tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst Her Will

Against Her Will


Ralph loved this time of day; all of his employee's were gone for the day leaving the office to him. It was time to see what naughtiness his girls got into today. He always told himself it was for office security he did this but actually, he just loved to spy, to find out things his employees didn't want him to know.

He locked his office door, then went to his desk and unlocked the drawer that hid his second computer. He let the computer scan his fingerprint and then typed in his twelve-digit password. Ah, finally he was ready for action. First to the lipstick cam he installed in the ladies bathroom, it looked just like a fire sprinkler head so no one would notice it. This is so boring; women peeing, women pooping, same old thing every day, why don't these broads play with themselves occasionally. Well here's something Julie's on her period, I had better jot the date down it's always nice to know when they're on the rag.

Ralph saved then closed the file, and then he went to his e-mail interceptor. With this software, every e-mail that was sent or received by the company computer system a copy was automatically copied to his computer. As he looked through, he casually saved or deleted e-mails and then stopped as one caught his eye. The entire note was in a foreign language, the only thing he recognized was the sender's name Alona. Now where was she from? Oh yeah, I remember Iran she called herself Persian. Ralph now was glad he had invested in that interpreter soft ware. He copied Alona's mail and hit go, as he waited he wondered what his new hire was doing sending private e-mails on company time and on the company computer. He heard the tone and looked at the screen to see the translated message.

"Dearest sister Marlee, I am writing this at work, I hope my mean boss doesn't see it. He is so snoopy, he spies on all of us all day long, and that is why I am writing you in our native tongue. Even if the ugly bastard sees this, he won't be able to read it. I am trying so hard to get you smuggled into this country, the man who got Amak and I here raised his price, he now wants sixty thousand US dollars just for you. I saved fifty thousand and we are trying everything we can to get the rest before he raises his price again. Be sure and delete this message before anyone else sees it for you know the trouble our whole family will be in if the wrong people find out what we are doing.

We will see you soon

Love, Alona."

This was great; this was what Ralph had been looking for since he had installed all of the security equipment. He knew he had this woman right where he wanted, she would do anything he asked not to be turned over to immigration. He had heard what some of these countries do to people who have sneaked out of their country only to be sent back. He sat back and wondered how Alona would look with the heavy skirt she wore up around her waist and her bare ass exposed as he laid her across his desk. He was sure he would soon find out and he would find out many more things too.

Ralph was never a ladies' man, he was no smooth operator and after being shunned by all the women has had pursued he began to hate all women. He slowly began to enjoy seeing women being afraid and begging for their life. He began picking up streetwalkers, at first he would pay them extra to let him abuse them, then as he got bolder he would abuse them if they liked it or not. When he first found out he got herpes from some whore it had scared him but when he learned he could spread it to women he began to enjoy having it, he wanted to infect every woman in the world.

The next day he called Alona into his office,

"I need you to work overtime this weekend, come to my office at the end of your shift and I will show you what you will have to do. Of course, you will be paid time and a half for all of your work."

He saw the smile on her face, when he mentioned extra money and she thanked him profusely. Ralph thought to himself that's the last smile you going to have young lady maybe ever. When she came back at the end of her shift, Ralph just handed her a copy of her e-mail. The look of horror in her face as she recognized the translated copy excited Ralph and he felt it in his loins.

"I feel it is my duty to give this to the immigration department."

Alona began sobbing; she got down on her knees and begged

"Please Mr. Fuller don't do this, if they send us back our whole family will go to prison and my husband will be tortured and mutilated, we will never see each other again. Please, please I will do anything..."

Ralph slapped her, it felt so good, and he could feel his erection grow harder as she looked at him in horror.

"Let's just see if you'll do anything."

"Yes anything, just tell me what you want."

"Pull up your skirt, I want to look."

Alona could feel her face redden but with resolve, she did as told. Ralph looked at her 'old world' underwear in disbelief all frayed at the edges and patched.

"Never wear those in this building again. Ok pull them down, in fact take them off."

Alona trembled, "But sir, no man has ever seen my privates, not even my husband."

She started crying, which only drove Ralph further into excitement, his cock was already a raging hard on and yet it seemed to be getting harder.

"Well good I'll be the first then, unless you would prefer to let the Iranian prison guards to be the first to see your cunt."

He almost spit out the word cunt and he could see it almost like a slap in the face to her. Her tears ran down her cheeks as she then meekly pulled the tattered rags down her legs. Ralph could not believe the hair on this woman's snatch and crawling up her belly. He had to see more,

"Take everything off." he commanded and waited, leering as she complied. "Come over here I want a closer look."

He could see the total humiliation in her eyes and it was more arousing than looking at her nakedness. He grabbed the full patch of hair above her slit and pulled her closer, then smiled as he saw her wince in pain.

"Put your hands behind your head."

He liked this pose of submission and reached to grab her tits then noticed that her armpits were covered in hair. Ralph had never seen a woman this hairy and somehow it excited him even more. He looked her in the eye as he played with her breasts and the hair under her arms. Her face was scarlet and streaked with dried tears as she let him do what he wanted. Then suddenly he stopped,

"That's all for today Alona, I expect to see you here at eight in the morning. You can get dressed now; he enjoyed the show of the woman putting on her bra, and her top but he held up his hand when she reached for her underwear.

"Give those to me, starting tomorrow I never want to see you warring panties again."

She demurely handed them to him; he brought them to his nose. He wondered just how red her cheeks could get.

"Before you go I want you to see this e-mail, it is addressed to Immigration and is automatically set to go out everyday unless I stop it with my pass word. Do you understand if anything happens to me, this will go out by itself?"

"But sir, what if you forget?"

"Then your ass will be headed back to Iran, so you better not let me forget. Now get out of here, you are going to need your rest for tomorrow. Another thing I want you to bring me the fifty thousand you have been hoarding."

"Yes sir but I cannot get it until Monday as it is in a safety deposit box."

"Alright but it had better be here Monday, or your hairy ass is back in Iran."

The next day he was waiting for her when she arrived, first thing she had to show him she was not wearing underwear. He took her to his office where he closed and locked the door, she remembered thinking, well this is it, what horrors he will make me do. Honestly, she had no idea what horrors he would put her through but she would learn.

"Take off your clothes, I want to see you naked, you know Alona I like all this fur you have. Now come over here and take off my pants, now down on your knees to get my pants over my shoes. Now I want you to hold my cock, come on do it! I'll bet this is the first cock you've ever seen. See it won't bite, now lean over, and kiss it."

Mr. Fuller was right Alona had never seen a man's organ before and now she had one in her hands, it felt so hard yet was still soft. She did as told and leaned over and kissed the very tip. This action excited her and she forgot a moment how degrading this all was, she could feel her fluids leaking out of her private place and she hoped Mr. Fuller could not smell her essence. Ralph did not notice her 'essence' he couldn't care less if Alona was getting excited all he wanted was to make sure his Herpes sores got past her lips and into her mouth. He cruelly shoved his cock down her throat gagging her; this was fun.

"You'll make a very good cocksucker once I get you trained and you'll be good at a lot of other things too. That's enough of that, stand up, and turn around."

Ralph bent her across his desk and began a thorough inspection of her ass and pussy. He loved that all the pawing he was doing debased her. He made her spread her own ass cheeks apart as he got out the anal lube he brought from home. He spread lube up her anal canal as he told what he was about to do. He warned her to expect some pain but to keep her mouth shut. He placed his bare cock at her entrance then grabbed her hips and rammed his cock deep inside her. Alona bit her lip to keep from screaming both from the pain and the thought of what this man was doing to her. Ralph grabbed her by the hair and rode her ass like a stallion until he erupted deep inside her rectum. His cock made a pop when he withdrew from her bowels, he told Alona to keep her cheeks spread, as he wanted to watch his cum leak out of her ass. He watched it ooze out of her ass and run down her crack and into her pussy.

Ralph was tired after his assault on Alona Rectum; he had enjoyed raping this woman put had expelled so much energy that now all he wanted was a nap.

"First, clean up my cock it has you all over it. Then clean up all of this blood, and shit off of my desk, also clean up my cum that dripped out of your stretched ass hole and make sure you get your stench cleaned up too."

God he almost loved his verbal abuse of her as much as the sex, tomorrow he would have to pace himself so he could abuse her even more. While she finished he watched her, it looked so sexy seeing her on her knees washing his filthy cock with a wash cloth, he should have made her clean it with her mouth. After she cleaned him and his desk, he told her she could get dressed and go home until tomorrow.

"Please Mr. Fuller did you stop the e-mail from going out?"

Ralph laughed, "Oh yeah I almost forgot, see here I am stopping it for one day. You had better get here bright and early tomorrow for your session because you are in for a long day. One more thing you see these sores on my prick? They are called Herpes and by your sucking and with my fucking your ass you now have it too. Tomorrow when I fuck your cunt, you will have herpes sores in all of your holes and whoever touches you will have them also for the rest of your miserable fucking life. Now get out of here."

He could see Alona's surrender in her eyes, Ralph delighted in her sadness, and a cruel smile creased his hard face.

Sunday Alona showed up with a look of resolve on her face. Ralph was looking forward to day spent of torture and rape, he was excited, and already he had a erection.

"Get all of those clothes off and then come undo my pants."

Alona did as instructed and then laid on her back on the desk.

"Good I want to look in your eyes as I rape you, now spread your legs."

Again Alona did as told, Ralph posed with his cock at the entrance of Alona's last place yet to be violated. As Ralph looked into her eyes, he noticed a defiant look instead of fear and was that a hint of a smile. Well Ralph would soon fix that look and he rammed himself into her up to his balls. The first thing he noticed, she was smiling broader now, and then he felt the pain. He tried to pull out but Alona swung her legs around his hips and squeezed as hard as she could. Now Ralph was screaming in pain but could not dislodge his cock from this woman. He tried to strike her but she sat up and wrapped her arms around his and he could not break free. He felt something wet running down his legs and managed to get his head turned to look. It was blood and it must be his running down his legs and pooling in his pants around his ankles. He was growing tired and getting weaker and he began to plead with Alona for help.

"You filthy sodomite you deserve no mercy, I want to see you die in my arms."

"But the e-mail will be sent and you and your family..."

He was getting weaker and found it hard to talk it hurt so much.

"Last night I wired my sister our money and told her to flee to Turkey and then I sent my husband to Canada after we made sweat love one more time. This morning I put rusty razor blades up into my privates just for you and as they slice you to bits, they have sliced me. Yes, we will die here together but you have already ruined my life so I don't mind."

Alona held on with all of the strength she had left, she waited until the life left her boss' eyes before she relaxed and let her life go.

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