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After Work Beer


This past week at work had been a rough one. I was stressed out by the time Friday rolled around. I don't usually do this, but I headed to a nearby tavern to get a beer before I went home. I had just gotten a draft and sat down at a table when some guy walked over to me. He was a tall blonde in his mid-twenties. I have to admit he was handsome as well. My love life with the females hadn't been too good this past year. There was more than one time I had looked at a man.

"Do you mind if I join you?" He said to me.

I pointed to the empty chair and told him to have a seat. This guy said his name was Ron and he saw me and wanted to get to know me, if that was alright. I asked him why he wanted to know me.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you are a good looking guy."

I wasn't sure what way I should take it. We sat and talked a bit when Ron said he didn't live too far away. Would I like to stop over and chat a bit more. There was nothing on my agenda and the thought of having a good looking friend wasn't a bad idea. I followed Ron over to his apartment. When we got there Ron opened the door and he switched on the lights. I looked around for a moment when Ron pulled me into his arms.

"You have got me so horny Jeff," he said.

I was taken by surprise to say the least. Before I could utter a word Ron gave me a kiss. That was the first time a man had ever done that to me. I think I pulled back some when his lips met mine.

"I thought you were into me," Ron said.

"It was just kind of quick, that is all," I replied back.

"Sorry, I just like to go after men I am attracted to."

Ron pulled back and he knelt down in front of me. Before I could say a word, Ron was unzipping the fly on my pants. He reached in and pulled my cock out.

"God, you have a big one Jeff," Ron said to me.

I guess I am close to eight inches in length and fairly thick as well. Ron held my cock up to his face and then he surrounded the head of my dick with his mouth. I suppose I had been dreaming of the day some guy might suck my cock, but it came on so suddenly. Ron used his tongue to lick up and down the underside of my shaft. It didn't take much for my cock to spring to life. After a few minutes of this Ron took me in his mouth.

I was hard as could be when Ron started to bob up and down my rod. I did what felt natural and I placed my hand on the back of Ron's head. I started to thrust my hips into Ron's mouth. Damn if my cock wasn't deep down Ron's throat. I had to admit it, I wanted to face fuck Ron in the worst way. To his credit, Ron took me all the way down, deep throating me. I hadn't even had a woman do that for me.

I thought I might soon blow, but Ron backed off my dick. He stood up and started to strip down for me. Ron's body was tight and his cock was almost as long as mine. He turned to me and began to remove my clothes. In a couple of minutes we were naked in front of each other. Ron pulled me over towards his sofa. He told me to sit down. Once I did that Ron climbed up over top of me. My bare erect cock was pointing straight at his bottom.

Ron took hold of my cock and guided it to his sphincter. I think I held my breath in anticipation of what was going to happen. I didn't have a condom with me and I didn't think it was such a hot idea to be fucking a man raw. There was nothing else I could do other than to tell him to stop. I couldn't bring myself to say that. Ron lowered his bottom onto my mushroom.

"God, you're fucking big!"

I looked down and watched as my dick disappeared into Ron's tight ass. It took him a few minutes to get me all the way inside his hole. Once he did I placed my hands on his hips and I started to thrust into his tight bottom. I had only had anal sex one time with a woman. This was something totally different. Ron was going crazy sliding up and down my pole. I could hardly believe what was going on. A couple hours ago I was stressed out at work. Here I was fucking a good looking guy raw on his sofa.

You could hear the slapping of skin against skin. Ron had all eight inches of me deep in his rectum. I was just trying to control myself from cumming too quickly.

"Pinch my nipples," Ron cried out to me.

I took my hands from his hips and moved them to his hard nips. I squeezed both of them as Ron seemed to go into a frenzy. His ass muscles were squeezing my cock so tightly. I couldn't recall a time when my dick was gripped this way. I have no idea how long we fucked there on the sofa. I seemed like hours had passed. I finally got to the point where I couldn't hold out any longer. I told Ron I was getting close.

"Cum inside me!" Ron screamed out.

I pounded his ass a few more times and then I blasted him with my male seed. It felt like someone turned on a hose full power. I sprayed Ron's belly with a couple weeks of saved up cum. Ron was shaking as I kept pumping my hard dick into his bottom. I could feel my cum leaking out of Ron and onto my cock and balls. We must have did it for at least fifteen good minutes before I felt spent. Ron put his arms around my neck and we had a passionate kiss.

Ron did finally pull off from me. My dick felt raw and red. As Ron lifted off a pool of my cum spilled into my lap. Ron got up weakly to his feet and ran into the bathroom. He returned some minutes later.

"God, that was fantastic sex, your cock felt enormous inside me." Ron said to me. "I hadn't been fucked like that in a long while."

I didn't know quite what to say. It was my first time with a man and it felt erotic. Ron said he hoped we could hook up and possibly become lovers. I guess my head was spinning after all that man to man sex. I did tell Ron I would spend the night with him. There was no more fucking then. We went to his bed and I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt something strange. I opened my eyes to see Ron sucking on my cock.

I could barely believe that I was hard once more. Ron moved off my cock and said he needed me again. Ron got on his back and spread his legs wide for me. I have to say I was erect and I wanted him again. I moved in between his legs. I took hold of his ankles and brought them over my shoulders. I folded Ron back like an accordion and I slid my thick rod into his bottom one more time.

I guess you could say I did all the heavy lifting this time around. I don't know where all the aggression came from, but I pounded Ron's ass hard that morning. I hope no one heard us because Ron was screaming his head off as I fed him my cock. He was just as tight as the previous night. This time around I tried to circle my dick around his bottom. The sex was as hot as before.

I shocked myself by dumping more of my man seed into Ron. I normally can't cum that much and that quickly. I guess Ron really turned up the heat as far as anal sex goes. I shot a good six loads of my sticky juice into Ron. God did he go crazy when he felt me explode. His muscles gripped me and he squeezed out every drop I had. I collapsed onto Ron and we kissed each other as my cock stayed buried in Ron's ass.

That was the beginning of my attraction to men, Ron in particular. I normally end up fucking Ron at least three times a week. I can be found in his bed almost every weekend. We have talked about moving in together, but I haven't reached that hurdle quite yet. It does appear that woman are no longer in the picture for me. Ron simply needs cock all the time and I want to give it to him as often as is possible.

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