tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAfternoon Delight Ch. 02

Afternoon Delight Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Party

The week was very busy getting ready for the party. All of Auntie's staff was invited, plus several students and professors that I didn't know. Well, this presented me with a small problem: Not all of them knew I was transsexual. I asked Auntie if I could wear a wrap skirt in order not to freak anybody out. She told me with a bit of a smirk that it would be OK, so I had the feeling that shortly after the party started I'd be totally naked and to hell with the guests!

Ally said she was going naked but agreed that the wrap would be good for me. We did get matching nipple rings, and Ally even got herself a tramp stamp just like mine!

When I told Mary I'd be wearing a skirt to start, she just laughed and said, "Child, I think it won't be on very long." Mary also approved of our matching nipple rings but frowned on Ally's ink. She mumbled something about young girls and went about her work.

Saturday finally arrived. All the household staff were there acting as servers; they wore a very sheer apron-like outfit and heels. There were the five girls: Rebecca; June; Lynn; Sally, the flight attendant; and the driver, whose name is Jasmine. Sally and Jasmine are a couple and live in an apartment over the garage. The two pilots, Rhonda and Samantha, were there -- but as guests, not as servers. Auntie even hired an all-female band that were very popular in the Cambridge area (yes, they would be performing nude).

My wrap skirt was very sheer, not really hiding anything. I wore a pair of heeled sandals and a gold waist chain and some other jewelry. Alison had on similar jewelry and heels but no skirt. Auntie was nude except for some jewelry; she didn't even brother to wear sandals. Jane was like Auntie but had a pair of sandals on.

Shortly after the guests all arrived and Ally and I were introduced, Mary had the girls start serving the food and drinks. Mary had an outdoor kitchen; you couldn't really call it a grill, as it had everything. As I was making the rounds, this very sexy Latina spotted me and made a beeline right to me. Soon as I saw her heading my way, I saw her Lobos ink! She had the female version on her left arm and no fewer than four stars! Four stars meant she was a group leader. Three meant an assistant leader, two meant you had done jail time, and one meant you were a member.

Introducing herself as Carmen, she eyed my ink and smiled and asked me which group I had submitted to. I told her what jail I had spent my year in.

My own ink told her right off that I had been a playmate for a male prison group.

Ally came over and gave Carmen the "back-off" look, and to my amazement Carmen did back off, but not before taking my skirt off and checking me out totally! Here I was totally nude now; needless to say I didn't even bat an eyelash at being naked. Carmen just draped the skirt around her neck like some kind of trophy! I just giggled at her and, dropping into prison Spanish, said, "You can keep it, puta." Calling her a whore normally would have gotten my ass beaten, but she just laughed; after all, her ink also told what her crime was. She did surprise me and run her hand over my cock; at that Ally did tell her, "Back off, bitch!" Carmen did a curtsy and backed away, much to my surprise. Ally had told her off in Spanish but in a tone that spoke volumes.

I walked over to Auntie and asked, "Did you just plan that little bit with Carmen?"

She replied, "Yes, I recruited her last year. You and Ally passed the test -- and, sweetie, I understood every word the three of you said."

"Test, Auntie?"

"Yes, that Ally would protect you and not let another mess with you."

While we were talking, Auntie had her hand on my hair, playing with it. I should have been freaking, but it seemed so normal that my own aunt had just set me and Ally up for a possible fight. By now the drinks were flowing and several little groupings of women had formed, all engaging in some kind of sex! Ally and I were getting very busy with each other. Much to my surprise, she even invited Carmen over to be with us, and we had a threesome going! The two of them took turns giving me blowjobs, much to the delight of many of the other guests. I mean, I had never had done anything sexual in public before, and it was totally turning me on. It seems Ally and Carmen had been girlfriends at one time. I should have been mad but -- weird -- I wasn't; I just smiled and let them get me off. I must have come four or five times already.

About this time, Mary walked over and promptly told the girls," Let me show you little girls how to give a girl a blowjob!"

She pushed me on to a lounge chair and said, "Relax, child, and let Momma Mary show you how it's done!"

Well, I lay back, and Mary went to work. She knelt in front of me and grabbed my balls in one hand and my cock in the other. She began by kissing the entire length of my shaft with little butterfly kisses. This alone was driving me wild, but she was also controlling me with her hand on my balls. Then she began to lick my shaft, which was glistening in the sun from her saliva. She then started to blow on my peehole, and I was spurting precum.

Her mouth then slowly took in my head; she moved so slowly, I felt like I was in ecstasy. Sliding all the way down, her lips were on my base, kissing it. Thinking she was done, I let out a scream of pure pleasure! But no -- she took each of my balls into her mouth! Then she slid up even more slowly, then slid back down. I damn nearly came then, but her hand controlling my balls prevented that. Just as she reached the head, she started going fast like a wild woman sucking a lollipop, and this time she let me come! Mary took all of it in her mouth, and then -- to every one's amazement -- she grabbed Ally and kissed her full on her lips, passing some of my cum to her. Then she grabbed Carmen and did the same to her.

Wow! Just when I thought I could catch my breath, this cute little Asian girl climbed up on me and said, "Fuck sucking it; I'm gonna ride this pony!" She mounted me and began to ride me like a pro! Needless to say everyone, even Ally, was cheering her on. There was lots of, "Ride her, cowgirl!" It didn't take long for us to come. I was surprised she let me come inside of her.

I looked over to Auntie, who was sitting in a chair like a queen with Jane sitting on her lap sipping a drink, and she winked at me!

As the girl got off me (no, she never said her name), she yelled, "Cowgirl up!"

Another girl soon mounted me and rode me hard this time, but she did pull off just as I exploded all over our bellies. This went on forever it seemed -- not that I'm complaining, mind you; even the girls in the band each took a go at me, and several let me come inside of them. Even some of the professors took a ride on my pony!

Auntie stepped in and promptly said play time was over and I needed a break. Not that the party was over, mind you; just after what seemed like 50 or so women riding and sucking on me, I was worn out! Ally and Carmen helped me over to our cottage so I could get cleaned up and take a rest.

Well, yes, my friends, there was more action, but I'm not going to tell you that tale now.

So stay tuned for more in part 3!

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