After the Show


The show kicked ass and I was ready to go home when a guy asked me backstage. They want to meet wow I was excited and thrilled I had a CD for them to sign.

I was lead down a long hallway and told to knock 3 times, I did and none other than my dream lover Howie opened the door, and said hi cutie we have been waiting for you. I said hi to everyone and they all signed my CD. Then I realized id taken up enough of their time and decided to leave Brian and Kevin kissed me goodbye on their way to a 1 on 1 bball game and AJ and nick shouted goodbyes as they returned to their video games and pizza.

I was sad Howie wasn't there so I could say goodbye or get a minute alone with him, I pulled on my jacket and walked back down the crowded hallway when I reached the exit a guy grabbed me and told me not to move and took me by the arm threw me in a cart and started driving back into the arena. Just when I got scared there was Howie standing in the lot and he said you forgot your keys.

I took them and then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride around Orlando with him I said yes and we took off, it was awesome the radio blasting the top down and I was with Howie, after we stopped for a snack we jumped back in the car and I decided to make my move I leaned over and kissed him and he just stared at me and then he kissed me back I just started touching his leg and we drove even faster.

He asked me to his house like id say no and we pull up to this huge mansion and we go inside and then he starts kissing me again more passionately and IM losing my mind. He takes my hand and leads me upstairs in to his bedroom and pulls me close and kisses me and teases my tongue with his and can he kiss.

He asks if I wanna hear some music and I say yes so he opens a wall cabinet goes through his CDs chooses a old Motown CD and plays it and walks back over to me and kisses my neck and takes off my jacket as he kisses my neck he unzips my dress slowly and it falls to the floor.

I start undoing his belt and pulling off his shirt. Then I run my tongue all over his chest, and he slowly pushes me down on my knees, admiring my lacy purple underwear his favorite color, and tells me to suck him so I reach up and slide his pants down and admire his 9 inch cock I start kissing and licking it and he moans so I keep doing it then I start sliding his cock in my mouth I've never had one this big I nearly choke. But sucking him was turning me on and I could feel myself getting wet and my nipples hardening.

Then I deep-throated him and he started fucking my mouth harder and harder then he came long and hard and I swallowed all but what leaked out of my mouth, and I slowly released him from my lips still rock hard.

He took me by the shoulders and helped me stand and licked my nipples through my bra I was going crazy and slipped my undies off and pulled him towards his bed and as he kept teasing my nipples I slipped off my bra, he shoved me on the bed and then his tongue was all over me and he was kissing my legs and then he was licking my wet pussy and I cried out and then he was fucking me with his tongue and my head tossed on the pillows on the water bed and I came hard, and then he moved on top of me and I taste myself on his lips and he starts fucking me hard and I scream he plays with my nipples and licks them all the while fucking me harder and harder till we both orgasm and then I orgasm again, he slowly rolls off me and after a few minutes he turns to me and says what was your name again.

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