Against My Will


There was no mistaken the inflection now. And if I could detect the excitement in my mother's voice I was sure Miss Gabriel could also. This woman was a master of manipulation. How else could she have drawn this straight-laced woman into having this bizarre conversation.

I couldn't understand Miss Gabriel's motivation. What was her purpose? Was she leading up to tell my mother the details of our weekend together? Mother would never understand that. It would devastate her.

The small space under the stairwell was closing in on me. My legs were beginning to cramp...and adding to my misery, I had to go to the bathroom. I could only hope this inane conversation would end soon...give me a chance to get out of here un-detected.

"You know Betty...I bought Kathy a very personal gift while we were in Chicago. I can see now that it would have been the perfect gift for you also. I think I'll look for similar one for you the next time I'm in the city."

"Really," I heard my mother say. "What did you buy her."

"You would love it Betty. A very expensive, sheer, white blouse. It looks absolutely sexy on her...she has the perfect breasts to pull it off. Naturally, it has to be worn without a bra... and once she gets over her shyness she'll look fabulous in it."

"Did you see..."

"Yes, she modeled it for me in my condo. She was extremely self conscious...but her breasts, so beautiful...well, you know how full and firm they look."

"Yes...full and firm," I heard my mother barely whisper.

"Your breasts are similar Betty. That's why I think this blouse would look so great on you. And I bet you have large nipples and dark aureola's. They would show thru the sheer...the contrast would be absolutely slutty."

"We could never wear them around here Toni...not in this town...but can wear anything in Chicago."

My finger's were buried in my crotch. The image of Miss mother...oh god, what's happening! I was so wet, the squishing of my pussy broke the silence in my cramped hideaway.

"I agree Betty. You couldn't wear it here. Oh jesus, look at the time. I'm going to have to go. I won't forget...I'll pick out a nice blouse the next time I'm in the city. It will be my gift to you. Maybe you'll model it for me...I would love to see those large nipples of yours."

"I'm certainly glad you dropped by Toni. I enjoyed talking to you. Give me a call...maybe we can have lunch...I'd enjoy that."

"I'll do that Betty...and you have a nice day."

I heard the front door close. My mother returning to the kitchen.

I was so hot...and I had to pee...I had to get out of here without my mother seeing me! My pussy was burning...raw from my fingering. I heard a sounded moan was undefinable at first...and then it became clear, very clear.

"Uuuuugggggggggg...UMMMMMMMM...oh god, oh godddddd...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

My mother was masturbating! I was stunned. And she was cumming!...Oh god, mommy...please...noooo. I listened as my mother fingered herself to an orgasm! It was so vulgar, so nasty. I didn't understand my intense arousal...this was my mother!

The pain...god, the pain...the lips of my cunt rubbed raw. I couldn't stop...not now...I was on the edge...It was so hot I could feel sweat literally running down my back into the crevice of my crack. It felt as if a bubble were about to burst inside of me...I frantically clawed at the wet slit of my panties...

In just a few moments the bubble burst...My orgasm so intense I could hardly stand the pleasure. I don't know how I muffled the scream.

The cramps in my legs hurt so much, I slumped forward, my knee's scraping on the rough, hewed floor. And then I peed. Warm piss gushing out of me, puddling on the floor around my knees. I swivelled and sat down in the putrid mess, my skirt soaking it up like a sponge.

There I sat, in the darkness, basking in my sweet, sweet shame.

Mother finally left the house, giving me the opportunity to sneak away. I was a skirt wet, my bobbi sox soaked, my panties a filthy mess. God, did I feel lewd..

As I drove across town I tried to figure out what Miss Gabriel was all about. Who was she, this rich bitch, this sexual predator of other females? And why...why did I succumb so easily? My mother...the moral compass of my life...the rock of our family, had also come so close to being seduced. My god, I can't let her become a sexual deviate like me! I had to protect her from this sick bitch.

I vowed to myself it was going to more. It had to be over, even if it meant my job. It was perverted, wrong...and it was so sick. But I couldn't shake to image of my mother and Miss Gabriel, together. In a instant, the lust, the craving, swept over me again. ----------------------------------------------

The following morning I went to work with a new lease on life. A good nights sleep and a bright sunny morning filled me with confidence. I was determined to be my own person again...and it felt good.

As I sat at my desk, Marsha approached. "Kathy, what are you doing here. I thought you were on your way to the Home Office in Chicago. Didn't you get the message on your answering machine?"

The urgency in her voice frightened me. My answering machine? I hadn't bothered to check my messages in days!

"What message Marcia? What are you talking about? Home Office? Where is Miss Gabriel? Is she in?"

"No, she went back to Chicago last night. She had me call and leave you the message. She was very specific...She wants you to meet her there Wednesday morning. I thought you were driving there today."

"Well I didn't get any message. Goddamn it, this is a mess. I don't even know where the Home Office branch is located. What else did she say? Where am I supposed to stay when I get there? I guess at her place, huh?"

"No, she said to check in at the Plaza Hotel. You have a reservation's already paid for by the bank."

My high spirits were evaporating quickly. It was impossible for me to determine whether this was legitimate business or more of her sick games.

I went home to pack...I didn't know how long I was to be there so I packed for at least 4 days. Within two hours I was on the road.

I convinced myself I had to stand up to any challenge of my new-found freedom. That reaffirmation was short lived. I unconsciously exited the freeway to a roadhouse restaurant to grab myself a cup of coffee.. It was the same restaurant in which Miss Gabriel had so cruelly humiliated me! It was sort of like returning to the scene of the crime. Why I felt compelled to stop here was beyond me...I only hoped the young waitress who waited on us wasn't working.

My day just seemed to get worse. There she was, the same waitress...and I was sitting in her station again! That's when I realized...I was sitting in the same booth Miss Gabriel and I occupied two days before.! Was there something in my subconscious forcing me to make these terrible decisions?

When she approached, I prayed she wouldn't recognize me. No such luck.

"And how are you today ma'am?" she said with a knowing smile on her face. "Your friend won't be joining you today?"

"No, I'm alone. I'll have a cup of coffee...oh, and a small salad with blue cheese dressing."

"Anything else for you?"

"No, that's all."

As she walked away my eyes stayed with her, with her firm, round butt, her athletic legs...I felt the familiar stirring...the lust. I fought it for a moment...but pleasure is restless, stimulating, no matter if it's depraved. The emotions that trigger its pursuit may be learned or inbred, I don't know. I only knew the discomfort I felt when fighting it. Oddly, my trigger, shame and humiliation, was also discomforting. Much like smoking, or eating fried food. You just can't help yourself.

I watched as she serviced other tables. I could almost envision her panties, damp, stretched between the lips of her pussy, up into the crevice of her ass, sweaty from all that walking.

I couldn't even hazard a guess as to why those things suddenly seemed so appealing. Last week those thoughts would have been absolutely disgusting to me.

She approached my table to refill my cup. "So, do you live around here?" she asked.

"No, just passing through. By the way, could you show me where your restrooms are located?'

"Down the hall to your..."

"Could you show me please. I'm terrible with directions."

"Sure, follow me." Her demeanor changed...she wasn't stupid, she knew what I was hinting at.

She opened the door for me, following, locking it behind her.. I walked into the handicap stall, careful to leave the door wide open. Within seconds she approached the open door.

"I have to get back to my station. Do you mind if I go first?"

I stepped back from the toilet, my heart beating so wildly I nearly swooned. She looked so young and innocent, but she was brash, a hardness developed, no doubt, from competing in her low paying job

She moved quickly, grabbing my head and kissing first kiss from a female! Her tongue was so aggressive, licking and probing, I sucked it into my mouth, her chili lunch almost gagging me.

She pulled me by the arm as she raised her skirt and plopped down on the commode. Her panties, just as I pictured, burying between her slimy lips. I immediately fell to my knee's and buried my face in her smelly crotch. Panties aside, I frenched the puffy lips of her hairy pussy. Her body stiffened when I wrapped my lips around her over sized clit...screaming with pleasure when I sucked it like a small cock. How quickly I had learned how to disgrace myself.

But more than that, I loved the taste of her cunt. No, that was wrong...I loved "tasting" her cunt. As pungent as it was, it was me, on my knee's in this dirty bathroom, servicing her. And I wanted her to cum in my mouth...fill it if possible...gag me. She came, I sucked her dry...licking, cleaning her beyond her previous state.

I stood up, pulling my skirt above my waist. "Pleaseeee, god please...will you do me now? I have to cummmm...pleaseee."

"What a slut bitch," she hissed at me. "You're so nasty...I love it."

She slid from the commode and plunged her face between my thighs. Pulling my panties aside, her tongue lapped at my sticky cunt. The frenzy she displayed only heightened my passion. Then she slowed, tantalizing me with her adept tongue. I became impatient...I wanted gratification now!

My lips were still raw from the previous day and the pain was excruciating...I didn't care. This was my first time, a girl eating my pussy! I was out of my mind with lust...grabbing her head, fucking her mouth so obscenely, I frightened myself by my obsessiveness. I quickly put my fear aside and sadistically slammed my cunt into her mouth shamelessly.

I couldn't have stopped, nor did I want to. My scream was like a declaration of my pursuit for utter depravity. I came and she liked it...just like me, as if we were sisters in need of this tortured pleasure.

My eruption was such an amplified sensation, I thought I may pass out. How could so much pleasure be so agonizing? And such lewd conduct in a public place? My moral compass was spinning out of control...

At the moment, however, I chose to indulge myself, the pure bliss to exquisite to ignore.

Back on the freeway I began to cry...I couldn't help myself. And the smell of dried pussy juice on my cheeks, a reminder of my new found weakness that I was apparently incapable of escaping. I had no answer for my actions back at the restaurant...I had to accept it...I was weak and perverted.. the more I grovelled the more pleasure I derived from it.

My nerves were worn raw, much like the lips of my cunt. I knew I couldn't be with Miss Gabriel in Chicago...I just couldn't!

At the next exit I turned around and headed back home. I knew there was a good possibility I could lose my job...I also knew I couldn't go on to Chicago.

I arrived home about six. At seven o'clock there was a knock at my door.

"Mom...what are you doing here?"

"What are YOU doing here?" she asked. "Why aren't you in Chicago where you're supposed to be?"

"How did you know...I don't understand..."

"Toni called me...she was worried about you. What happened? Why didn't you show up there? Are you something wrong?"

"No, nothing like that. Look mom, you don't understand. Anyway, I just didn't go. I may lose my job but...well if I do, I do."

"You're not going to lose your job Kathy. As a matter of fact, I asked Tony that very question. She assured me she was only concerned for your health and safety. She said she would see you next Monday when she returns. Are you having a problem with her or something?"

"I don't want to talk about it Mom..okay. What's going on anyway, are you and Toni close friends now?'

"Well, no...but I talked to her twice today and...well, she seems like a very nice girl...and listen...don't you be so sarcastic with me. If you're having a problem I'm sure you and she can talk it out. Just don't forget...she's your boss. There may be some things she requires of you that you don't like. If you allow yourself you may learn to like it. Who knows. Sometimes we have to do things we don't like. You certainly don't want to lose a good job over it."

"You don't understand Mom...but...I'll talk to her when she gets back. Listen, would you like some coffee?"

" I don't want anything. Oh, by the way. Toni told me about that expensive silk blouse she bought you. Let''s have a look at it."

"Blouse? What blouse? Ohhhh, the silk blouse...the one I begged her not to buy but she bought it anyway. Listen, some other time mom. It's still packed away."

"C'mon can't be that hard to fine. I really want to see it."

"Mom, I'm tired." I don't want to"...

"How long could it take...just get it out. I want to look at it."

"Okay..Okay...I'll have to dig it out. I don't know why she bought me the damn thing anyway.. I told her not to buy it."

I went to my guest bedroom where I had put all the clothes Miss Gabriel had bought me. I didn't know which bag it was in so I began searching.

My mother yelled from the living room. "When you find it, put it on. I want to see how it looks on you. "

I finally found it. I put it on.

As I entered the living room mom spoke in a familiar, trembling voice; "Tony was can't where that over a bra. It looks ridiculous. Take your bra off...let's see how it looks."

"Mom...I'm not taking my bra off. What the hell has gotten in to you. This is getting weird."

"I don't modeled it for Toni. You won't model it for me?"

"How did you know..."

"She told me...told me you modeled all of your new clothes for her."

"What else did she tell you?"

"Why...was there something else I should know?"

" just wondered. I'm just so...well, I'm just so surprised you hit it off with this bitch...and she's a real bitch, believe me."

"That's a terrible thing to say about a woman who's been so good to you Kathy. I can't believe you're not more appreciative."

"Let's drop it mom...I don't want to talk about her any more. You sure you don't want something to drink."

"No...but I still want to see that blouse on you without the bra. Now, are you going to model it for me or not!"

"Jesus christ mom...okay. If it's that important to you."

I returned to the bedroom and removed my bra. The silk immediately teased my nipples erect. The blouse felt so sexy.

When I entered the living room I was a bit, that's wrong. I was a lot embarrassed. My mother's reaction stunned me.

"God honey...that blouse is beautiful on you."

She continued staring until I became extremely self conscious, standing there while my mother ogled my breast.

"You have beautiful tits baby." She reached out as if to touch them. I pulled back.

"You don't have to back away from me honey. I'm your mother. Come here..."

"Mom! What's wrong with you? You're scaring me...Ohhh no...What did that bitch tell you..Don't lie to me...what did she..."

"I know about your whole trip Kathy. I'm sorry...Toni told me everything...and I have to tell you, for a while I was in shock. Then it dawned on me...I was becoming so jazzed up listening to her story, I thought I was going to burst. The image of you and her, you on your knee's... "

I stood there, frozen, while my own mother cupped my breast...her soft hands caressing, pinching my nipple. I could feel that familiar urge...I had to fight it...this was my mother!

She pulled her hands back and in one swift motion pulled her sweater up over her head. She stood there in front of me, bare breasted. I gasped. "Mom..what are you doing...I don't...I don't understand...what are you..."

She cut me short. Lifting one of her breast to her own mouth, her lips encircled the large, dark aureole...

I was completely dumbfounded...the temples in my head were throbbing, my knees becoming wobbly and weak. She backed up to the sofa, sat down, spreading her legs to expose an ample amount of thigh.

"Why don't you get your mother off like you took care of Toni baby. Come here and take care of your mommy...okay honey?"

I ran to my bedroom. suddenly consumed with shame, humiliation and fear. What the hell was going on! Everything was closing in on me! I threw myself across the bed sobbing. My world was out of orbit...nothing was making any sense.

I don' know how long I lay there...I heard the door open...close. The weight of her body on the bed, stretching out behind me. I felt her arms wrap around from behind me, a hand cupping my breast. I lay completely still.

The hand moved from my breast downward, finding my crotch, trying to force fingers between my thighs. I don't know why...I parted them slightly, just enough to let the fingers slip in.

"Oh god mommy...are you going to fuck me?"

My own mother began whispering in my ear; "That's what you want isn't it baby...someone to fuck you. God, you're so childlike. You always were a submissive little slut. Even when you were growing up. Did you know that when you were younger, in high school, I always thought you had the sexiest mouth. I often wondered whether the boys would have rather had a blow job from you than fuck you..."

"Mom, pleaseeee..."

"You know, before I came over here tonight honey, I was watching that little Amy Wilson across the street from me. You know, the sexy little tomboy. I could go to jail for what I was thinking about her. See, I wanted to eat and lick that little fuzz covered cunt of hers...You, I just want to fuck your sexy, pussy."

The words coming from my mother's lips were completely foreign to me. I didn't know her any more. I didn't know me. All I knew was this woman wanted

I could feel the juices flowing from my pussy, staining the bed. My mother's hands were on my head...pushing me downward. I rolled over, mother's cunt inches from my face. I could smell her sex...her pussy. Hands pulling me closer till...till my lips touched her dampening panties. I inhaled, god, the odor, another gush of pussy juice leaking onto my snow white sheets.

"That it baby girl...let mom fuck that hot tongue of yours. Momma want to fuck her little girl's mouth...That's it, suck it. God...God, you're so good...wanna cum...wanna cum..."

My lips wrapped around her protruding tongue flicking its sensitive end. I could hear her moan, almost deliriously.

"Oh god baby, I'm going to fucking slut. Suck your mommy...Arrrrgggggggggggggggggg."

The sound of her vulgar sync with her thrusting hips, pounding my lips, cracking them, drawing blood.

We were performing a bizarre, taboo, unspeakable act and we revelled in the pleasure. Mother's leg, accidentally, touched my swollen cunt...the sudden pressure to my clit...I humped her like a dog till...till, oh god, it pushed me over the edge...a catalyst to an orgasm, an orgasm so intense I momentarily blacked out.

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