tagLoving WivesAfternoon with Dot

Afternoon with Dot


Dot and I have been together for 11 years and we have a very unique relationship. The following is an account of one of Dot's adventures as relayed to me.

It was a hot summer afternoon and Dot had decided to go to a local bar to have a drink before she came home.

As she entered the bar, all heads turned to look at this sexy lady who was dressed to kill. She was wearing a low-cut, white see through blouse and a white lacy bra underneath that was fully visible through the material. She also had on low-rise jeans that were well below her pierced navel. She looked and felt hot and had decided that she would have some fun before she went home.

Dot sat at the bar, a couple of stools away from two guys that had watched her every move since she walked in. One of the guys got up and walked over to her and introduced himself as Jim. He said his friends name was Sean and they wanted to know if she would like to move to a table and have a drink with them. They were both attractive and Dot said "OK."

They got up and moved to a table in the corner of the bar where it was fairly dark. Dot sat between them and they talked for a few minutes, finding out where she was from and just small talk. Jim was on her left, and as they talked, he would touch her on her arm and leg occasionally. After a few minutes, Dot noticed that he was leaving his hand on her leg longer and longer, each time he touched her. It felt good to her, and every time she responded to something he said, she would touch his leg, slowly sliding it toward his crotch each time she removed it. When he talked, Dot would turn toward him, knowing that her blouse was gaping open each time she turned. He was enjoying the view of her bra-clad breasts.

After a while, the conversation turned to sex. The guys wanted to know if she liked sex. She responded saying, "I love sex, and doing wild things." They wanted to know what kind of wild things she liked. Dot told them about giving a stranger a blow job in the bathroom stall, and they got very interested. They asked her if she did this kind of thing very often and she responded that it was the first time she had ever done anything like that. Then they asked her if she had enjoyed it? She said, "Of course I enjoyed it, wouldn’t you"?? They both laughed and said they would love something like that. She told them to buy her another drink and she might just show them!

Two drinks later, Dot was feeling frisky, and having fun turning both the guys on. Each time they would say something, she would put her hand on their leg and rub it up and down, each time getting closer to their crotch, finally brushing their hard cocks with her hand as she removed it from their legs. She knew the effect she was having on these guys.

Sean asked her a question, and as she responded, she placed her hand on his leg, then slowly moved it closer and closer to his hard cock. As she did this, Jim reached over and unbuttoned a couple of buttons on her blouse, pulling it open where he had a good view of the bra that held those lucious tits. He leaned over and whispered to her that he wanted to see her tits. She said, " Ok," and reached around behind her, slid her hands under her blouse and unhooked the snap. Then she reached up one sleeve and pulled the strap through and over her hand, then did the same to the other side. After she did this, she looked at Jim and said,, "Now, you take it off!!."

With that, Jim reached inside her blouse, grabbed the bra and pulled it out of her blouse. It was dark and no one could see what they had done.

Dot immediately got turned on and asked them if they wanted to see them. Excitedly, they both responded with a big "YES." She undid the other buttons on the blouse, and pulled it slowly to the side of each breast. They both were speechless and could do nothing but look at those beautiful mounds.

Sean said, "I am staying at the hotel next door, why don’t we go there and have a drink?" Dot said "Ok but it will have to be quick, I have to get home pretty quick." As they walked across the parking lot to the hotel, Dot walked between both guys with her arms around their waists, and they each had an arm around her. They got to the elevator and Sean pushed the button of the floor he was staying on and they started up. About 5 stories up, Jim reached over and pulled the stop button on the elevator. Both guys at the same time said, "Now, show them to us!!" With that, Dot unbuttoned her blouse, and slid it off her shoulders, leaving her totally topless. They told her that they couldn’t take it. Dot replied, "You asked for it, now deal with it!!"

They wanted to know if she had guts enough to go on to their floor and walk to the room topless. She said, "Sure, lets go!" When they reached the floor, Dot walked off the elevator with the two guys, down the hall, and waited while Sean opened the door. Luckily, they didn’t see anyone on the floor.

Once inside the room, Sean and Jim fixed her a drink and they all sat on the bed talking and looking at her fantastic tits. Dot was turned on tremendously, and knew that both guys were turned on from the bulge in their pants. She told them that it wasn’t fair that she was sitting there with no shirt on and they had all their clothes on. They said, "Ok, what do you want us to take off?" Dot told them to take their pants off.

With that, both men stood up and dropped their pants, stepping out of them and sitting on the bed again. Then they said, "We will take it all off if you will." With that, Dot stood up, unbuckled her jeans, and stepped out of them, leaving her in nothing but her sexy thong panties. Both guys were stunned at her tanned tight body. She said, "Ok, your turn!" Jim stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and threw it on the chair. Sean also took his shirt off, leaving both of them in nothing but their shorts. Dot noticed the hard cocks inside their shorts and reached for the band of Jims shorts and pulled them down over his hard dick. Seeing that, she leaned over and started sucking and licking his hard cock.

Sean was behind her and he slowly slid her panties down over her hips, down to her calves, then removed them. Dot was bent over sucking Jims cock and Sean started playing with her pussy from behind her. Dot knew she was hot and wet, and when Sean slid his finger in her pussy, she almost came. He then bent down and started licking her hot wet pussy, running his tongue in and out and rolling her clit with his tongue, nibbling and sucking her hard clit until she almost came.

Jim was laid out on the bed and Dot was giving him the blow job of his life, while Sean was licking and sucking her pussy. All of a sudden, she felt Jim tense up, and she started sucking harder and harder. Sean was really working on her pussy and she was so turned on that when Jim shot his load, she hardly noticed the jism that he shot in her mouth. She sucked him dry and then rolled over and pulled Sean’s head between her legs, telling him, "Don’t stop now!!"

With that, Sean stuck a couple of fingers in her hot wet hole while continuing to suck and nibble her clit. Dot held his head tight and when she started to cum, let out a big moan, letting both guys know that she was coming. Sean continued sucking until she was completely overpowered by the orgasm. All she could do was lay there thinking how wonderful this was.

When she had regained a little of her composure, Sean told her that it was his turn. Dot slowly reached over, started playing with his dick to make it hard again. When it started to respond, she bent over Sean and slowly licked and sucked the head of his dick until he was about to explode.

Jim meanwhile had started playing with her tits, slowly letting his hands slide down her stomach to her pussy. He inserted one, then two fingers in her hot cunt and started moving them faster and faster as she sucked Sean’s dick. It didn’t take long for Sean to tense up, and Dot knew he was about to come. She was also very hot and ready to cum, and as Sean spewed his load in her mouth, Dot could feel Jim finger fucking her for all he was worth. That was all she could stand, and climaxed harder than she had in a long time.

They all three lay there on the bed, unable to say anything. All had been satisfied to the fullest. Dot told them that she had to go but wanted to know if they could get together again sometime? Both guys said simultaneously...."YES!!"

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