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Against the Wall


"I'm ready for bed. Wanna join me?" Emalee smiled coyly, her eyes lighting up with a devious glow. Mike never saw as he kept his own eyes glued to the computer screen.

"Ummm will be there...soon...." he faded off, quickly scanning new text.

The girl pouted, folding her arms once she realized he was not going to pay attention to her. "Fine. I'll just keep myself company." She climbed the stairs, stomping slightly to see if he'd notice. If he did he wasn't going to do anything about it. Frustrated, Emalee threw herself on the bed.

"Stupid men and their stupid computers," She mumbled into the pillow. After a few minutes of laying and fuming, the lithe girl pushed herself up. Her delicate fingers reached down to take off her shoes, playing with her open toes and their shiny scarlet polish. Her brunette locks tumbled down over her shoulder, framing her cute face. That is what described her best-cute.

Before she could even undo the first strap her to the high heels, the door was thrown open and Mike barged into the room.

Emalee looked up, startled. "What's wrong...." she started, but before she could finish the words the man seized her upper arm and dragged the girl to her feet, whirling her around. She felt the hard wall as he slammed her against it, knocking away her breath more from surprise than actual hurt. The door was slammed shut once more, leaving Emalee with a towering Mike inches away. Her wrists were held in his hands, pinned next to her head against the wall.

Her heart beat fast. "What are you-" Emalee stammered, but before she could finish he caught her pink lips in a fiery kiss. She began to see stars before he pulled back, only for him to attack her mouth once more.

Mike pulled back finally. "I thought you wanted me to join you." He gazed down her slender body, making her squirm in his grip. "And now you're mine." He yanked her hands higher, holding them securely in one large hand. The other began to trail down Emalee 's neck, making her squirm even more. Even that effort wasn't much, as his body was pressed close to hers.

His fingers reached her shirt collar and followed the fabric's curve down to her quivering chest, brushing ever so softly. The tight cotton was stretched even more than usual as her arms were pinned above her, and the effect was her breasts straining against their covering. "Very nice," Mike murmured. His brown eyes twinkled in devious excitement.

Emalee could only watch, her heart pounding furiously, as his wide hand rested heavily on one peak, kneading it through her shirt. Her breathing got heavier and she kept shifting the best she could, trying to lessen the tightness in her arms from being held up and trying to get the hand to do more.

He must have noticed, because he squeezed the girl's wrists and moved the other hand under her shirt, traipsing his way up her stomach to reveal her delicious tits in their red lingerie. "Oh much better. You always come prepared."

"Mike, stop-stop teasing!" Emalee finally found her voice and started to use it. The words came out a soft whine, and she blushed as his eyes flitted to hers.

"You are always teasing me. Now it's my turn." With that the tall man shifted back some, still holding her motionless but now turning his fingers toward another target.

Emalee gasped and squirmed as he reached for the buttons on her shorts. They easily gave way as did the zipper, revealing her matching scarlet panties. She couldn't think of words to say to stop his wandering fingers, nor did she really want to.

Mike grinned and traced the top hem of the red fabric. Her stomach flipped, and Emalee squirmed again futilely. "Very sexy choice." His fingertips slipped under the barrier and began exploring her, tickling the areas that made her feel so good. The young woman tensed up, moaning and closing her eyes.


"That feel good?" She nodded slowly, feeling him inch closer to where she was desperate to have him. "Tell me."

She pouted, blushing but one look at his face made her change her mind. "It feels amazing. Please..." She shifted again, trying to get him inside. Mike's finger circled her clit, making it hard to keep still against the wall.

"Please what?"

The finger stroked faster, and Emalee tried again to yank her wrists from his hold. "Please, Mike! Please get in!" Satisfied, he sank two fingers inside her, and she gasped loudly. "Ooh Mike!"

Pleased, he captured her lips again and they kissed, tongues breaking into each other's mouths as he kept moving his hand. She was panting in need, nearly grinding herself against him for more pressure. "M-Mike!"

Emalee thought she was going to burst. Just before she was going to, he pulled himself out, making her groan. She tried to rub her legs together, to try to finish herself off but his knee roughly separated hers. "That's not going to work, sweetie."

Mike went back to work. With a quick yank he sent Emalee's jean shorts down her smooth legs and around her ankles. Her panties soon followed, leaving her vulnerable. She knew what he wanted, and she felt herself burn with blushes and desire.

He adjusted his hold on the girl's wrists, switching them to the other hand. His other fished around in his back pocket and he pulled out a cable from his computer stash. "Hold still," he warned as he whirled Emalee around so she was facing the wall. He dragged her thin arms behind her back and lashed her wrists together. She obeyed silently, nearly shaking with want.

Placing a hand between her shoulder blades, he pushed her further into the wall, so her face was forced to the side. "You are such a slut." Her eyes widened, never had he ever called her that before. Emalee struggled against him, but he shoved her further, keeping her still. She cried out in pain, and he answered by spanking her bare ass hard.

The sting made her jump, and she felt her eyes water with tears. "Mike-" she whimpered, trying to keep them from falling. Her eyes clamped shut in surprise as he returned his fingers to her pussy, ramming three up into her. "Ah!"

He worked her up again, to the point that the girl was moaning in rhythm to his finger's thrusts. Finally Emalee felt that amazing feeling spread to her belly again, and she got louder. But once again Mike realized what was happening, and again he pulled away. Now Emalee started crying, having been denied release twice. Her body was raging and there was nothing she could do.

The girl heard a zipper lower and felt the rough texture of Mike's jeans as they tickled the back of her legs, and she knew when they hit the floor and he stepped out of them. Mike flipped her around so she was facing him again. His thick cock pressed against her stomach, showing her what she wanted. His hands reached under her ass and lifted her petite form into the air, letting her back press against the wall. He held her there. "Beg for it."

Emalee moaned, squirming high in his arms. "No," she whimpered. Her cheeks were still stained with tears, and she was not going to let him go so easily. Mike teased her opening with his cock, hearing her moan again. She shook, but it wasn't until he lowered his mouth to her exposed breast that she caved in. "Please Mike, give it to me! I need you inside, please just do it!"

He oblidged, lowering her onto himself slowly. "Y-yes!" She panted, feeling him part her tight channel. Then he quickly pulled her hips to meet his, filling her with one thrust. Emalee yelped with a mix of pain and intensity. Her arms were pinned by the wall and her back, and her knees rested over the crooks of Mike's arms as he pummeled inside.

"God yes, oooooh yeah Mike!" The girl loved the intensity of his motions, his hips rocking violently as he forced her own to bounce up and down. Her heels swung with the movement. "D-don't stop!"

He wasn't going to. His thrusts got faster and faster and Emalee moved with him the best she could between him and the wall. In no time at all she felt herself tumble over the edge, her body shaking with the effort after Mike had twice denied her earlier. A long moan escaped her lips, and Mike quickly caught them against his own.

Emalee groaned louder into his kiss as he gave several quick, deep thrusts, reaching his own end. "Yes, baby!" she panted quietly, resting her forehead against his as he slowed down, stretching out the feeling for as long as possible.

Once they both had calmed down, Mike slowly pulled his shrinking self out and lowered the petite girl to the ground. He had to help stabilize Emalee as she stumbled, dazed by the efforts. He hugged her close, loosening the cable off her wrists slowly.

"Did you like that?" he murmured quietly, kissing one of her wrists as she pulled them forward again. Emalee nodded happily. Her face was red from the efforts, but it was clear from her just-fucked look that she enjoyed every second.

Mike hugged her again. "Good." He pulled her to the ground, letting her sit. "Next time you can be in charge."

His girl laughed, eyes flashing as she pushed aside her wavy locks. "It's a deal."

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