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After Work Fuck


I'm at home, doing my thing like I always do, cleaning house, doing dishes, etc...but today I felt like feeling sexy, so I decided to do my chores in a pair of lingerie that my husband got me for a past birthday.

It's a little dress that makes my DD breasts seem like DDD's, and lands graciously below my plump ass, and in the front it is split on either side of my pussy to show my hips but not my upper thighs nor does it reveal my vagina. It's spaghetti strap that goes about halfway down my back and barely covers my tits.

Anyway, I'm home in my little outfit, doing the dishes when my husband comes home. I can tell he likes what he sees, because I noticed an instant bulge in his pants. Seeing the bulge I am instantly wet and ready. I know he is too because he takes me by the arms, soap and all, and puts me up on the counter. He starts kissing my neck and licking the tops of my tits that are threatening to come out of my top anytime now. I can't do anything because he has a hold of my arms by my sides. I kiss him back as that is all I can do.

He lets go of my hands and lifts my skirt up to reveal the lacy thong I have over my shaved pussy. He moves it to the side and starts to lick so slightly it's almost painful, I want so much more and he is teasing so badly. HE gradually starts to lick more, and harder, he starts to suck on my swollen clit and puts a finger into my vagina. I am so close to an orgasm I can't breathe.

He stops, and I take a breath, I get down from the counter and we do our best to get to the bedroom through the kissing and grabbing, he gets my panties off on the way. I undo his pants and reach in, I just had to get a feel of that 7 1/2 inch cock in my hand. We finally get to the bedroom and he throws me on the bed taking both of my hands in one of his, holding them above my head. I kisses me passionately all over while he finger fucks me with his free hand. He works 2 fingers in, and then 3. He runs his finger tip in so slowly, and I beg for more. I beg for him to go faster, deeper, harder, and he listens to none of my begging. Finally he starts to hit the spot that he has known I've wanted him to hit the whole time, his hand moves faster and faster inside me as his mouth moves down to my clit, he sucks and licks my clit while he continues to fuck me with his 3 fingers. I'm about to cum when he stops and I exclaim with desire.

I want him to keep going so bad, but he stops and just kisses me on the mouth to give me a taste of my own juices. My back arches, I desperately want him to keep going, but he refuses. He forces me to my knees and he finishes taking his pant off. I finally get that cock after all this waiting. He puts his hard dick in my mouth wanting me to take him all in, but it's my turn to tease.

I lean my head back to keep him from getting anymore than his fat head into my mouth. He groans knowing what I'm about to do. I lick the tip of his cock which is wet with salty precum. I lick and lick, with an occasional teasing with my teeth. I start to suck on the tip, not letting anymore of it in my warm, wet mouth. I spit on his penis and lick down the length and give his balls a quick suck. I lick between the balls and up the shaft, and back down. I keep licking and teasing until I think he can take no more. He is about to cum, so I stop and start to squeeze it with my hand until I know it is under control before I start again.

I put the tip of his cock back in my mouth and finally take the length in my mouth feeling the tip hit the back of my throat. I start slow, back and forth, back and forth. He begs and moans for more. I give in and go faster, suck harder. I give the tip a little lick while it's still in my mouth. I try to keep from gagging from his size and my eyes start to water. He begins to cum and I let him cum all over my tits.

He takes my dress off taking most of the cum with it, leaving me naked. He hungrily goes for my nipples, sucking them and licking them. He sucks one tit while squeezing and pinching the other. He uses his free hand to massage my clit. Soon he is hard enough to go again and gives me what I have been waiting for all day...or so I thought.

He begins the teasing game again. He lays me flat on the bed and puts the tip of his cock in my pussy, I thrust trying to get it in deeper, to touch me where I need it to, but he backs away taking it out completely. He keeps teasing me by putting just the head in and taking it all out again.

Finally I roll him over and get on top. I take his dick in my hand and guide to it's destination. As I sit on this fat cock I exclaim with pleasure as it hits all the points I've been dying for. I lift up slowly at first enjoying the feeling of his fat dick in my tight wet pussy. I keep going slow until he has enough and flips us both back over.

He starts to pound my pussy harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I get to the point where I am going to cum and he thrusts in deep and holds it until I am done and then pounds even harder than before.

Before long I have cum again and again. He stops for a second to get a condom before he cums in my tight pussy and makes me put it on with my mouth, it tastes like strawberry. I let his strawberry dick linger in my mouth before I let it go.

He flips me over to the doggy style position. His cock makes it's way back into my pussy and he begins to fuck me some more, while he reaches around to play with my tits so more.

Finally he gets to the point of cumming again, I am close too, and we finally climax one last time together. I scream out in delight for this is the best orgasm I have had in a long time.

Exhausted we both lay in each others arms, and fall asleep.

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