tagLesbian SexAfternoon in Paris

Afternoon in Paris


[Authors note: This story brings the characters Anita and Penny from 'Christmas at Grandmas' and Alexis and Noelle from 'Visiting Aunt Alexis' together for a passionate romp in The City of Light. Enjoy.]


"You'd look totally hot wearing that."

Noelle looked away from the blouse she'd been thinking of buying and saw a pretty, brown haired girl standing there. She appeared to be her age and was grinning at her seductively.

"You think so?" she replied. "I'd bet you'd look pretty hot wearing this yourself."

"My name's Penny," the girl said, offering her hand to shake.

"Noelle," was the reply, "Nice to meet you."

When they clasped hands it was as if an electric current had passed between them and they continued to hold hands, looking into each other's eyes until Penny broke the spell.

"What brings you to Paris this time of year? Summer's brutal. We usually go to Cannes or the Riviera for the summer, but Anita's got a big art exhibition this month, so we can't go this soon."

"Bummer for you, babe, it certainly is hot. I'm here with my aunt. She designs and sells women's lingerie' and sleepwear. She's meeting with some suppliers and brought me along."

"How long are you here for?"

"A week at least, maybe longer, do you live here in Paris?"

"Yep, three blocks away in fact. I was going to get some coffee when I saw you and thought I'd say hi."

"Well, hi, Penny, I was going to try this on, you wanna come with?"

"Sure. I'll see if there's one in my size."

"We're about the same size; we can both try it on."

The dressing rooms were at the rear of the store. They went into the last one in the corner and locked the door. They looked at each other and then embraced, lips sliding together in a tongue probing kiss. Noelle backed Penny against the wall and they continued to kiss, hugging and grinding their bodies together as their passions rose.

Noelle pulled her lips from Penny's and growled "I want to lick your pussy." Penny responded by pushing Noelle to her knees and lifting her skirt. She wore no panties and Noelle gasped at the sight of her furred pussy and creamy thighs. Penny lifted her short skirt, put one foot on the bench and leaned back against the wall saying "Eat me, make me cum."

Noelle pulled her jersey top over her head, exposing her bare breasts, her stiff nipples like pink gumdrops. Her long tongue made lazy circles up and down Penny's inner thighs, making her shiver with need, until it burrowed deep into the girl's wet cunt, a guttural moan escaping Penny's lips as Noelle began to lick and suck furiously, wanting her to cum in her mouth.

"Yesyesyesyesyes..." Penny chanted as Noelle ate her out with gusto; fucking like this where they could be discovered any moment was terribly exciting for both of them. Penny gripped Noelle's head and began to hump her face, smearing pussy juice on her chin, cheeks and forehead. Noelle gripped Penny's round ass, licking, sucking, slurping and nibbling her juicy pussy in a frenzy of lust, feeling the girl's body tremble, knowing she was close to orgasm.

Penny practically smothered her new lover with her soaked pussy as her orgasm boiled up and exploded, causing her to jerk and shudder, releasing a flood of warm cum into Noelle's greedy mouth that she swallowed as if it was fine champagne. Penny scrubbed her pussy on Noelle's face until she came again, sliding down the wall onto the bench with an explosive sigh. Noelle looked up from between Penny's outstretched thighs, licking cum from her lips and smiled saying "God DAMN that was good. I just love eating your pussy."

Penny nodded, still trying to catch her breath as Noelle knelt before her, rubbing cum from her cheeks and chin and licking her fingers wanting to get every delicious drop. Penny stood up, pulled Noelle to her feet and purred "Now it's your turn."

She turned Noelle around, bent her over, lifted her skirt and was greeted by the sight of the girl's bare ass and shaved pussy. She knelt down, eased Noelle's legs apart and began licking her damp pussy lips, working a finger between the engorged folds. Noelle gripped the bench tightly, moaning in pleasure as her lover fingered her cunt and rimmed her asshole with her silky tongue.

"Mmmm ... yeah, fuck my ass," Noelle gasped as Penny wormed a wet finger into her lover's puckered star and began fucking her cunt with one, then two, finally three fingers. Penny swabbed the girl's firm ass cheeks with her tongue as she fucked her in both holes, then removed her fingers from the wet slit and sucked the labial lips into her mouth, licking furiously as Noelle jerked and panted as her orgasm rose from deep in her body. Penny knew her lover was close to cumming and sucked hard on her throbbing clit while thrusting a second finger deep in her ass.

Noelle bit back a scream of release as her pussy squirted a jet of warm ejaculate into Penny's mouth. Her legs trembled as the girl's insistent fucking of her ass and sucking on her clit brought on a second powerful orgasm that left her gasping as she sank to her knees into Penny's arms. They hugged and kissed, basking in the glow of post coital bliss when someone knocked on the dressing room door and said "Are you ladies alright in there?"

"Ahh, yes, were okay," Penny replied, "We were just showing our new clothes to our friends on my picture phone."

"Let me know if you need anything, I'll be up front."


"We better get out of here," Noelle said, beginning to dress, "You gonna buy that blouse?"

"Yeah, I like it. You?"

"Uh huh, it'll remind me of you."

"You're sweet. Listen, you still want to get some coffee?"



Noelle and Penny sat in a sidewalk café, sipping their coffee, talking and holding hands across the table.

"This is so crazy, but I think I'm in love," Noelle sighed.

"Me too," Penny said. "Is there anyone in your life?"

"Um, yeah, my aunt, we're lovers, have been for two years now."

"No way!"

"Way, how about you?"

"Yep, Anita was my sister-in-law. Now we're lovers. We wanna get married someday."

"I bet your brother was pissed."

"No kidding. We came here to get away from him. He was stalking us and everything."

"That sucks, how'd you two hook up?"

"We've known each other for years, then when we met again at my grandma's for Christmas two years ago something clicked and we became lovers. What about you and your aunt?"

"My folks sent me to stay with her when they went to Europe. I hadn't seen her for years. We liked each other right away. I knew she was a Lesbian and I wanted to see what making love with another woman was like. She was kind and gentle and she made me cum and cum. I almost cried it felt so nice."

"It was like that with Anita too. Older women are terrific lovers."

"So are young ones. Wanna come back to my hotel and fool around?"

"Lead the way. Check please."


Anita hummed happily to herself as she hurried along the sidewalk. The sculpture exhibition had been a rousing success and the museum director had recommended her for a rise in salary. She couldn't wait to tell Penny all about it. Lost in thought, she collided with a woman carrying a package that fell to the pavement with a crash of shattering glass.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry," she babbled. They crouched down to examine the package and their eyes met. Green met light brown and a warm feeling passed between them. "What was it?" Anita continued as the woman shook the package that tinkled loudly. She shrugged and they stood up as Anita said "Please let me buy you another. I'm not usually so clumsy."

"It's okay, sweetie," the woman said, "It's just some wine glasses, they weren't that expensive and there's lots more in the shop. I just liked them because they were in the manner of Rene' Lalique."

"You like Art Deco?"

"It's one of my favorite design periods, so sleek and modern and yet practical."

"Form follows function, right?"

They laughed and Anita said, "I'm Anita, nice to meet you."

"Hi Anita, my name's Alexis. You're very pretty, I adore redheads."

"Blondes are my favorites," Anita replied, fluffing Alexis' shoulder length golden hair. "If you won't let me replace those wine glasses, can I buy you lunch?"

Alexis smiled and purred "My hotel's a block away. We could have lunch sent up."

Anita giggled, "You move fast, baby. I like that."

Alexis threw the package into a waste bin and they strolled off to the hotel.


"Oh baby, you eat so good," Anita moaned as Alexis sucked her foaming cunt, growling like a hungry tiger. The minute they'd entered the room they were all over each other, pulling at their clothing, buttons popping, zippers ripping until they were naked and rolling around on the cool sheets kissing, grabbing, stroking, and writhing together. Anita rolled on her back, spreading her legs in wanton invitation and Alexis dove between them burying her face in the red thatched deliciously soaked crevice that was her lover's pussy.

Anita dug her heels into the mattress, humping Alexis' devouring mouth as her new lover sucked hard on her clit and fingered her pussy and asshole. Alexis could scarcely catch her breath; her mouth filled with precum and pink flesh, licking and sucking in a state of mindless lust wanting to drive her lover over the edge into a screaming orgasm that would fill her mouth to overflowing with salty, sticky goodness.

"Ahhh ...Goddd ... eat me ... I'm gonna ... Yeeeeee!" Anita shrieked as her orgasm hit like a bolt of lightning, arching her back, grinding her gushing cunt into Alexis' face, riding the probing fingers until she came again and fell back on the rumpled sheets shaking and moaning. Alexis lifted her head from the sticky mess that was her lover's cunt, cum dripping from her nose and chin, licking her lips in satisfaction. She crawled up and cuddled Anita until she calmed and gave her a happy, tired smile.

"That was marvelous," Anita said, "You sure know your stuff. I can't remember the last time I came that hard, twice."

"I just love eating you," Alexis replied. "You're so responsive. There's nothing better than having a woman get off on your face and swallowing a mouthful of her cum."

Anita sat up and stretched, firm breasts bobbing in Alexis' face as she purred "Now you're mine, baby." She eased Alexis on her back, put a pillow under her ass, settled on her tummy between the woman's shapely legs, gripped her lovers' ass cheeks firmly and began to lick the engorged labial lips nestled in a thicket of auburn hair.

Already excited from eating Anita, Alexis moaned in pleasure as her lover's long, pink tongue explored deeply in her wet pussy, then gave a little 'Eek' of surprise when two fingers replaced the wiggling tongue, searched for her G-spot, found the spongy flesh and rubbed it, sending waves of pleasure rippling through her body. Penny sucked and licked Alexis' throbbing clit wrenching shrieks and moans from deep in her throat. Penny licked down to Alexis pink star and hearing her moan began tongue fucking it while continuing to massage her G-spot.

"Ohhh, yeahhh, fuck my ass," Alexis whined, and then gasped as two of Penny's slim fingers slipped in, wiggled around then began to work in and out while her busy mouth returned to Alexis' engorged clit, licking and slurping as her lover jerked repeatedly in the throes of a spine twisting orgasm screaming in pleasure, jetting ejaculate into Penny's hot mouth.

Penny swallowed the warm liquid greedily continuing to fuck and suck Alexis into another shuddering orgasm until she fell back on the mattress in a faint. Penny took her in her arms and hugged her until her eyes fluttered open and she sighed in satisfaction.

"Damn, that was fine. I haven't cum like that in ages. Your tongue's pure magic, baby."

"Hee, I bet you say that to all the women you seduce on the street," Penny replied, kissing her. "You about blew my head off with that second orgasm you gave me. Now I want to trib."


"That shit never happens in the movies," Noelle muttered as she and Penny walked down the hotel corridor to the latter's room.

"I thought that woman was going to have a stroke," Penny snickered, "She jumped back like she'd been stung."

"She's probably not used to seeing people eating pussy in an elevator. I thought that button held the doors shut indefinitely."

"I was just about to get off too. God, I love your tongue."

"Let's hurry; I want to finish what we started."

"Let me get the door open ... hey, what's that noise?"

"Someone's getting fucked."

"Heh, Alexis got lucky. Let's see what they're doing."

"Woo, they're tribbing. Damn, that's hot. Which one's your aunt?"

"Brown hair, on top, she loves being on top. That blonde's a match for her too, look at 'em go."

"Holy shit, that blonde's my Anita. My lover and your aunt fucking, what's the chance of that?"

"I dunno, but it's hot, let's join' 'em."

"Wait until they get off, then we'll run in and yell surprise."

"I like the way you think."

The girls shed their clothing and waited; the erotic display making them even wetter than their interrupted romp in the elevator.


After grinding their soaked cunts together for several minutes, Alexis and Anita had screaming orgasms and then, hips twisting, they came a second time and collapsed on the bed, panting like they had run a foot race, shivering and moaning, bodies still entwined.

"Oooh baby, you're the best," Anita sighed, "Am I ever glad I ran into you."

"I want us to fuck forever," Alexis replied, "You make me cum so hard, don't ever leave me."


They looked up to see Noelle and Penny running through the door, gloriously naked and laughing. They jumped on the bed and bounced on the mattress, still laughing.

"Where did you two come from?" Alexis blurted, "I never heard you come in," she looked at Penny "And who's this?"

"Who are you, for that matter," Anita said, looking at Noelle, "What have you two been doing?"

"We've been fucking like you guys," Penny replied excitedly; she hugged Noelle, "We're in love."

"We'll be together always," Noelle added, "We were made for each other."

Alexis and Anita exchanged glances; "I knew this would happen one day," Alexis said dramatically. "We've been discarded like old shoes, Anita. We'll just comfort each other won't we?"

"Mmmm, yes," Anita replied, "Several times a day in fact."

"C'mon guys," Noelle said, "We love you too, why can't the four of us be a family? We could find a big house to live in and we could fuck all the time."

"That's certainly a tempting proposition," Anita said. "What do you say Alexis dear?"

"I like the sound of it. Noelle will always be my true love, but there's room in my heart for you and Penny as well."

"Then it's settled," Noelle said happily, hugging Penny. "Now where shall we live?"

"Hold on there you two," Anita replied, "There are a few things to work out. There's a little matter of employment for Alexis and I and what about your educations?"

"Noelle could transfer her credits to the Sorbonne where I'm going," Penny said. "I know they offer a major in Communications just like her Uni at home. I could tutor her in French so she could take classes next semester."

"I can conduct my business anywhere," Alexis said. "All I need is internet access. We could live here in the winter and spend summers in San Francisco where it's cooler."

"Summer is our slow time at the museum and most everyone's on holiday," Anita replied, "I'm sure my being gone for a few months wouldn't be much of a problem. Penny and I have dual citizenships in the U.S. and France, so entering and leaving each country is easy enough. You two could do the same thing."

"I know there'll be lots of other niggling details to deal with," Alexis continued, "We'll deal with them as they occur. Now we need to consummate our new relationship." She drew Penny to her as they shared an open mouthed kiss and then began to explore each other.

No other words were needed as Anita and Noelle began to kiss and hug and caress each other, tongues swirling together in their saliva filled mouths stoking the fires of their mutual desire.

The girls lay on their backs as the women straddled their faces and their heads dropped between their new lovers creamy thighs. Hands gripped firm ass cheeks pulling wet pussies to eager mouths that began licking furiously at the pink flesh so eagerly offered to them.

The women had taught the arts of female lovemaking to their young protégées well and they gave as good as they got while they pleasured each other, wanting their new lovers to cum and cum and fill their busy mouths with love honey.

The room echoed to the slurps, sucks, moans and groans of four women in the throes of full on, sex drenched lovemaking; rubbing their bodies against each other and the other couple in an outpouring of raw sensuality; oblivious to all else except the intense pleasure they were receiving.

Cum covered fingers slid easily into soaked pussies and puckered assholes, pumping furiously in accompaniment to lips and tongues sucking, nibbling, licking on slick, pink, sensitive flesh, engorged labial lips and throbbing clits begging for passionate attention.

The bed squeaked and rattled as the lovers drove each other closer and closer toward spine shattering orgasms in an explosion of lust and love; their bodies slick with sweat, their mouths filled with tangy juices and precum that was quickly swallowed as tongues searched deep inside soaked pussies for more and more.

Almost as one, they began to jerk and shudder as their orgasms rose within them as waves crest when approaching the shore; crashing down on them in a blaze of ecstatic release, shrieks of joy muffled by sopping wet pussy flesh. They continued to eat and finger each other, climaxing again and again until, exhausted, they collapsed into a tangle of sweaty arms and legs and tits and gooey pussies, panting and gasping and wonderfully satiated.

They rested for a while, finally disentangling themselves and sat together on the crumpled, sweat and cum soaked sheets.

Anita found her voice first; "Oh my fucking gods, I've never cum like that in my life. If this is what we're going to experience in the future, I'm going to load up on protein and vitamins."

"My head's still spinning," Noelle said. "That was so incredibly intense. Us all fucking together added so much to making me cum over and over. What a rush."

"I never want to leave you three and this bed," Alexis sighed. "That was the most marvelous sex I've ever experienced, and I've been fucking ever since I discovered how to do it."

"What you guys said," Penny replied. "My mind's totally blown. That was something I'll never forget and it's just the beginning."

"I'm hungry," Noelle said. "Let's go get something to eat."

"I know just the place," Anita replied, "It's just a few blocks from here and the food is to die for."

"We better bathe first," Alexis said with a chuckle. "Four sexy women reeking of freshly fucked pussy might be too much for the other diners to handle."

"I bet we'd get a good table," Penny giggled, "Dibs on showering with Noelle."

The girls carefully washed each other, concentrating on pussies, butt cheeks and assholes as their older lovers watched, making lewd and encouraging remarks. Then, as the girls dried each other with fluffy towels, they took their place under the warm spray soaping and fingering each other until they were clean inside and out.

Alexis called the desk to have the bed made up with fresh linens and they went out to dinner. As Anita promised, the restaurant was cozy and intimate and the food was superb. Since none of them wore any underwear, there were ample opportunities to caress and finger each other under the tablecloth and slip off their shoes to give toe fucks to those sitting opposite while they waited between courses. The wine and champagne flowed freely until they were all pleasantly drunk, full of gourmet food and horny as jackrabbits.

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