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Afternoon Delight


They had spoken via computer earlier that day. She being flirtatious had told him what she was wearing from top to bottom. The children came back into the classroom and she signed off the computer.

It was a little after 3 in the afternoon and the children were all safely on their way home. She was sitting at her desk trying to read a professional journal article. The room was buzzing with people, the classroom aide putting up the February calendar, the custodian vacuuming and emptying trash cans. Another staff member came in their room to see if perhaps anyone in the room had a tea bag.

Her cell phone rang.

"Hello" she spoke into the phone.

"Are you alone?" He asked.


"Then just listen, cause I'm Donna make you cum in those white satin panties you are wearing" He spoke in a quiet voice.

She turned her chair toward the window, away from the people in the room. Her eyes stayed on the page that she was now just staring at not reading. The pen that she had been using to take notes with remained in her hand. She could feel a hot blush raising on her chest as he continued to speak.

"I'm standing behind you, my hands on your breasts. trying to see if I can feel your nipple through your sweater and that white lace bra you have on, maybe just a little, there yes right where my fingers are rubbing against now."

Her hand held the ink pen a little tighter as she let her imagination be carried away by his voice and his words. Her legs closed tight so she could feel the friction of her clothing rubbing against her clit.

"I'm standing in front of you now, my right hand reaching down into your sweater, yes there is your nipple, standing out nicely now. I pull up your sweater and see you sitting there in your bra. My hands go underneath your breasts and I feel the weight of them against me."

"Yes," she spoken into the phone. At this point she couldn't trust her voice to come out with much more than a single word.

"Look around, see no one is watching," he said, "and even if they were they would have no way of knowing what we were doing.

"My lips find your nipple through your bra, and I'm sucking on one through the lace, can you feel that?" He questioned. Before she could respond he asked, "Is this working for you or am I just wasting my breath here?"

"The answer to that would be in the affirmative" she replied. She could feel herself getting wet as her imagination took her just where he wanted her to go.

"Good. I feel your soft skin, mmmm I like that. Pulling your slacks down, now you are just in your bra and panties. I'm going to keep your panties on you, I want you to fill them with cum for me." "Good God, in heaven." she breathed into the phone. This was an experience like no other she had ever had. He knew how she liked sex right on the edge of getting caught in the act and he was playing every key on just the right note.

"I'm slipping off your shoes, rubbing your feet, relax in my hands. Close your eyes and enjoy this"

"Okay" she replied.

"My hands are moving up your calves, feeling the curves of your legs. Stroking your thighs, God, I can smell your sex right now." He spoke gently and softly into the phone. "Tell me are you wet now?"

"Positively yes" she said in the most professional voice she could manage and she moved her ass on the chair so that her clothing would rub against her clit harder. If she could only reach inside her panties and touch herself right now she would cum, she thought to herself.

"I'm pushing the crotch of your panties to the side now, your pussy is so wet. I slide one finger in. Now I bring that finger to your mouth so you can taste yourself"

"Nice" she responded.

"I want you to tell me when you are cumming, just say "It's now", no one knows what we are talking about, look around again, is anyone even looking your way"

"No, everything is fine." she replied.

"Those other men, they just want to fuck you. I want to take you to your limits, every sensation, every experience." he said, his voice low now.

She could imagine that he was right there in the room with her, hearing his voice, feeling his hands on her skin. She could almost feel his cock hard and pressing into her flesh as he continued to touch her. He had taken her mind to a place where it was just the two of them together. She could imagine him fully focusing on her pleasure, his eyes, lips, mouth there just for her. She could feel her orgasm beginning to build.

"This isn't going to take much longer," she said into the phone.

My fingers are back inside your pussy, one now two. Sliding in and out. Rubbing against your clit, I'm going to put another finger inside you and then I'm going to finger fuck you good and hard" he said

"Almost" she said as she wiggled a bit in the chair, God how could she get this turned on without even having him touch her. Her panties were soaked, her hand clamped down on the ink pen she still held in her hand.

"Open your legs wide for me, there that's right. One finger slides into your ass, while I continue to finger fuck you, in and out, your wet pussy feels so good on my fingers. You smell wonderful there."

She could feel the muscles inside of her as they began to spasm. "Now" she said into the phone.

"You are cumming in my hand, hot, wet, I can feel everything as you cum again and again." he breathed

Her release was amazing. She could feel the pleasure running through her body. The hot cum flowing from between her legs. Every fiber of her being wanted to cry out, but instead she held onto that ink pen as hard as she could as her body reacted to his climax.

"That's wonderful", she said.

"Did you cum good?" he asked

"Oh yes, never experienced anything that way before" she replied.

"You like that, just listening?" he asked.

"Very much"

They spoke for awhile longer on the phone. Marked their respective calendars for a meeting time and said goodbye.

And he was right, there was no one in the room with her that had any idea of the sexual encounter that she had experienced sitting at her desk in the middle of the afternoon.

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