Claudia's massive orgasm watered down Angie Everhart's finger, and some dripped to the floor.

The beauty traveled out of her wet cunt . "Lick your wet goo, nasty slut." The red-haired women roughly put her finger into the other beauties mouth until the cum was all gone. "Damn, Claudia, I wish you had a cock."

"I think I can help you there." She got up and walked over to her dresser draw. Opening it, the stunning model grabbed something.

Angie was in total suspense. When she realized what item the beautiful blonde women choose, she was EXTREMELY aroused. It was a black. strap-on dildo. "FUCK ME! This should be fun."

When the lovely lady strapped it on, she seductively walked back to Angie, who was already lying flat in anticipation.

"Ready Ang? Here it comes." In one quick push, the entire plastic cock was in her pussy.

"FUCK ME!! she pleaded. "SHOVE THAT COCK UP MY NASTY FUCKING PUSSYY!" Her hips were thumping wildly to meet every thrust. "OH MY GGODD! YEESS!! I LOOOVVE IT!!! FUUCKK MME!! I'M CUUMMING!!! AHHHH!" A few drops of Angie Everhart's climax escaped from her cunt.

"Time for me," she enthusiastically said.

To Be Continued...

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