tagInterracial LoveAfter Work Quickie

After Work Quickie


I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and checked the time.

6:45pm. Fuck. Yes.

I quickly left work, excited that I finally had a weekend off. I had some awesome plans, which included, but were not limited to:

Absolutely fucking nothing.

As I pulled out of the parking lot, I drove to my 1-bed apartment and thought about what I wanted to eat. Mexican sounded good. Pizza sounded good. McDonalds didn't sound good. I had a tough decision on my hands. I pulled into a local Mexican restaurant's drive-thru menu-speaking machine, whatever they were called.

"Hello, how can I help you tonight?"

"Carne asada fries, large jamaica, lots of salsa," I ordered. She didn't sound hot. I didn't look hot in my Best Buy uniform.

She said the amount and I slowly drove up to the next window and waited. The girl that pulled the window open and repeated my amount sounded different than the one who took my order. I figured I would ask about it.

"Hey," I said as I handed her a twenty, "you didn't take my order, right?"

"Nah," she said in a rather 'let's not make a conversation out of this' voice.

"Thought so," I replied, drumming my thumbs on the wheel as I waited for my change. There were a few honies inside that I could see. I wondered if I should've gone inside, instead. But, then I remembered what I was wearing.

"Your change?" the girl said, obviously not pleased that I had started day-dreaming about fucking her customers (well, she didn't know that part).

"Oops! My bad!" I exclaimed, reaching out to take my change. She handed it to me, then grabbed a bag with my dinner. I took that, too, and set it in the passenger's seat. When I turned back, she was handing me my drink. "Thanks, have a good night."

"You, too," she replied, then shut the window. She wasn't that bad. I would've smashed. With a shrug, I drove off and went home. I lived nearby, but the traffic was so bad, I'm sure I could've made it there sooner if I had moonwalked home.

I parked the car into the designated spot, grabbed my bachelor dinner and got out. Locking the car behind me, I slowly strode to my apartment. I lived in a rather quiet neighborhood and I enjoyed it. Didn't have to worry too much about people being super loud. Not that I didn't mind going to parties and having a fun time as a bachelor, don't get me wrong. I just don't want that shit 'round my parts. I prefer pissing off my friends' neighbors, not mine. Mine would probably scheme to get me kicked the fuck out. And screw that, I got it good here.

I opened my door and flicked the lights on, and was greeted by my white and grey cat, Luke 'Danger Zone'. Yes, that was his name. I adopted him from some abusive family a few years back. He loves carne asada.

"LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHER!" I exclaimed as I shut the door behind me with my foot.

"Mrow?" he asked, cocking his head to the side.

"Yeah, I got carne," I answered. I set the box down and opened it, scooping some out and putting it aside for him. Lo and behold, Luke jumped down from his perch near the window and onto the small coffee table to begin eating his portion of the carne. For some reason, I noticed the receipt in the bag and took it out. On the back was written:

"Hit me up if you're down to fuck. 619 555 0945"

What. Is. This? I thought to myself, then decided to text the number.

-I am down to fuck.- Sent. I tossed the phone onto the couch and dressed down into some pajama pants and a tanktop. When I came back, I checked the phone and noticed a reply.

-wer do u live- "Ugh, Luke. She can't spell for shit. See?" I showed the cat the text. He didn't look up. I hit reply.

-In Chula Vista. How do I know this isn't some gay dude?- Sent. Although I was intrigued, I was also starved. And the cat was making the carne asada fries look better than they probably were. I grabbed my plastic fork and began to shovel the food into my mouth. God, it was delicious. My phone buzzed and I grabbed it, hitting read.

-im nt a dude, let me cum ovr n show u how gud i am- I lost a few brain cells. I hit reply.

-Show me your tits.- I placed the phone down again and kept eating. By this time, Luke had jumped back over to his perch and began cleaning himself. He was a nocturnal cat and was about to go out for his late night 'whatever-the-fuck-it-is-cats-do-at-night' fiesta. My phone buzzed again.

"Ooooooh, Luke, it's a picture message!" I hit open. Sure enough, there was a nice pair of tits staring back at me. They weren't tanned; a stark pale brown compared to the top of her chest. Her areolas were dark but small, as were her nipples. I wasn't sure if they were fake or perfect. Below the pic there was a message.

-wnt these daddy- "You know, Luke, I think I can handle the bad typing." He didn't hear me; he had climbed out of the window and had fled. That was why his name was Danger Zone. Because he could handle the night. Not me, I'm a day man. I hit reply.

-God, yes. Ok, come over.- I thumbed in my address and hit send. I put the phone down, went to my bedroom and grabbed my bat. I wasn't sure what the fuck was going to happen, but just in case, I was about to Hank Aaron someone's face. I was startled when someone knocked on my door. God, that shit was quick. I walked to the door and peeked through the eyehole. I immediately withdrew, stunned.

"What the fuck, her?" I thought to myself, setting the bat down and opening the door. "Hey," I said, staring at the girl who gave me my change and food. I had thought she wanted nothing to do with me. She quickly walked in and I shut the door behind her. When I turned around, she was already stripping down.

"I have to be home in 15 minutes, or else my boyfriend will think I'm fucking around with some other guy," she said matter-of-factly. Her clothes dropped and I was treated to, by far, one of the most amazing asses I've ever seen. She turned to me and I could see that she hated hair on her snatch as much as I hated hair there, too.

"All right," I said. Not even five seconds later, my clothes were in a pool on the ground where I was standing at. She took my hand and spun around. There was one door, so she knew exactly where to go. She led me into my own bedroom and pushed me onto my bed. I fell onto my back and she climbed on top of me. She pressed her mouth against mine, and I couldn't help but taste carne on her mouth. Her hand reached down and gripped the base of my cock, rubbing the head against her very soaking wet cunt. When she had it aimed right at her hole, she dropped her hips down onto mine, impaling herself onto my cock. A moan, muffled, escaped from her. She began to grind her hips, moving them in a circular motion while riding my cock. I moved my hands to her waist to help guide her, breaking the kiss to watch my dick disappear into her pussy.

"Fuck yes, baby," she whispered, burying her face into the crook of my neck. "Watch my hot cunt take your massive dick." God, I love slutty dirty talk. "You better fill my pussy up, baby. I want that shit running down my thighs."

"You fucking know it," I replied. "I'm about to flood that pussy with my cum." I wasn't as creative. She began to pick up her pace, bouncing on my dick harder and harder. Her tits were bouncing and flopping about, looking perfect to suck on. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and softly bit on it, which caused her to bite down on my shoulder. I moved my hands from her waist to her ass, grabbing the fullness that was her fucking perfect bubble butt. She had found the perfect pace and kept it up, slamming her pussy down on my cock, riding me like a pro. I decided she had one lucky fucking man.

"My man," she breathed between moans, "he likes my ass. You like it, too?"

"Hell yes," I replied, giving her fat ass a hard spank.

"Mmmm, baby." She stopped suddenly, climbing off of me and bending herself over my bed. "Then fuck my ass." I got up quick and positioned myself behind her. My cock was slick with her juices, and she was used to having her ass pounded, so I figured it'd be easy. I pushed the head of my cock into her ass and, as I predicted, my cock went in with little resistance. She grunted then, gripping my sheets tightly. "Fuck it like you'd fuck my pussy. But don't come in my ass." I grabbed her waist and began to thrust hard, fucking her ass with wild abandon. I could feel her muscles tightening around my cock, making the sensations feel amazing. She was clenching her teeth, white-knuckled and bucking against me. This was fucking amazing.

I fucked her for about five more minutes this way, moving my hands from her ass to her tits to play with her nipples. I decided it was probably best to leave as few marks on her as possible. At this point, though, she opened her eyes and looked at the nearby alarm clock on my nightstand.

"Oh shit baby, I gotta go now. You need to cum." She moved away so I pulled out of her ass. She spun around and clamped her mouth on my cock immediately, deep throating me. Shit, it felt so good. I began to fuck her mouth while she looked right up at me. She softly fondled my balls and that was it. I grunted and she nodded. My cock began shooting a ton of cum into her throat, which she began to suck down like a pro. After cleaning me off, she stood up and went to the living room. She got dressed quick while I stood there, a bit dumbfounded. She grabbed my jamaica and gulped a bunch of it down, then set it back onto the table. "Goodbye," she said, then let herself out.

I sat down, naked and stared at the blank tv. The musk of fucking hung in the air, almost as if I could taste it. I went to grab my jamaica to take a swig, then I remembered she put her mouth on it. She also swallowed my cum. My dick was in her mouth, and in her ass.

"Goddammit!" I exclaimed.

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