tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst My Will Ch. 5

Against My Will Ch. 5


The hands held my hips still as I felt the gown move over my thighs. Suddenly there was something warm and wet on the front of my right thigh and I opened my eyes. "Oh, no, please", I groaned as I realized that the dwarf was under the gown, his mouth kissing my upper thigh. Instinctively, I kicked out with my leg and I heard him grunt as it connected. I heard the dwarf cuss and I screamed in pain into the ball gag. The fat man squeezed and twisted my nipples and the dwarf grabbed me by the pubic hairs; I tried to twist away, but the pain only increased. Tears ran down my face, as the fat man demanded, "Are you going to hold still Bitch or do I tear these off?" I moaned as he twisted thee nipples again to emphasize his point. Frantically I nodded and held as still as I could. The other two men stripped my gown off and took the ball gag out of my mouth. I saw the grotesque dwarf release my hairs and push his mouth against the V of my thighs, his hands on my rear pulling my sex to him. A voice whispered in my ear, "Spread your legs." I hesitated, but when the pressure increased on my nipple I moved my right leg until my feet were several feet apart.

"That's better," he said as the dwarf ran his stubby fingers over my slit, lingering on my clitoris. My body shuddered as I felt his fingers move aside only to be replaced by the warm, wetness of his tongue on my nub. I hung in my bonds; eyes closed as his tongue slowly ran over my clit. The fingers released my nipples only to be replaced by the mouths of the two men that had stripped me. The fat man forced my head up and told me to look at Kathy. I opened my eyes and her eyes met mine as she was forced to look at the obscene pawing of my body. I could see that she was been forced to endure the same treatment that I was and as I watched, I saw her hips thrust forward slightly, her eyes closed and a soft moan escaped from her half open lips when they hit her clit just right and her body responded to the sexual teasing.

The pressure on my arms lessened after several minutes of stimulation to my body and the chain lower from the ceiling. My hands were untied and the men carried me to the bed and forced me to lie down on my back. My arms were pulled straight out from my body and tied on either side of the mattress. My rear was seated on the raised part, thrusting my slit up and outward as they spread my legs and tied them to the corners.

Kathy was carried over to the bed and tied as I was, except her body was facing the other way. Her head touched the top of my shoulder as mine did to her shoulder. We could turn and look at each other, our faces inches apart and we could feel though our shoulders and head any movement of the others body. I was shocked when a large mirror was lower from the ceiling and we could both see what was being done to the other. Kathy started to cry softly and I turned to her hoping to comfort her when I heard the black man ask the audience if they had placed their bets. In disbelief I heard him describe how the first act of the show would be a contest to see whether Kathy or I would cum first. He then turned to us and told us that the loser was the one that came first. He continued, "The winner gets to watch the other one get gangbanged by our stage crew. The rules? Well, we turn on the vibrators at the same time and see which of you girls can hold out the longest."

Suddenly, I felt my legs and waist being strapped to the bed so that I could only move my upper body. The cup that had been used on my clitoris earlier was once again positioned against my nub and taped on so I couldn't get away from the vibrations. A frightened glance at the mirror showed that Kathy also had a vibrating cup on her clit. She looked over at me, tears streaking her face, her lips moving slightly when suddenly the black man said, "Ready Ladies? Good! Turn them on!!!"

I saw Kathy's eyes widened as I felt the vibration on my clitoris. I tried to move my hips to lessen the stimulation, but with my waist and legs strapped down it was no use and I felt my clitoris stiffen as I moaned. I heard Kathy's ragged breathing as I felt her body jerk, the vibrating cup driving her body toward the sexual goal. With quivering lips she turned her head to me and begged me to cum. "Please, please Linda. Save me. Don't let them have me."

My nipples hardened and I could feel my body respond and start the long climb toward orgasm. My body shook with the stimulation and I began to slowly toss my head back and forth, my mind trying without success to block out the sexual images running through my mind. My body seemingly with a mind of it's own climbed toward the peak. The cups continued to drive us, causing our bodies to jerk and shudder as increasing waves of pleasure settled between our legs.

I heard Kathy moan loudly and through the sexual heat thought maybe she came, but the vibrations continued and soon I realized I was losing. "No, please, please", I screamed as the stimulation drove me to the edge. I bit my lip as I tossed my head back and forth, but to no avail. I felt the orgasm begin and screamed my sexual release as my whole body shuddered. My breathing was rapid and ragged and I was taken beyond the limit. I could feel my vagina spasm, my mind spin and moans escape my lips as I heard someone say, "We have a winner, more importantly we also have a loser. Not a bad time though, it took 7 minutes and 23 seconds for her to cum."

I laid there for several minutes, my chest heaving with great gasps of breath, my face turned toward Kathy, eyes closed as I felt fingers removing the cup from my clitoris. The straps were taken off my waist and legs and I heard Kathy whisper, "I'm sorry" as the first man mounted me and positioned the tip of his cock on my slit.

To be continued...

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