tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfternoon in a London Hotel Ch. 2

Afternoon in a London Hotel Ch. 2


*** Follows on from Afternoon in a London Hotel, Part 1 - earlier in the afternoon I had been teased by a beauty in the hotel reception... ***

I packed a towel and headed off down to the hotel's pool. I thought 30 lengths would be good way of relaxing and building an appetite for dinner, as well as clearing my head after the afternoons earlier excitement!

I got changed into my swimming shorts and slipped into the deserted pool. The hotel was completely dead at this time in the middle of the week. I paced myself over 20 laps then stopped for a breather, before polishing off another 10.

Now feeling tired I grabbed my towel and headed over to the hotels small mixed sauna room. The room was only about 6ft square, with polished wooden benches around 3 sides and a small heater with coals and water. My shorts were dripping from the pool, so reasoning that the hotel was quiet and the towel would be more comfortable I slipped them off. I tipped some water over the hissing coals and sat down on the nearest bench with my towel spread loosely over my lap. Within a couple of minutes I was in that dreamy state between wakefulness and sleep, my mind drifting back to the girl I had seen earlier while I luxuriated in the steam.

My reverie was suddenly broken by the sound of a woman's voice in the corridor, "...no, you go on ahead, I'll just grab 30 minutes in the sauna then I'll be up"

I didn't have time to put my shorts back on, so I just rearranged my towel and waited to see who would walk through the door. To my surprise and delight, who was it but the girl from the lobby, walking through the door wearing just a fluffy towel tucked around her pert breasts. My breath caught in my throat as I saw that the towel must have only come just above her nipples, and didn't make it very far down her lovely thighs either.

She started a little when she saw me, "Oh, sorry - do you mind if I join you? I thought the sauna would be empty. I'll try not to disturb you too much"

Trying not to stare I stammered, "No, not at all. I was just dozing off, but some company would be nice"

"Great, thanks"

With that she walked over and dipped the ladle into the water bucket. My eyes followed her behind as she bent slightly and spilled some more over the coals. Clouds of hot steam filled the room as she sat down on the bench opposite me.

She reclined in the bench slightly, crossing her legs. The movement made the already short towel unwrap slightly and move further up her thighs, and I found it wasn't just the humidity that was making me sweat! I gulped and tried to keep my thoughts under control.

"So, what are you doing here?"

"I'm supposed to be attending a training course, but my husband had some time off so we thought we'd just spend the day relaxing, you know how it is", she replied.

"Me too, I skived off from a conference earlier this afternoon"

"I think we may have seen you earlier, waiting for your room", she said with a hint of a cheeky smile.

Oh my god! They HAD seen me! I wonder if they knew how much I seen of their antics! I stared at my knees; I didn't trust myself to say anything else as my head was spinning in the presence of this beautiful, sexy, married girl.

I lay back slightly and closed my eyes and tried to control my heart rate. After a few minutes I looked up to see that the girl was also relaxing with her eyes closed. This gave me the opportunity to feast my eyes on this vision. Her face was so pretty, framed by dark brown hair above her slender neck. The towel seemed to have moved further up her thighs and down her chest than before and a lot of smooth flesh was on display. I wondered if this show was intentional - if so, it was having an effect! So far, I was keeping my body under control, but it was a fine line.

After a few minutes, with her eyes staying closed, the girl relaxed further into the bench. The towel had now slid down her crossed legs to the very top of her thighs. I couldn't quite see anything but my imagination was working overtime and her smooth, kissable legs were reward enough for now. I was still staring at her legs when she opened her eyes and caught me. I looked away in embarrassment, but my eyes were instantly drawn back to her as she uncrossed her legs and sat up straight on the bench again. This time I was rewarded by the briefest flash of pubic hair as the folds of the towel moved. With an enigmatic smile on her face the girl again closed her eyes and leaned back, this time wriggling her bum back on the bench.

This had the effect of moving the towel back over her thighs, but at the same time it tugged it slightly down her chest. The tops of her small breasts were now bulging slightly over the top of the towel. One wriggle more and then the pink edge of her areole came into view. I yearned to go over and kiss her, to pull her towel away and suck her hard nipples into my mouth. My breathing was ragged and I could no longer hold back my erection. Slowly a large tent was forming in the small towel draped over my lap that I couldn't hope to hide. I wondered how much further this could go. Should I leave now while her eyes were closed? Before she saw my bulge and screamed the hotel down? Or was this complete stranger teasing me deliberately?

She made my decision for me before I could flee, by sitting up and saying, "Time for some more steam, I think"

Standing up she turned to towards the coals. With her back to me she rearranged her towel to a more modest location on her chest. However, this had the obvious effect of raising its hemline to the very top of her legs. She then very elegantly bent to collect some more water for the coals. The hem rose still further until for the second time today I was transfixed by the sight of the soft curves of her buttocks where they met her thighs. She then stood up again, turned and sat opposite me as before, as if nothing had happened.

But something HAD happened. This time the show HAD to be deliberate! I was captivated, I hadn't breathed since she stood up and my heart was now pounding in my ears. I let out a shuddering breath. "Are you OK?" she asked. "Is it too hot for you? I think it should be hot and steamy in a sauna, don't you?" she smiled at me, with a quick glance at my towel

"Er, yes. It should" I replied weakly, "I'm fine, I think I just need to unwind a bit".

"Mmm... you do look a little, ahem, stiff. Everyone should be able to relax more often I think" she said, closing her eyes and stretching her arms above her head and her legs out towards me. Her breasts were nearly out of her towel again and it had ridden up her legs as far as it was possible to do so without showing everything. I was the exact opposite of relaxed and nearly jumped out of my skin when her outstretched foot touched my leg.

She stopped and looked across at me "You really ARE tense, aren't you?"

"I guess I am a little"

"I've been told I'm very good with my hands. I know it's a little forward of me, but I'm sure if you let me rub your shoulders I can make you feel a lot better"

In shock, I nodded my head dumbly as she stood and walked over to me. I was now completely under her control.

Standing between my now open thighs she started to run my shoulders. Her touch was electric. My head dropped as she started to massage me, my shoulders beginning to relax. My cock was still standing to full attention though. As she swayed while working my shoulders, her towel moved slightly giving me glimpses of her thigh all the way to her hipbone. I could smell her, a clean freshly-showered smell, and I could feel the heat coming form her body even in the humidity of the sauna. She took a step closer and her thighs made burning contact with mine as her hands continued to work my muscles. I looked up and into her eyes.

She stopped moving her hands and looked back at me, looking slightly unsure for the first time. "I've never gone this far before" she whispered. I held her gaze for a moment then cradling her face with my hands I pulled her towards me and kissed her. Her mouth tasted like nectar to me as our tongues touched. She straddled me on the bench and pulled me hard against her as we kissed passionately. She began to grind her pussy against the towel over my cock, and I pulled away for long enough to grasp her towel and throw it onto the floor.

I took a moment to look at her naked body. Her soft skin was lightly tanned, her breasts were the most perfect shape, small and pert with nipples jutting towards me invitingly. Her slim frame curved down to a slender waist and smoothly curved hips, framing her wet pussy which was pressed hard against my towel. I lifted her slightly so I could remove my towel, then pulled her towards me and clamped my mouth over her left breast. She pulled my head against her and moaned softly as she pressed herself against my dick, coating it with her juices. This was not going to be a slow, relaxed affair - she had teased us both into a frenzy, and in the back of my mind was the delicious thought that someone could walk in on us at any second.

Raising herself up off me, she took hold of my erection and guided it straight into her hot cunt. With a sigh she then started to bounce up and down in my lap, and I thrusted back vigorously. We kissed again as I rubbed both her breasts with my palms and teased her nipples with my fingers. Picking up the pace, she then moved her head down to my shoulders and started to bite gently on my neck as I tried with every fibre in my body not to finish too soon. Moaning loudly she then threw her head back and with a final squeal came on my dick. This was the last straw for me and I pushed deep into her and released wad after wad of cum.

We held each other for a moment while we regained our breath, and I treasured the feel of her warm flesh against mine. Then the moment was gone - she climbed off me and put her towel back on. "Er... that was nice... very nice. I'd better be going. My husband will be wondering where I've been. And when I tell him he's going to want to fuck me all afternoon..." and with a final kiss she left.

I never even found out her name.

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