tagGroup SexAfternoon with Friends

Afternoon with Friends


We finally had a whole day off together and I had grand plans of a day wrapped around each other in bed, a tangle of sheets, bodies pressed up against each other, ignoring the rest of the world. So when you inform me that some of the guys are coming round for an afternoon in front of the TV I'm fuming. Not only does this mean I will be having to cook for everyone, but my hopes of a day of lazing, talking and fucking go out the window.

Deciding that I am not going down without a fight, I make a show of getting dressed in front of you. From a bag sitting in the corner since a recent shopping trip I pull out a bundle of silk and lace. I had seen your eyes scan over the bra and panties set on the mannequin a few weeks prior, and so had snuck back to pick out the same set for myself as soon as I could. I notice the moment you spy what is in my hand when your eyes widen just briefly. Dropping the towel I had wrapped around my body after a shower, I stood in front of you entirely naked. I let my hands drop to my sides so you can inspect me fully, watching as your eyes track up my legs, around my hips, pausing at the shadowed V between my legs, before moving up over my stomach, from one breast to the other, till further still, you can just make out the fading finger shaped bruises you had left around my neck.

I spy a familiar hungry glint in your eyes, and you take a step towards me. I mirror your move with a step backwards. The space maintained between us, I slowly but deliberately unfold the lace panties in my hands, slipping one leg, then the other, into the respective holes, before teasingly shimmying them up until they sat low on my hips. I turned my back to you, so you could see how the french cut lace hugged the curve of my ass. Picking up the bra next I wrap it around my body, letting you watch as I confine my breasts within the silk cups, running my fingers along the edge of the shape where it curves across my tits. I cover my lingerie with a black jeans, and a denim shirt, that no matter how I wear it always manages to stretch taut across my chest, giving you flashes of my breasts as I move about.

The morning passes quickly, a trip to the supermarket so I can prepare food for your guests, and a sweep of the flat, removing the evidence of last night's take away, and rediscovering a bra of mine behind a sofa cushion - though the memory of how that got there brings a smile to my face. Before I know it there is a knock at the door, and over the next half an hour the flat fills with the noise of your friends who make their homes quickly on the sofa. The next few hours are spent flicking from sports on the TV to sports on the games console.

A few hours go past but finally I get bored of my self imposed exile to the bed and decide to join the rest of you. I come out, taking up the spot on the sofa next to you, curling my legs up underneath me, leaning up against you. Your hand automatically comes to rest on my thigh, taking a possessive grip on my jeans clad leg, giving it a gentle squeeze, before turning your attention back to the TV related conversation. I don't appreciate being ignored and after a while reach up and gently pull the top of my shirt wider apart, jostling your arm as I do to be sure you've noticed.

I watch as your eyes flash down for a second, and I know it will have been enough to notice what I'm doing. I settle back against your side again, but I know that every time you glance over you are able to look straight down my shirt to my silk covered breasts.

After a while your hand reaches up slowly, fingers making quick work of my top button. I shoot you a glance from the corner of my eye, but the way the fabric falls closed again naturally means I don't bother stopping you. When you notice that your actions haven't exposed me at all, however, you reach up again, hooking a finger into my shirt and pulling the opening apart. The closeness of the buttons means that whilst nearly my whole cleavage is on show, my bra remains hidden. I see your brow furrow as your efforts fail to come to fruition.

A few minutes pass before you reach your hand up again and undo the next button, not wasting any time in pulling the fabric apart this round. My bra is now very much on show to anyone that dared look over and I feel myself bring my hand up instinctively to cover my modesty. You lean to the side, bringing your mouth close to my ear.

"I thought you wanted to tease me with this. Can't tease me if I can't see it now, can you?" you whisper. This time I shoot daggers at you, annoyed that you have once again figured a way to gain the upper hand in a game I had started. Then all of a sudden you pull back, and in a voice loud enough for everyone in the room to hear you say, "Thanks for making us lunch babe."

A chorus of 'yeahs,' and 'thanks' echo from the guys. I jump as the attention of the room shifts to me, with one friend looking over directly at us. His eyes widen as he sees my wide open top. I race to pull it closed, my hands clenched tightly across my chest. You laugh lightly at my embarrassment, as your friend continues to stare.

"What?" you ask innocently. "I thought you wanted to show it off."

"Eurgh!" I respond, batting your arm out of the way as I attempt to leap off the sofa. Like lightening your arm shoots out, curling around my waist and pulling me back into you. I struggle slightly, trying to keep my shirt held closed and escape you tight grip.

"Come on," you say, nuzzling into my neck. "I'm sure they want to see too." You direct your gaze to your friends, who had all turned the attention to us.

"Stop it." I whine. "Let me up."

"Only if you promise to show them. Hmm, show them what you're hiding under all those clothes."

"Yeah, fat chance." I scoff. "I'm serious. Let me up."

Whilst you don't remove your hands from me, you slacken your grip just enough that I can stand. I can feel all the eyes of the room on me as I take my first step away from the sofa. Before I have a chance to move, however, you are standing too. And in one movement grab my shirt and rip it open and down off my shoulders.

I scream and try to step back, but your reactions are quicker than mine and you move in sync with my escape attempts, yanking the offending item down my arms, throwing it casually to the floor. All of a sudden I am there, stood, topless save for a barely there bra, in front of you and three of your friends. My arms race up to cover myself, as goosebumps speed across my skin. You are stood directly in front of me, invading my personal space in the most intrusive way. Your hands reach up and grab my wrists. We wrestle slightly as you force my hands down to my sides.

"Stand still." You growl. My eyes dart side to side, seeking an escape, scanning your friends lounging on the sofa, then to your eyes. They are dark and lustfull and powerful, and I feel a familiar tremble of anticipation course through my body. You take a step back, pausing to make sure I don't move. Though you can see my whole body shaking, you can see that I am not making any attempt to move. You let yourself fall back into the sofa, legs falling open in a casual pose.

"Jeans." You say simply.

"Wha-?!" I begin to protest.

"Jeans." You say again. Your tone ice cold. With shaking hands I reach up to the button and zip, undoing both, before slowly pushing the denim down over my hips, sashaying them slightly to help the tight material fall.

"Turn around." that wasn't your voice. I look up, seeking the owner of the voice. A friend of yours is leaning forward slightly in his seat. His gaze predatory.

I turn to you for guidance.

"Do as he says," you growl. I hesitate for barely a moment. "Now!" Your tone leaves no space for misinterpretation. You are not the only person I will be obeying today it seems.

I turn on the spot and continue to push the jeans over my thighs. As the waistband reaches my knees I realise the reason I was told to turn. As I bend down to pull the material over my feet I will be giving you all an unadulterated view of my ass and pussy, the thin French knickers barely covering my most intimate parts.

"Face us." That was you this time. "You thought you could distract me, spend the day teasing me, you are that desperate for my attention. Well you little slut, it worked. You have my attention, and that of every man here. If you want to earn what you crave the most you must prove to us exactly how good of a little fucktoy you can be. Show us you are a slut worthy of being our plaything, our cum bucket. Now strip. And if we aren't all hard by the end of it, you'll be receiving your first punishment of the day."

I stand for a moment, looking down at my body. I slowly run my hands up my body from my hips, letting them run past my full, round breasts, to my shoulders where I gather and lift my hair, turning my head to expose the handprint still visible around my throat. I let my hair tumble down my back, letting it send a wash of my perfume towards you all. Before inching my hands around my back to the hook of my bra.

I let my eyes follow the line of men sat on the sofa. You are directly in front of me, sat so casually, it is as though you are watching TV than a girl stripping naked in front of you. The next guy along has his hand in his trousers and is slowly rubbing his hand up and down a growing boner. Next to him is the guy that gave me my first instruction. He has opened his jeans and pulled himself free of his boxers, though his hands aren't touching a thing. Lastly your friend is sat forwards, his eyes scanning up and down my body as though cataloguing every spot where he wants to leave a mark, deciding how he is going to use and abuse me today.

I unhook my bra and let it fall down my arms before lifting it away from my body and dropping it to the floor. My tits sit proud on my chest, round and full, my nipples rock hard. The red blush that has flushed across my chest highlights the fading bite mark you had left in my breast a few days earlier.

I hook my thumbs into my knickers, with a plan to remove those slowly, so teasingly that there is no way you are not all rock hard. My mouth watering at the thought of tasting you all. Before I could start though, your voice cuts through the tension of the room.

"Too slow, come here."

You reach forward, grab my wrist and pull me towards you so violently I practically fall into you. Your hands grab at my hips, fingers leaving marks as they search for material to pull on. You roughly yank at my knickers, pulling them harshly down my hips, my body jerking under your ministrations. You reach up, grabbing my hair and throat and pull me forwards so I am bent at the waist over your lap.

With no warning you hand comes whistling through the air and connects with my ass. A short, sharp, painful slap. The sound resonates through the room, along with my sqeal. Though I am not sure if it is born of surprise or pain. Another slap. And another.

"Have you not learnt your lesson about being a tease. You do not have the right to slow our access to you. I own you, we own you. You are a group of fuckable holes to us, never forget." You make your point with another few hits, until I know my ass will be bright red with layered handprints. On the final hit you leave your hand on my ass, rubbing the soft, marked skin there, before gliding your hand between my legs and shoving your fingers inside my tight, soaking little pussy.

"It's wet for us already." You announce to the room. "The fucktoy knows to be ready." You lean forward over me. "It's because it's what you want, isn't it. To be used."

"Mmm," I reply.

"Use your words you stupid slut." I hear a voice demand.

"I'm a cock hungry slut. I know my place. Please I want it. I want to be your cum bucket."

All I hear is a chuckle in response.

My whole body starts to rock across your lap as you drive your fingers deeper into me. My mouth falls open in a silent moan, as my face is pushed further and further towards the lap of the next guy on the sofa. I see his hands come up and open his jeans, his hard on springing free and hitting my cheek. My tongue shoots out, my breaths panting, and a line of saliva falling from my tongue. He directs himself towards my open mouth, and as soon as I feel him in my mouth my lips close tightly around him. I hear the breathy moan as I immediately take him in all the way.

The movement of your fingers moves me up and down his length, whilst my tongue rolls around him, massaging. You can hear me gagging and struggling to breath as I try to take him as deep as I can. My abilities will be a reflection on you today, and I will not be letting you down.

"It's eager to please." Your most vocal friend says.

"You can always push this one further." You reply. You bring your free hand up, the one closest to my shoulders, curl a fist in my hair and push my head down further into the lap of your friend. His cock presses down past the back of my mouth, cutting off my air completely. I buck in your lap, struggling against my lack of air, my hands reaching out, fingers grabbing onto thin air. I feel another hand curl around my left wrist, taking control of my arm and bringing it down to their lap.

My fingers brush across the head of their cock and immediately curl around it and starting to pump. Long, twisting pumps, they become faster and more frantic as I go longer without air. I can feel tears streaming from my eyes, mixing with the slobbering mess I have already left in your friends lap.

Finally my free right hand is caught mind air and directed my a firm grip to another cock. The last person on the couch having stood up and come to stand at my shoulder. I begin to pump him straight away. My movements fast, twisting and jerking along his whole length, my thumb swiping down across his balls with every pump.

All the while your fingers haven't stilled in me, three or sometimes four fingers stretching me to the point I think you will tear me open, whilst you watch my hands pump your friends and you hold my head pressed down over another one.

It doesn't take long after that for the reality of my totally hopeless and helpless situation, and your touch deep inside me to have begun to turn into a building climax. Fresh wetness pools in your hand, as my throat spasms around your friend, my hands move across cocks so fast they blur, and my body begins to shake and tremble. You feel my pussy begin to twitch and spasm around you, as I buck my hips, pressing myself against you harder and trying to find friction against your jeans covered thigh for my aching clit.

As you feel my body clamp down around you, my abused throat trying to make muffled screams around the throbbing cock pushed up against it, you finally let my head rise enough for me to take a breath. I don't know if I want to use my freedom to scream and moan through my orgasm, or take in the air my body is desperate for.

For the friend sat on the couch with his cock in my hand he would have had the most impressive view. Mascara tear tracks down my cheeks, my lips pink and swollen, my chin covered in my own mess, and lastly strings of your friends cum hanging like bridges between my lips and the tip of his cock. I lower my mouth, keeping my eyes on the second guy as I lick and suck the cum from your friends still twitching cock. I hungrily swallow it all.

The next guy on the sofa growls, biting his lip as I continue to pump him, my thumb swiping over the precum gathering on the tip of his cock.

"I want the slut's mouth next." he demands.

You rip your hand from between my legs and I whimper at the loss.

"Up." You practically push me from your lap to the floor.

I manage to stand, somewhat dazed, juices running down my thighs, cum dripping from my chin to land on my breasts. You grab me by the arm and have me kneel on the coffee table, so that my mouth rests at exactly groin height for your friend that has come to stand in front of me, his cock directly in front of my mouth. Next you stand behind me, finally releasing your impressive length from your jeans. Taking hold of my hips you fully sheath yourself inside me, driving me forwards into your friend's lap. I hear your first moan of pleasure at how I feel around you, and it spurs me to action. Rocking my hips back against you and sealing my already wet lips around the cock in front of me. Everyone was wearing dark blue jeans that I don't even know who's cock it is I have in my mouth, but I don't care. My job, my only worth, is to let you use me to make you cum.

Your fingers dig into my hips enough that I know I will have bruises in the morning, but I don't care. I love it when you mark me as yours.

You look down, watching as your hardness slams into me pussy again and again. Coming out more glistening with our juices each time. Using just one hand to hold my weight, I reach the other one down between my lips, seeking my clit. I know it will take only a small amount to have me cum again, to clamp down around you.

Before my fingers can find their prize however, I feel an iron grip around my wrist.

"No you stupid cunt. You do not get to cum before us." there is a venom in that voice that has me flood with fear. Should I apologise for my discretion? But that would mean I had to still my month's actions and I know that would definitely lead to punishments. I decide that compliance is my best bet, and let my arm be guided to where it should be, your last friend's cock. Standing proud away from his body my fingers wrap around it easily and begin to work. Pulling, jerking, twisting, spreading the precum from the tip along his length, letting the palm of my hand massage against his balls with each stroke.

Its not long before his hand is in my hair, wrenching me away from one cock and directly towards his own. I twist my body painfully, not wanting to lose even one sensation of you driving deep inside me. My other hand replaces my mouth, and pumps the soaking wet dick. Its not long until I can feel it twitch and throb as climax draws near. He steps away from my hand, using his own instead, and shoots cum across my face and hair, covering me in the evidence of his orgasm.

The friend that had had the attention of my mouth first has spent this time watching. Watching my hands, mouth and pussy service his friends, and stroked himself back to hardness. In seeing fresh cum mix with his own on my chin he shoots another load across my face, hair and shoulder.

As you watch me become more and more covered in the cum of your friends your hips piston even faster, taking handfuls of my bright red ass, adding fresh hand prints to it, so that the blush matches the burning red of embarrassment on my cheeks. I strain my eyes round to see you, see the carnal curl of your lip, the dangerous look in your eyes as you watch your slut work.

"Open." I hear an order and let my mouth fall open just in time for your friend to shoot stream after stream of cum into my mouth, across my lips and down my chin. The whole time my eyes have been glued to yours. Praying I have done a good enough job for you.

It would appear I have because as I lick the drops of cum from my lips you reach around, and after one tear and scream inducing slap to my clit, you press your fingers against it and rub. Hard and fast, no romance or passion. Purely a scientific endeavour to have me cum.

"Cum for me now." You growl. "Show them how a slut cums with my cock buried inside you."

Your words and the touch on my clit has me screaming as my body clamps down around you, wave after wave of orgasm shooting through me. Inside me I feel you twitch and throb to orgasm too. Feel you shoot your load inside me, coating my pulsating walls with your hot cum. My back arches as I push back against you, trying to milk every last drop from you.

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