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Note: This may not be too particularly good, but I am looking to improve alot from writing more and criticism, please help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!


Another long tiring day at work, but you spent the day secretly smiling to yourself about something you left at home. After closing up, you head back home. Walking up the stairs biting on your lip ... after making a quick phone call to a friend, to complete your surprise, you head to the bathroom to take a long hot shower ... trying not to hurry, to get back to what you left behind.

Towel drying, you put on a pair of pants, tie your hair back ... the usual, and walk to your room, the smile on your face growing.

Upon walking in, and leaving your door slightly ajar, everything appears normal ... except of course ... your girlfriend tied on the bed just as you left her.

On her knees, head down moaning softly into the pillow, wrists tied securely to her ankles, and the **butterfly vibrator strapped around her hips set on wave ... you also notice, as planned, her thighs and her butterfly are glistening. "Mmm..." you think, as you walk over to her and slap her hard on her ass, and ask her how her day was, though, the only reply you get is in the form loud whimpering. Running your fingertips around where you slapped, and then down her thighs you notice she is shaking from the butterfly that was left on her for hours, giving her orgasm after orgasm, leaving her very wet for you and extremely sensitive to your touch...especially to your rougher plans in mind.

You slap again, and mention to her that whimpering isn't a proper response, you slap again on the other side for good measure. She yelps, and tells you that it was a very long day waiting for you to return, trailing off into a whimper. You slap again as a reward for a proper response, secretly knowing she loves it, and then once more because you enjoy watching her ass get red hot, and you hand become tingly from the power you so enjoy.

Turning the machine off, she sighs in relief, her body relaxes slightly, but she is still trembling from the sensations coursing through her body ... the extreme pleasure you allowed her all day, and the tingling pain she feels now from the slaps. Snapping the machine off, you admire its work on one of your favorite parts of your girlfriend ... glistening, and dripping, and it was all because of you, and it is all for you, even if you both agreed on this ... she cannot fight back ... and if she does, it will be that much better...unless you hear the safety word.

Time to play. Running your fingers down her slick thighs, goosebumps jump up to meet you, a sign her body is whimpering for you ... but you want it to beg. SLAP ... the inside of her thighs, once, twice ... again ... then the outside ... she whimpers, her body jumps, you ask her if she likes it and all you hear is whimpering ... you slap again, edging up the inside of her thighs ... then she mumbles something, but you don't quite hear it, you slap again ... higher ... oh so close to her sex, she mumbles louder ... so you slap again, and finally hit your mark ... and her answer relays through her body and then is finally screamed to you in a resounding YES! You chuckle, knowing that already.

Slowly massaging her skin now, it feels so hot to the touch, lowing your mouth to her legs for a kiss, and burn your lips ... she is as hot as she looks. Massage her feet, legs, thighs, ass, lower back and shoulders, easing her tight muscles from being in that position all day. Reaching her neck, your body is behind hers, your stomach on her back, her eyes are closed loving the skin contact you are giving her, kissing her neck softly, biting at her ear, tugging at her lips -- she eagerly tries to reach up to you. Moving her hair away from her face, your eyes finally meet, and all you see is trust, hope, and a completely lusting need for you. You share a sweet kiss, and exchange whispered "I missed yous" on each others lips, and then you start to whisper to her ear things like... I have a surprise for you, I hope you will like it, I'm sure you will, we have talked about it before, so I know you will be OK, trust me, I love you, I want to taste you, I need to taste you, but not now, not yet. Reaching back, you gently massage her folds, slinking your fingers inside the wet mess that she has become for you. So tight from the tension, so hot from waiting, so wet from needing, her muscles flex around your finger as her body shivers with delight. With your other hand you grab yourself, feeling it grow rock hard. She is panting now, and whimpering ... you ask her what is wrong, she says nothing, you ask if she's sure, and she just looks to you as if she is in pain ... you laugh ... and tell her soon.

The door opens, and she walks in, the girl you both spoke about, and your surprise to your girlfriend. The girl then stands before you, and undresses herself, and then approaches the bed wearing a black leather thong, a request you made to go with the theme ... it fits her well. You motion her to come to the bed. And you leave your girlfriend after kissing her and telling her to trust you, she nods in response, though her breathing is slightly heavier.

You kiss the girl's neck, and whisper things into her ear, a smile stretches across her face and she nods agreeing. She then lays on her back her head between your girlfriend's legs and she blows softly on her sex ... her own knees are bent, and open ... for you. Your girlfriend whimpers, and asks who it is, and you reply that it is a friend, she tries to respond, but at the same moment the girl wraps her arms through your girlfriend's legs, her hands now on her thighs, and places her mouth over your girlfriend's sex, tonguing it softly...your girlfriend trails off into a soft moan.

Taking off your pants, you sit and admire your work for a few minutes, before you sit next to the two lovely bodies and rub your hands over them. Massaging their breasts, backs, stomachs, legs, and folds. Moving closer your sex moves closer to your girlfriend's mouth, she has a begging look in her eye, so you inch closer allowing her to run her tongue along you for a few minutes before you take it away... a look of disappointment and pleasure takes over her face and her eyes flutter closed as the girl between her legs hits a good spot. You stand and look over them again, how sweet they both look both thoroughly enjoying the opportunity you gave them. Moving between the girl's legs you kneel, and play ontop of her panties, while exploring her body with your hands and mouth, not working completely in detail for she is not your girlfriend and that is who you are aiming to please, besides yourself of course.

Using your fingers you get the girl moist, you explore her folds, and her body begins to respond to your touch ... soon you hear two whimpering girls under your control, you can hear that your girlfriend is close again to another orgasm, you lean down to your knees and get comfortable between the girl's legs, to see if you can get them both at the same time. She tastes different, but still pleasant, and she is getting wetter for you by the second from your sweet manipulations, you switch from rough to soft, shaking your head slightly and then backing off to barely anything, you insert your finger and touch spots that make the girl moan into your girlfriend's sex which in turn, turns your girlfriend on more and more until you are sure that the people downstairs (if they were home) could hear her. Not wanting to be out done, you continue on the girl, working on her as best you can until her muscles clench down and she moans loudly, bringing her pelvis up to your mouth and she reaches her peak before your girlfriend does soon after ... you smile inside thinking, I guess some guys are better then girls at knowing their bodies.

You allow them both to relax, but not for too long, kissing your way up the girl's body you kiss around her face, savoring your girlfriend before you lean up to the source, leaning back down you whisper to the girl to move the pillows so your girlfriend could see who she was, and then to kneel facing your roommate's door. You crawl up your girlfriend's body and softly kiss her, asking her if she likes her surprise so far, she purrs a yes to you, her body shaking pretty hard from the pleasure radiating from her body, you slap her ass for good measure, she yelps and smiles, ready for whatever is next. You slip yourself between her legs with you hand, and rub against her, getting yourself slick with her juices, she whimpers and pouts and tries to move you closer to her, but you don't allow it. Kissing, and crawling away from her body you are now uniting her hands from her ankles, you stretch her arms out to the corners of the bed, and secure her bonds once more, so that her ankles are still tied, and she can now hold herself slightly up on her elbows if she tried. Then once again telling the girl what to do for you both.

The girl leans down and kisses your girlfriend softly, trying to stay away from her mouth though, and then scoots her body down so that her pelvis is in front of your girlfriends mouth, your girlfriend needing no other cue, reaches for the girl ... but you tell her no ... not until you said so. She pouts, and begs you-please, please may I, I would really like to, I want to return the pleasure, I want to, please... But you hold firm, and tell your girlfriend that she will wait. You are now on your knees, your hands are on the girl's head, softly playing with her hair, as she slips her lips over you...kissing softly down your torso, and then around the top of you. She runs her tongue all around, so softly and so slowly. You don't' always particularly like this all the time, but it is a chance to do something different so you take it, enjoying all you can. She tries her best to pleasure you as your girlfriend watches the girl's lips slip over you, again and again...you not to her, and she then closes her eyes and then blows softly on the girl's sex, she moans, the girl moans, you allow a soft moan escape your lips, as you curl the girl's hair tighter in your fingers. You allow the girl's lips over you a few more minutes before moving behind your girlfriend, and teasing her with your own lips, your hand every now and then reaching between your own legs.

All three of you are now playing with each others sex, you lean back and watch your girlfriend go down on the girl, you notice the girl getting wetter, and flush with an approaching orgasm, getting back up to watch, you slip yourself once again between your girlfriend's legs to tease her. She rocks her hips over you, and squeezing her thighs together over you when she can, her face and whimpers still hidden in the girl's wet mound. You grab your girlfriend's hips and thrust yourself over your girlfriend's sex, making yourself wet with her juices again, till you are so tense that you begin to drip. You then lean back and begin talking to the girls, I want you so bad, You both look so hot, so sexy with each other, your legs and arms intertwined and tied up, do you want me (now talking towards your girlfriend) she can only nod, so you take a hand off of her hips and give her a little smack, a reminder to speak. She takes your reminder, and says yes into the girl's mound, you move back and position yourself at her entrance...teasing her like you know how she likes it. Pushing slightly, then pulling back on her, giving her just the smallest bit and then taking it away..she moans into the girls mound repeatedly, the girl is starting to moan and groan a little louder, weaving her hands through your girlfriend's hair, when finally you can no longer take it, and you slide yourself so so slowly into your girlfriend.

Your girlfriend growls and sighs at the same time as you feel her tighten around you, and grow hotter and wetter, if that is even possible. You stop when you are fully inside, and you exhale heavily, because it is almost too much for you, you grab her hips for support, and then you stretch your body over hers, your stomach on her back, your legs touching hers, your arms over hers, and your lips by her shoulders, kissing so softly, waiting till you are able to move again. You lean back up, taking her hips again in your hands and you pull out again slowly, to tease you both. You do this for a few minutes, till you are unable to bare not being able to go harder, and faster, like you both know you want to ... you start building up to it, going a little quicker with each passing minute.

Her moans grow louder and louder, till you are sure all three of you are able to be heard on campus, but you don't care...You then grab at the restraints on your girlfriend's ankles till the come undone, and flip her over onto her back and you hold her legs tight to your chest, telling the girl to move so that your girlfriend's lips could still be on her ... it just a furry of movement as you all reposition, trying to keep body contact. All three of you are hot, and sweaty, and soaked with each other all over the place, the bed is wet with sweat and juices, as slapping sounds echo off the walls.

You ears are filled with sweet girlish moans, groans, and screams till all you can hear are the two girls building and building towards climax, it is like a symphony orchestra climbing a crescendo, to their loudest point, your heart beating louder and louder like the big thunder like timpani drums, and the girls belting out their solos mixing and harmonizing in pitch, trying to out do each other, till it is just you -- the conductor of this feverish orchestra, arching your back, closing your eyes and moaning out loud and finishing your work deep inside your girl ... as the girls come down from their highest solos ever performed, panting and huffing to catch their breath. Their bodies still writhing on the bed, the girl slumps over, as your girlfriend tugs effortlessly against her remaining bonds, before her body stops twitching in ecstasy and she just lays there breathless. You also lay down, between them, and loosen your girlfriend's wrists and allow them both to fall into a slumber before you yourself, drift off to their soft breathing.

You awaken later that night, to the smell off either coffee or tea or both, looking next to you, you see just the girl that you called, and your girlfriend walking around getting something to drink. She comes back in, and kisses you softly, and whispers "thank you," onto your lips before kissing you deeper. She then moves to kiss and wake the girl up, she then leaves and gets the drinks for all of you. After some small talk, your girlfriend helps the girl dress, and then she locks the door behind her, smiling at you out of the corner of her eye. She then comes back to bed with you, and straddles you, laying her head on your chest...rocking her hips slightly she gets a mischievously sweet look in her eyes ... and you both know that only means one thing ... after making sweet love to each other two more times that night, till you both finally fall asleep in each others arms.


**Authors note: A butterfly vibrator is roughly the shape of a butterfly, it is worn with a harness type gadget and it has a few settings, reportedly "quiet," and most importantly, hands free...just incase you didn't know. :)

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