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Afternoon Delight


I sat on my patio, watching him. He was mowing again by his pool. 'It must be 100 degrees and he's out here mowing again', I thought. I could see the sweat as it ran down his neck and the dark color of his shirt where the sweat had stained it. I watched him as I appeared to be reading the book in my hands. But, who could tell with my sunglasses on, right?

Suddenly the mower stopped and I watched stunned as he ripped off the wet shirt. All I could think was ...'ohgod...I wonder what he tastes like'...my cheeks flushed from the thought. I looked around to make sure no one was looking at me, then dropped a small cube of ice from my tea glass down between my breasts. 'Maybe that will cool me off', I thought. As I looked up I realized, he saw me....and he had that wicked little smile I love to see on his face. My blush deepened ... I felt like crawling under my chair and hiding. The sound of his laughter came to me as I raised the book higher and hid behind it.

Again the mower started and as I peeked over the top of the book, he winked at me. Groaning, I retreated behind the book again ... attempting to read. But, it was useless as my eyes are once again drawn to him behind that push mower, his muscles working with ease. Picking up the spray bottle I had filled with ice and water to cool me down, I sprayed it down my body and back up my legs. This summer I was determined to get the perfect tan. Actually, with this obviously Irish 'peaches and cream' complexion and red hair, any tan would do. I lay there looking at him again, the book completely forgotten.

He is, without a doubt, the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Very tall, well over six foot. Thick, dark hair ... I'd love to get my hands into. His eyes were endlessly deep and sexy, and that smile. OMG, that smile! That alone made me drool and it didn't even have to be shining in my direction. Yes, it was obvious. He made me want to crawl all over him and I was having a terrible time hiding it from him. Actually, I think he knew. Laughing to myself, he'd have to be blind and totally without a clue to miss my attraction to him.

The sound of the mower grinding to a stop drew my attention again and right before my eyes he picked up the water hose and began to wash the grass clipping off his sweat dampened body. My drool alarm went off again. I doubt that there is much in this world that looks as good as glistening wet skin. The water cascading down his chest and back, actually made me wet. I pressed my thighs together, struggling not to moan out loud. He looked up suddenly and must have read my thoughts because that killer smile flashed again. I shivered when I saw it. He laughed when I did and I knew ... that he knew what I was feeling.

He very slowly walked over to the side of his pool and turned to face me. His hands went to the buttons on his jeans, slowly and careful opening each one. I couldn't look away no matter how hard I tried. I glanced up to see that wicked smile again. But, even though I tried, I couldn't keep my eyes from moving back down to his hands. As the last button opened I realized I was holding my breath. I couldn't stop the groan as he slide his jeans and boxers down across his hips and slowly stepped out of them. His skin was tanned and I knew he had to spend lots of time naked in the sun to be that uniform in skin tone. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath to try and get my heart to stop pounding.

He blew me a kiss and dove into the sparkling clear water of the pool. I sat there and grumbled about men that tease as opposed to the stories of female teasers. Somehow, I thought that this was much worse, right? Anyway, he swam a dozen or so laps back and forth across the length of the pool. My eyes never left his strong arms pulling him through the water. He dove under the water and startled me when he suddenly appeared at the side of the pool closest to me.

As he shook water from his eyes, he said..."come here!."..I was so surprised I just sat there. "COME HERE!," he called again. I still couldn't believe he was talking to me so I sat there looking at him. He pulled himself out of the water and padded across to me, picked me up and walked back to the pool. I still didn't say anything and could barely breath at his closeness.

As he reached the side of the pool, he looked down at me and grinned. Then he let me go, laughing as I fell into the water. I gasped and sputtered as I surfaced. The sight of him naked and standing with his hands on his hips above me was almost more than I could take. I treaded water, trying to decide what to do. I turned and began to swim slowly for the steps when I heard a splash. I knew he was behind me, but as he pulled along side of me ... I began to flounder in embarrassment. He turned and pulled me onto his chest with one arm. He floated and I bent my head to hide my eyes as I rested on his chest.

I felt something pressing against my belly and blushed as it became obvious it was his semi-erect cock. I tried not to move but the water caused me to slip and slide on his body. His hand holding me against his chest felt wonderful, but there was no way I was going to tell him. The feel of his chest moving ... rubbing across my nipples caused them to harden. He glanced down and smiled at me again. The blush on my cheeks grew hot again. I felt like my body was on fire but didn't know how to put it out.

As we reached the steps of the pool I moved to slide off him and both his arms came round me, holding me still. I stammered softy, "I should get out." He shook his head and with one hand turned my face until my lips were barely centimeters from his. I watched as his lips opened and covered mine. The only sound I could make was an agonized moan. He slowly raised up to a sitting position on the steps, my mouth still locked with his. My arms slide around his neck and my legs around his waist. I couldn't have stopped kissing him if my life had depended on it.

The feel of his tongue curling and tangling with mine was sheer heaven. His hands slid down my back and cupped my ass, pulling me tighter against him. I felt his fingers sliding into the legs of my swimsuit and rubbed across my wet lips. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them across our upper lips, still locked hungrily together. The scent of an aroused woman came to my nose and I knew he could smell me on his fingers too. The whimper that escaped me and wrapped around our tongues made him growl deep in his chest, I felt it before I heard it.

His hands returned and tugged the cloth away from my body, baring my pussy to his touch. I was gasping against his lips. I kept thinking I should struggle free of his arms but I knew if he stopped now, I'd probably die from the ache that was building in the pit of my stomach. I felt him guide his cock up and push past my lips. The head slid easily into me, I had been ready for him since he first took off his shirt. I laid my head on his shoulder and moaned at the wonderful way he felt inside me. I had wanted him for so long and now, right now, I had him between my legs. It couldn't have been anymore perfect. Or so I thought!

His hands grasped my upper arms and pushed me back away from his body. I was resting on his cock and had taken all of him inside me, my vaginal muscles were helplessly grasping and pulling at him . As I opened my eyes and looked at him...he grinned at me and said, "you have to stay right here until I cum, no matter what, understand?." The only thing I could do was nod helplessly. He had me right where I wanted to be. Pulling me back against his chest, his hands slid under my ass and held me while he began to effortlessly thrust in and out...the water seemed to make it easier for him. I moved my hands up behind his neck. The feel of his dark hair too tempting to resist, I slide my fingers into it... whimpering at the combined feel of his hair curling around my fingers and his cock stroking inside me. The sensations overpowering my senses. Frantically I began to move as the first wave of what was to be several orgasms washed over me.

His movements slowed and he held me tightly to him, whispering softly into my ear as I moaned and cried at the intensity of the pleasure. I lay on his chest as the spasms slowed, realizing he hadn't stopped moving. I could feel the orgasm fading but not completely going away. It seemed to hover just out of reach, waiting to return. His hands moved up my back, loosening the straps to my swimsuit top and as they fell off my shoulders ... his lips grasped the front and pulled it down, baring my breasts to his mouth. I cried out helplessly as he began to lick my nipples...moving from one to the other. I had never felt anything like this before. His intensity was amazing.

His licks and nibbles made me feel as though I would be consumed by the fire that was building again. The only thing I could do was hold his head to me and feel. His thrusting movements began to increase and without warning another spasm hit. This one harder than the last, causing me to cry out softly. He covered my nipple with his mouth and began to suck harder. I could feel myself shaking on his moving cock and felt helpless as I surrendered all control to him.

Again and again his brought me to orgasm. Suddenly he whispered into my ear, "I'm going to cum in you, doll....and I want to feel you cumming harder than you ever have...understand?" I looked up at him and the look on his face was almost frightening. His eyes had darkened and narrowed, the grip of his arms had tightened and his movements were much harder. I couldn't have gotten away from him if I had wanted to. I was so weakened by that time... that I could only gasp and nod. One of his hands moved up and held my head against his shoulder and he began to pump his cock faster. The other hand slide back to my ass and one finger slipped into the little hole ... moving gently but insistently.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on his hands and body. I could feel a rising tide coming toward me that was stronger and harder than anything I had ever experienced. As it finally reached me I began to scream. Never, never, in my life had I ever cum this hard. He turned his head and covered my mouth with his...I felt his shout, rather than heard it, in my mouth. He stiffened suddenly and erupted like a volcano, forcing my hips tight against him with his hand and began to pump cum deep inside me.

As I lay on his heaving chest, whimpering weakly, he kissed me softly and whispered, "think anyone saw us, doll?" I shook my head slowly and answered, "I don't care." He laughed and patted my bottom. I smiled and tried to breath normally again. He eased me off his softening cock and adjusted my swimsuit. "Next time, lets do this on a bed," he said. I looked up surprised and he grinned. "oh yeah, doll...there will definitely be a next time. In fact, I plan for there to be lots of next times." I smiled, settled back against his chest and closed my eyes.

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