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Afternoon Delight


I arrived home early and had gone right into my bedroom to change. It was a hot and sticky day and I stood there looking at myself in the mirror trying to decide whether to put my hair up or not. Oh hell I thought, I might as well shower and be comfortable. I went back into the living room and turned the air conditioning down then padded my way back to the bedroom and took my bra and panties off and went to the bathroom.

The shower was cool and as I often do, I took the flexible shower head down and washed my private parts. I took the razor and carefully shaved my pussy and even though the water was cool the pulsating jets felt so good.. I kept it on my pussy a bit longer than was necessary and that was all I needed to get me going. I quickly dried my hair and put it up.

I had quit early because I was feeling agitated. My boss is a woman and we don't exactly hit it off, so every chance I get, I take a sick day, or use one of my vacation days. The real boss is Blake and I admit, I have a crush on him. He almost always lets me go without putting me on the clock when I put on my pouty face.

As I walked past my wardrobe door, I again looked at myself in the mirror and did a little pirouette. I'm quite proud of my body, and now I look down and admired my freshly shaved pussy. "Yes," I think, I do have a damn nice body, a cute body by anyone's standards, thin waist and a pussy that still has the firmness of a teenagers.

I was going to put on fresh panties and a pair of shorts, but after I selected them, I just tossed them on the bed and lay back for a minute. I close my eyes and think about Blake. I'm not the only one who had the hots for him, almost everyone in the office has.

Then my thoughts drift to my favorite fantasy. My seductive fantasy. The one in which he stands in front of me and admires me as I masturbate in front of him. Of course in my minds eye, he's hungry for me but I won't let him come to me. Not in the beginning anyway.

Unconsciously my hand has crept down to my plump little pussy and my fingertips slowly begin to run up and down its smooth surface. As I continue, I just barely graze my fingers across first the left side then the right. My other hand moves over my breasts. Oh I'm not that large, but very firm. My bra varies between a B and C cup, depending on how it's cut.

Mmmmmm it feels so good. I roll over on my side and reaching out to my nightstand, get some oil and let a few drops coat my palms, then I continue to caress myself.

"Watch me Blake! See how my little nipples shine with the oil and how hard they become when I pinch them? You want them don't you?" I ask.

"You want to touch me this way and put your mouth over them, don't you?"

I fantasize that he moves towards me, but I stop him. "Not yet darling. Just stand there and run your hand over your cock so I can watch you, but don't cum yet."

He stands nearby watching me as he gets larger and larger.

"See how I'm massaging the oil into my pussy and how it glistens with the warm oil that I'm rubbing over it. Oooh its so nice and puffy. And when I'm ready for it, I'll let you have it but only if you're a good boy. Can you see the droplets of my wetness beginning to slowly seep out from between its lips. I'll let you lick it up in a few minutes if you want to."

My index finger slips within the soft folds and is wet by my own excitement. I bring it to my lips and stick out my tongue. A droplet of the clear fluid slowly falls, and a glistening filament of gossamer thread holds it for a second before it breaks and coats my tongue. I taste good.

'Wouldn't you like to taste me sweetie? I know you want to come to me and have me spread my legs wide so you can put your mouth over my cunt and use your tongue to drink me, don't you?" Mmmm it's sending chills down my back just thinking your doing that.

It's strange, I think, how my nipples talk with my pussy. I can play with them and my pussy begins to tingle. And ooh yes, if I squeeze them like this, ......I almost feel like peeing, it's so good.

My fingers are moving more quickly now. I have three fingers pressing firmly on my pussy and I rotate them, massaging my clit and vagina.

But it's not me, it's him, and it's his mouth that's tormenting me.

I need you now my lover. I want you to eat me until I cum again and again. I want to hear you moan, as I do each time it happens, and lick it up making those salacious lapping sounds.

It's time. I want to let you take me now, so I pause and again reach to my nightstand and open the drawer. "There you are, my sweetheart. My textured toy, my Blake."

I put it to my lips, imagining your shaft being brought to full firmness as my tongue swirls around its tip. I work it in and out of my mouth before deciding to put some lube on it.

"Ahhhh yes, you would be slippery and wet from watching me get ready for you, wouldn't you? So nice and big, and hard. And I want you to slowly slip it in deep without hurting me. Yesss, that's it."

I turn on my vibrator, and spreading my pussy open with my free hand, begin to drag him up and down my parted lips.

My eyes are shut and suddenly you're with me. You're hovering over me. I feel your presence and now it's your mouth on my nipple and your hand that's stroking my cunt, not my vibrator.

I can feel your fingers moving inside me. I feel them curl and turn, twisting and stroking in and out. I try to catch my breath and sob, "Yessss oh yessssss Blake, I'm ready."

Is that your mouth that's sucking on my pussy? Do I feel you nibbling at my inner lips? Yessss I do feel your tongue stabbing in and out of my dripping opening. I lift my ass up to feed you my wetness.

I'm close now. And as I tilt the vibrator up and slowly slide it in deep, I turn it on high and I know your alive inside me. I feel your cock plunging in and out. I can sense each thrust and I slowly roll from side to side feeling your shaft stirring within me.

Yessss, ooh dear god, yes my sweetheart. Take me!

Faster and faster you move in and out, and I cry out. Deeper, now Blake, faster darling. Hurt me! Fuck me baby, I want to cum now. Give it to me!

I press the last button and switch on the swirling beads and the little attachment on top begins to shudder. I press it against my clit and it quivers back and forth. I'm going to scream.

FUCK ME BLAKE! I'M CUMMING DARLING. YES OH YES. Aaaahhhhhh, yeah I am, I am, gimmeee your cum now and fill me. Shoot in me! Do it!

It's so intense, so deliriously wonderful, that I'm in a series of contractions that never seem to end. Each seems to join the next and my body twitches and spasms.

At last I'm over the top. I squeal, ............"No more!.......... Oh god please let me catch my breath."

I draw my toy out, and press my thighs together. And drawing my knees up, I roll onto my side and I lay in a fetal position, gasping for air.

Perhaps five minutes go by. I continue to feel my cunt contract with the afterglow, and I again drip oil onto my open palm and my hand seeks out my pussy. I think, He would want to take me again and I would be ready to take his thick cock again, ... so I begin.

Now I don't tease myself. There's no need. He has me hot and my body's on fire. I tilt my Blake up and slip him in where he belongs. Again I start to feel him stirring deep inside me. I use a pillow as a prop to hold him deep, and with one hand on my breast, I again cruelly pinch my nipple as I dig my heals in and lift my ass up off the bed.

My other hand moves under my butt and I slowly insert my oily finger as I wonder if this is what he would do. It sends shivers down my spine, and I gasp.

It's different, very different. I can feel the gelatinous vibrator twisting in my cunt with my finger. It's only a matter of seconds before I scream out again and have the hardest orgasm I have ever had. "Oh god Blake, what are you doing to me?"

I'm delirious with sensations that flow like waves thru my body, and I fall limply to my bed as I moan to him.

"It's so good with you Blake! I think tomorrow I'll seduce you and have you beg me drain your cock with my mouth. Would you like that? Feeling me suck on your shaft and making you shoot your cum in my mouth? I know you would. So we have a date for tomorrow then. Good, I'll be ready."

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