After the Windfall: 'Mother'


She gasped for breath, and then eventually caught up with it, collapsed onto the floor and stared at me.

"Mama is going to ride that cock for you now, Walt. Are you going to be a good boy?"

"Yes, mama."

Her hand moved over my naked chest.

"I remember nursing you. Oh, how you loved my tits. Now, mama is going to make you a man."

Once again, she mounted me, but this time she straddled my midsection. By raising my head slightly, I could see the triangle of her pubic hair and the lips of her pussy. We may think of the penetrator as the dominant one, but I didn't feel dominant with her on top and her lips positioned to swallow my cock. Valerie let her weight settle, and my head and shaft disappeared inside her. The feeling was exquisite-- such warmth and wetness enveloping my cock, the muscles of her vagina squeezing me tightly. I felt my cock throb with need and orgasm but once I was all inside her she stopped and rested. Her knees now were forward and on either side of my torso. Valerie rested on her haunches and looked down at me. She smiled and carefully massaged my cock, teasing me but not letting me cum. My need and desire made me hers. I moaned and I begged.

"Please, mama, please."

"Please what, Walt?"

"Please let me cum, mama."

She gave a throaty chuckle.

"Not yet. Mama knows you're primed and ready to pop like a hair trigger, but I am going to enjoy myself. Besides, losing your cherry shouldn't be a quick experience. Do you want to savor it, my sweet son?"

I conceded that I did. I assumed the "cherry" remark was part of the roleplaying.

"You are so much bigger than your father. You must get that from my side of the family. Mama's cunt feels so full and hot. Mmmmmm." She massaged my dick some more and then raised herself upward ever so slightly. Somehow, I managed to control myself and stave off a climax. Maybe it was letting me get used to the sensation of being inside of her. That's how it was for several minutes. Silence ruled again. Valerie closed her eyes again, and I felt like a meat pole. I didn't mind though. I became lost in the sensation too. I noticed her breathing become more rapid and her motions longer, sliding farther up and farther down with her strokes.

"See if you can cum on command, Walt. Can you do that for your Mama?"

"I'll try."

"Well, that's all a boy can do, huh?" She asked rhetorically. "On my count, Walter."

"Ten" -- up with just the head in.

"Nine" --- down to the base.

"Eight" - up.

"Seven" -- down.

With each number she moved faster and harder. Her breathing became louder and her skin more flush. I'm sure I appeared the same.

"Six" --- up.

"Five" -- down.

"Four" -- up

"Three" --- down.

"Two" --- up.

"One and cum!" --- down.

I did it! I made it to 'one' and I was proud. My semen pulsed out and up into her. I saw her eyes roll back and shudder, her legs twitched, and she jerked forward as my seed spilled into her pussy. I could feel it inside her, coating my cock. That feeling brought me a new, weird sense of satisfaction.

Once Valerie had caught her breath, she dismounted and my cock flopped free onto my lower abdomen. On her knees she moved up to my head and looked down at me. I looked up at her. She loomed over me. Her hand was cupping her groin.

"Eat my cream pie, Walter."

Valerie removed her hand, wiped it on my face and planted her pussy on my lips for a third time. I did what she asked. My seed and her juices flowed into my mouth for the last time that night. For the first time, I tasted my own semen -- mildly bitter, a little salty and viscous. I lapped in broad hungry licks, then swirled my tongues as best I could into her cunt. I was surprised. I liked it.

Valerie was mostly passive this time, like she was waiting for me to be done, although she did utter three or four sighs that rang of contentment. Again, she dismounted, but this time she stood. I heard her head to my bathroom and the sounds of a shower start. At last I had sex I could remember and it was weird, wild and satisfying. I also felt a tension go out of me, a long term tension that was, I guess, a longing to know what it really was like. Sex no longer intimidated me. The performance anxiety and emotional monoliths were demolished. As I laid there, I thought, "I want more. I want to learn everything and try it all." The financial windfall of my inheritance would insure that I would have the time now to do that. I could travel virtually anywhere on Earth. Maybe it was fitting, I thought, that my journey should begin with my 'Mother.'

I laughed at the idea of myself as a sexual Kane in "Kung Fu." Like him, I was determined to get into adventures, but mine would be erotic.

What will my next one be? I wondered.

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