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After Work Party Girl


It was late by the time he left work. He had called his wife when he left and told her that he wanted to go out when he got home. When he showed up and saw the tight fitting, skimpy little outfit she was wearing, he told her that she's better watch it because she was definitely going to have to pay for being such a tease. She looked like a sex toy meant to be used by a man as he wished.

She responded by slipping on a pair of 5" platform stilettos then turning around and bending over in front of him to strap them on. The already too short skirt slid up even more to show off her completely bare, shaved little pussy. "But I don't have any money to pay with," she said innocently as she looked back at him while buckling her strap. She stayed in that suggestive position for a long moment, then she spread her legs open a little more and ran her hands slowly up the back of her legs then up and over her ass. In this position her puffy, clean shaven pussy lips were exposed to his view - and to whatever else he might imagine doing. "I wonder how else I can pay....", she said softly as she stood up and slid a finger into her mouth.

He looked her over slowly. This "sex toy" had all the right features - a pretty face, blue eyes, long blonde hair, a huge set of tits thanks to a very professional enhancement operation, and a gorgeous round ass. To emphasize that her body was meant for pleasure, she'd had her nipples pierced, her clit was pierced, and she had the words "Ready to Ride" tatooed on her lower back just above her sexy ass. And today, she had gone one step further by wearing a T-shirt so short that it only barely covered her nipples (with "Bad Girl" across the front) along with a schoolgirl skirt that didn't even cover all of her ass, leaving the round globes barely peeking out from the bottom.

They went to a club for a few drinks and from the moment they entered every man's eyes were on his little sex toy. He had noticed while they drove there that the rings from her hard nipples hung down just below the little suggestion of a shirt that she wore while her big nipples stuck out clearly against the thin material. Not much was left to the imagination, but just enough to make a man want to see more.

He left her to go use the bathroom and when he got back she was gone. No surprise. He fully expected it. The only question was where she had gone.... and with whom. He started walking around the place and pretty soon he found the answer to both questions. She was in a darkened corner, but not so dark that he couldn't see. She was pressed up with her back against the wall, her hands over her head which made her top ride up to fully expose her tits. Some guy was squeezing them with both hands while their tongues danced in each other's mouths..

He drank his beer as he watched, wondering how far she would go in the bar tonight. He glanced around and saw several other men watching what was going on with her. On other nights in other bars, he- along with any other men who happened to be around - had watched her get fucked right there in front of them all. He'd seen her suck a man's cock till he shot his load of cum down her throat - or all over her face on other occasions. Once he'd even seen three guys take turns banging her, one after the other after the other. But, tonight she was a little more tame.

As the stranger rubbed her tits, eventually she looked over at her husband and licked her lips, then whispered in the guy's ear. He stopped rubbing her tits suddenly and looked around until he spotted her husband. She whispered in his ear again, then the two headed in his direction.

"She says that I have to ask you if I can follow you guys home," he said. He looked a little nervous, not sure if this was for real or some kind of weird setup.

He looked over his wife for a moment, almost as if he was looking over a misbehaving child. "What the fuck do I care? It's obvious that she wants fucked tonight. Might as well be you helping me."

He took her by the arm, a little roughly to show her who was in charge, then they headed for the door. On the way out, he slid his hand down under her skirt onto her bare ass then slid up her skirt for all to see as they left. He didn't look around for the other guy. He assumed that he would follow them.

Once they got to the car, he opened her door and told her to get in. Then, not wanting to wait until they got home, he stood in front of her open door, pulled out his cock and told her, "It's time to start paying, little tease-girl." He pulled up her top so he could see her big tits as she went to work.

She put her hands on the seat behind her, then leaned forward and took him into her mouth, sucking him to hardness in no time. People walked by, men stopped for a moment and cheered him on, but she didn't care at all. The guy who had followed them out of the bar pulled up in his car next to them and watched as well.

Still, she kept herself focused only on her man's cock and making sure he liked what she was doing. He did. He always liked how good her mouth felt and how sexy her lips were when stretched around his thick cock. He liked how she kept her hands behind her like he had taught her so that she could only use her mouth to make him feel good. He liked how she could swallow his cock down her throat even though it looked like it should choke her completely. And tonight, he couldn't hold back for long.

Within a few minutes he grabbed her head and pulled her down until he felt his cock slide deep into her throat. He pulled himself free, then after she gasped for air he pulled her down again making her swallow his entire length. The feel of spasms in her throat as she struggled to keep from choking was more than he could take, and this time he began spurting his come down her throat. She swallowed as much as she could, but soon it choked her and she pulled herself free letting the rest of it shoot onto her face and drip down her chin onto her big tits. Her eyes watered and her mascara ran as she tried to regain her breath. She rubbed his sticky load over her tits, looking over at the man waiting for them as she did.

When they arrived at the hotel, the man at the front desk could barely speak as he checked in the hot looking slut with the two men. This wasn't a cheap, sleazy hotel, but he didn't argue at all about renting them a room even though the woman looked like a hooker. He also didn't try to hide his stares as he looked over her sexy body. He could tell from her messed up hair and makeup that she had already been put to use.

Once inside the room, they wasted no time. They didn't even take off her clothes since the tiny little top and schoolgirl skirt barely covered her anyways. Her husband moved behind her and hooked his arm through hers, pulling them behind her so that she was unable to resist. Not that she would have, but he knew she liked the feeling of being taken by force. He turned her to face the stranger in front of her.

He put his mouth next to her ear and, loud enough for the other man to hear, he said, "It's time for you to pay up, little tease. Looks like you'll need to satisfy two cocks tonight, doesn't it slut?" As he talked, she struggled a little, twisting herself to get free which only made her tits wave from side to side in front of the other man. Looking over her shoulder, he could see that by putting her in this position the tiny little shirt had slid up to fully expose her hard nipples and round melons.

The sight of her was like baiting a tiger. The stranger reached out and grabbed hold of her big tits, squeezing them hard. He could see she liked it a little rough and he smiled as he pinched her nipples. She put her head back against her husband's shoulder, letting the pleasure of the stranger's touch course through her body. He pulled her stretchy top down below her tits so that they jutted straight out at him.

As the one man enjoyed the feeling of her tits, her husband slid his free hand around onto her stomach then down between her legs. A finger parted her wet pussy lips, then slid onto her clit. It was already hard and throbbing from the attention she was receiving, so it didn't take much more stimulation before the world started to spin around her. She threw back her head and thrust out her tits. The man in front of her bent forward, sucking one nipple into his mouth and sucking it hard as he pinched the other, rolling the tender flesh between his fingers. That was all it took to send her over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

Her husband's cock grew harder and harder from she squirming of her ass up against him while she came. Her body jerked repeatedly and, although she was lost in her ecstasy for a short time, she could feel his hardness pressing insistently against her ass when she started to come back to herself. Her pussy ached to be filled after that initial orgasm. She wanted that big cock. She wanted it bad.

As her sight became clearer again, she also saw the other man in front of her with his clothes now gone. His hard cock pointed straight at her and a thrill of excitement went through her as she imagined what these two men were going to do to her. His cock was rock hard and also very large. She looked into his eyes for a moment. Instantly, she knew he could see the lust inside of her. He looked back at her with the look of pleasure that a man only gets when he sees a girl presented as a sexual trophy to him.

She felt her husband's hand on the back of her head pushing her forward, bending her down toward that hard cock in front of her. He pulled his arm out from under hers, but slid his hands down her arms until he got to her wrists which he kept clasped together behind her back. Feeling unsteady, she spread her legs open a little to keep from falling, at the same time knowing that her husband would think she was opening herself for him to take her from behind.

In this position, her skirt slid up higher and she could feel the cool air on her fully exposed, bare, spread pussy. It excited her to think how these two men must be viewing her. She bent her back a little more to show off her tits to the stranger and rotated her hips a little more to show off her shaved pussy and tight ass to her husband. Then, with her tongue out and her mouth open, she slowly slid her mouth onto the man's hard cock.

She looked up at him the best she could as she sucked on his pole like a lollipop, rolling her head around slowly as she did. It was then that he moved over to the couch and sat down, his cock waiting for her to come and get it. Her husband let go of her wrists. "Go on. Fetch that bone," he ordered her. She dropped down onto her hands and knees. On all fours, she slowly crawled over to the stranger like an obedient pet, waving her ass in the air as she did.

She stopped inches in front of him and, with her hands still on the floor and her tongue outstretched, licked his cock from bottom to top. She did this several times then took the swollen head into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop. It felt so good to her that she closed her eyes to enjoy the feel of his cock in her mouth. Then, all of a sudden the man grabbed her head and pulled her down until his cock hit the back of her throat. Her eyes flew open as he drove his cock inside her mouth. "Oh fuck, suck that cock," he ordered her.

Many girls might have choked from this treatment, but not her. She was extremely talented at cock sucking and could deepthroat almost any man. She loosened her throat and slid him even deeper into her mouth until her nose was up against his stomach. He groaned and pinned her there for a few seconds. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She needed a breath so she jerked free. She sucked in a couple of breaths, but that's all the relief she got. He grabbed her head and pushed her back onto his cock, pushing his hips upwards as his cock filled her throat again. She took him again and slid her hand down onto her wet pussy and began to frantically rub her sensitive clit.

Her husband had watched this for a while. He liked how her tiny skirt had rode up to expose her completely from behind. Her smooth pussy was so beautiful. He wanted to take her, but it wasn't until he saw her slide her hand between her legs that he joined in the action. He pulled off his own clothes, then got on his knees behind her. He watched her hand rubbing her own pussy feverishly. This behavior was not at all ladylike, and it was time she learned.

"Smack!" How many times had he told her not to behave like that. She stopped rubbing herself for only a moment, but even as the heat from that last slap on her ass had barely passed, her hand was back on her pussy rubbing it hard.... trying to make herself reach that peak like she just a short time earliert. "Smack!" He slapped her beautiful ass again, then again and again. Her hand rubbed harder and harder against her clit trying to make herself come again. What kind of a slut had he married anyways?

He looked at the man sitting on the couch in front of her and could see that he was extremely turned on by this pretty little thing, this pretty little slut wife of his. Her mouth was now hungrily slurping his hard cock as she pumped his shaft with her left hand. "Of course he's turned on," he thought to himself. "He's got a sex toy of a girl with her mouth locked onto his cock like her life depends on not letting go of it."

After watching his slut suck this man's cock for a minute then taking him all the way down her throat one more time, he once again noticed her fingers desperately digging into her pussy. "Goddamn it, you're such a naughty fucking bitch," he growled and smacked her ass again - then over and over until her ass was hot to the touch. She moaned with each slap, and he imagined how good the vibrations from her throat must make the other guy's cock feel. Her ass was getting red and the heat from his spankings seemed to feed the heat between her legs.

Soon, she pulled her mouth free from the other man's cock. Her moans turned into screams as her fingers jammed inside her pussy and another orgasm shook her body. "You fucking little slut!" he growled then he grabbed her arm to pull her hand away and rammed his hard cock into her vulnerable pussy. It was sopping wet and as slippery as could be. He rammed himself into her... hard and fast. He fucked her hard, just the way a slut should get fucked.

The fucking sent her orgasm even higher and she started to scream. "Oh god yes! Fuck me hard! Ohhhh yesss!"

But, all of a sudden her screams were stifled. The other man had grabbed her head and pulled it back down onto his cock making her take his entire length down her throat until he was almost choking her. He had a look like a wild animal then he started spurting his cum straight down her throat. "Fuck yes!" he groaned. "Take it. Take it all, slut."

This kind of dirty talk and complete, wanton sex was exactly what his little wife liked, and he knew it. She didn't even try to stop the other man. She put her arms on either side of him and let him have his way with her mouth - this stranger that they'd met only hours earlier.

He had barely finished coming when they heard a knock at the door. The husband didn't even take a break from fucking his hot little wife. The other man got up and answered it instead. Standing there was the man from the front desk. "I was wondering if you guys needed anything," he said lamely. It was obvious why he was there as he stuck his head inside to see the sexy young girl on her knees, bent over the couch getting fucked from behind.

"I don't know, what do you think sweetheart," he asked her as he slapped her ass again. "Do you need one more cock tonight?"

His wife looked back at the man and, with a look of part exhaustion, part unfulfilled need, she nodded and managed to get out a very rough, "Yes. One more please."

The man came inside and as fast as he could he stripped himself down. He stood there a moment, not sure what to do next. The husband helped him out. "Why don't you come sit on the couch and let her ride your cock," he said to him. The guy eagerly complied. Once he sat down, the husband pulled his cock from his wife's tight pussy. He ordered her, "Get yourself on top of his cock."

She climbed into his lap and as she slid herself down onto his already hard pole, she leaned forward and hung her big tits in front of his face. The desk clerk was in heaven, licking and sucking on first one hard nipple, then the other, squeezing her tits in his hands, then sliding them down onto her tight ass and squeezing her firm flesh there.

There was only one reason her husband had allowed her to leave him and start riding another man's cock. She realized that when she felt his hand in her back pushing her further forward, then felt his cock press up against her now fully exposed asshole.

She was ready for it. Some women never allowed a man to fuck her ass. She was not one of these. She loved the nastiness of being taken there, even more when another man filled her pussy at the same time. It had been several months since the last time she'd been taken this way. As her husband's cock probed against her tight hole and the clerk's hard cock rammed into her pussy, she started to come just thinking about what was next. "Oh god. Oh fuck yes! So good!" she cried out.

Seeing his wife's body go tense followed by her cries of lust put her husband over the edge. "You like that slut?" he growled at her then slapped her ass one more time, harder than the previous ones to make sure he had her attention. He put his hands on her ass cheeks, spread them wide open then pushed himself inside her.

The sudden invasion of her ass by her husband's thick cock was more than she could take. Her orgasm went higher by several levels and she could barely stay on top of the other man's cock. In fact, if the two men hadn't grabbed her and held her in place, she probably would have moved away from them. The feelings were just too intense.

Instead, the clerk's two hands gripped her around the hips while her husband grabbed her hair tight and yanked her head back. She remembered little of what happened after that, but the rest of the hotel must have remembered. She screamed loudly and begged the two men to fuck her harder as loud as she could in the most vulgar language imaginable. "Fuck that asshole. Do it! Oh my fucking god, you're cock feels so good in me!" she screamed. "Take that pussy hard! Make me come on your cocks!"

The clerk rammed her pussy harder and faster, pulling on her hips to force himself as far inside her as he could. He could feel the other man's cock in her ass sliding inside her at the same time. It wasn't long until his cock started spurting a load of cum deep inside her.

At the same time, her husband rode her like a cowboy on a wild horse, holding onto her hair to keep her under control. He barely thought of her as his wife. She was only a dirty whore that needed to have her ass fucked as hard as he could. He pounded into her tight ass over and over. As the other man came, he could feel her ass muscles clench as she let out a loud moan that turned into a scream.

The feeling of two cocks pounding inside her, stretching her pussy and her ass, was too much for her. They began probing against sensitive places deep inside, hammering against them until she lost all control of herself. She could feel her nipples swell as her tits flopped up and down and she grabbed them with her fingers, pinching them hard. Moaning loudly, she let go of herself as one more orgasm began to take over her body. This one was much stronger, deeper, and powerful than the others.

She felt the cock in her pussy grow even larger then felt the warmth of his load as it spurted inside her. This sent her over the edge. Even as the other cock continued its assault on her asshole, she screamed loudly as every nerve in her body seemed to come alive with the orgasm that these men had triggered in her. Thinking she could take no more of this, she struggled to get free, but the tight hold on her hair and the hands locked around her waist made it so she could not do anything except thrash herself on top of the cocks inside of her.

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