tagIncest/TabooAfternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight


"You know what I want."

That was the first thing he said to me as soon as I entered the apartment. It was the middle of the day, yet the lights were all turned out and the curtains drawn, though enough daylight still managed to creep through the slats of the blinds so that I could see him pretty damn well. Even in this light he was a vision as he sat on the black smooth leather couch in front of me wearing nothing but a smile as he stroked his thick, meaty manhood. He licked those juicy, red tantalizing lips as his fiery gray eyes carefully watched me slowly step out of the lacy black boy shorts I'd worn underneath the short white trench coat. This was how he told me to come over, wearing nothing more than that other than the red stilettos on my feet. Every time he called me over, he had me dress a certain way, and I always complied like the good little slave that I was.

"Ah, yeah, baby," he replied, his erection even more pronounced, which made me even wetter than I was during the taxi ride over. "Now, get over here, you filthy little slut." I was about to walk over to him when he quickly shook his head, stopping me dead in my tracks. "No...on your knees, bitch."

I dropped down on all fours to the soft carpeted floor, and like a good little doggie, I made my way over towards my sexy Master, who was still stroking himself until I was face to face with his huge cock. Yum, it looked so delicious! I began to salivate as I hungrily watched the precum bead up on the head of his cock. I could feel the sizzling cream sliding down my inner thighs already just from watching him masturbate, and I was going crazy waiting for his next command. With pleading eyes I looked up at his face, and frowned when I saw that he was on the verge of cumming without my help.

Seeing the turmoil and desperation on my face, he devilishly smirked and asked, "You want to suck this big fat cock, don't you? You want me to fuck your face right now, you little slut?" I wasn't allowed to talk until he told me so. That was one of the rules, so instead, all I did was nod. No sooner had I made the gesture did he forcefully grab the back of my head. I opened my mouth just in time to receive him so deeply into the back of my throat that I gagged. Though I had done this quite a few times with him, I still wasn't use to his size. But I was willing to deal with the minor discomfort for his sake. Besides, I really loved the taste of him, the sweet and sour saltiness each time he coated the back of my throat and tongue. And this time he didn't disappoint. I felt him grow bigger inside my mouth just before releasing his man milk, and I tried to drink every last bit, not wanting to waste even a single drop.

"Suck me dry," he panted, and I obeyed.

Carefully with my right hand I pumped whatever juices was left out of his cock as my mouth like a vacuum siphoned the scrumptious, creamy residue. There was always so much no matter how hard I tried to drink it all, which excited me all the more as it ran down the sides of my mouth.

"Show me what's left in your mouth, baby."

Firmly, he gripped my hair and yanked my head back, forcing me to release his warm cock from my open mouth. It was still filled to the brim with a sea of his semen. I could feel his dick getting hard all over again in my hand as I gargled the syrupy white broth in my mouth for him.

"Swallow it."

I closed my mouth, gulped, and when I opened it again, his creamy goodness was all gone.

"Now, turn around so I can see that tight little pussy."

Obediently, I did as I was told. I felt him ease down off the couch as his hand parted my cheeks, revealing my throbbing, wet pussy to him.

"You're already this wet, you dirty little whore?" he menacingly laughed as his fingers teased my drenched slit at the same time. I moaned in excitement, biting my bottom lip so that I wouldn't be punished for speaking without permission. "I bet I could stick my whole fist inside right now."

At first, he placed one finger inside of me, and I moaned even louder as he curved it and moved it inside and out, scraping it against my g-spot while his tongue greedily flicked my clit even faster than the bullet I played with at home on my off days.

Ooh! So badly did I want to scream, especially when he added another finger inside of me and began slurping my juices with his mouth as they poured from my pussy like rain falling from the sky. I buried my face into the carpeted floor and tried to grip it's short fibers with my hands as he continued to tongue and finger me with such ferocity until finally I could stand it no longer.

"Oh, shit!" I exclaimed, losing myself as my whole body began to tremble like an earthquake. "Damnit!" I cursed, realizing I'd spoken without his permission, and now a harsh punishment would ensue. "Fuck!" I hollered, cumming all over his face and hand, no longer caring about preserving my voice since I'd already broken the rule -his rule!- and talked.

"Who told you to talk, bitch?" he asked, and before I could respond, he smacked my ass so hard that tears instantly flooded into my eyes. "Just for that, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you until I break you in half."

All of my lips quivered in excitement from his threat. "I'm sorry," I apologized as I felt him lift up my hips, positioning me for a painfully delicious ride.

I braced myself for a forceful entry. Since he was so big, he usually had to ease himself inside until I grew accustomed to him. Yet, by the way he was roughly handling me today, I could tell that he wasn't going to be as kind. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth against the carpet as he, with his hands gripped tightly on my hips, with one excruciatingly raw thrust entered inside of me.

I screamed when the pain shot all the way through me as if he'd shot an arrow through my pussy all the way to the back of my throat. Fuck almighty! Did he really just break me in half? I wondered as he continued to wildly pound me from behind. Gripping my arms, he placed them behind my back as if I was under arrest while he continued to make mincemeat out of my sex.

It hurt so bad, yet it was so lusciously fantastic that I didn't want him to stop. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as he moved faster and faster, the sound of his balls smacking my ass reverberating throughout the dark room along with my loud moans and cries. It hurt so badly that I thought I was going to die, but it was sooo good that if I did die, I didn't mind one bit. Getting fucked to death wasn't a bad way to go in my book, and the more I thought about such a macabre demise, the more excited I became.

"Oh, fuck, fuck FUCK!" I shouted at the top of my lungs as I continued to tighten around him. I could feel him swelling inside of me, and I knew that this was about to come to an amazing, climactic end. "Oh yeah! Oh, oh...oh shit!"

"Fuck!" he moaned really loud, swelling even more as he gripped my arms even tighter behind my back, almost pulling them out of the sockets.

"I-I'm about to cum!"

"Fuck you!" he angrily shouted at me. "Not before I do!"

I was trembling so much that it was taking everything in me to hold back and wait for him to climax first. Please, hurry up and cum! I silently cried to myself as he continued to swell inside of me. Then, as if he heard my woeful plea, he quickly released my arms and, tightly gripping my hips, came in a torrent, and no sooner did he did I quickly follow.

I collapsed to the floor, my sore arms limply laying at my sides like a useless rag doll's as I felt the warm syrup from his cock fill my insides. Before he was done releasing it all inside of me, he removed himself and placed his hot limp, gooey manhood on top of my ass. His semen cascaded over my body like a thick waterfall, and I smiled with delight as the aftershocks from our steamy fuck session continued to surge throughout my entire body. "Damn, that was good!" I laughed, still trying to catch my breath as I felt him remove himself from behind me.

I heard him plop down on the couch behind me. Then, I heard what sounded like him lighting a cigarette, which he always had right after one of our sessions. "Yeah, it was," he casually commented before taking a drag off his smoke. "Now...get the hell out before your mother comes home and finds you here."

I sat up on my knees and looked over my shoulder, pouting as I stared at my handsome older lover. "Yes, Daddy," I mockingly replied, pissed at him for always being so brash and coarse with me.

"Don't call me that, you little slut!" he snapped at me, his eyes filled with fury from my words. "I'm your stepfather, and don't you forget it!"

I shrugged as I stood up from the floor, my pussy still throbbing from the severe pounding he gave it just moments before he decided to talk to me like a child. "Same difference."

His eyes carefully watched as I put back on my underwear and coat. All he put on was a pair of black and white plaid boxers to walk me to the door in, but even in that, for a fifty-something year old man, he was still pretty damn sexy with his well toned body from so many years of MMA fighting.

"I'll call you on Friday," he told me as he opened the door. "You don't have classes on Friday, right?"

I shook my head, grinning because he knew my schedule better than I did. "Nope."

"Good. We'll make a day of it, then."

My raw, swollen pussy was starting to twitch at the thought of spending all day with my stepfather, having the most fantastic, mind blowing sex in the world with him all while my mother was off working to pay for my college tuition. Yet I didn't feel the least bit guilty, and neither did he. "I can hardly wait."

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