tagGay MaleAgape Ch. 02

Agape Ch. 02


Agape (noun): Love, especially that which is spiritual and selfless in nature.


The old elevator moved slowly up to the apartment building's top floor. It stopped, squeaked, and then the door opened. Dmitri emerged from the rickety old basket, then latched the door shut behind them once Dusty had followed him into the hallway. The gears whined and the elevator began chugging back down.

"Come," said Dmitri. He took Dusty by the hand and led him around a corner. The building was large and the hallway seemed impossibly long. The men stopped in front of a door about halfway down the length of the hall, and Dmitri took a small keyring from his pocket. He unlocked the door, shouldered it open and held it ajar for Dusty.

The only illumination came from a lamp on a corner table; it was enough light to not trip by, and not good for much else. Dmitri thought about turning on more lights but decided against it. He waved Dusty to the leather couch and headed into the kitchen.

"Beer or ouzo? Or both?" he called back to his companion.

"I'll have what you're having."

"Ouzo, then. Have you had it?" Dmitri rounded the corner, a corked bottle in one hand and two glasses of ice held by the fingers of the other.

"Nope," Dusty admitted, "I'm usually a beer man."

"You are in for a treat." Dmitri grinned. "This is real ouzo, from Greece. My grandfather has made it for many years." He set the glasses down on a table in front of Dusty and uncorked the bottle. He poured the liquor over ice; both men watched it cloud as its temperature dropped.

The scent of anise drifted into the room. Dusty sniffed the glass that was handed to him, glad that he liked liquorice.

"We will have one fast drink, and then sip. Yes?" Dmitri looked at the older man expectantly.

"Sounds good to me."

They raised their glasses, clinked them briefly together. The murky liquid inside swirled as ice cubes tinkled against the edges of the glasses.

"Ygeia sas!" toasted Dmitri. Then - remembering whose company he shared - he clarified, "Is like cheers. To your health!"

"Cheers!" agreed Dusty.

Almost instantly, the glasses were empty. Dmitri took the one from the other man's hand and set both on the table. He refilled them and handed Dusty's glass back to him.

"Are you hungry?"

"Not for food," Dusty replied, his eyes shining.

Dmitri laughed and scooted closer to his companion. He laid his hand on Dusty's thigh and leaned against the back of the sofa.

"For what do you hunger, Dusty?"

"You mean it isn't painfully obvious?" He looked at his lap; his erection had returned.

"Not painful for me. Perhaps obvious, though." He ran a fingertip over the bulge in Dusty's jeans.

"Oh god, you tease!" Dusty hissed through clenched teeth, even as he arched into the younger man's hand.

Dmitri took Dusty's glass and set it on the table. He slithered down to kneel on the floor between Dusty's feet and gazed up into the other man's eyes, resting back on his heels.

"Do you mind?" Dmitri smirked, his fingers playing over the button to Dusty's jeans. Dusty opened his mouth to offer a smartass reply, but before he could speak Dmitri's delicate fingers had the button slipped out of its hole and the zipper down.

Dusty wasn't wearing anything under those jeans, and his cock sprang free. Dmitri gazed longingly at it, his fingers wandering lightly through Dusty's pubic hair. Goosebumps emerged on Dusty's thighs at the boy's touch; he groaned softly, his dick bobbing beneath the gaze of those cold blue eyes.

"You are beautiful," whispered Dmitri.

"If you say so." Dusty chortled, wondering whether his companion had ever bothered to look in a mirror. He leaned forward, tangling his fingers in Dmitri's hair. His lips found Dmitri's cheek and placed a brief kiss there. Next to the boy's ear, he whispered, "Such a tease."

"I want to worship your body," the younger man replied. He pecked Dusty's cheek before shoving him backwards. He watched Dusty land with a quiet thud, his back once more resting against the couch.

Dmitri snaked his hands up the underside of Dusty's thighs, curling fingers through belt loops once he'd made it that far. He tugged. Dusty lifted his ass and Dmitri slipped the denim down off of his cheeks. He slid the pants down until they stopped of their own accord, then turned his attention to Dusty's boots. He unbuttoned, unzipped, and slid them off, torturously slow each step of the way.

Dusty let his hands rest on his thighs as he watched the beautiful stranger baring inch by inch of his skin. His cock stood proud, drooling, but he didn't reach for it. That wouldn't have been sporting.

Dmitri slipped Dusty's socks off and went back to his jeans. Obstacles gone, they slid down easily. He paused to fold the pants before setting them down on a nearby chair.

"May I take your shirt?" Dmitri loved how docile Dusty had become, despite the evidence of his desire. A slow grin traveled across his face as he watched Dusty peel his shirt away from damp skin.

Dusty folded the shirt before handing it to Dmitri, who set it down on top of the castaway jeans.

"Ah," said Dmitri, "So much better. Now, where was I?" He reclaimed his position on the floor, this time sitting a bit further away from the couch. He picked up one of Dusty's feet and began to massage it, tenderly but not quite gently. His quick fingers slowed down to work at each little muscle; when he looked up at Dusty, he saw a lazy sort of lust in the man's eyes. He looked incredibly relaxed, and that was just what Dmitri wanted.

Ever so slowly, Dmitri's fingers worked their way up Dusty's leg. He massaged muscles, tickled with the barest touch of his fingernails, licked and kissed his way up to Dusty's thigh. When he'd made it to Dusty's crotch, he cupped Dusty's balls in one hand as if weighing them, like examining fruit at the market.

A moan drifted from between Dusty's parted lips. Dmitri, grinning like mad, leaned forward and placed a chaste kiss on the other man's sack while he wrapped fingers around his cock. He used his thumb to gather some of the lube dribbling down the head and swirled it over the tight, smooth skin there.

"You have a wonderful penis."

Dusty could only grunt in response. He pouted when Dmitri let go of his dick and started making his way down the other leg.

"Such. A. Tease!" he hissed through a toothy smile.

Dmitri was rubbing Dusty's foot, taking his time. He looked up at the other man, a mockingly innocent expression washing over his face.

"Who? Me? No," he chuckled, "You will see. I deliver when I make promises, and I made a promise when I brought you here."

Dmitri dug his thumb into a pressure point, and Dusty's eyes rolled back in his head. Then the boy's fingers danced their way up Dusty's legs, lingering on the muscles of his thighs.

Dmitri stood and leaned over. His lips brushed Dusty's ear.

"Watch me swallow your wonderful penis."

Dusty snapped to, focusing his gaze on Dmitri. The boy wore a wicked grin. He nibbled on Dusty's earlobe, licked his way down the man's neck, stopped to swirl his tongue over one hard nipple, then the other. Finally, he kissed his way down to Dusty's bellybutton. Flashing his sexiest smile at Dusty, he wrapped his fingers around the base of his shaft.

"Oh, god!"

"I am just getting started," Dmitri laughed. His tongue darted out, dipped into the precome spilling from Dusty's slit.

Dusty's hips jerked forward of their own volition. He wasn't sure how much more teasing he could handle, but he didn't mind finding out if it meant that his lovely companion would continue touching him.

Dmitri's fingers snuggled tighter around Dusty's dick, slowly gathering momentum as they slid up and down the shaft. He took the head into his mouth, running his tongue over each little curve. Dusty moaned, thrusting slightly with each of Dmitri's hand movements.

Suddenly, as if it were all in one motion, Dmitri's hand slid from Dusty's cock down to his balls. He rolled them gently in his palm, slipping forward to take more of Dusty in his mouth. Dusty's moans grew louder and more frequent. His hips rocked harder, even while he tried to restrain himself.

Dmitri grabbed ahold of Dusty's ass. With the next thrust, he took Dusty's cock to the hilt. The coarse hairs of Dusty's pubes tickled his nose, making him want to sneeze. He was grateful when the urge subsided; he didn't want to stop sucking Dusty's beautiful dick until he finished what he'd started.

Dusty tangled his fingers in the boy's hair once more, fucking Dmitri's face as though he knew he'd never have a chance to do it again. He still couldn't believe that Dmitri had waited for him outside the bar, nevermind brought him home and given him this gift. He thrust harder, faster, while Dmitri dug fingers into the muscles of his ass. Dusty was surprised when Dmitri ran his fingers down to his balls and back up; the feeling was just like heaven, almost too good.

Dmitri carefully slipped one sweat-slick finger into Dusty's asshole. And Dusty went spiralling over the cliff of orgasm. He tried to pull out of Dmitri's throat before the waves of come burst forth, but Dmitri would have none of that. He held tight to Dusty's cheeks, milking that beautiful cock with his throat.

When the seemingly endless torrents of spunk had finally stopped, Dmitri relaxed his grip on Dusty and slid back, the other man's dick popping out of his mouth. He smiled.

"Am I a tease?"

"Yes. You're a wonderful tease." Dusty took Dmitri's hand and pulled him close. They kissed long and deep, Dusty vaguely tasting his own come in Dmitri's breath.

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