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Again, Voyeurs


The next night my ride came to the hotel again, and I was ready. I didn't wear panties this time. The driver was one of the male slaves. I knew him now, so I sat in the front with him. I pulled up my skirt and kept it up the rest of the drive so he could see me. We pulled up next to a Jeep of young males, and they beeped the horn, shouting and yelling and pointing, and I grinned and waved. I liked them seeing my clean pussy. I dipped my fingers between my legs, pulling up and spreading outward so I was open. The guys were going wild.

We arrived at a different house than the one the night before, going to a small room near the main party area. This would be a little different tonight. More walking among the guests, more playing with them, we were told.

There was a group of Japanese businessmen mixed in with others. A few female guests, rich and jeweled in satin gowns. My puffy nipples and clit were ready from the vacuum pressure, clamps in place. I went out with a few others and began to mingle. One of the men took me to the group of Japanese. I was passed to an elderly man who nodded and smiled and stroked me with his fingers. He motioned for me to sit on his lap, facing him, and I spread my legs and put them on each side of his. Awkward, but he grinned and fanned his hands to my bottom, pulling me up closer. I could feel him stiff under his pants, brushing against me. I rubbed against him a little, and he grinned wider.

Some of the Japanese men were motioned over, the older ones, and they began to pet me and play with me, opening my jacket, tugging at the chains and the clamps on my nipples. The old man began to play with my pussy, rubbing with his fingers and kneading my clit. With the clamp on, it had stayed swollen, but it was a little sore from the previous night and tender. He tweaked it, flicking it back and forth a little, and said something to two of the men. They nodded and pulled me up closer to the old man so my legs were spread even wider, almost directly out to my sides. They pulled me backwards until I was arched, letting my upper back and head rest in the lap of a man who held my wrists down and out to each side. The other men kept my legs open wide, and if I lifted my head a little, I could just make out the old man, grinning and smiling – and then I felt a finger slide into me and I squirmed and pushed against it, half-closing my eyes. All of these people, watching him finger me! I loved it.

He pushed in again with two fingers, then three, wriggling them around until I began pushing up against him rhythmically. He laughed. One of the Japanese women came over and knelt beside me and began to suck one of my nipples. The old man finally said something and she stopped, then moved down and began to suck on my clit. I never thought I would want a woman touching me, but when she did that, I wanted everyone to see and watch and I wanted everyone to do that to me.

The men were talking and laughing, and finally the Mistress came over and had the translator tell them what a naughty little slut I was, and how she was going to have to punish me. I shivered. The kneeling woman finished by licking my clit slowly, then trailed her tongue and fingers up my belly to my breasts. I was on fire.

The Mistress had me, the naughty little slut, put on a large low coffee table. I was tied to it, outstretched tightly, my belly caving in because I was so stretched. My jacket was opened. Annie came over, with the Japanese clit sucker woman, and they had clothespins. They outlined my breasts and put some on the sides of my breasts. My nipples were pinched one way with a clamp, then another way on top of that with a set of clothespins. Two more clothespins found their way to my belly button, the clit sucker stopping to smooth her hand over my belly, up and down, slowly. Lots of murmuring from the men watching.

I do so love them watching.

She and Annie worked their way down, outlining my pussy with clothespins, the lips clamped with them, the tender flesh on either side of my clit pinched and held in place with the pins, the insides of my thighs clipped with the clothespins. I was hurting some. Annie nodded.

The Mistress would grab a handful of the clothespins and twist slightly, so my flesh was pulled and tugged. Then she would push down a little, twist, pump up and down with that handful of pins, then move to another area. It hurt and yet, I was nearly ready to scream with pleasure and beg for more. She began to flick the clothespins off of me with her crop until all that was left were the original clamps. Annie took them off, and the blood rushing back in place hurt. Just at that moment, SMACK! went the crop onto the hill over my clit, my back arching. I even opened my legs more. She noticed that. She smacked the insides of my legs and on the clit, telling the watching men what a little whore I was, how I was always playing with myself and couldn't get enough, smack! how she had to constantly watch that I did not disobey, whack! and then she had two of the men pull up my legs and then open them in a wide V, and she faced me and smacked my pussy with her crop again, and again, until I jerked and nearly sobbed, but I ached and wanted and wanted more.

They left me tied on the table while the Mistress handled her other slaves, and I could feel the burning of the crop and the clothespins. My pussy was throbbing. My clit was jumping and twitching.

At the end, the Mistress and Annie let the others go and came to untie me. Before they did, though, the Mistress looked at me, smoothed back my hair, and whispered, asking me if I was still needing something more?

Oh yes. I nodded. Please. Pleeeease.

She nodded. One of the hosts came over, kissing the Mistress' hand. He thanked her and asked if she had agreed? She said yes. She leaned down and told me that she would be in the next room, if I needed her. Then she and Annie left.

There were three men in there. The host, and two of the Japanese businessmen. He spoke to them, and they nodded. He handed out condoms, and one of them frowned, but shrugged. I was still tied down, but they untied my legs and slid a pillow under my back, then retied my legs, only opening them wider. The host came behind me and tested my wrists, tightening the cords. A woman entered, the Japanese clit sucker. She began working little acupuncture-looking needles into my nipples. I had never done anything like that before! She opened my jacket wider, worked another pillow under my hips, which lifted them higher and opened my legs more. My hips were bent backwards a little, arching, open. The woman worked her way around each breast with the little needles. The men watched in silence. I could hear them breathing heavily, excited. Somewhere in the house music was playing. I could hear it thrum and beat, matching the pulse in my clit. It was hard to breathe, being stretched so tightly.

She pulled open a small kit she had brought with her and brought out a silk strip, tying that very firmly to the joining of my hip and groin on one thigh, then a second strip on the other. She pulled out a third strip, worked it beneath me and then around my waist. The host told me to breathe in and hold my breath. The woman suddenly pulled the sash tight so my waist, already small, was tiny. Breathing was even harder, yet somehow more exciting. The sashes tied to the tops of my thighs were rubbing against flesh that was wet and swollen and tender. Those three pieces of material suddenly made all of me focus on my pussy, while at the same time, my nipples were tingling.

She fingered me with an almost scientific air, testing, then nodded. One of the Japanese men exclaimed, excited, his pants off. She smoothed a condom over his cock, which was jutting and waving in excitement. He braced on the table and shoved into me, hard and fast. I tried to breathe in with joy and rapture and almost couldn't breathe. He fucked me hard and fast while the other two men and the woman watched. The needles quivered on my breasts and nipples and felt like I was being tweaked all at the same time. I was gasping and panting and shoving up against him for more. He grinned and said something to the host.

"He says you're a good slut. He could take you to a lot of parties!" I panted and smiled, my eyes half-closed. All those people, watching.

The woman wasn't quite satisfied. Another pillow under my hips and another still under my back. My breasts were taut and the needles jutted out. While the men were adjusting the pillows, the woman showed me a set of long, slender needles. She had a cold smile. She reached with one hand and grabbed my clit and twisted, then waved the needles again. She turned and began to insert them into the area around the clit, on each side of it. I gasped. It wasn't pain, though. Something she was doing was making me worse than horny and desperate for sex. I saw her cold smile come near me again. She tweaked a needle and I moaned. She nodded.

They reopened the waist sash and tugged on the ropes attached to my wrist buckles again, until my arms were pulled even tighter. I could hardly breathe. The host told me again to suck in my breath as much as I could, and I did, nearly seeing stars. I felt the sash re-tied, almost viciously tight. The sashes around the upper thighs where my legs joined the hip and groin were re-tied as well, tighter, digging in closer to the clit. The woman removed all of the needles, breasts and clit area. The second Japanese man, already pantless and wearing a condom, grinned and said something, then eased into me. No! I wanted it hard and fast and more, more! I pushed up against him, wanting, and he pulled back, laughing. The woman came up behind him and smacked his bare bottom, and he groaned, then he shoved into my pussy hard and fast and oh I loved that, I loved that, yes, I want that, I need that, please, please more.

The host was next, and he had long since had his pants off and had been moving his hand on his cock, shoving the flesh up and down. He was hard and full and big. He first made me kiss his cock, then he rubbed in on my breasts, dribbling a little pre-cum. He rubbed his cock against my clit, spread me open with his fingers, and stuck one finger inside me. No, no, I want more and bigger and more and more! I pushed against him, squirming. I would pay for this later with a sore pussy but I didn't care, I did not care. He laughed and the other two men laughed. He said something to the woman, and they began to untie me. No!

My legs were shaky and I was wet. My waist was very tiny and it was very hard to breathe. The woman opened her robe and slipped it off, naked, and then put on a strap-on, inserting one end into her own pussy. She smiled at me, cold as ice and wicked and knowing. The host lay down on a large open-sided sofa, then told me to get on him, and I did, sinking down on him. He held his hands around my waist and began to fuck, really fuck, and the woman came behind us and pushed against my back some. She pushed into my bottom with the strap-on, and the two of them were inside me, the two Japanese men watching and talking and pointing. I love this. I really love this, them watching me and I am being fucked and I love this. I want everyone to fuck me. I want them to take me and use me and fuck me and I want everyone to see and watch. I love this.

I was sore, very sore, but I rode back to the hotel with my skirt off and my legs open wide, and anyone driving by our car who could look in, saw my pussy and I loved it. I fingered myself gently.

"You know the Mistress will have to hear about that," said the male slave who was driving.

I smiled. Yes.

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