After Two

byTom Soup©

When he vaguely became aware of being awake, he noticed how quiet it was in the bedroom. There were no noises coming from outside and the usual whirl of the fan was missing. He had left the fan in the studio after using it to speed the drying of his latest painting, and now the warm night air rested uninterrupted like Maya's naked body next to him. It was beauty and quiet, suspended and motionless.

The digital clock showed it was 2:12 AM. The bedroom was dark and lit only by the tiny red clock numbers. Something had woken Steve but not completely. He still had a drowsy connection to the dream world, but his sense of touch was aware of Maya's real world naked body next to him. He could feel the edge of the bed next to his elbow at his side. Maya slept deeply on her back, centered on the bed. The bed was as warm as the air of the night and both of them had let the bed covers remain on the floor after making love earlier. He could still feel some wetness and Maya's dried creamy deposits on his cock. He was fully erect and as he rubbed his fingers over his cock, he felt the familiar slightly sore ache for Maya return.

He listened to her breathing. Slow and steady like the pace of a clock hand traveling around a circle. He imagined her nipple the center of the clock and her breast the circle. They had made love passionately and quickly before falling asleep and Steve regretted not spending more time especially more time sucking on her nipples and feeling her breasts. He knew as she slept, her lips were slightly open and her breasts would be rising and falling if only it wasn't so dark, he could watch. The thought of her breasts made him rub his cock a little more intentionally.

The combination of the quiet and the dark was intriguing to Steve. He thought about the two senses taken away. No sound and no sight, left only to touching and tasting. But tasting was a choice and as much as he wanted to find Maya's lips and taste them, he chose touch and only touch because it offered so much more possibilities in the dark. He wanted her. He could remember the taste of her from a few hours ago and swallowed, languishing his tongue among the lingering taste of Maya's pussy on his lips.

He turned to her and felt his cock touch her nude warm body. She was shorter than he was and because they both shared the pillow, his hips were lower on the bed than hers. His cock twitched slightly against her, but Maya didn't stir. As Steve moved his body up her thigh, he felt the tender pulling and stretching of the skin over his hard cock and taunt balls. The friction made his cock move in jumpy little skips if he pressed against her too much. But if he knew if he was too tentative, surely his stiff tangled pubic hairs would tickle her and wake her with a startle, which he didn't want to do.

The clock numbers glowed in a diagonal reflection on the surface of the bed stand. Steve remembered the bottle of baby oil he had put in the small drawer of the bed stand and reached for the brass drawer pull. The drawer opened quietly and he felt inside. The first shape was a long tube he knew was the anal jelly. He hesitated for a moment considering taking the tube, but decided to wait for another time. A time when both of them were more awake and their bodies more rested for longer lovemaking. He moved his hand further into the drawer and recognized by touch the baby oil bottle on its side.

Steve took the bottle of baby oil from the drawer. It was a new bottle, and the plastic lid was designed with a push up nozzle that reminded Steve of his hard erect cock sticking straight up in the air. He turned back to Maya, his cock touching her hip again and raised the bottle as close to the center of her chest as he could estimate. He squeezed the bottle and the stream of thick baby oil squirted out of the little plastic cock tip onto Maya. He wavered his hand back and forth spreading the oil like pancake syrup over each of her breasts. The oil was so fluid, it dripped quickly down the sides of her upper ribs and down the center of her belly into a pool filling her belly button. Maya still sleeping, felt a strange tingling on her body, but it wasn't enough to wake her. Not yet. At least not until the groggy state of her dreams began to insist the pulsing against her hip wasn't just a dream, but was really the hard cock of her lover aroused in the night. The clarity of her hand reaching to touch Steve's throbbing rod was a sweet unexpected reality.

Steve felt her hand blanket over his cock but he could sense she was still weakly awake. Before she stirred more alert he lifted from the bed and gently moved over her. Maya's hand rode the draft his cock forward and for the first time, she felt the wetness of the baby oil covering and insulating her breasts. She felt the bed dip down at the side of her hip from Steve's knee and was aware the other side was lower as well. He was over her. His knees even with her hips and the hairs from his testicles were touching her pussy hairs.

Steve held the bottle of oil in his hands and pulled off the plastic top completely. He tilted the bottle and poured the oil quickly in a stream as big as water from a garden hose onto the center of her breasts. The oil rushed everywhere. Maya felt it flood into the little cups of her collarbones and overflow down her shoulders. It was warm and thick and flowed over her skin with a tiny difference of coolness in the warm night air. She knew by the gentle smell it was the baby oil she had seen in the bed stand drawer. She wondered if Steve was going to use the tube she had seen in the drawer as well. The thought excited her more and she clinched her ass hoping he would. Her clitoris was awakening.

Maya placed her hands on his shoulders and gently pulled to urge Steve forward. There was a sense in her semi-conscious body that she was pulling the other half of herself towards her. A wonderful feeling of his body being part of hers and the need to pull them together came from all over her body. Her hands touched and pulled gently, but mostly they just connected more of her flesh to his. There was a yearning between her legs for his now familiar touch. He had kissed and sucked her breasts so many times in the recent days, and he had loved the sight of her nipples kissing Gloria's nipples. But something special was on his mind. He wanted to make love with his cock to her breasts. In the dark, it was all about touching and Maya reached out for that secure warmth of Steve's body. Although she reacted for something familiar, she loved Steve's creativity in the way he touched her. It never seemed the same way twice and he was like a thousand lovers rolled into one. She held onto the edge of her sleep state enjoying the fantasy of a mysterious stranger moving over her naked body in the dark.

She felt his hands rubbing the baby oil over her chest like a mother applying lotion to her child's soft skin. She reveled in the tenderness with which he rubbed her and the only casual encountered touch of her nipples. His fingers massaged the oil without rubbing it into her skin too deeply. Steve could feel his opposite thumbs stretch and the tips touch as his hands roamed her breasts like an orchestra conductor motioning to the string section, "softer...softer....softer..." Then the building ascent would begin again and his hands would urge the violinists to bring the music up, "louder...louder...louder".

Maya sensed what Steve was doing. He was making love to her breasts and she wanted him to. Even though the last few days, she had been brought to orgasm after orgasm by her own fingers and dildos, it was Steve who always took having sex to a different level of making love to her, and his making love to her breasts was another special sharing only they could do together. She remembered how tenderly protective he was of her virgin asshole. She knew he would be. She whispered to him in the dark, "I love you Steve."

He whispered back, "I love you too Maya."

His curled finger gathered extra oil and brought it to her nipple drawing the oil around the erect bud like a moat around a castle. He squeezed tighter around the base of her extended nipple, which caused the tip to overflow like the buttery top of a muffin. Maya felt a delicious passage of arousal rush the message to her pussy and start the creamy flow inside. "Oh Steve. Keep doing that. Don't stop." She whispery pleaded.

Steve's finger squeezed tight and pulled upward until her oily nipple escaped. He quickly retrieved and re-entrapped her nipple in his hooked finger. Steve continued the repeated stroking of her nipple with his oily finger again and again, then paused holding her sensitive flesh bud only and resting momentarily at the base of her extended nipple.

"Mmmmnn." Maya moaned, as his thumb slid more oil over her rounded nipple tip and pinched the hard nub to his finger bending it and quickly he stroked it with his thumb making the little messages race in rapid relays to her pussy. Maya could feel her flooding wetness leaking out and trailing down to her anus. It was all a wonderful dream.

Maya could feel Steve's body bent above her head. The headboard of the bed and the wall behind was too close to let him press any closer. She needed to adjust her body on the bed so he could. Wrapping her arms around his ass, she scooted down the bed until her feet touched the edge. Steve scooted with her. Maya turned slightly to her side facing Steve as he took each of her titties in his hands. He felt his erect cock between her oil-slicked breasts, and his firm hands pressed her breasts inward, tight against the length of his hot shaft. It felt wonderful to Steve, having his cock so tightly wrapped by her warm breasts, and equally stimulating to Maya having her breasts collapsed tightly together by his oily hands. She could feel her nipples bent towards each other by the curving base where Steve's thumbs joined his palms. They were swollen so much the tips grazed his belly at the same time.

Maya's hands trailed from his shoulders downward and inward towards the center of Steve's back. She could feel her fingertips riding the wavy texture of Steve's spinal bones as he began to grind his hips forward into her slick breasts. His cock felt wonderfully hot, hard and swollen. She loved how excited his cock always seemed to get. She moaned to him, knowing it would only fuel his excitement more, "Oh yes Steve, Yes baby. Yes.. Fuck my titties..Mmm that big hard cock of yours feels so good."

Moving her hands past his spine, Maya firmly grabbed his buttocks. She pulled him tight to her, but allowed his hips to thrust at their own pace. Her fingernails tickled along the banks of his ass crack and she could feel the heat radiating from his ass. Her pussy ached and tingled inside from excitement. She started to writhe her hips to feel the pleasure of her own pussy lips squeezing together. "Oh Steve, my pussy is so hot." She moaned. Steve loved to hear her say things about her pussy while they were making love just as much as Maya loved to hear him say things about his cock.

"Mmm baby." Steve replied. "My cock is throbbing baby. I'm going to cum all over your tits." He reached back between her legs to explore with his fingers the warmth of her pussy. Slipping his fingers through her little bush, he felt Maya's wet arousal that had already collected in little drops and transferred onto her curly pussy hairs.

Steve rubbed his cock harder and harder into and against her breasts. His balls began pushing the bottom of her breasts while his dick head almost touched her chin from beneath. "Oh baby..Oh baby.." He grunted with each thrust as he felt Maya's left hand move from his ass and wiggle up between their bodies to cover his eager extended cock head. Her hand immediately became slick with the baby oil as she rubbed his cock head.

"Oh Steve, cum baby. Cover my titties with your hot cum!" She implored while speeding her fingers over his cock head. She tested his cock hole and felt the gapping openness of his excitement. She imagined the baby oil on her chest was a result of the stream of precum she felt. "Cum all over me!" That's what she wanted. That's what it felt like and she imagined all the oil was Steve's cum. She pretended Steve's lovely excited cock was flooding his cum over her like a garden hose.

While one hand stroked Steve's cock, she rubbed her breast with the other and gathered baby oil on her fingers. She reached for his ass again and rubbed the oil over his cheeks and down his ass crack. She squeezed his cheek and massaged the taunt muscles of his ass. Steve liked the feeling of her hand and slowed his thrusting action to delay cumming. He was so close, but he knew the longer he held back, the more powerful his orgasm would be. "Oh baby, I love that." He moaned.

Maya lifted her hips to answer his plunging fingers into her pussy. "Oh Steve, I love when you finger fuck me." Hearing her words, he thrust deeper and faster in and out of her pussy. His long fingers spread once inside her so one finger would curl forward and one would curl down. "Oh God. Oh God..You're going to make me cum." Maya uttered through her deep breaths.

He knew Maya was close to her orgasm as his little finger rubbed her slick asshole and dipped slightly in. He teased her by running his fingertip around the rim of her anus before dipping in and then just as he could feel her relax so he could push his finger deeper, he pulled back and ran his finger around her rim again. Maya loved his teasing finger. She wanted it deeper, but it was driving her wild what he was doing without actually going deeper. Her pussy felt on the edge of explosion. "Oh baby, cum with me..Cum with me Steve!" She pleaded to him.

Faster and faster he pumped his fingers in her drenched cunt. The curve of his hand rubbed her clitoris each time sending a message to release more of her pussy juices. "Ooh God..Oh GOD..CUM STEVE CUM LOVE CUM!!! She yelled loudly.

Maya's orgasm was a paper-thin edge from exploding, but she somehow held on waiting for that jerking pulse in Steve's cock to trigger. Her hand stroked speeded as fast as she could up and down his cock between her breasts. "Uh, Oh, cum baby cum..oh.." She grunted from effort and begged for the magical release of her orgasm building to the edge of no return. "CUM! STEVE!! CUM!!!" She wanted Steve to orgasm at the same time and knew just what would trigger his cum. Her hand released his ass just long enough to gather more oil on her little finger, then she returned pressing the short-nailed slick digit to his asshole. It slipped in easily and Steve felt his own finger slip past the knuckle into her warm tight asshole at the same time.

Steve felt the intensity of his pleasure first. For a split second, his balls went numb, and then the thrilling rush of his cum shot up his shaft and burst out the widened hole of his cock during the down stroke of Maya's hand. "Oh BABE I'M cCuUmMmMiInNgG!!!" He cried out as he came in a powerful blast that shot hot jism rocketing like a champagne cork into Maya's neck. Maya's own orgasm blitzed her pussy as she lifted off the bed forcing Steve's fingers deeper in her cunt and ass.

"Ahhh Steve...Steve..Steve..." She cried out his name and the intensity of her orgasm made her closed eyes water in delightful release. She pulled Steve's cock forward with her hand, forcing his aim into her. His cock throbbed like a second heart on her chest. "Oh darling, Oh Steve baby, I love you." She moaned, as another pulse in his shaft brought more hot sticky cum flowing out his cock and she felt the warmth spread and radiate between her breasts. In the night darkness of the room, simultaneously, they both let out a deep satisfied breath. The air of the room suddenly felt cool compared to the heat of their entwined bodies on the saturated sheets of the bed.

Sounds of their lovemaking began to thin from the mix of their senses. The slippery stroking of Maya's hand on Steve's cock quieted. The thrusting suction sounds her pussy noisily made as his fingers pumped in and out stopped as Steve held his fingers still inside her. Their senses reduced and refocused to the touching and feeling of each other like a suspended pose. Steve's fingers filled her pussy and ass. Maya's hand lay still over his pulsing cock while her finger felt the warm heat inside his clinched ass. Wetness spread on their skin and leaked from every orifice. Even if the room had been drenched in daylight, neither of them would have felt the need to open their eyes.

They both knew and yearned for a missing touch. Sounds again filled the room. The sound of Steve's finger coming out of Maya's ass was quiet but brought a soft moan from her lips. The slick baby oil slurp of Maya's finger slipping out of Steve's ass was barely audible. Her pussy relinquished more noisily his deep wet fingers with a plopping gasp from her pussy lips. The abundant layer of baby oil quieted the retreating slide of his cock down Maya's chest and belly. A soft symphony of their bodies ensued as feet moved over the sheets, legs opened and entwined, arms wrapped around each other, and shoulders realigned for the final missing touch of their lips.

There was no darkness inside their closed eyes. Only warm bright colors of no name as Steve followed the sound of Maya's breaths and pressed his wanting mouth to Maya's open waiting lips. Their noses drew in the air as they pressed together and the tiny wet sounds of their kissing tongues was the perfect beginning of the rest of their night in the dark.

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