tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfternoon at the Pool

Afternoon at the Pool


I don't think that there has ever been a bad day that started at the pool, this day would turn out to be no different. We had been spending a lot of time at the pool this year and we both had a pretty good tan. Every once in a while we would be joined by one of Amy's friends if not two. This time it was just Danielle, a girl as infatuated with my girlfriend's breasts as much as I am. I have had the pleasure of seeing them bare to the world many times and I knew Danielle was jealous and wanted a peak at those perky tits too. We mostly sunned ourselves that day with the occasional dip in the pool. We had brought drinks with us this time as it was a little later in the day than other times we had been, and a nice blended margarita was going to hit the spot. I had made them extra strong as I knew we were limited on space poolside.

The taste of tequila was strong and after the first few sips we all could feel the buzz in our heads starting. We were alone at the pool and as the day went on we all started to get drunk and the talk started to turn sexual. I would grab Amy up and squeeze her tight making sure Danielle could see her breasts pushed up against my chest. Danielle got really excited as one time we were fooling around in the pool and Amy's top started to come up showing the round underside of one of her boobs. Oh so close she said, and I told her if she only knew what she was missing.

I knew a few dirty details about Danielle, but Amy was always tight lipped about some of their conversations. I knew that Danielle would purposely suck, no pun intended, at giving head to her boyfriend just so he wouldn't want it very often. I knew that like Amy, when she was drunk she liked taking it in the ass too. I also knew that Danielle hated the taste of cum and would not swallow on the rare occasion that she did suck dick. I did not think Danielle was very attractive, but it was fun to know some of those dirty facts about her.

As the day was getting later I could tell that Amy was feeling pretty good. She would giggle a little more and was starting to get a little frisky. She would very sexily get out of the pool and arch her back before wringing the water out of her curly hair. This would give Danielle and I a good look at her breasts. She would make sure to bend at the waist right in front of me when getting another glass of margarita and I had to say it was getting very difficult to keep my excitement from showing. On one of her trips back to the chair she could see that my dick was a little hard and she sat down next to me. She said, it looks like someone is enjoying today at the pool a little more than the rest of us. As she said it she reached out with her hand a started to stroke my cock a little. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Danielle sit up and she snuck a look at what was going on. Amy had told me that Danielle liked to check out guys packages at work and I knew that right now she was getting a good look at what was in my pants. Amy looked over at her after she had gotten me to full arousal and said; see I told you he had a big dick. Danielle looked over and said he sure does. Amy was always a little jealous, so her comment surprised me a little, so I responded with, I sure do and it is only yours love. That single comment brought a big smile to her face. I figured with two drunken women in my midst that I should do something to take advantage of the situation. I didn't want a threesome as I would never want to do anything to ruin what we had, but there was nothing against giving someone a show.

I looked at them both and said, hey Danielle I think I have a way to give both you and Amy something you both want. You see Amy has always wanted make a video of us having sex and I would have to say it would be much easier if we had a camera woman, I said with a smile. If you agree you would get a perfect opportunity to see those tits that you desperately want to see. I looked over at Amy and she kind of blushed but I could see she was waiting eagerly for the answer. It seemed like hours before Danielle said she would love to. I told them let's get out of here then. You could feel the sexual charge as we walked down the street to our apartment, and I knew that all three of us were about to get something we all wanted. I wanted the video of Amy and me as much as she did, the way she moans and the look on her face as we make love is an amazing sight.

When we got in the door I decided that we all needed one more drink to make sure we were all ready for what was about to happen. The drinks went down fast and I went to the closet to get the camera. After a few quick instructions I gave Danielle the camera and led them both down the hall to the bedroom. When we got there I wasted no time before engaging in a passionate kiss with Amy, and I moved her closer to the bed. I had second thoughts as we got close to the bed and decided to undress her standing up before we would get on the bed. I asked Danielle if she was ready for the first peak at Amy's tits and she just smiled and nodded. I could see Amy's chest heaving quickly as she was excited for what was about to happen. I reached behind her head and slowly undid the knot holding her top up and made sure to look over at our cameraman as it started to fall off her well-tanned body. The cloth needed a little coaxing to fall all the way down and as it hit the floor I could her Danielle let out a little sound as she saw them for the first time. I slowly moved my hand over her right breast and then her left. I made sure to cup them and make them look as big as I could and even pushed them together the give that big cleavage shot I loved to see. I made sure to keep out of the way of the camera and moved down to slowly take a nipple in my mouth.

Amy was making little sounds as I continued to lick and nibble those hard pink nipples in my mouth. I looked over to Danielle and she was slowly massaging her own breasts copying my every move. I moved down and slid Amy's bottoms off and moved my hands down to her slim waist. I moved up and kissed her again as my hands continued to roam her body. I could hear from the corner of the room little moans start to escape Danielle's lips as she was enjoy the show as much as Amy was enjoying the touching. I reached down with my right hand and slowly parted those sweet lips between Amy's legs and easily slid a finger into her tight and sopping wet pussy. Amy loves to be fingered and I made sure to move it as slow as I could just enter her enough to let her feel it.

Danielle moved around to get a better shot and I continued to finger Amy's pussy. I slowly pulled out my finger and smiled at Amy and told her it was my turn for a little attention. I turned around and sat down on the bed. It took no time for Amy to come over and take down my swimming trunks. There I sat with my dick standing straight up for the first time, as both women took in the sight of my cock. I could see that Danielle was impressed with the size of my cock and Amy gave her a quick look to make sure she wasn't getting too close. Amy surprised me by looking at her and said this big dick is all mine and I will show you how much I love it. Finishing those words she bent over and took my dick in her mouth and sucked it in all the way to my stomach. It felt amazing, as it always does, and she really went to work. I made sure to direct Danielle behind Amy so I could get that shot of her from behind that I love. I could imagine that pink and swollen pussy, wet with passion and the thought drove me crazy. I told Amy I wanted her to finger herself as she gave me head. She didn't say a word, but reached between her sexy legs and I knew the second she inserted her finger into that pussy. She moaned around my cock and I could see Danielle was enjoying this as well. Danielle got down on her knees and made sure to get a close up view of those fingers plunging in and out of that pussy at a frantic pace.

It took Amy only a few seconds of this before her body shuddered and the first orgasm of the afternoon hit her. She pulled her mouth off my cock and let out the loudest moan I have ever heard her make. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor still moaning and I was loving every second. Danielle stood up and I could see now that her top was off and her little nipples were as hard as they could get. Her chest was flushed and I could see her breathing was fast. I knew that seeing the orgasm that Amy just had had to be killing her as she was shifting her weight from leg to leg getting some friction to her tingling pussy. I pulled Amy to her feet and laid her down on the bed. She had regained a little bit of control and she had this desperate look on her face. I knew that she wanted my cock and I needed that pussy more than ever.

I rolled her onto her stomach and directed Danielle behind us so she could get a good shot of me entering Amy for the first time. Danielle got in real close and I took my dick in hand and put it at the entrance to Amy's waiting pussy. I asked Danielle if she had a good look and she said yes. I entered Amy with a long slow thrust and I felt her body quiver again as the feeling of a dick inside her drove her over the edge again. I started slow and picked up the pace and I wanted her more than ever right now. I was slamming into her hard and fast now as Danielle moved back a little further to get a good look at what was going on. I could see now that she had her hand in her swimsuit and I could see her rubbing her pussy as I made love to my girl. My climax was rapidly approaching given all the stimuli that was in the room and I didn't want to cum yet so I stopped, much to Amy's dismay. I asked Amy if she wanted to ride me and she didn't respond but just rolled me over and got into position.

I knew that this would be a treat for Danielle as she would have a perfect look at those tits as Amy rode me. Amy slid all the way onto my cock and didn't waste any time. She was rocking her hips as fast as she could and I could tell she was close again already. Danielle's face was glued to her chest and I could see her fingers were going faster now occasionally slipping into her pussy. She was moaning now too and it was an amazing site to see both of these women getting pleasure as Amy and I continued to fuck. Amy reached back and put her hands on my thighs signaling that she was going to cum again. She was bucking hard and I didn't know how much more I could take. Luckily she came before I was going to, but it wasn't by much. I held her in place to make sure that I wouldn't come and she was breathing so hard and moaning between every gasp.

I knew that I only had about five more minutes in me and I had a wicked idea enter my head. As I rolled Amy over and prepared to finish us both off, I asked Danielle if she wanted to do more than just watch. She looked curiously and I could see that she needed a release as bad as I did. I laughed at her and said I am sorry but this dick is only Amy's, but I am sure that she wouldn't mind if you used her friend to get yourself off. She wasted no time in stripping down to nothing and I reached under the bed and gave her our purple friend. I could see her pussy was as red and wet as Amy's and the sight really turned me on. I stepped back at looked at both pussies and thought how lucky I was to be in this moment. I set up the tripod so I could get this last scene with all of us in it and I gave Danielle the rules for her participation. She listened intently as I described what was about to happen. I told her that she could touch Amy's breasts and even use her mouth, but only Amy could be touched. She started to reach for her tits but I told her that I was not finished. I told her the only way that she could touch Amy and get herself off was if when I came that she licked my cum off of Amy's tits and swallowed my load. She looked at both of us and I knew that she would have to think about this. She hated cum, but the fire in her pussy was too much and she agreed. I showed her how to turn on the vibrator and she immediately put it between her legs. Amy was loving the scene too and was even talking dirty to both me and Danielle. She said I bet you wish that this hard dick in your pussy and not just a piece of plastic. All Danielle could do was nod and moan. She was already close to her first orgasm, the visions she had seen this afternoon was enough to drive anyone crazy.

I entered Amy and I could see Danielle wasted no time in taking a hard nipple into her mouth. Amy moaned and squirmed as Danielle was teasing and pulling on her breasts. Amy was loving the feeling of having her friend sucking on her breasts as my cock was filling her pussy. I started to fuck her harder causing her breasts to jiggle as I pounded into her again and again. Danielle didn't miss once as she would go from breast to breast working each on equally. I could hear how hard she was pressing the vibrator to her pussy as the sound would muffle and get loud again. Suddenly Danielle pulled her head up and let out a scream as she was cuming for the first time and really needed it. I had the biggest smile on my face as I continued to drive my cock home in my sexy girlfriend. Amy asked me if I liked hearing her friend cum and I said yes. The sounds that were coming from our room right now were nothing but pleasure and I knew that I was close. I told Danielle it was time to pull her head away and she looked up. I was at a very fast pace and I could see she was eagerly waiting for her last surprise. She put the vibrator back on her pussy and was moaning at the sight and feelings between her legs. Amy was urging me on. Fuck that pussy she said, I want to see you cum for me. Her dirty talk was too much and I pulled out just in time. I moved up the bed and Amy pressed her tits together to give me a nice big target for my load. I pumped my cock as Amy and Danielle looked on waiting to see my cock explode.

The first warm spurts of cum hit Amy's chest and the sight was enough to make Danielle explode again as she watched my cock twitch and spray a huge load all over Amy's breasts. As the last pulse shot from my nuts Danielle eagerly dove onto Amy's tits with her mouth she was licking the cum off as eagerly as if it was her favorite dessert. Amy was watching her friend lick her chest and swallow my cum and the sight was enough to make Amy cum again. Amy was a dirty girl and she enjoyed this sight as much as I did. Both women were moaning and I could see they both had fingers in their pussy trying to milk all of this last powerful orgasm out that they could. As Danielle finished her chore I asked her if it was as bad as she thought it would be. She responded by saying if I was as horny and worked up as I am right now I would have no problem sucking dick and swallowing cum. She told us that the way we make love was sexier and hotter than any porno she had ever seen.

I knew that it had been an extremely rewarding experience for all of us and I asked if she would be up for filming us again sometime. It took her only a second to say of course and I told her next time Amy would be taking it in the ass. I assured Danielle that I would find a way she could copy the actions that were going on so she wouldn't have to wait till the end again to cum. I knew that this was just the start of some amazing afternoons.

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